Wednesday, December 31, 2014


We were invited to a New Year's Eve party tonight but we are not going. Brenda has not been feeling well. There is something going around.  I just don't feel like partying.  I have been crying and feeling kinda down.  I really want to take a bath but I am not allowed with my leg still bleeding.  I just want to curl up with a hot cocoa.

Until tomorrow...

Tuesday, December 30, 2014


I have been off Enbrel since my bike accident.  After my bike accident I didn't do my shots because I had a concussion.  Then I didn't do the shots because I had so many bruises that I couldn't find a spot to stick myself that was not bruised.

Then I cut my leg and was on antibiotics.  So I didn't go back on Enbrel.  I can't be on Enbrel when I am on antibiotics because I tend to get infections.  I just got my stitches out and now I can go back on Enbrel. 

My joints have been pretty good through out all these incidents.  I can't figure out why.  I guess I am hurting other places so my joints don't seem to hurt so bad.  Ha!  I don't know.

So tonight I do the shot.

Until tomorrow...

Monday, December 29, 2014


Today was my last appointment with my beloved RA doc.  She has been with me since the beginning. I know she needs to retire and I feel for her. She has had a lot of things happen in the last year but I don't want her to go and leave me with a strange doctor.

She is not just a doc who checks your joints and your labs but she notices if you are down or sad or happy or sick without asking.  That is rare in a doc these days. She is old school. Maybe that is why she has to retire. She just can't keep up anymore.  Computers in the exam rooms, electronic files, and 10 minutes appointments. Those aren't her style.

I am sad in a month where there is too much for me to be sad about.   Let's hope the new RA doc is good!

Until tomorrow...

Sunday, December 28, 2014


Suddenly it is the end of the year.  I can't believe it is almost here.  I feel like the end of the year should be like two or three weeks away.  I think I have been in a fog for the last few weeks and somehow missed a week or so. 

Suddenly now all my clients are in a crunch and want everything done by 12/31.  That is Wednesday.  Today is Sunday.  Are there enough hours in the next three days to get it all done?  I will have to see.  Then I will have to see if I will be able to keep my eyes open long enough to see the ball drop! 

I think I will go to sleep now. Yawn!

Until tomorrow...

Saturday, December 27, 2014


I promise not to say too much if you have not seen the movie yet.

I thought the movie kept pretty close to the book. There were parts that I went wait that happened too quickly.  They didn't show as much of the commeraderie on the PCT.  They didn't show the angst Cheryl went through about not having money.  When her box didn't show up on time once and she had to wait for days to get money to eat, her feelings about always being without money.  I also think they did not represent her naïveté about her equipment and the experience as well as the book.

Other than that I thought it was good.  Brenda liked it too.

Until tomorrow...

Friday, December 26, 2014


As you know we have not been in much of a Merry mood after the death of our friend.  A month ago we bought tickets to a Jewish Chinese Dinner Comedy event that benefits one of my clients. We thought it would be a fun non-traditional thing to do for the holidays. We invited some friends to come along to share the experience.

Because of circumstance we ended up going in separate cars. My friends got there first. The seating was assigned by table. We were assigned to the Farklempt table.  For those of you who don't know it is a Yiddish word meaning choked up with emotion.

Anyway, our friends got to the table and sat down. Another family got to the table and took all the other seats except one. Brenda and I arrived to find one seat. We explained the situation to a person in charge and boy, that started something. One after another people with more authority showed up to check all the tickets. After 10-12 minutes we were told that the other family didn't buy their tickets together and not all their tickets were at the same table. One person had to move. They were putting up a HUGE fuss and refused to get up. Finally the guy in charge said he would kick them out unless one person got up.

It was quite awkward.  Especially since once the guy got up, I had to sit in his seat. Yay! We got to sit with the folks who were glaring at us.  After a few minutes they apologized and explained they were not mad at us.

Then came the food. One of their men was allergic to shrimp.  So what did the server do? He put all the clean serving spoons on the shrimp platter.  As we know I am vegan and the folks at the table began mixing the spoons from platter to platter, using their personal forks to scoop food (which I find to be disgusting when you are sharing food with people you don't know!) and slopping food all over. I ate rice and some eggplant I got to before anyone else touched it.   It was comical.

The comics were hysterical and made the whole night worth the trouble.  I have not laughed so hard in a long time. Each one was funnier than the last.  I really needed a good laugh.

The whole night was funny and awkward and weird.  I came home and ate dinner!!

Until tomorrow...

Thursday, December 25, 2014


After a crazy day of work, getting my stitches removed, haircut, and getting caught in a downpour, I finally got around to wrapping Brenda's presents and setting up our teeny tiny tree.  It is a tree I used to have in my office when I worked a job job.  It is 12" tall.

Now I am going to sleep. I wish you a very Merry Christmas!!

Until tomorrow...

Tuesday, December 23, 2014


Tomorrow my stitches come out.  I am not sure the wound is ready.  I don't have a medical degree but the wound is still bleeding. That doesn't seem like a good time to take out stitches.  Anyway, I can't wait to get them out.  They are a bother.  Plus I want to start exercising again and I can't with the stitches. 

Until tomorrow...

Monday, December 22, 2014


I decided to go Christmas shopping.  I got up early and hit the mall by 10:30 am.  I was surprised when I got a parking spot 4 spots from the front door.  Where was everyone?  I have no idea.  I felt like I should try to make an effort and buy Brenda something for Christmas. 

We don't have a tree or any lights up on the house.  I should buy a wreath for the door.  I just can't get in the spirit.  For someone who is a Christmas-aholic like me, it feels weird to not have any decorations up or not be wearing any Christmas clothes. 

We aren't even planning to cook anything special for Christmas day.  I just can't get into it this year.

Until tomorrow...

Sunday, December 21, 2014


I went to a very lovely dessert party tonight and all I could think about was my friend passing away.  I felt like what was I doing at a party when my friend died?  I also felt that my neighbors had invited me and I should make an appearance.  I only stayed about 1 hour and then I begged off and went home.  Brenda could not even begin to think about going.

Until tomorrow...

Saturday, December 20, 2014


Natalie Tompkins 12/24/2002

Yesterday we got a phone call to tell us that our dear friend Natalie Tompkins had passed away on December 8, 2014.  It was the most devastating and unexpected news.  

Natalie was a force of nature.  She filled a room with her presence and her booming laugh.  When she was in a room, people were drawn to her.  She had a contagious and easy smile that just made you want to smile back.

Natalie threw gatherings that had people from all types of backgrounds.  You knew if you were going to Natalie's that you were going to meet interesting people.  She had a clawfoot bathtub in her living room filled with colorful pillows way before people thought this was trendy.  Everyone wanted to lounge in the bathtub at gatherings.

When Natalie moved away, she bought a farm and started farming.  She seemed happy with her goats and plants.  It was harder to keep in touch once she moved away but when we got on the phone it was like we were never apart.

Natalie will be missed by all those she came in contact with.  I will miss her so much, I still can't express it.

Until tomorrow...

Friday, December 19, 2014


Today I went to see my primary about my stitches in my leg.  I wanted to make sure they are not infected.  I was worried because my stitches are still bleeding and the area hurts a lot.

The doc says the wound looks good and there is no infection.  This is good news.  We are on schedule to get the stitches removed on Christmas Eve.  Yay!

Until tomorrow...

Thursday, December 18, 2014


There was an altercation between Lucky and Happi.  Lucky didn't like that Happi was in a certain dog bed.  Lucky had just gotten out of that dog bed and I guess she thought she should be able to be able to get it back.  Anyway, I doggy argument ensued.  Since it was in the middle of the night, it sounded awful and woke Brenda up.  Neither dog touched the other since I grabbed Lucky before anything happened but the damage was done.  Brenda woke up and started in about how the dogs are not getting along and Lucky needs to be given away.

It got ugly and not what I needed.  I am trying to get Lucky help.  The local animal shelter can't get me an appointment with the behaviorist until January.

I called to get my February appointment and was told I lost the appointment!  The next appointment is March.  I told them I can't wait until March.  The dog is tearing this family apart.  I used my last resort.  I called my friend (the vet that saved Happi) and asked her to help me.  Okay, I was crying my eyes out and begged her to help me.  She had someone call me back in 30 minutes with an appointment on January 5th.  I was so grateful.  Help is on the way.

Until tomorrow...

Wednesday, December 17, 2014


Tonight we went to a Not a Birthday, Not a Christmas, Not a New Year's Party.  It was nice.  I guess I was not in the mood for a party.  My leg was aching and I had to keep it away from everyone so it didn't get banged.

It was nice to see folks I only get to see once a year because they are not my direct friends.  They are the hosts friends so I don't really see them anywhere but at his parties. We do the usual catch up, how is work, how are your holidays, how is your family?

Until tomorrow...

