Sunday, November 2, 2014


Over the past month my cellphone has been getting hotter and hotter.  The battery has been draining faster and faster.  It got really bad on Halloween when my cellphone died by 7:30pm and I had barely done anything on it all day.

I finally got fed up and called my carrier to find out what to do.  They seemed concerned about the heating up issue but not so concerned that they didn't send me back into the cue instead of transferring me to tech support.  Finally I go to someone who could assist me.  She explained my options.

1. I could put the phone in safe mode and see if that made it better.  If it did, then I would have to do a factory reset and then reset everything all over again.  Not the best option. 

2. I could  put the phone in safe mode and if it drains and gets hot, I would have to buy a new phone at full price.  My plan was up this coming March so I was not available for a discounted phone.

3. If my phone needed replacement, I had insurance.  I could (oops!) run over it with the car or drop it from the balcony.  Then I could get a new phone.

It looks like it just needed to have a factory reset.  It seems to be working better and has not heated up.  Fingers crossed..

Until tomorrow...

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