Sunday, October 15, 2017


The air quality is getting better but I am still coughing after I go outside.  I am wearing the mask and I am taking the medicine.  The air is just so polluted.

I stayed inside and watched some movies.  I watched a Netflix movie The Meyerowitz Stories.  It was pretty good.  It stars Adam Sandler, Dustin Hoffman, and Ben Stiller.  It is a story about an estranged family that gathers to celebrate the artistic work of their father.

Then I watched Sully.  I have held off watching Sully because it scared me watching a plane go down.  Today I was in the mood to watch it.  It was pretty good.  They managed to make it not scary.

I know this sounds a bit whiny but I am tired of staying inside.  So are the dogs.  I am grateful I have a home to stay in.

Until tomorrow...

Saturday, October 14, 2017


I finally got the asthma medicine.  The doctor called in a prescription on Monday and I was told they didn't have it in stock.  Tuesday I was told they ordered it too late on Monday and they won't get it in until Wednesday.  Wednesday I was told they needed a special approval.  I offered to buy it for cash and was told it cost $299.  I called the doctor's office for approval.  The insurance company would not give approval.  The doctor called in another medicine on Thursday.  It was available on Friday and I picked it up on Saturday morning.   Amazing that it takes almost a week to get an inhaler.  I heard that this whole area is sold out of inhalers and face masks.  No one can breathe.

I took my first two applications today and I don't see a difference yet.

Until tomorrow...

Friday, October 13, 2017


I just got a mailer from the insurance-company-that-must-not-be-named.  Seems that my PPO plan is being discontinued and I have to pick another plan.  The plan is changing to a HMO plan.  I have to get on the website and see what the plans are and what I will do.

Then the announcement was made on the news that the ACA is being picked apart.  Well, that sucks for me.  As a person that has a pre-existing condition, I could be screwed.  Being put in a high risk pool would suck.  I was almost put in that pool once but was saved by the ACA.

I just have to be patient and wait to see how this all shakes out.  My mailer from the insurance company says they can't give me any information until the government makes decisions and even then, things may change at any time in 2018.  Wonderful.

Until tomorrow...

Thursday, October 12, 2017


The air quality has gotten so bad from the fires. Today it was a Red Flag day. That means the air quality is as bad as it is in Beijing. The officials recommended that everyone wear a mask.

I went in search of a better mask but everywhere is sold out.  Not a good mask to be found in the area.  I hear there are no air purifiers either.

We just stay inside all day. The only time I really go outside is to walk the dogs.  They are so unhappy they can not sunbathe during the day.

Unfortunately it doesn't look like it will get better soon.

Until tomorrow...

Wednesday, October 11, 2017


Tonight was a foster/adopt training about the school system.  It taught us about how to navigate the school system with our foster kids.

It was an informative training although one I wish I had had before I had my foster son. Much of the information she taught, I had to learn on my own through trial and error. Mostly many trials.

I took the training for the information and the training credits.

Until tomorrow...

Tuesday, October 10, 2017


Today out of the blue the District  Attorney's office called me to see if I would be interested in testifying in the case against the guy who has been harassing our neighborhood.  If you read this blog consistently, you might remember back in June I was a witness to the guy breaking into the house across the street.  I did a citizen's arrest.  I was so anti-climatic.  I called the police to say I saw him enter a vacant home and since the police were not there I was able to do a citizen's arrest when they showed up.  I didn't have to do anything but say I was doing a citizen's arrest.  I didn't think anything would come of it since he tried to break into the next door neighbor's home, then he tried to break into my home.  It seemed like the police's arms were tied and the DA was not doing anything about it.

Then I got the call.  The office had not put all the police reports together from this street.  I gave them all the information about all of them.  Now they are building a bigger case against the guy.  I am hoping they can get him some help and not just throw him in jail.  He has serious mental health and substance abuse issues.  He needs help and not to be just thrown behind bars.  I know I am an idealist but putting him in jail for 6 months means he becomes our problem again when he comes out.  He is delusional and thinks he owns the homes in our neighborhood. Six months in jail is not going to change that.

Now I am waiting for the phone call for my court date to testify.

Until tomorrow...

Monday, October 9, 2017


The fires on the West Coast are horrible.  Houses burnt to the ground.  Businesses gone.  People killed.  Whole neighborhoods gone.  It looks like a bomb has gone off.  An apocalypse.

The smoke is so bad even miles away, I had to stay indoors and wear a mask most of the day.  My very slight asthma made it hard to breathe.  Normally my asthma doesn't bother me but today with the horrible smokey air, I was coughing and my chest hurt.  Once I got the mask, I felt much better.  We all stayed in the house and kept the windows and doors closed.

Hopefully tomorrow the fires will be put out and the air will be better.

Until tomorrow...

Sunday, October 8, 2017


I went to a brunch at a friend's home today.  It was a very nice affair.  I was invited to the brunch during a party a few weeks ago.  The couple insisted I attend their brunch.  They gave me the time and date and made me promise to attend.  They said I would get a follow up email.  This provided a very interesting etiquette dilemma for me.

I never got an email.  So do I go or not?  I sent a text that morning asking if it was still on.  No response.  I decided that I would go.  I took a bottle of booze and hiked up the hill.  I figure if it was cancelled, I would apologize.  If I was late, I would just blame my dogs.

What would you do?  What do the etiquette books say to do?  I have no idea.  It was a nice day and I wanted to go.

Half of the way to their home, I got a phone call from one of the hosts apologizing for not sending me an invite.  He said he knew he invited another person but could not remember who it was.  He said I showed initiative by coming.  He liked that.  I got there and had a fantastic time.  There was good food (actually some thing I could eat) and fun people.

Until tomorrow...