Tuesday, December 16, 2014


This year I have a decision to make.  Well, a couple of decisions.  Do I want to buy a Christmas tree? It has been raining and I have a convertible. So that is basically impossible. I have to put the tree in the car with the top down to get the tree home. Can't do it in the rain.

Do I want to put up our small Charlie Brown Christmas tree?  I am really busy. As you can see I am far behind in my blogging because I am so busy. I am not sure I have time to put up decorations.

So tree or no tree?  Today I say no tree but let's see what tomorrow brings.

Until tomorrow...

Monday, December 15, 2014


 When we did the renovation on our house, we put in some sensor lights. We have them in our bathroom and our hallway going to the garage.  In the hallway we had to do something special because at the time they didn't make the type we needed.

What we have is a hallway with doorways. At each end of the hallway there is a sensor.   In the middle we have a regular light switch. We have to put one light on  "sensor" and the other light just "on".  Then we have to leave the light switch "on".

A few weeks ago some workers came and someone messed with the lights. We didn't notice this right away.  The sensor stopped turning on.  At first I thought the sensor had died. Then it took me days to sort out which light needed to be turned on and which light needed to be put to sensor. Now it is working fine.  Please no one touch our sensitive sensor lights!  We love them.

Until tomorrow...

Sunday, December 14, 2014


About a week ago I got a new gig. A new client. Between my five clients they are keeping me hopping. I have very little free time.  A bunch of the work is at home so that is good. I can stay in my PJs and I can sleep in.

So far I really like these folks and really like the work.  It seems like they may keep me around for awhile.

Until tomorrow...

Saturday, December 13, 2014


This year we decided to send out postcards instead of cards. There were a couple of reasons:

  1. I am really busy with my clients.
  2. I wanted to take the photo we use for the card.  I took the photo of our local Christmas tree.
  3. Since I am so busy, I want a project that was low stress.  Post cards only take stamps and address labels.  Cards take that plus stuffing and sealing and return address labels. Many more steps.
  4. I finished writing, labeling and stamping the postcards in one night. 
The postcards turned out great and we are happy.

Until tomorrow...

Friday, December 12, 2014


Today I went to work for a few hours.  I am supposed to keep my leg elevated but I did ask the doc if I could go to work if I kept it up. She said okay.

I have to clean the wound twice a day and put antibiotic cream on it.  I have to keep it covered at all times.  I have to take antibiotics three times a day.  I also have to be very careful not to bang it against anything.  The doc says she is not going to be happy if she has to stitch it up again.

I didn't know that it is very easy to get infections in wounds below the knee.  So I have to keep off the leg as much as possible and keep it elevated.

The pain has decreased but it still stings.  I hear that is the nerves regenerating.

Until tomorrow...

Thursday, December 11, 2014


This is going to be short. Tonight I was sprinting to answer the front door and I cut my leg on the sharp corner of the ottoman.  I didn't realize it cut was deep and bleeding until after I answered the door. By then my sock was soaked.

I yelled for Brenda. She got me a towel to wrap around it and called our neighbors.  They rushed over to take me to the ER.  Yes, it was the same neighbors.

The ER was not busy at all so I got in straight away.  After a shot of lidocaine I got about 8-10 stitches (or maybe it just felt that way.)  An antibiotic and a wrap and home I went.  The whole trip was 1.5 hours. A record for my ER visits.  Now I have to keep my leg elevated.  Another scar.

Until tomorrow...

Wednesday, December 10, 2014


The whole area is battening down the hatches.  A storm is approaching.  A big storm.  They are showing it on the doppler radar and everything.  For days it has been the top story.

Schools are closing for tomorrow.  People are being told to stay home from work.  People are at the store buying food, batteries and water.  The city even ran out of sandbags.  We have sandbags in our city?  I didn't know.  And I went out and bought sand to fill the umbrella holder for my picnic table!

I am trying not to laugh.  As a person who grew up in the Northeast, it is quite funny to hear that schools are announcing they will be closed tomorrow when not one raindrop has fallen. 

When we were kids we trudged to school through snow and rain.  It had to be really snowy for our school to be called off.  We walked to school when there were torrents of rain.  I remember getting school with wet clothes where my raincoat stopped and my boots began. 

I guess we were tougher in those days. 

I don't really understand it here because the kids either take the bus or their parents drive them.  They don't even touch the rain.  So, why do the administrators need to call off school?  I guess having less people driving on the road is a good thing.  People out west don't know how to drive in the rain.  They hardly get any so they don't get enough practice! 

Well, I have to go search out my extra batteries and charge up my electronics!

Until tomorrow...

Tuesday, December 9, 2014


Today I was all set to trash my recipe and shopping list app.  I have been using Ziplist for years.  I did a lot of research to choose the right app.  I put all my recipes on it.  I spent HOURS uploading my recipes. 

Then a few weeks ago I get an email saying Ziplist is dying.  Well not dying, it is bought over by Epicurious and Ziplist will stop being an app.  I had two choices.  I could upload my recipes to Epicurious or I could save a data file to my computer and do with it what I wanted.

Of course I put it off.  Then I began researching options.  I checked out other recipe apps.  None of the other apps has the ability to upload a Ziplist file.  Meanwhile the reviews for Epicurious were dismal. People were writing in that their recipes were not uploading to Epicurious and they were having all sorts of problems.  Why would I want to put my recipes on a site that had such bad reviews?

This morning I realized that it was 12/9.  Tomorrow was the day that my Ziplist account would go dark.  I had to make a decision today.  First I saved a back up file of my recipes.  Then I moved my recipes over to Epicurious.  I opened up the My Recipes icon and guess what?  No recipes. 

I was so upset.  I wrote to the support team and asked them very politely if they could fix it.  A few hours later I got an email back stating I should log in again.  Tonight I did and Voila!  My recipes were all there!  I am now a happier camper.  It isn't as streaklined as Ziplist but it will do for now and my recipes are intact. 

Maybe some company in a few months will come up with a way to transfer recipes from Epicurious to their app.  Then I will be ready with all recipes.  I have no idea why a company would get rid of a great product for an inferior one.  Seems crazy to me.

Until tomorrow...

Monday, December 8, 2014


I have this great Things To Do Today list pad.  I just love it.  I have used them for years.  The pad has a wire binding along the top.  A place for the date along the top.  Then it has rows to write the things to do.  There are columns to mark off when each item is completed and to rank each item with a Priority (A, B, C).  Along the bottom of the page there is a place to write notes.

I love this pad and as much as I search the internet, I can't find another.  It bums me out.  I have to find another pad I like just as much.  Meanwhile I am using each and every page of this pad.

To things that have disappeared and we miss them.  Sob...

Until tomorrow...

Sunday, December 7, 2014


I woke up at 5 am today with some horrible pain.  It took me right out of my sleep.  The shoulder blade on the shoulder that I hit when I fell off my bike was in terrible pain.  I could not get comfortable.  There was no position that I laid in that was comfortable. 

I took a painkiller and tried to get to sleep.  I flipped and turned.  Dozing on and off.

It got better during the day but now it is hurting again.  My friends think it is a pinched nerve.  If it is still hurting tomorrow I will contact the doctor. 

Until tomorrow...

Saturday, December 6, 2014


Today I bought a new product that is fake meat.  Usually I just buy the fake chick'n patties or chick'n nuggets but today I decided to branch out and try this new item.  It looks like beef pieces but it is made out of soy protein. 

It is frozen and to cook it I had to put it in a frying pan and sear it.  Then I put some Teriyaki sauce on it.  I was very nervous and after tasting it, I see why.  I really don't want to taste anything that tastes remotely like beef.  Although Brenda tasted it and said it didn't taste anything like beef, so that is good.  It just tasted bad.

It was interesting to try.  These new products are getting better.  Now the chick'n patties come in Buffalo flavor.  I have not tried them yet but I have some in the freezer. 

It is fun to have other things to eat than Garden Burgers!

Until tomorrow...

Friday, December 5, 2014


I have two friends who are members of Toastmasters.  They have asked me to accompany them to a future meeting.  I am thinking about it. 

Years ago I had an employee who was very shy and unable to lead a meeting.  I suggested he go to Toastmasters.  After a few months of attending meetings, I could see a significant change in his behavior.  He was more confident and outgoing.  He said it was because of the Toastmaster meetings helped him speak in front of groups.

I don't really have a problem speaking in front of groups if I am prepared.  I have a harder time when someone throws a microphone in front of my face and I am not prepared.  I had this happen a number of years ago when I was an activist.  A news crew put a camera in my face and asked me a question on live TV while I had a headset on with the Chief of Police on the other end.  I obviously could not talk to both the TV crew and the Chief of Police.  I sort of stared into the camera.  It was a defining moment.  How embarrassing!  Thank goodness my partner was next to me and jumped in and spoke to the media.  She got her moment in the limelight and made the evening news.

Maybe some time at Toastmasters would help me overcome my humiliation.

