Tuesday, October 14, 2014


I could have titled this post Raggedy Ann and Andy but today I am specifically writing about Raggedy Ann.

I have always been in love with the story of Raggedy Ann and Andy. My beloved next door neighbor had a book that I adored and probably had her read a hundred times. When I got older she gave it to me. It is quite old and it is one of my treasured belongings.  I also have Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls sitting in my living room.  

The reason for this post is about another treasured item. It is a necklace I received as a girl. It is Raggedy Ann. She has a pull chain that has a heart that has "I love you" engraved on it. When you pull the chain Raggedy Ann's arms and legs move. It is quite cute.  I wore it today because Ann's hair matched my shirt. I received many compliments. 

Some other time I will tell you about my obsession with Mickey Mouse (not Minnie).

Until tomorrow.


  1. I've never had any special feelings for the Raggedies, but that really is a cute necklace. I don't think I have any of the jewelry I was given as a girl anymore...
    Like you, I love Micky Mouse. Always did, right from the start when I started watching the Mickey Mouse Club in (ohgods) 1959. Never much cared for Minnie, though. Not sure why. Maybe she's too simpering and girly and screamy? Yech. Mickey, though--he was (is) cool. Remember Steamboat Willie?

    Be well, Adrienne. Enjoy the cooler weather! (I sure am!)

    1. Hi Wren! Welcome back! I will write about my strong feelings about Minnie soon. MM is my favorite. The cooler weather is a relief. Go Giants!!


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