Saturday, October 7, 2017


My friend S came over to have a late breakfast coffee with me.  She brought all these awesome vegan/gluten free items to munch on while we talked.  We had these amazing chocolate and coconut tarts.  These little cookies that tasted like macaroons.  Then some sesame cookies.  These were kind of weird tasting.  The sesames tasted smoked or roasted so instead of the cookie being sweet it was savory.  With the other snacks being so sweet it was weird eating something savory. 

It was so nice catching up with S.  We do not see each other enough but we are both busy.

Until tomorrow...

Friday, October 6, 2017


Today was a busy day.  I put too many activities in this day.

I got up early to be at my doctor's office bright and early.  Everything is fine.

Then I decided to go to a concert in the park.  It is a free concert and I decided that since it is a Friday, it might not be too crowded during the day.  I packed myself a picnic lunch, took my Kindle and a blanket and went to the park.  For about 3 hours I had a good time sitting or laying on my blanket in the park.  It was not crowded for most of the time.  The later it got, the more crowded it got.  The vibe changed and people got more ugly.  During the day the crowd was mostly older folk and mom's with kids (sort of hippie types who home school).  They were all mellow.  As the day went on the park filled up with a younger crowd who came from work.  They were rude and pushy.  That was when I left.

When did it become okay to sit on someone else's blanket without asking?  I had a guy hit me in the head and when I told him his answer was not "gosh I'm sorry." it was "how did that happen?"  My answer to him was "How would I know how it happened?  You should be saying, I apologize for hitting you in the head."  They left the area soon afterward.  I think I harshed their mellow.  I say learn some manners!

I came home from the park and took a nap because I was going to the movies to see Blade Runner 2049.  I would love to give you a thorough review of Blade Runner but sadly I fell asleep.  It was the 10:45pm showing and I had a very busy day.  Even with a nap, I nodded off.  I even brought crunchy snacks but even that didn't help.  It was a super long, slow moving movie.  I would not have fallen asleep during Furious Five but Blade Runner was too cerebral for me at midnight.  I will watch it on DVD.

As you can see a busy day.  I did have a very nice 20 year old gentleman hold the elevator for me at the movies, so I know not all of the younger crowd has lost their manners.  His mother brought him up right.  Also my movie buddies are all chivalrous.

Until tomorrow...

Thursday, October 5, 2017


Happi has been doing much better. All of a sudden today she wanted to go for a walk and dragged me out the door and down the street.  We got about 1.5 blocks and she wanted to keep going.  I made her turn around and head home.  Lately she would be laying down by this point and I would have to start carrying her home.  Not today.  She was moving slower but she walked the whole way home.

It was exciting that she seems to be getting better.  I guess the doctor was right, she just needed to rest and take painkillers and anti-inflammatory medications.  My baby is getting her groove back.

Until tomorrow... 

Wednesday, October 4, 2017


I woke up early because my alarm company technician was coming to make the beeping stop on my alarm system. He arrived on time and showed me how to fix it myself.  I realize that four years from now I will need another tech to come do it again. Who remembers these things?  He also reinstalled it back on the wall.

Then he tested the alarm. The loud blaring made the dogs howl and run away.  The tech left now that the alarm was working again.

Not five minutes later my doorbell rang. I thought he returned because he forgot something. No, it was the police asking me if I was okay. My panic button went off and there were three police cars out front.  The alarm tech forgot to put the system in test mode to test it and instead he set off the panic button which alerted the police.  I apologized and told them it was the alarm tech that did it. I thanked them for their quick response.

Once they left I called the alarm company and gave them hell. They wasted police resources of an already strapped police department and a false alarm could cost me a fine. If you get two you have to pay. Well this one was not my fault.  They marked it in my "file" that it was their fault and if I get a fine they will pay it.

About 1.5 hours later I was working and boom, the electricity goes out.  For almost 2 hours I had no electricity. No internet. No TV. Ergh. Since I had no idea how long it would be out, I had to conserve. Last time it was out for almost 4 hours.

After lunch the world got back to normal.

Until tomorrow...

Tuesday, October 3, 2017


I have never done reiki.  I have heard about it but I have always been a cynic.   Reiki is a non-physical healing energy made up of life force energy that is guided by the Higher Intelligence, or spiritually guided life force energy.  It is a non-invasive, completely benign healing technique.

I have been advised by many people that I should get some reiki.  It is wonderful they say. Life changing they say.  Healing they say.  

After hearing all these accolades, I think I will put aside my cynicism and give it a serious try.  

Until tomorrow...

Monday, October 2, 2017


What a terrible day. So scary to hear about the shooter in Las Vegas.  Those concert goers just wanting to hear music and instead they are running for their lives.

My thoughts are with them and their families.

Until tomorrow..

Sunday, October 1, 2017


Today was another street fair.  I went with my friend M.  We hung out on a beautiful sunny day.  I got some ice cream while I waited for him to arrive.

I have become a person who just does what I want to do the older I get.  I danced with an older gentleman who was dancing by himself at the country dance floor.  I danced a line dance.  I don't care what other people think.  I guess next I will be part of the Red Hat Society.  Who knows?!

Then I came home and watched TV and there was an Emergency Alert.  There was a mass shooting in Las Vegas.  Horrible.  There isn't much information tonight except that many people are killed and injured.  Condolences.

Until tomorrow...

Saturday, September 30, 2017


I went on a garden tour with my friend H today.  It was a neighborhood garden tour.  It was sweet seeing these gardens.  The first garden was a front entry way garden.  I think we both were surprised that the garden was so small.

We did see a wonderful garden that was tiered and had two really tall chairs so the owners could see the view over the trees.  We also saw two gardens at two homes that you could walk over the fence.  They both had kids and the kids went back and forth.  They had some interesting "art" plants on their fence.