Until tomorrow...

Thursday, December 4, 2014


Okay, we have a drought.  It is a bad drought.  I get it.  I have been saving water and pumping it into my pond.  I have been taking short showers.  I have not washed my car or my backyard.

But now it is raining.  A lot.  They say it is not really making a dent in the drought but it is annoying how much it is raining.  The rain is just coming down in torrential downpours.  My neighbors basement got flooded the other day.  Our street became a river.  Trees are falling over because the roots are too saturated.  It is just too much rain at once.

I guess those rain dances worked!  We are expecting a major rain storm again on Wednesday - Saturday.  

Until tomorrow...

Wednesday, December 3, 2014


Don't you hate when you have a bad dream?   Some people call them nightmares.   I had a dream that is still haunting me.

The dream went like this: I opened our front dour and gate and Happi got outside.  At first Happi was just happily walking down the stairs and down the street.  Sniffing the sidewalk and the plants.  Then she got almost to the end of the block and she spotted another dog on the other side of the street.  The street is really busy.  Happi takes off barking and running toward the other dog and the moving cars.  I wake up.

It was awful. I could not fall back to sleep.  Bad dreams are so disturbing. When I woke up I gave Happi a big hug and kiss.

Until tomorrow...

Tuesday, December 2, 2014


I have always wanted one of those white Christmas trees. You know what I mean. One of those fake trees from the 60's that is neon white.  I would put pink lights on it.  I think that would be cool.

We had a building manager years ago who was even more crazy about Christmas than I am. He always had a Christmas party called a redneck Christmas party.  He served Cheese Whiz, Beef Jerky, Beer, pork rinds, etc. he had no less than 15 Christmas trees of all sizes in his apartment. But the best tree was his authentic 1960's aluminum tree.  I fell in love.

I keep hoping I can talk Brenda into getting one.  They aren't as expensive as I thought they would be. $180 for a six foot tree.  Plus it is pre-lit with 500 lights.

Getting ready for Christmas.

Until tomorrow...


I saw my primary doc today. I guess my concussion was a bit worse than in the ER. I am supposed to not do anything to stressful, no exercise, no TV, nothing that will make it worse.  My brain needs to heal. Which is all good news to me. I thought I was starting to go crazy. I can't concentrate, I keep mixing things up. I am wicked tired.  I feel out of it.  Those are all the effects of the concussion.

My knee injury is an old injury probably from when I fell on the cruise ship. I knew I hurt my knee.

He thinks I cracked the cartiledge in my rib age not a rib. He says "still hurts as much".
I go back in a few weeks.

Until tomorrow...

Sunday, November 30, 2014


I am still not feeling to good. I am planning on calling the doc tomorrow. I keep getting queasy.  I just feel out of it.

Until tomorrow...

Saturday, November 29, 2014


Every night I watch my dog Happi, climb in her bed and do the same dance. She goes around in circles, then she digs, then around in circles again. Then she uses her nose (she has three legs) to push the pillow out of her bed. For some bizarre reason she hates the lovely, soft, comfortable pillow that is in her bed. Then she starts the whole dance all over again. Round and round, dig, dig. Then finally she plops down. Three-legged dogs are not graceful when they lay down.  Some nights this ritual goes on and on and I finally have to tell her to knock it off.  Other nights both dogs will start doing it at the same time. Dig, dig, dig in stereo.

Because Happi has three legs (one front leg and two back legs) it takes a tremendous amount of balance to dig in her bed. I am always impressed when I watch her do it. Four-legged dogs use both front legs to dig but not at the same time. Three-legged dogs have to balance on their hind legs so they can use their front leg to dig. It takes a lot of strength.

Well, Happi has finally settled down for the night and I guess it is time for me to go to sleep.

Until tomorrow...

Friday, November 28, 2014


Yesterday was Thanksgiving Day and I was not feeling all that well after my bike incident. I think my mild concussion was more concussion than mild. I had a horrible headache and any time I stood up or tried to concentrate on anything (like reading a recipe) I got nauseous and had to sit down. At first I thought it was caused by the pain in my shoulder every time I chopped or cut something but pretty soon I realized it probably wasn't that. I was feeling my best sitting or lying down. Needless to say, Thanksgiving dinner didn't get cooked. 

Today I felt somewhat better and I made a few things. I made mushrooms that I grilled, homemade cranberry sauce and stuffed acorn squash.  These went along with the stuffing and cauliflower I made yesterday. The only thing missing is the mashed potatoes but I could only do so much. We may do that tomorrow. Kinda like a progressive Thanksgiving dinner over three days.

Homemade cranberry sauce(not yet cooled)

Grilled mushrooms

My plate withAcorn Squash, Stuffing, Cauliflower, Grilled Mushrooms and Cranberries. Yum!

Until tomorrow...

Thursday, November 27, 2014


Most Thanksgivings I don't have something to be so thankful for. Yesterday I had an accident on my bike. I was extremely lucky there were no cars driving behind me when I fell in the road. I am okay and will hopefully be back on my bike in a few weeks.

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with family, friends and good health.

Until tomorrow...


Okay, it was bound to happen. I had an accident on my bike. Don't panic. Nothing hit me. It was self inflicted. I was riding with a friend when I braked too hard, mostly with the left brake, and I went flying. I landed partly along the water bottle holder with my left thigh and partly on my helmet on the asphalt. As I flipped I saw a pedestrians face. It was a look of shock and awe.  I was lucky there was no one right behind me. A truck was a ways behind me and he saw it happen and moved into the other lane.

I sat there dazed for a moment. Then my friend helped me up. I felt shocked but okay. A man passing by gave me a band-aid for a cut on my finger. I walked to a bench and sat for about 20 minutes. Then I rode home.

I took a bath. Ate. Watched TV. Started to cook dinner when I began to feel bad. I got nauseous, headache. I decided I should go to the ER where I am now.

Two hour 45 minutes in the waiting room. I just had x-rays on my shoulder, knee and a cat scan on my neck and head. I have thus stupid collar on that is so uncomfortable. The nurse chastised me for waiting so long to come in.

The verdict has come in. Mild concussion. Chipped the bone at the top of the ligament in my right knee. Cracked rib. Lots of bruises. Back on crutches. No collar!

It is 1:30am of Thanksgiving Day and I want to go home. I am just happy it wasn't worse. Happy Thanksgiving!

Until tomorrow...

Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Over the past two months Lucky has become quite aggressive. Not to me but toward Brenda, my partner, and to our other dog Happi.  At first I thought she was protecting me.

Now after speaking to a professional, it has become clear that Happi is under stress. She is fighting for survival. She is resource guarding. That is when a pet thinks something is valuable and thinks something is going to take it away. In this case Lucky is resource guarding me. She thinks I am valuable and considers anything that comes between she and I to be a threat. Brenda is a threat. Happi is a threat.  She growls and has started to attack Brenda when I am at home. She occasionally thinks Happi is a threat if a show Happi attention and not her.

Lucky also resource guards space. Beds, pillows, couches, chairs, my lap. If she is laying somewhere she will not move if she doesn't want to. She will growl and snarl at anyone who goes near her. If you persist she will attack.  She also has gotten into it with Happi when they fought over space on a bed.

I have to work with her to fix this issue. We overcame her resource guarding with food. I feel we can do this.

Until tomorrow...

Monday, November 24, 2014


Just sitting here watching the destruction in Ferguson. Fires, looting.  I get peaceful marching. I get sit-ins. I get locking down to something. I get hanging banners.  I don't get setting fire to someone's Llittle Cesar's.  I don't get breaking the windows on a store and stealing TVs.

Peace, Ferguson.

Until tomorrow...

Sunday, November 23, 2014


Today I wanted to go for a bike ride in another part of town. I decided I would put my bike in my little car. I have researched and because I have a convertible there are no bike racks that fit my car. I could get a hitch and rack for the hitch but that seems like a lot of work.

I got my car out of the garage. Put my tarp on the leather seats. Took the roof down. Got my bike down off the rack. Picked up the bike and put it in the back seat got stuck. It didn't fit and I couldn't get it out. I had to get Brenda to help me.  It is official: I can not use my car to drive my bike anywhere. This sucks! 

When I buy a new car I will need to think this through. I want to drive my bike to locations to ride and not have to rely on other people.

Until tomorrow...

Saturday, November 22, 2014


I decided to make up my own blog challenge for December. I am going to do gratitude blog postings. I know some might think this sounds hokey but I think December is a good month to remember the thinks we are grateful for. People get all caught up in buying presents and rushing all around to parties and events.

I think being restful for a steaming hot cup of tea is important. Stay tuned.

Until tomorrow...

Friday, November 21, 2014


As of this evening we got .75 inches of rain. That is more rain than we have gotten in a year!  Our pond is almost full. Another inch and we will have to start pumping the water out.