I really liked this idea of framing plants.

They also had a fairy door at the base of their tree.

It was a fun tour and a fun day with H.

Until tomorrow...

Friday, September 29, 2017


Today I  started my foster/adoption search again.  The last foster/adoption situation has been an education.  I can take all that knowledge and use it this time.

I went down and looked at the book of profiles of kids that need to be adopted.  That book makes my heart cry.  All those kids that need families.

After going down and looking at the book, I know I am ready to start the process again.

Until tomorrow...

Thursday, September 28, 2017


Today is my brother's birthday.  Happy Birthday!!

I went to my block captains meeting for neighborhood watch captains.  It was an interesting meeting because the new police chief was the speaker.  He was so authentic and personable.  I liked to hear his take on how he wants to run the police community.

Until tomorrow...

Wednesday, September 27, 2017


I went to see a preview of the Tom Cruise movie American Made tonight.  The movie was not like I thought it was going to be.  It was funnier than I thought it was going to be.  It had an actual story.

The funniest line was a clip of Jimmy Carter giving a speech saying "For the first time in the history of our country a majority of our people believe that the next five years will be worse than the past five years."

I thoroughly enjoyed this movie.  Thanks to my friend M for going with me.

Until tomorrow...

Tuesday, September 26, 2017


I spoke to the vet today about Happi. Happi has been having problems walking more than two blocks. She lays down as if she is tired but I think she is in pain.

The doctor thinks I should continue the medicine for some time longer and see how she does.  I am going to give her more time to rest.

Until tomorrow...

Monday, September 25, 2017


I have a slow moving drain.  My shower started having a slow puddle in the bottom of the shower.  It started before I went on vacation in August.  I put some Drano down and it got better.
Then two days ago it got bad again.  I would take a shower and the water would fill up in the bottom of the shower.  Today I put more Drano down the drain.  A whole bunch.  I am hoping this will work for awhile.  Unfortunately, I think there will be a phone call to a plumber in my future but I am going to hold off until it gets worse.

Until tomorrow...

Sunday, September 24, 2017


To round out the weekend of fun, I went to a street fair.  I met up with my second cousin, his husband, my friends H and M and all their friends.  It was super fun hanging out with everyone on such a sunny day. 

Then I went home and fed the dogs, got ready and went out to dinner with my second cousin, his husband and some more of his friends.  The weekend just didn't want to end!

It was a fun-filled, action-packed weekend.  I haven't had so much fun and so much action in a long time. 

Until tomorrow...

Saturday, September 23, 2017


Turns out my father's brother-in-law's sister's son was in town for the weekend. We haven't seen each other for about 40 years. I think he was a little nervous to hang out with me after all these years but it turned out great. We met at a bar where he was with some of his friends. Then we went to another bar. Both bars were super crowded and hot. I mean sweaty hot.
It was super fun and we all got along. We made plans to meet up tomorrow at the street fair.

This is two nights of staying out late for me.  Living the dream!!

Until tomorrow...

Friday, September 22, 2017


I went to a neighborhood house party tonight. This is a big weekend in my area so there are parties and fairs. My neighbor's house party had at least 100 people, almost all guys. I like to show up and represent for the neighborhood and for the women.

I ran into two friends and had a great time hanging out with them all night. They were so sweet when they walked me home to make sure I got home safe. They were brought up right.

Until tomorrow...

Thursday, September 21, 2017


I love samosas.  I love them when they are crispy.  The crispier the better.

What is a samosa, you ask?  It is a fried or baked dish with a savory filling.  I eat the vegan samosas that have spiced potatoes and peas in them.  Other samosas can have onions, lentils, macaroni, noodles, cheese, minced lamb or minced beef.  They are made in a triangular shape and served with a green Indian chutney.  

It is one of my favorite things to eat.  I buy them frozen at the store but they are better when I get them freshly made.

Today I met a friend for Indian street food and I had three samosas.  They were so delicious.  Nice and crispy.

Until tomorrow...

Wednesday, September 20, 2017


Today a friend who used to live around the corner came to visit with her little girl. It was great to see them both. Her daughter is just over one year and she was fun to play with.  I just wish I had more things for a one year old to do at my house. She had a good time carrying my sneaker around and pulling out my DVD collection. She also found a book of dog photos and looked at each photo and barked at the dog. That kept her occupied for some time.

They are going back to the East Coast soon. I hope to see them in a few months and go to their home soon.

Until tomorrow...

Tuesday, September 19, 2017


Today I am feeling much better.  I have energy and I am mostly pain-free.  I got up and went to work with a smile on my face.

I was in such a good mood I decided to take a few chances.  I wrote an assessment about the presentation I gave last week.  I felt it didn't go as well as I wanted it to go so I wrote an assessment to my client. Then I asked for her feedback.

Then I sent marketing emails to contacts letting them know I am a consultant.  I figure the worst they will do is ignore me and the best is they ask for more information.  Two minutes of my time could get me a new client.  Who knows??

Today was a day of taking chances.

Until tomorrow...

Monday, September 18, 2017


Today I just feel out of steam.  This is one of the toughest parts of rheumatoid arthritis for me.  I woke up with aches and pains all over but I just could not shake the fog I had all day.  It is a fog and a fatigue that is indescribable.  Sort of like treading through water all day.  My eye lids won't stay open because I am so tired.  All this after having a full nights sleep.  Plus my hips, elbows, neck, back and head ache.  All I can manage is to lay on the couch.  I am cold.  I try to watch TV but I fall asleep.  Talking on the phone is too much activity.

I am going to sleep.

Until tomorrow...

Sunday, September 17, 2017


I connected with an old friend today.  The friend was like a relative when I was growing up.  I called her mother "Aunt" and she called my mother "Aunt".  I still have a hard time not calling her mother "aunt".