The dogs are funny. They keep sniffing the air. They are not interested in going outside in the rain. 

I want to park my car outside and soap it up.  Then let the rain rinse it off. It hasn't been washed in 9 months. 

I guess now I will have to get the crack in my windshield fixed. It wasn't a problem when we had a drought. The crack doesn't go through the glass so no water gets through. But now it is raining I am not sure I want to keep playing Russian roulette. Eventually the water will leak through. 

Rain rain don't go away, please come back another day!

Until tomorrow...

Thursday, November 20, 2014


Today I renewed my insurance.  Since I get a subsidy I had to go through this whole rigamarole to sign up.  I found out my subsidy increased but my cost also increased.  I stuck with the same plan.  Especially now that I know I will be having surgery, I will probably hit that $4,000 copay faster next year.

I like my plan but I liked it better when it had a  deductible not a copay.  I can hit a deductible pretty fast.  Especially with Enbrel.  Two to three prescriptions of Enbrel and I would hit that $4,000 deductible.  Then the rest of everything was free.

Until tomorrow...

Wednesday, November 19, 2014


On Sunday I went to a party and bid on an auction item.  The item was two 24-hour bicycle rentals at a cut rate.  I noticed that no one was bidding on it and it was about half way through the party.  I thought what the heck.  I will bid on it.  I really thought someone else would bid on it by the end of the night. 

Today I found out I won the item.  I have one year to use two 24-hour bike rentals.  Yay!  It goes to a good cause.

Until tomorrow...

Tuesday, November 18, 2014


I just spoke to the pharmacy about Enbrel.  Since my doctor is retiring I wanted to know if this would mess up my Enbrel delivery.  Those of you who don't take Enbrel or any injectable medication, you don't understand how the slightest thing can mess up the delivery of your medication.

Luckily I asked.  Turns out that I will have to be re-authorized for Enbrel with the new doctor and that can take weeks.  Meanwhile the new doctor will not be able to re-fill the old prescription.  So I will have to time this very carefully.  I need to make sure my current doctor fills a prescription then my new doctor sends over the new authorization so that my new prescription is ready a month later.  Hopefully it all gets timed out perfectly. 

The hardest thing is to have the prescription authorization screwed up.  If you don't have enough medication, it can set you back.  Once I had to miss 3 doses because my authorization got messed up when I changed insurance plans.

This time I plan to have it go smoothly so I don't have to miss any doses.

Until tomorrow...

Monday, November 17, 2014


I think I over did the party.  There were few places to sit at the party and I had to stand for 1.5 hours.  This morning my hips and legs were killing me.  I had a hard time getting out of bed and walking to the shower.  I had that old lady walk.  All day my hips were killing me, even when I sat down.

Tomorrow I hope my hips will be loosened up.

Until tomorrow...

Sunday, November 16, 2014


Tonight I went to a bike gathering.  It was a party of biking people.  There was bike art.  Bike stuff auctioned off.  Music, food and drink.  It was fun.  It was a bit like a high school reunion at a high school I didn't go to.  I knew two people there and felt like I was hanging on to them.  I only stayed about 1.5 hours.  I put in a bid for one auction item but don't think I won since I have not heard from them.

It was good to get out and do something out of my comfort zone.  I was not really up to going but rallied and went anyway.

Until tomorrow...

Saturday, November 15, 2014


No, not that kind of critter.  It was either a cat, raccoon or skunk.  I let the dogs out in the backyard and they went crazy.  They were running around and barking.  Then I heard it.  A hiss.   A weird cackling type of growly sound.  It was eerie.  I don't know what kind of animal it was but I wanted the dogs out of there.  I had visions of a raccoon swooping down on the little dog. 

Happy came in pretty quickly with not too much trouble.  Lucky on the other hand, was a pain.  I had to yell and scream.  Beg and plead.  She was just running around and barking.  I finally corralled her up the stairs and in the door.  Then she was running around in the house because she needed to pee.  I had to take her out front on a leash.  By mid-night whatever it was was gone.

Until tomorrow...

Friday, November 14, 2014


I am so happy. The part of the tree from our neighbors yard is finally cut down. It was hanging way over into our yard blocking our view. Today the tree guy came and climbed up in it and chopped it down.

Then he went in our tree and shaped it and thinned it. It looks great.

We have a view again!  The backyard is sunny without the trees blocking the sun.

Until tomorrow...

Thursday, November 13, 2014


I saw my gut doc today. She pressed on my stomach and I practically dove off the table. She didn't even press that hard. Turns out I probably have an ulcer. There's another thing to check off my bucket list!

I have to take a medicine for two weeks and see if I feel better. No biggie.  I didn't even know I had it.

Until tomorrow...

Wednesday, November 12, 2014


I am almost ready to cry. My favorite app is closing its doors on December 10th.  I have to export my data to another app (that I have to pay for) by 12/10.  The app I have to use has horrible reviews. I am so bummed.

It us a recipe and shopping list app. I spent hours putting my recipes in the app. Now I have to put my recipes in a inferior app.  I am still looking for other options.

Until tomorrow...

Tuesday, November 11, 2014


My ankle has been bothering me. It is starting to feel like it is slipping again.  It is a weird feeling like your foot is not connected to your leg.

The doc said it seemed like I loosened the clip holding my ligament together or I tore the ligament again.  I will need an MRI and surgery. Then 6-8 weeks in a cast and PT again.

I have decided to put it off a bit.  It isn't dire so I can wait.

Until tomorrow...

Monday, November 10, 2014


I finished the proposal and sent it in.

The next day I got an email response that was short and clipped. Is that the right word? It was so not pleasant that my head snapped back a bit. It wasn't mean. The words were just short.  It didn't leave me with a good feeling.

I have a tendency to take these things personally at first. My feelings get hurt.  Then I think about it for awhile and I realize the person is probably having a bad day or they are tired.  Then I let it go.  But sometimes it is hard.

Until tomorrow...

Sunday, November 9, 2014


This weekend I had to do a proposal. Normally I am not a fan of doing proposals but this time I was really not happy doing it.  I didn't know what the client wanted and I didn't know how they wanted it.  This makes it hard to do a proposal.

I thought about it for days.  Trying to formulate it in my head.  I woke up in the middle of the night thinking about it.  I dreamed about it.  Finally this afternoon I wrote it.  I am still not sure if it will "cut mustard" as they say but I finished it and sent it.

Oh, I have another blocked oil gland in my eye.  Ugh!  If it didn't look so ugly.  I am putting the hot compresses on it. 

Until tomorrow...

Saturday, November 8, 2014


Today I took Brenda out for her belated birthday meal.  I was sick on her birthday so we had to skip it.  No present, no going out to dinner, no cupcake.

I surprised her with barbecue.  Usually it is hard to go to a barbecue place because there is nothing for me to eat except sides.  I can have corn on the cob, baked potato, corn bread.  Not very nutritious and not the kind of food I am eating these days.  The place we went had ribs, barbecue chicken, pulled pork AND crusted tofu!  I got the tofu with the habenaro slaw.  Unfortunately the slaw was SO spicy it burnt my mouth.  I had to scrape it off.  They gave me a portion of the regular slaw and that was better.

Brenda got the combo plate.  Chicken, ribs, collard greens, biscuit, potato salad. Yum!

Until tomorrow...

Friday, November 7, 2014


Brenda's belated birthday present finally arrived.  I was sick on her birthday so we had to postpone her celebration.  I ordered her some Converse high top (Chuck Taylor) sneakers.  They have a pattern on them of San Francisco row houses and on the tongue it says San Francisco.  She can sport her favorite team now! 

She loves them and sported them right away.  Tomorrow will contain another surprise.

Until tomorrow...

Thursday, November 6, 2014


Weeks ago my hair was its natural auburn with a streak of gray (think Bonnie Raitt with dark hair) in the front.  When I rode public transportation I was noticing that folks were getting up and giving me their seats. I am not nearly old enough to be given a seat in the disabled/elderly seating area.  Time and time again people were getting up. Not just young people either. Folks who were older than me!

A week ago I died my hair. My streak is now a vibrant reddish.  Today I took public transit.  I took two trains and a bus. Not one person offered me a seat. In fact no one gave me a second look. To be scientific, I will have to ride a few more buses and trains together a real sample. 

It feels good to be young again.

Until tomorrow...

Wednesday, November 5, 2014


Today the landscaper came and took the layers of dead and live ivy off our back wall. I am so happy.  There was about 3' of dead ivy underneath the live ivy . The gardener had to use a chainsaw to get rid of it.

Before photo:

Now you can see the back wall. We have so much more real estate.

We are so happy. They also planted so plants were we had some other plants taken out a few months ago.

Until tomorrow...

Tuesday, November 4, 2014


Did your state have a proposition for tax on soda or legalizing marijuana or something else? There seems to be propositions each Election Day that divide the state, county or city.