We were kids who spent the night at each others houses having sleepovers.  We swam in their pool.  They had a two story house and I remember running up and down the stairs.  We had a ranch so we had no stairs, oh, and no pool.  So their house was always so much fun.  Plus she was a twin, a fraternal twin, and that was so fascinating to me! 

It was interesting hearing how different her life has become and all the things she has done.  If you had asked me 40 years ago what she would have become, it would not have been what she has done.  I am sure she would say the same about me.  We had a great time catching up.

Until tomorrow...

Saturday, September 16, 2017


Some friends invited me to stop by and see them this evening.  We got to talking and next thing I knew I was there for 3 and 1/2 hours.  We had not seen each other for many months and had a lot to catch up on. One of the guys had a horrible life threatening health situation and I heard the whole story.  He is a miracle!  Hearing his story makes me thankful to be alive.

I gave them an update on my stuff and we made plans for a future date.

Until tomorrow...

Friday, September 15, 2017


My friend H called me to see if I wanted to get together for dinner.  I said YES!  He made vegan chili, corn bread and kale salad.  I quickly whipped up some banana snicker doodles. 

We had a delicious dinner. The chili had just right amount of spice and heat for me. The corn bread was moist and helped cool down the chili. The kale salad helped give the meal some crunch.  Then sweet cookies for dessert.

It was so wonderful to have a great evening with a friend and awesome food.

Until tomorrow...

Thursday, September 14, 2017


The last step to ending my previous foster/adopt situation happened today.  Although my foster/adopt child has been gone from my home for two months, the child's belongings have been stored at my home during this time.  It has been painful to see the items everyday.  Every time I go in my garage to get in my car, do laundry, get the mail or throw out the trash.

Last week I called the social worker and gave them a deadline of this Friday to have the items out of my home.  I need to move on.

As of today the social worker picked up the items and I have my garage back again.  I have my exercise area back again.  I have 1/8th of my garage again.

A weight has been lifted and I am a much happier person now.

Until tomorrow...

Wednesday, September 13, 2017


Today I gave a presentation to some staff at a client's. I was prepared. I had all my supporting documents.

I began my presentation. I started my first sentence and someone asked a question. How can you have a question when I have barely finished the first sentence?

My big mistake was that I passed out the handouts at the beginning of the presentation. While everyone was sitting down, a few folks began reading the handouts so as I began speaking they had questions about the information I had not reviewed with the group yet. Those folks who had not read ahead were trying to figure out where these questions were coming from. Meanwhile I was just trying to get through the material so everyone would be on the same page.

The presentation was "fine" according to a participant. Not the rousing accolade I was looking for but with that rocky start I guess I should be happy with "fine".

Lesson learned: don't pass out the handouts until the end or when I am covering that section.

Until tomorrow...

Tuesday, September 12, 2017


I went to the dentist today to get my teeth cleaned.  It was good news.  I have no cavities and no cracked teeth.

My new dentist has a program for people with no insurance that I signed up for.  I pay a set price and that price covers two cleanings and x-rays for one year.  Then if I have other dental work it gives me 20% off.

Getting a good dental report is the best!

Until tomorrow...

Monday, September 11, 2017


Tonight I am typing on my computer on battery power.  There is a crazy lightening and thunder storm going on outside.  The lightening and thunder is loud the dogs are barking; they never bark at thunder and lightening.  Then the rain is coming down in huge rain drops.  This is really weird for this time of the year.

I got the flashlights out and cleaned things up just in case the electricity went out.  Last thing I want is dirty dishes sitting out in a hot kitchen with no electricity.

Until tomorrow...

Sunday, September 10, 2017


I started watching a show on Netflix called Disjointed.  It stars Kathy Bates.  I love Kathy Bates ever since Misery and Dolores Claiborne.

Disjointed will not be for everyone.  It is about a lady and her son who own a marijuana dispensary.  Kathy Bates plays a lady who has been a marijuana activist for 30 years.   Her son went to college and got an MBA and returns to work with her now that marijuana has become legal in the state.

I think it is entertaining.  It is not emmy award winning material but it is funny sometimes.  The episodes are 30 minutes and I like that about Netflix shows. They have these short episodes so you can watch an episode without having to commit an hour.

Until tomorrow...

Saturday, September 9, 2017


I went to a flagging event today.  Flagging is where folks spin flags to music.  They are usually tie dyed pieces of silk.  It is a fun event.  There is a DJ and folks bring their picnic lunch.

I went with the intention of taking photos.  I brought a picnic lunch and a blanket.  Once I got there I ran into a few friends and had such a good time catching up that I didn't take any photos.  I just talked and ate my lunch.  It was a lovely day in the park.

Until tomorrow...

Friday, September 8, 2017


The vet called and said Happis blood and urinalysis came back and everything looks great.  There is one test pending but all indications are that it will come back negative.

The diagnosis remains that Happi is in pain so we are sticking with pain management for two weeks with limited movement.  Then reassess how she is doing then.

This is good news!

Now I look down and Lucky has been chewing on her foot. She has chewed the pad on one of her feet. Now she is limping. It is too late to call the vet so I found the cone of shame and put it around her head. She is not thrilled about having a cone on her head and has decided she does not want to sleep.  It will be a long night.

Until tomorrow...

Thursday, September 7, 2017


I took Happi to the vet today to get checked out. She has been acting weird for the past week. At first I thought she was hot from the 105 degree heat we were having. Then it got cooler (85 degrees) and she was still acting weird. 