Sometimes there are candidates who are running for one reason. He does like the public transportation, she wants to save a park but neither has a full platform other than their pet issue.  I rarely see them win.

No matter how you fell about the issues, don't forget to exercise your rights and get out and vote.

Until tomorrow...

Sunday, November 2, 2014


Over the past month my cellphone has been getting hotter and hotter.  The battery has been draining faster and faster.  It got really bad on Halloween when my cellphone died by 7:30pm and I had barely done anything on it all day.

I finally got fed up and called my carrier to find out what to do.  They seemed concerned about the heating up issue but not so concerned that they didn't send me back into the cue instead of transferring me to tech support.  Finally I go to someone who could assist me.  She explained my options.

1. I could put the phone in safe mode and see if that made it better.  If it did, then I would have to do a factory reset and then reset everything all over again.  Not the best option. 

2. I could  put the phone in safe mode and if it drains and gets hot, I would have to buy a new phone at full price.  My plan was up this coming March so I was not available for a discounted phone.

3. If my phone needed replacement, I had insurance.  I could (oops!) run over it with the car or drop it from the balcony.  Then I could get a new phone.

It looks like it just needed to have a factory reset.  It seems to be working better and has not heated up.  Fingers crossed..

Until tomorrow...

Saturday, November 1, 2014


Yesterday we went to a Halloween party.  I dressed as a fork in the road.  I was dressed in all black.  I wore a pair of skinny jeans (okay, stretch skinny jeans) that I bought at least 1.5 years ago.  I bought them to wear with a pair of boots I own.  I bought these boots because they fit over my calves.  No boots fit over my calves!  Anyway, I got the skinny jeans to wear with the boots but my calves with the jeans didn't fit in the boots.  Plus I was too self conscience wearing the jeans.  They were so tight.

Last night I needed to wear black jeans and I thought what the hey.  I tried them on and they fit.  I was pleasantly shocked. I thought I looked good.

Until tomorrow...

Friday, October 31, 2014


I ended up with this costume:

Do you get it??

Fork in the road.

I went to a party and had a good time. There were lots of great costumes.

Until tomorrow...

Thursday, October 30, 2014


I finally chose a Halloween costume. I want to be Charlie Brown from the Halloween special. Charlie Brown had a sheet over him with many eye holes cut in it. He carried a brown bag filled with rocks. That is what I wanted to be. I went to three stores looking for a cheap white sheet. I only found a $89.99 sheet set. I am not spending $90 to cut up a sheet.  So that costume went out the window.

Back to the drawing board.

Until tomorrow...

Wednesday, October 29, 2014


The San Francisco Giants won the World Series! It went to game 7 and the 7th game was a nail bitter.  The final score was Giants3, Royals 2.

Now I see the news stories of how the celebrations are getting out of hand. So sad! Can people be happy without setting things on fire or breaking bus windows anymore?

The big celebratory parade is supposed to be on Friday, Halloween rain or shine.

Until tomorrow...

Tuesday, October 28, 2014


(No humans were injured or killed in the making of this story)

Today I was driving down the road at a reasonable 20 miles per hour when a man stepped out from behind a van right in front of my car.  Because I have a tiny car and the man was behind a van, I didn't see him until he stepped out into the street. I was about 1/2 of a car length away and slammed on the brakes.  He had the audacity to give me a nasty look. It sure did wake me up! He was fine although slightly annoyed. Maybe next time he will do what we are all taught in pre-school LOOK BOTH WAYS BEFORE YOU CROSS THE STREET !

Until tomorrow...

Monday, October 27, 2014

YOU ARE TOO __________.

Have you ever been talking to someone and they say those words"You are too_____."  It doesn't matter what it is. As soon as you hear those words your defenses go up.

I was watching an episode of Real Houswives of somewhere the other night (yeah, I know what you are going to say) and the women were sitting around talking and drinking.  All of a sudden I heard it: "You are too sensitive." A fun evening of girl chatter and drinks suddenly became an unhappy group of arguing, crying, unhappy women.

Today someone told me I can be too whiny. I was a bit surprised, okay shocked. But maybe I am not so self aware. Maybe I am whiny. Maybe people are just being polite and this person is telling the truth. Suddenly I feel like I am on Survivor. Is the tribe lying to me or is my alliance lying to me?  I don't know. After the person said it she sent me a text sort of apologizing telling me we have known each other a long time and gone through a lot. That anything she says is with affection.

This is why I don't like "You are too..." statements.  Of course you are too statements can be positive also. You are too nice. Pretty. Smart. Sweet. Brilliant. Kind.  Those I like.

Until tomorrow...

Sunday, October 26, 2014


Today I did some cooking. I made soup:  White Bean with Fennel Soup.  It it really good. I tweeted it a bit by adding carrots and sautéing the fennel, carrots, onion. It added more flavor. I also added a second can of beans.  I use fresh spinach not frozen.

Then I made Swiss Chard with Chickpeas and Couscous.   This tastes fabulous. You have to like chickpeas to like this recipe.  I accidentally put in two cans of chickpeas but I wouldn't suggest it.  Swiss chard, pine nuts, raisins, chickpeas, and couscous. Yum!!

It made for a delicious dinner and a week of leftovers.

Until tomorrow...

Saturday, October 25, 2014


For a couple of days now I have had a scratchy throat. Okay maybe a sore throat. At first it felt like I was getting a sore throat but it felt different.

I have been using an asthma inhaler and now I think the sore throat is from the inhaler.  I stopped using the inhaler on Friday just in case. I thought if it was the inhaler, I would start to feel better but I don't.  I drank hot tea, cold pops, lozenges. Nothing seems to help.

I see the doc on Wednesday and will see what he says.

Until tomorrow...

Friday, October 24, 2014


I just found out that WILD the book I just read is coming out as a movie. It is starring Reese Witherspoon. The release date is December 5, 2014.  I am real excited to see this book made into a movie. The views of the Pacific Coast Trail should be beautiful.  This is one movie I can't wait to see.

Until tomorrow...

Thursday, October 23, 2014


I just finished reading Wild, by Cheryl Strayed. I really liked this book and finished it quickly.   It is about a woman who hiked the Pacific Coast Trail from Southern California to Oregon. I thought it would be dry and boring. Reading about someone hiking didn't sound that interesting. Cheryl is such a good story teller that I was entertained for the majority of the book.  She intertwined the hiking, the story of her life and reasons for hiking the PCT.

I felt like I could not put the book down.  I recommend it.

Until tomorrow...

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


I enjoy a greeting card. I like to get them in the mail. I love witty greeting cards.  I know some folks have moved on to e-greetings, emails or texts but I like going to the mailbox and seeing a brightly colored envelope. Then opening the card and reading the greeting. 

Today I made a Target run and bought a bunch of cards. I needed four cards for upcoming birthdays. Then I bought a bunch of cards with no one in mind. A few generic happy birthdays and a couple of funny happy birthdays.  For the wee ones I got some sticker cards. 

I know the practice of sending greeting cards seems to be dying out but that makes me sad. Nothing brightens someone's days like getting a card in the mail saying get well soon, I miss you, happy birthday or congratulations.  An email, YouTube video, text or e-greeting is just not the same.  

Until tomorrow...

Tuesday, October 21, 2014


For weeks the scale I have been weighing myself on has been acting funky. I weigh myself and I weigh X. Then a few minutes later I weigh myself again and I weigh Y. I changed the battery, still no luck. I just knew I could not lose 2 pounds in five minutes.

Today I bought a new scale. The old scale has gone in the trash. I guess 10 years is a good life for a scale. The new scale has all kinds of fancy stuff. It measures BMI, etc.

It is a pleasure to weigh myself now. Especially since I have lost 16 pounds.

Until tomorrow...

Monday, October 20, 2014


Today I went after work to return the cat5e cables.  It took about 5 minutes to find the correct length cables and go to customer service and return the 6' cables.  Now I will be able to set up my office the way I want.

Until tomorrow...

Sunday, October 19, 2014


Today I went for a bike ride and went to Best Buy. After riding all the way to Best Buy, the store had no bike rack. I had no where to lock up my bike.  I wanted to return the Cat5e cords that were the wrong size. I was bummed that I rode all the way there and there was nowhere to lock up my bike.  I will have to return it tomorrow.

Until tomorrow...

Saturday, October 18, 2014


I decided to move the router to my computer closer to the middle of the house.  That required a trip to Best Buy to buy a longer Cat5e cord. I measured the length of cord I needed before I went and bought a cord a bit longer. I got home and moved the router to the location I want it. The cord was too short! Of course I didn't lay the tape measure along the ground. I measured as the crow flies. Now I have the cord across the window.  Tomorrow I will have to return it and get a longer cord.

Until tomorrow...

Friday, October 17, 2014


Tonight I went to dinner with some friends. They have been away for two months on a trip abroad. It was interesting hearing about their travels. They went to Canada, Turkey, Sweden, Germany, and England. I find it fun to hear about travels to cities I have never been to.

Until tomorrow...

Thursday, October 16, 2014


I saw my nutritionist today for the first time in three months.  He was happily surprised with my 16 pound weight loss. We had a long talk on how I got to this point and how I can lose more weight while staying healthy. We talked about my eating habits, exercise.  I have a better plan for the next three months to expand my food choices.

Until tomorrow...

Wednesday, October 15, 2014


As everyone has heard, the West Coast has a drought. Many of us have thought of ways to save water. Not washing our cars, not watering our lawns, using dishwater (gray water) to water our plants, and taking shorter showers. We came up with a novel idea after our last water bill.

We had filled the pond. During the summer the pond loses water from evaporation (the exact opposite happens during the winter rainy season when I have to pump out water)  and I have to fill about 1/3 of the pond every three months. The pond is about 750 gallons so 1/3 is a significant amount of water.

The last time I had to fill it, I got dinged on my water bill. If you go over a certain level of water usage you get a super charge. Because I used 250 extra gallons, I got dinged. We are trying to avoid getting in trouble again AND keep our fish alive.

At first we were taking buckets of the cold water from the shower before it gets hot. But that was getting tedious, I got costocondritous, I couldn't carry the buckets of water down the stairs. Then our brainstorming team came up with the idea of putting a big bin (with a lid) on the balcony, dump the buckets of water in the bin, then once it us full, put the dechlorination liquid in it and pump the water into the pond.

Today I tried this method for the first time. All week we have been filling the bin and today I pumped the 25 gallons into the pond. It took about 10 minutes total to set it up, pump it, and break it down.  Of course it would be best if it rained but I won't be holding my breath. The pond is down about 200 gallons so hopefully we can keep up by adding 25 gallons every 4-5 days.

Until tomorrow...

Tuesday, October 14, 2014


I could have titled this post Raggedy Ann and Andy but today I am specifically writing about Raggedy Ann.

I have always been in love with the story of Raggedy Ann and Andy. My beloved next door neighbor had a book that I adored and probably had her read a hundred times. When I got older she gave it to me. It is quite old and it is one of my treasured belongings.  I also have Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls sitting in my living room.  

The reason for this post is about another treasured item. It is a necklace I received as a girl. It is Raggedy Ann. She has a pull chain that has a heart that has "I love you" engraved on it. When you pull the chain Raggedy Ann's arms and legs move. It is quite cute.  I wore it today because Ann's hair matched my shirt. I received many compliments. 

Some other time I will tell you about my obsession with Mickey Mouse (not Minnie).

Until tomorrow.

Monday, October 13, 2014


This weekend I decided to clean out the drawer that held my medications. I got motivated when my doc prescribed a medication and I told him I had a bottle. I got the bottle out and it had expired in 2009.  Time to clean out my meds!

I could not believe how many bottles of pills I have that are expired. In fact it is embarrassing. I filled up an entire grocery bag.  Now I have to prepare them to be dropped off at a medicine drop off site. Brenda wanted me to throw them out but medicines in the trash or water system are wreaking havoc on the environment.  Antidepressants dumped in the water system (by people flushing them down the toilet) are disrupting the reproductive cycles of the fish populations.

I have so much space in my medication drawer.  I love it.

Until tomorrow...

Sunday, October 12, 2014


It was so hot again today. I appreciate here hot days. I really do.  I would have appreciated them more a month ago.  It was nice yesterday but today I didn't want to do anything. No biking or walking.  I just sat in the shade and read my book with a glass of iced tea.

Until tomorrow...

Saturday, October 11, 2014


Today I took my bike to the park on the bus by myself.  I packed a picnic to eat. I rode my bike for a bit and then ate my lunch in a beautiful area of the park. Then I rode some more. I walked around an art exhibit and through a flower dell. It was a nice day.

Since I have not been riding the recumbent bike lately, I didn't have the stamina I had a month ago.i have to ride more often.

Until tomorrow...

Friday, October 10, 2014


Today I had an unscheduled visit from a service technician.  We have been having this beeping coming from our alarm system and a tech needed to check it out. I had scheduled a visit about two weeks ago and I sat around for four hours. No tech arrived. The main office screwed up the appointment in their calendar. (Then try to tell me I got the date wrong,)  after a long talk with a supervisor I was put on a list in case there was a cancelation, I would get bumped to the front of the line.  I made an appointment for the 15th.

Fast forward to today. I am in the shower and Brenda says a service technician is here to fix the alarm.  Call me crazy but I immediately called the company. I wanted to make sure this guy was legit.  Turns out the company forgot to contact me to tell me my appointment got bumped up to today. Thank goodness I just happened to be at home, since I was going to go pick up my car from the shop.

The service tech fixed the problem in about 10 minutes.  He understood why I was suspicious when he arrived once I explained it to him.  Can't be too careful these days.

Until tomorrow...

Thursday, October 9, 2014


I went a to dinner with a friend. It was nice to catch up. It is sad she moved so far away and we don't see each other too often.  It is hard when friends move away. It just isn't the same with email and texting.  We had a nice visit.

Until tomorrow...

Wednesday, October 8, 2014


Did you see that full moon tonight?  It was beautiful. I hear there was an eclipse at 4am. I was not awake at that hour but I hear it was gorgeous.

Until tomorrow...

Tuesday, October 7, 2014


I have to know about the Soviet War in Afghanistan and I have realized that I know very little. I know I lived through it, I mean not through it like I was in Afghanistan but I was alive during that time, but I don't know that much about it.

I am clear that the war was unsuccessful. It included the Soviet Union and Afghanistan.  I remember a lot of people in mountains. That is about all I remember.

I feel like there was a break down in my school's curriculum. The war happened in 1979 and I was still in school. Shouldn't my school have taught me this?  I have no recollection of ever learning about this war. Vietnam War, check. WWI, check, WWII, check. Civil War, double check (they really drilled that one in).  No Afghanistan War.

I guess I need to bone up quickly.

Until tomorrow...

Monday, October 6, 2014


So when does telling somebody information become gossip? Where is the line?  I met with a friend today and we were talking and sharing stories and at the end she said thanks for the gossip.  Now, I didn't think I was gossiping.

Now if I had told her that Mike and Dan had broken up and were getting a divorce after they told me not to say anything to anyone, that would clearly be gossip.

If the information I was sharing was work information that happened to me,  is that gossip?  I didn't feel like it was gossip. I don't want to be thought of as a gossiper.

Until tomorrow...

Sunday, October 5, 2014


Today we went to a street fair. It was a really hot day so we didn't stay very long. It was nice to get out and walk around. We ran into a few folks we knew and stopped and chatted. I wanted lemonade so badly because I was so hot. We looked and looked. Finally in desperation I bought a lukewarm water. Then I saw lemonade! I paid my money and was given a number. I waited and waited. They were handing out food and more food. I was thinking I just need my lemonade, why are they making me wait in this heat? Then Brenda came over and asked them what was going on. They gave her the lemonade. A large (I paid for a small).  Sadly it was not fresh squeeze as they advertised. But it was ice cold!

Until tomorrow...

Saturday, October 4, 2014


It is so hot here, no one wants to do anything. My office is like 101 degrees. I practically fainted after being in there for 5 minutes. I went for a walk with Licky early in the morning and drank a ton of water. Our whole upstairs is about 80 degrees. Downstairs is 15 degrees cooler. It is so hot, I sweat just sitting still.


Until tomorrow...

Friday, October 3, 2014


I weighed myself today. Who am I kidding, I weigh myself every day. But today I lost just over 15 pounds! I am pretty excited considering my progress has been slowly with getting sick. Exercise has been out if the question. I am thinking of starting to bike again. What's a little asthma to slow down the progress? Can't start this weekend. This heat wave is unbearable.

 Instead I will sit and bask in the glory of the news that I lost 15 pounds.

Until tomorrow...

Thursday, October 2, 2014


Today was the first day of my new gig.  It all went well.  I was careful not to shake hands with anyone since I am still coughing.  I know I am not contagious but others may be fearful. 

The asthma meds seem to be working. 

Gotta run!

Until tomorrow...

Wednesday, October 1, 2014


I can finally start my new gig tomorrow. I was supposed to start my new contract on Monday but I was to ill to go anywhere so we postponed my start date.

I have my outfit set out like the first day of school. My papers and computer are packed. I made a quinoa salad for lunch. I packed my lunch and it us in the refrigerator. I have quarters ready for the meter.  I put gas in the car.

I guess I am ready to go in the morning.

Until tomorrow...

Tuesday, September 30, 2014


The coughing has not gotten better. It is worse when I lie down. I feel like I am drowning.  I called the doc today and he started to say I have whooping cough. Then he said it seemed like I have an asthmatic reaction from the cold.  It is called viral induced asthma.  Basically the cold induces the asthma. When faced with a viral infection, the body triggers an inflammatory response to attack and defend.  The asthma can continue for up to 8 weeks.  I have to use an inhaler for a month or so.  I can pick up the meds tomorrow.