By weird here is what I mean: she wants to go for a walk. We go outside and she walks about 15 yards then she stops. We walk about 10 yards then she stops. Sometimes she stops to sniff. Sometimes to pee or poo but sometimes she just stops.  Then she walks a few more yards and she sits down.  Then she walks a few more yards and she lays down. After we go far enough for her to poo, she wants to go back home. Part way there she lies down and I have to carry her home.  We get home and I give her a painkiller and she goes to sleep. She feels better by the time I go to sleep and she goes out one last time.

The Vet checked her heart rate and some other stuff.  He took some blood and pee.  He wanted to check and see if she had a urinary tract infection again. I don't think she does but he wanted to check since she has a history of UTIs. 

His pending diagnosis is pain.  He feels that she is in so much pain that she can't walk far.  Happi wants to walk but she can't walk so she lays down.   The solution is to keep her from walking too far for a few days and give her pain pills and anti-inflammatory medication.  After two weeks of this combination, we check back in and see how she is doing.  After a few days, I can let her go for short walks if she wants to.  We get the results of the blood and urine test on Monday.

Update on my ultrasound: I finally got the results of my ultrasound.  Everything is fine.  I have a wonderful heart and ventricles and all the parts of my heart.  Both Happi and I have strong hearts!!  Yahoo!

Until tomorrow...

Wednesday, September 6, 2017


The weather is finally back to normal and I am happy. 

I am worried that there is something wrong with Happi.  I thought she was affected by the super hot weather but now that the weather is cooler, she is still acting weird.  When I take her for a walk, she lays down part way through the walk.  I am taking her to the vet tomorrow just to get her checked out. 

My neighbors invited me over for some talk and dessert.  It was nice to catch up and hang out.  We haven't seen each other for about a month and so much has happened.  They are great friends and very supportive.  I brought them some spices that I got at Rohoboth Beach. 

Until tomorrow...

Tuesday, September 5, 2017


It is not so hot but still in the 80's.   The house was so hot from the weekend and from there being no breeze, it was still 80 degrees in the house.  Today I opened all the windows and put fans by all the open windows to get a "breeze" going.  That finally cooled the house down.

In the evening I went to a DACA Rally.  I didn't stay for the march.  I am not sure Happi is okay.  I thought I better get home.  I think this heat really has been hard on Happi.   

Until tomorrow...

Monday, September 4, 2017


There is a thick over the sky. "They" say it is from the fires.  Who are they? You know, the people in the know.  There are fires all over the West Coast although none near where I live.  If it weren't for the haze it would be a nice day. It is about 75 degrees outside.  But then there is this eerie haze. It is a bit depressing and sad. I think of all the people who have lot their homes and the beautiful land that is burning.

I want to go do something but I just don't seem to have the desire. The air is so dense and thick sitting outside is out of the question. 

I watched Doctor Strange this morning and then I watched The Smurfs Village, Pixels and and Storks.  

The weather cleared up a bit in the afternoon and I got to sit outside for a bit and finish my book.  

Just a slow day.  Happy Labor Day!

Until tomorrow...

Saturday, September 2, 2017


101 degees was not the hottest it got.  It is just miserable.  The dogs are miserable. I can't walk them. See the temperature inside?  That is the cool part of the house!  Upstairs it was 99 degrees inside.  There is no air conditioning because it never gets this hot.  The dogs are waking me in the middle of the night to go outside and it is in the 80s.  Happi had me take her out at 2 am and then she laid down outside.  She doesn't understand that just because the weather feels good doesn't mean you should be outside.  There are raccoons and skunks and coyotes thinking the same thing!  My friend's dog got sprayed a few nights ago.  I do not need that!

Today I went downstairs and got on the bed with both dogs and watched movies most of the day.  I barbecued a veggie burger and ate pasta salad for dinner.   I watched over the two days: Amazing Spider-man 2, Hacksaw Ridge, Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates, John Wick 2, Going in Style. What else is there to do when you can't move around in the oppressive heat?  If I didn't have dogs I could go to the movies or to Target or to a museum.  But I can't leave the babies for too long in this heat.  The longest I left was to go to the grocery store to get more supplies.  More ice cream and burger buns.

Until tomorrow...

Friday, September 1, 2017


Okay it is hot here.  Very very hot.  So hot the dogs are not happy.  So hot I don't want to cook inside.  So hot I can't hold my computer.  So hot I sweat just sitting still.

I made pasta salad for the weekend.  It is going to be hot so I figure this will be a thing to have for meals.

I had an interesting thing happen.  My friend Natalie passed away a few years ago and I posted it on my blog.  I don't usually put people's names in my blog but I didn't think she would mind me posting her full name after she passed.  Today I had someone contact me thought my blog who knew Natalie years ago.  She told me enough facts that I knew it was true.  I called her and we spoke.  She had not known Natalie had passed.  It had been awhile since I thought of Natalie and it was good to think of her and think of the good times.  May you rest in peace, Natalie.

Until tomorrow...

Thursday, August 31, 2017


Last night after I posted my blog post there was some excitement!  At about 12:15 am, my doorbell rang. The dogs went crazy, I jumped up from sleep disoriented.  I grabbed my cellphone and went upstairs.  Once I got upstairs I remembered that I have a security camera outside at my front door.  I turned the camera app on and looked at who was at the door.  I pressed the microphone and said to the person "what do you want?"  The person didn't answer.  I saw them walk away. Then I noticed the security light on the side entrance of my house when on.  The guy was at the door trying to get in.  I grabbed my landline and dialed 911.  The dispatcher took my information and told me to go into a room and lock the door.  He asked if my dogs would attack. I said one was in a cage but the other might.  The dogs were making a racket. 

The dispatcher stayed on the phone until the police arrived.  It felt like forever but it was probably a few minutes.  There were 4 police cars.  The guy had disappeared.  (I found out later the dogs scared him off.  Extra treats tomorrow!)  The police took my report (while I was in my pajamas) and then went off to find the guy. 

The guy is the same guy who has been terrorizing my neighborhood.  He was a squatter in the house under construction across the street.  I called the police on him a few times for that.  He tried to get into my neighbors house about two months ago.  He also tried my door then.  He is a meth user and supposedly violent.  He has serious mental health issues.

I went back to bed but could not fall asleep.  The police called me later to tell me that they found him and told him to stay away.  I know what you are thinking: why wasn't he arrested?  There was no damage to my door, I didn't actually see him doing anything, and he disappeared before the police arrived.  So there was no felony activity. 

It took me many hours to fall back to sleep,

Until tomorrow...

Wednesday, August 30, 2017


I have been waiting for people to return phone calls and emails for a few days so I decided that watched phones and emails don't happen.  So I went to the movies.  I went to see Spider-man: Homecoming! 

It was a good and funny movie.  It was better than I expected since I read a review that said it wasn't very good.  I was entertained for 2 hours.

Of course during the movie the emails and phone call that I was waiting for arrived.  I guess it is true what they say: watched water never boils!

Until tomorrow...

Tuesday, August 29, 2017


While I was home with my foster child I took Paid Family Leave (PFL).  It is a benefit that you can get that pays you to stay home with your new child.  I started the benefit and then when my foster placement stopped, I stopped the PFL.  I called the state and had them stop it before I went on vacation.  I thought all was well but alas, no.  I came back from vacation and there was a debit card with way too much money on it.  I called the state (always a long phone call where I sit on hold for 30 minutes) and found out the lady did not stop my PFL benefits and the state paid me for the whole 6 weeks not the 3 weeks that I was supposed to get paid.

Now I had to unravel that mess.  I now have a bunch of paperwork and have to write a letter stating it was not intentional fraud.  I have to hold onto the money so I can pay it back when the state gets around to sending me a bill.  At which time I have to go get a bank check to return the money.  This is so funny since it is a debit card.  Why not just take the money back???  Isn't that the point of a debit card?

That is what I have been working on since I got back from vacation.

Until tomorrow...

Monday, August 28, 2017


Tonight I made tacos.  I had bought the taco shells to eat with someone else.  Since that person is no longer around, I had a hard time making the tacos.  It made me sad remembering the great dinner we were going to have making tacos.

Tonight I finally decided to move on.  I cooked the taco shells and made the tacos.  They were good.  I forgot how much I enjoy tacos.  I used a new product Daiya cheese slices.  I have always used the Daiya shredded cheese.  This week I bought the cheese slices and I am so happy.  I used them on sandwiches and now on refried beans.  (Daiya is a plant-based cheese alternative that is dairy free)

I am delightfully full.

Until tomorrow...

Sunday, August 27, 2017


It was a lovely day and I spent most of it in the backyard reading, having lunch and playing with the dogs.  Until I decided to download a new book.  I could not find my wifi.  What??  No wifi.  What has this world come to?

It turns out that thousands of homes were without electricity for hours.  I was one of them.  That means: no wifi, no TV, no fan (it was about 85 degrees outside and hot inside), no computer (the battery died), no iPad (the battery died), no kindle (I could not download the book), no hot water to take a shower since I have an on demand water heater and I could not get my car out of the garage.  What does one do?  I took a nap.

The electricity came on 1/2 hour before I had to leave to go to H's house for the finale of Game of Thrones.  So no shower.  Just enough time to feed and walk the dogs and throw myself together.

It was nice of H to include me in the GOT finale dinner and viewing.

Until tomorrow...

Saturday, August 26, 2017


I went out in the sun to a rally today.  I put on sunscreen, wore a hat and brought water.  It was super hot outside.  I wore long pants and a short sleeved shirt.  It was really crowed and hot at the rally.  I was there for about 1.5 hours when I started feeling weird.  My head started feeling light.  I felt like I could not stand up anymore.  I went to find shade but I think I was too late.

Even in the shade I could barely stand up.  I squatted down and drank a bunch of water.  I felt better.  Then I stood up and I felt woozy.  I decided I better go home.  I walked a few steps and was a bit unsure I would not faint.  But I kept walking and I started to feel better with a bit of a breeze.

I got on the bus and came home.  I felt much better once I got home.  Once I cooled down I took my blood pressure and it was 80/40.  I read that is really low.  I can't imagine what it was at the rally.  I am glad I came home and cooled off.  I felt better after a bit and after I ate. 

Until tomorrow...

Friday, August 25, 2017


Today was the day I got my ultrasound of my heart.  It was super interesting.  I had him make it so I could watch.  You know I love a medical procedure.

He showed me the 4 chambers of the heart and the ventricals.  I saw and heard my heart beat.  I saw it beating in all the chambers.  It was cool.  I saw my EKG.

He said it all looked normal.  That was good.  I am supposed to get the official report next week.

Until tomorrow...

Thursday, August 24, 2017


I went to see my new RA doc today.  See this 😁  That means I am happy.

First he spent almost an hour with me.  He listened.  He asked questions.  He didn't just take what the previous doctor's said and believe it.  He sent me for tests.  He asked me about having Methotrexate lung.  He asked me if I have ever seen a pulmonologist to get it checked out.  He said that even if I could breath fine after I went off the methotrexate the drug can leave lasting results years later.  He wants to check it out.

He wants me to cut back on the prednisone and see how I do.  I said I would try it.  I am not thrilled but I will try it.  I am increasing Plaquenil to see if they even out.

I am pleased with my new doctor.

Until tomorrow...

Wednesday, August 23, 2017


Every time Lucky gets sick or has some thing medically happen, I have to give Lucky medicine.  It is such a trauma for me.  It is hard for her but a trauma for me.