Good news: Lucky woke up and ate some food. Then she ate her entire dinner. This is very good news!  Her blood work came back normal.

Until tomorrow...

Monday, September 29, 2014


Lucky is still not eating. This is making me very worried. So worried hat I took her to the emergency vet. They wanted to run a bunch of tests for a total of $700.  I told them it was fine to do a blood panel but that was it. When we got home Lucky peed, pooped and ate some food. It was an expensive way to get her to do those things.  Those emergency vets really rake you.

I am feeling a bit better. I stayed in bed all day until I took Lucky. It is weird, I am coughing so much more at night and when I lie down.

Until tomorrow...

Sunday, September 28, 2014


I have the flu or a bad cold.

I feel horrible.

I need to go back to sleep.

Until tomorrow...

Saturday, September 27, 2014


Well, Lucky got worse instead of better. She began vomiting.  I don't know if it was the anesthesia or the medication but the poor baby was in a bad way.  Another sleepless night.  We called the vet and they said bring her over for an anti-nausea shot.

The shot seems to have worked. She stopped getting sick and she has been sleeping. She didn't eat much and it was REAL chicken and rice. I think her system is so messed up she has lost her appetite. Maybe tomorrow she will feel better.

Meanwhile, I am not feeling worse. My plan was to stay in bed but that didn't happen. Tomorrow us Brenda's (and my brothers) birthday. I don't think we will be doing anything.  I have to be ready for Monday morning and my new gig.

Until tomorrow...

Friday, September 26, 2014


Lucky woke me up at 4 am to go outside. I won't go into the gory details but she is not well. I think either the meds or the anesthesia are not agreeing with her.  We curled up on the couch to not wake up the whole house with her whining and my coughing.

At 10:30 I took Lucky to the vet. They checked her to make sure she was okay. No infection. They think she is still coming off the anesthesia or the meds are making her sick. I also got a great tip to get her to take meds she does want to take: salmon flavored cream cheese! First give some to Happi then give some to Lucky without the meds. Then more to Happi. Then put the pill in and give to Lucky. Worked like a charm. I tried everything the other night to get her to swallow that pain med. It is bitter and smells so she can tell it is in everything. The salmon covers the smell.

I called my doc and got some antibiotics and cough meds to nip this in the bud.

Until tomorrow...

Thursday, September 25, 2014


Darn. Brenda got over her cold and now I have it. I am not sure why I am surprised. I seem to get everything that goes around. Every cold, flu, puppy cough. I have to see how I feel tomorrow and if I will call the doc for meds.

Lucky Update: she is having a really rough time. I could not give her the pain med so she is whimpering and pacing. I could give her the anti inflammatory. She has had a few accidents in the house. She wants to be held and then she doesn't want to be held.

Until tomorrow...

Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Little Lucky went to the dentist today. I know in the long run she will be happier but it is hard to see that right now. She is in pain and I can't get her to take the painkiller. I tried to put it in her food, in peanut butter, in those pill pockets and in chicken baby food.  Nothing works. I also tried to put it in her mouth but she tried to bite me. I guess she will have to white knuckle it.

The dentist cleaned her teeth and had to extract two teeth. Last time she had to have four teeth extracted.  At this rate she will be toothless in a few years, poor thing. Unfortunately she has genetically bad teeth.

Good she finally fell asleep. She has been pacing and staring at me and climbing in my lap. 

I am sure she will feel better tomorrow. 

Until tomorrow...

Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Last week I scheduled an appointment to have a technician come out this morning from 8am - 12pm. I was up and showered by 8am.  I hung around all morning and no tech showed up.  At 12:05 I called to find out where the technician was. They informed me that in their computer my appointment was for next Tuesday.  There is no way I would have scheduled the appointment for next Tuesday when I start a new job on Monday.

I finally got a supervisor on the phone and was told the earliest appointment was next Tuesday.  She told me she would put me on the cancellation list too.if someone cancels I would get their appointment.

I was happy that I didn't blow up like I would have normally. Instead I tried to keep my cool (even when they disconnected me).  Another step from the Happiness Project book. I am trying to not unload on others who have no control over the situation. Bees to honey.

Until tomorrow...

Monday, September 22, 2014


Today I had lunch with a friend I had not seen in about two years. It was fun to catch up. We  started our relationship as a business one. She was one of my clients.  Then she left the place that was my client and we started meeting for lunch.  We connected again and I asked her to lunch. We went to a nice Thai place. We just talked and talked.

Turns out we have more in common than I thought.  She rides a bike also. She has invited me to ride with her once I feel up to it. She also has a passion for photography.  We both also like to read.  I told her about The Happiness Project and she said she was going to check it out.  She is recently retired and has a lot of time on her hands.

On my list of activities I want to do, I wrote entertain. I should include spend time with friends.

Until tomorrow...

Sunday, September 21, 2014


Since I have been reading the book, The Happiness Project, I have been spending a great deal of time thinking about what makes me happy.  I don't think I will do a whole project (although I have not completely ruled it out)  but I can do parts of it. Or I can do a mini happiness project.

I thought I would write down activities that make me happy

  • Riding my bike
  • Walking my dogs
  • Taking photos
  • Reading good books
  • Watching movies
  • Scrapbooking
  • Sitting in my backyard
  • Taking a bath
  • Stress free vacations
  • Watching TV
  • Blogging
  • Working on my computer
  • Organizing groups (neighborhood watch, etc.)
  • Entertaining, having friends over
  • I would probably like to go for a short hike
  • Going to new things (art shows, museums, fairs, operas, etc.) 
  • Road trips
  • Being spontaneous (not really an activity)
The idea is to figure out how to maximize your time doing the activities you enjoy and that make you happy.  Sort of what Oprah called "me time". Schedule in time for things that will increase your happiness quotient.  Some of the things on this list I already do so I won't have to find time to do them all. I also think I need to rank them. Not all of them make me as happy as the others.  Road trips make me happy but taking photos probably make me happier.  

I still have to read the last few chapters of the book. 

Until tomorrow...

Saturday, September 20, 2014


Yesterday I took Happi for a short walk. Today I took both days for separate walks. Things seem to be looking up. The costocondritis feels like it is subsiding. The asthma meds seem to be working so I can breathe better. My cracked rib still hurts but that will take a few weeks to heal.  My foot is healed.  My eye looks kinda icky but it doesn't hurt like it did.

So overall things are better. This is good news!

Until tomorrow...

Friday, September 19, 2014


I started reading a book titled The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin.  The book was not what I thought it was but it is better.  The Happiness Project is about the author spending one year learning to be more happy. She breaks the year into 12 months and each month she works on a different issue such as friendship, work, vitality, parenthood, and marriage. How each of these items will add to her happiness. The idea is that if you choose to do your own happiness project you will choose your own topics.

Since I have been cleaning out my office I have had a feeling of happiness each time I get a little closer to a clean and organized office.

I am not sure I will do a happiness project but so far it is an interesting read.  I do see ways I can improve my level of happiness.

Until tomorrow...

Thursday, September 18, 2014


This morning I woke up and my eye was not looking good.  I won't go into gory details but it was clear my eye was not well.  I have been assuming that I had a blocked tear duct. I had it before so I was not concerned.  This morning my eye was not looking like it had in the past.

I called the eye doc and they squeezed me in.  The doc looked at my eye and told me it was not a blocked tear duct it was an obstructed drainage duct of the oil gland in my lower eye lid.  This is called chalazion.   It causes a cyst to appear when the duct is blocked.  It gets painful to blink.

To fix it the doc first scrapped the eye lid. Now, if you think this was not painful, you must be kidding.  When that didn't do the trick, the doc told me I could continue with the hot compresses for about two weeks or he could give me an injection of steroids.

The doc said he would get the steroids for a speedier response. I chose the steroid shot. To give me a shot in the eye lid, I needed to freeze my eye lid. Then he took a needle and stuck it three times in my eye lid.  That was not pleasant. I do not see a change in my eye but he said it would happen.  If it doesn't get better, there is a surgery that can be done to cut out the cyst.  Yeah, no.

At least this is something curable. It doesn't seem to hurt as much tonight.

Until tomorrow..

Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Do you ever feel like you are falling a part? Piece by piece?

Today I went for my check up with the doc. My costocondritis seems to be subsiding.  Good news.

I have had this pain I my side for about a week or so that I attributed to the costocondritis.  Turns out I have a cracked rib.  Not sure how I got it. Maybe from the coughing, maybe from when the doc pushed on my ribs, who knows.  I am a delicate flower.

I also was told my asthma has kicked up which is why I am coughing so much.  I have some medicine to take.