Lucky hates taking medicine.  She stands in the corner and gets up on all fours and bares her teeth with a growl.  It would scare most people.  She would probably bite you if you came close to her.  She is scared and sick, this is not a good combination.  In fact last time she had her teeth removed they sent her home with a bandage and it took me and my brave neighbor to get it off of her.  I had to hold her head while she was growling under my arm with her scratching me while he cut the bandage off her other arm.  My neighbor was so brave.

This time I made them take the bandage off and keep her an extra hour.  That way I didn't have to do it.  I just had to give her the medicine which is traumatic enough.  I had two liquid medicines that needed to be squirted into her mouth.  Her growling, teeth-barring mouth.  Fun.  She was as good as she can be about it for about 3-4 days.  Then it got hard.  I tried to put it on different things and give it to her.  Listen with Lucky you do what you can and wish for the best when it comes to medicines.

It was funny when the tech gave me the medicines.  He told me no dog turns down the medicine because it tastes like honey.  Ha.  Meet Lucky.  The other medicine tastes like some type of meat.  Yeah.  No.  He hasn't met Lucky.  It doesn't matter to her.  She can sniff out medicine anywhere.  She is a little devil.

Until tomorrow...

Tuesday, August 22, 2017


Poor little Lucky had to go to the dentist today.  She had a level 2 dental appointment.  Level 1 is the lowest and Level 3 is the highest.  Lucky has had a Level 3 before.  Today we were not expecting her dental work to be too bad.

I dropped her off at 7 am after skipping her breakfast.  The dentist called me about 4.5 hours later and said they were done.  Lucky did really good.  They had to remove 6 teeth.  They were all small teeth except one molar.  Yes, I hear you say, 6 teeth.  She already had 12 teeth removed over the years so this was not too bad.  At least these were little teeth.  While she was under the anesthesia they also cut her nails.

They kept her in recovery until 5pm.  I asked that they take off her bandage.  Last time I had to take off her bandage, she had a meltdown and I had to get a neighbor to assist me.  She was so scared.

She was groggy on her way home.

She went right to sleep when she got home.  At 8 pm I made my baby some rice and chicken and she ate it up. I then had to give her the medication.  It is never easy with Lucky.  Even with chicken flavored medicine, she still would not let me squirt it in her mouth.

She is sound asleep until the morning.

Until tomorrow...

Monday, August 21, 2017


A day of mail, laundry, cleaning up.

I had a lot of time to think about changes in my life during my time away.  About whether I want to continue being a foster mom at this time.  I am going to stop being a foster mom for a while.  It was a decision I didn't take lightly.  Sometimes you have to do what is right for all parties involved.

We will see what the future holds.

Until tomorrow...


Sunday, August 20, 2017


I got up at 3:45 am to get to the airport for my flight at 6:45 am.  The flight was a bit late but I had a movie to watch, plus I fell asleep.

I had a short flight on a 20 person flight to Philadelphia, then a 3 hour layover to the West Coast.  I tried to sleep on both flights.

I was so happy to get home after all those hours flying. The dogs are beyond happy.

Until tomorrow...

Saturday, August 19, 2017


I got up early and went to see Rehoboth Beach today.  I wanted to walk around and get a T-shirt before I went home.  So many of my T-shirts are so big on me now I can't wear them.

It was so sunny I decided to visit the pool when I got back.  It was so hot, I actually got in the pool.  It was easy up to my knees.  Then it got hard.  I had to really work on getting in the water past my knees.  I really do not like getting in a pool when the water is cold.  By cold I mean any water colder than 89 degrees.  I like close to bath water.  I ended up sitting in a shallow part talking to a resident of the complex.

Until tomorrow...

Friday, August 18, 2017


Today was the day!  The day we went to Gramdpa Mac.  I have been waiting for this all week.  Grandpa Mac is a macaroni and cheese place that makes macaroni and cheese regular, gluten free and vegan.  I was so excited to get real vegan food this week.  The mac and cheese was awesome and we all had something to eat!

After dinner we went out on the boat.  We just got out on the bay when lightening struck.  We turned around and hightailed it back to the dock.  It was a wonderful thunder and lightening storm.  We don't  get them like this out West.

Until tomorrow...

Thursday, August 17, 2017


I spent most of the day at the pool today.  It was humid and sunny.  I didn't go IN the pool.  The water was too cold for me but I sat and read my book and ate lunch.

I also went around the complex and took photos of the wacky lawn art in the complex.  Frogs, birds, dogs and cats with golf clubs and hats.  Funny.

Until tomorrow...

Wednesday, August 16, 2017


It is a horribly cloudy and rainy day today.  I finally got to the pool late in the afternoon for just a little bit before I had to get ready for dinner.  We went to Rehoboth Beach to a mac and cheese restaurant.  It was so small we could not fit inside to sit.  We had to come up with a Plan B on the fly. We ended up at a tapas place.  The food was good.

We went to a community theatre to see The Little Mermaid.  It was a fun presentation.

Until tomorrow...

Tuesday, August 15, 2017


We took a boat ride today.  It was super nice but because the tide comes and goes to fast, we could not stay out too long.  I went home and ate lunch and came back and sat on the beach for a little while.

After I had my fill of the sand and wind, I came back to the pool and hung out around the pool.  Just reading and coloring in my adult coloring book.  I started doing it with the kid.  Now I want to finish some of the designs.

Until tomorrow...

Monday, August 14, 2017


Today is my first full day at the beach.  It is overcast and not so nice.  In the afternoon it got nicer and I went to the pool and sat and read.

I had to drive through the complex and got a bit lost but I found my way eventually.  I figured out that it all goes in a big circle eventually.

Until tomorrow...

Sunday, August 13, 2017


I got on a plane at the crack of dawn today.  Thanks to my friend H, I got a nice ride to the airport. I had to get up at 3am and the dogs were not happy.  I was out the door a few minutes late but I was at the airport in plenty of time.