I asked about a flu shot. I guess this year the CDC is advising that those folks who are immune compromised should get s special flu shot that is extra strong. My doc is not getting it so I will have to get two flu shots. One in October and one in December.

Until tomorrow...

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Now I have a sty in my eye. I keep putting hot compresses on my eye but it doesn't seem to be helping. It isn't that painful until the end of the day when my eye is tired.  I have to go rest my eye.

Until tomorrow...

Monday, September 15, 2014


I have this really pretty, fancy scale. It is a glass and chrome scale from Weight Watchers.  I have always liked it because the numbers are really clear and large.  I have never been able to make the other functions like BMI work but I am sure I could with the manual.

About a month ago I noticed that the scale weighed me different amounts. Not just different amounts different days or different times of the day. I weighed myself and then I weighed myself 2 minutes later and the scale weighed me a different amount.  It became apparent that the scale was having issues. If I moved the scale from one location to another my weight changed. Sometimes 2.5 pounds. It also sometimes said I gained 3 pounds in one day.  Or lost 2.3 pounds.  It is getting screwy.

I changed the battery thinking that was the problem. No change. I think it is time to purchase a new scale.

Until tomorrow...

Sunday, September 14, 2014


I woke up this morning with a blocked tear duct in my eye. It is a bit painful and swollen.  I am going to make this short cause my eye hurts.

Until tomorrow...

Saturday, September 13, 2014


At the beginning of this week I was feeling a bit better. Then I think I pushed myself too hard and now I feel horrible again.  I spent the day in bed again today. Yesterday I was on the couch most of the day.  I am trying to get it together but it is hard when I can't breathe. I will be honest, I am frustrated and find it hard to blog.  I want to be positive and this is dragging on too long making it so I can't be active.  I am self conscience because I can't wear a bra.

Okay, enough. I am sure if I rest for a few more days I will be fine in a few days. It has only been two weeks. My body just needs to rest.

Until tomorrow...

Friday, September 12, 2014


I think Lucky is grumpy because her teeth are bothering her. As much as it will be a huge cost, I need to get her teeth done. I think she will be a happier puppy on her teeth are cleaned. She just has the worst teeth.  Poor baby. Only 1.5 weeks until she has her dental appointment.

Until tomorrow...

Thursday, September 11, 2014


Tonight we went to dinner with my parents. They are in town and took us out.  I was stoked to eat Organic Garden Noodles with Tofu and Vegetables.  I got about 1/3 of the way through the dish and I took a bite.  The bite seemed weird.  It was not tofu.  It was CHICKEN!  I almost vomited.  I could not believe there was chicken in my mouth and I almost swallowed it.  I spit it out.  I stayed calm because we were with my parents but inside I furious.

I calmly took the bowl over the waiter and told me that my VEGAN meal had chicken in it.  As a VEGAN I am very upset to find CHICKEN in my meal.  The waiter took it back to the chef and then came out to apologize to me. They made me another Organic Garden Noodles with Tofu and Vegetables.  A lady I assume was the manager came over to apologize and tell me that this dish was made under close supervision.  No chicken.  Once again we apologize.  The apologies continued through out the visit.  The dish was taken off the bill.

I am trying to not make a big deal about this. 

Until tomorrow...

Wednesday, September 10, 2014


We are getting ready for visitors.  This means the deep clean.  Not just the quick dust and run the Rumba.  This is the wash behind the toilet, vacuum under the couch, and clear off the dinning room table.  This took a day and a half because I am not feeling 100%.  I had to do a task and take a break to rest.  Then do another task and take another break.  I have to get it all done before the visitors arrived and that is all that matters.

Now with a sparkling house, we are ready for our visitors.  I am sure I will need a long rest once this is all over.

Until tomorrow...

Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Months ago I planted a small tomato plant.  As time went by it turned into a bigger tomato plant and needed to be repotted. Then with water and sun it became a giant tomato plant that needed larger stakes. We have been getting tomatoes. Not an overwhelming amount but more than we can comfortably eat.

If anyone has a vegan tomato recipe I can have, I would sure appreciate it.

Until tomorrow...

Monday, September 8, 2014


Isn't it amazing how fast emails can stack up in your in-box?  I am one of those folks who has many email addresses and they all go into one email software program.  That means I get MANY emails.  I have a hard time keeping up with them so my in-box is a mess.  It says I have thousands of unread emails.  That really isn't true because I read most of my emails on my phone.  I have yet to figure a good system for dealing with all these thousands of emails: read and unread.

Do I sort them by work, family, friends?  Do I sort by year?  I have no idea.  If anyone has any ideas, I would love to hear them.

Until tomorrow...

Sunday, September 7, 2014


Today I tried to take it easy. At least that was the plan. After lunch I decided to follow this recipe for a Grilled Summer Vegetable Salad. I thought how hard could it be; throw some veggies on the grill, right?

I didn't account for the prep time and the time waiting for the veggies to char. Then there was the time  making the vinigrette and chopping up all the stuff that doesn't get grilled. Well, it was way more time consuming than I planned.

But, it is mighty tasty!!  I had to nix the asparagus because it didn't look good at the store. I don't like onions so they had to go.  I am vegan so the cheese was excluded.  I used some pre-made herb infused oil that I had been given as a gift a long time ago. It was yellow chili infused oil. Wow was it hot. I had to mix it with regular oil to make it palatable. I also used lemons from my lemon tree and tomatoes from my tomato plant.  The lemons are so tiny this year because of the drought.

After making this salad I needed to take a bath. I was to achy and tired. I probabaly should have taken a nap instead of cooking.

Until tomorrow...

Saturday, September 6, 2014


A couple of people have asked me how it feels to have costocondritis. Here is how it feels to me:

At first it felt like a giant rubber band was around the top of my rib cage. It felt more and more uncomfortable. To the point where I had to remove my bra by the end of the day. It started to feel like the area at the top of my rib cage was full and too full for my skin.  It also felt a little like the fullness of heartburn but without the burn. 

Then the the tightness in my breast bone set in.  Then it became hard to breathe. It felt like a heaviness was in my chest which sounds funny when I am sitting up or standing. Some times the pain would be a dull ache and other times a piercing sharp pain. Those sharp pains would just take my breathe away.  There was stiffness radiating out to my shoulders. 

Before I went to the ER, I began to get sharp pains up and down my back mostly on the left side.  It was impossible to get comfortable. Then on the way to the ER, I began getting pain in my neck. 

Today the pain has decreased. The pain in my neck has gone away. The back pain is almost gone. The tightness in my breast bone is still there as well as the rubber band feeling around my rib cage. I have been told that will take some time, maybe weeks, to subside.  I have been told I still look sick but I am sure that will subside too.  

Today I finally went food shopping. I am so happy. We were scrapping the cupboards for food. Since I am sticking with my plant-based meal plan, I had to get some food or starve!  Tomorrow I am planning to make a grilled vegetable salad. I am going to try grilling eggplant for the first time. 

Oh, before I forget, Lucky's blood tests came out normal. She must have had some virus or something. She ate like a champ today. 

Until tomorrow...

Friday, September 5, 2014


Poor little Lucky has not been feeling well. She has not been wanting to eat and for a dog who was obviously deprived of food before she came to live with us, that is a big deal. She always wants to eat!  So today I took her to the vet.  Of course she acted completely fine.  The vet could find nothing wrong with her. There are two things that are concerning: her teeth and the possibility of kennel cough. I told him that she had a cough last night and he thought that maybe she had the beginning of kennel cough.  I don't think that is what she has. He also said her teeth are bad but not bad enough to cause her problems.  I had them do blood work so we can make sure the little pup is okay.

Tonight she ate like a champ.  Maybe she is feeling better.  We get her results tomorrow.

The trip to the vet tired me out. I came home and slept for two hours with no pain pills.

Until tomorrow...

Thursday, September 4, 2014


I went to see my primary doc today. He did some painful tests to confirm I have costocondritis. He thought I may have had peritonitis which is inflammation of the lining of the abdomen.  Turns out I do not have peritonitis so that is good. 

My doc was a bit upset that my RA doc got so wound up about me having a blood glucose of 103. He felt that me losing 10 pounds in the last 6 weeks may have not been very good for my health and may have contributed to the costocondritis.  He said he should have made the decision about my blood glucose.

He was also upset to hear that his staff didn't give me an appointment for four months.  We now have an agreement that if I call again and I am told there are no appointments for a long time, I take the appointment and then have him call me and let him decide if he wants to see me sooner.  Sometimes my stuff can't wait four months.

He wants to keep me out of the ER.   He said he was impressed that I lost 10 pounds while being on 9 mg prednisone. But he was concerned that some of my blood work was wonky when I was in the ER.  

So I stay the course of taking the pain meds if I need them and just be careful. I can start walking and biking when I feel up to it. No more Zumba. Maybe some light yoga. 

Until tomorrow...