I got to use my TSA pre for the first time and I was surprised how long the line was.  There was some hold up and the line was long and slow.  I was happy I didn't have to unpack my laptop and stuff so that moved things along.  I also got to keep my shoes on.

I got a nice surprise at the gate.  A customer service person called my name and asked me if I would mind swapping my middle seat for a window seat.  Well, uh, YES!   I was so happy.

I had two non-exciting flights.  What more can you ask for??

Until tomorrow...

Saturday, August 12, 2017


The whole day I am getting ready for my impending vacation.  Cleaning, packing, and organizing for the next week.  I had to get the house ready for the dog sitter staying at the house and get ready for me going on this trip.

Until tomorrow...

Friday, August 11, 2017


I think this would have been my 27th wedding anniversary.  Seems weird to think I would have been married 27 years.

I am just getting ready for my impending trip by paying bills, going to the post office, the bank.

I have one more day and then I get on a plane.

Until tomorrow...

Thursday, August 10, 2017


Today I went with some friends to see the movie Brigsby Bear.  I knew nothing about it when I went.  It was a quirky and interesting movie.  Okay, I will admit I dozed off a few times.  I have not been sleeping well lately and those recliner seats are SO comfortable.

The movie is about a boy who spends his time watching a show called Brigsby Bear.  He is obsessed with the show.  Some things happen and he decides to make a movie about the show.  I don't want to give away any details.  It is odd and funny and touching.

It was good to hang out with friends in the afternoon.

Until tomorrow...

Wednesday, August 9, 2017


I finally got around to invoicing my clients for the last three months.  I really have to figure out the block for why I hate invoicing so much.  Once I got it finished I was so happy.  I actually took a nap.

Until tomorrow...

Tuesday, August 8, 2017


I am getting ready to go on my trip.  I had to clean the house because the dog sitter is staying here.  I had to get my work done.  Of course there is laundry so I can pack.

I also had to get the guest room put back as a guest room.  I moved the TV and cable back in the room.  I moved my foster child's belongings into the garage.

Until tomorrow...

Monday, August 7, 2017


I am planning a trip to go see my parents in Delaware.  I have this urge to get out of town and go visit someone familiar.  Unfortunately my friend S is traveling in the Northeast or I would go to Florida and see her.  I decided to see my mom because she will not talk about any topics I don't want to talk about.

A lot has changed over the last week and I need to spend some time contemplating what to do.  Going to a place where no one will bring up any topics I don't want to talk about is good. Sometimes I need a place to think.  Go to a beach and read a book.  Sit by a pool and think.

Until tomorrow...

Sunday, August 6, 2017


My friends M and H invited me over to watch Game of Thrones.  It was fun to watch GOT with some other people.  This is season 6 and I have never watched GOT with another person in six seasons.  We got pizza and watched the show.

I find it interesting watching the show with folks who know so much about it.  They remember so many facts about the past episodes.  I would so lose a trivia game!

Until tomorrow...

Saturday, August 5, 2017


Today my friends G and J came over to spend time with me and have lunch.  We decided to spend the day in the backyard since it was very nice.  We walked down and got sandwiches and chips and drank some lemonade that I made.  It was a pleasant day.

Then in the evening I went to see Green Day.  I bought these tickets months ago.  I was so excited to go to this concert when I bought these tickets.  I love Green Day and I never saw them in concert.  Okay, I saw them more than 20 years ago when they played in the Gay Pride parade in San Francisco.  I loved them then and that is when I got hooked. The concert was great.  I was just not in the mood to be at a concert.  I was alone (which I have gone to concerts alone before and I don't mind it) but today it was depressing.  It has been a hard week. 

Until tomorrow...

Friday, August 4, 2017


I had lunch with my friends M and H.  We went down the street to a local place.  I wasn't very hungry but I wanted the company so I happily went.  It was good to catch up with them.

Until tomorrow...

Thursday, August 3, 2017


There are a lot of reasons that we grieve.  When someone passes on, we grieve.  When someone leaves our life through a divorce or break up, we grieve.  When someone stops being our friend, we grieve.  When someone is removed from our lives, we grieve.

Grief is individual.  Some people take a short time to grieve.  Some people cry. Some people get angry.  Some folks take a long time to grieve.  There is no right or wrong way to grieve.

It is not up to anyone to tell another person how or how long to grieve.  When a heart breaks, it breaks.

My heart is broken.

Until tomorrow...

Wednesday, August 2, 2017


Sometimes life throws you a tough situation.  Things don't go as planned.  You get disappointed because people don't act the way you expect them to act or want them to act.

You have to make decisions you never thought you would have to make that will change your life forever.  It ends up being a sad day.

Until tomorrow...

Tuesday, August 1, 2017


I was supposed to go to see Melissa Etheridge tonight but I needed to stay home.  The life of a foster mom.  I was going to go with my friend S.  I gave her my ticket and she gave it to her new girlfriend. They had a nice time at the concert.  Don't fret for me.  I have seen Melissa Etheridge in concert a few times and once even met her backstage.  I will be fine.

Until tomorrow...

Monday, July 31, 2017


After weeks of a rash, I finally figured out that my foster son is allergic to some laundry detergent.  We did a detective project to try and figure out what was giving him a rash.  We ruled out food.  We ruled out the soap.  We ruled out Mr. Bubbles.  We ruled out shampoo.  The only thing left was the soap his last location used.  I switched to a laundry detergent that has no fragrance/dye/etc. and washed all his clothes, towels, sheets and the rash started to go away.  I also put some anti itch cream on the rash.

In a few days the rash was gone.  It is amazing what cheap soap can do to your skin.  (yes, it was cheap industrial soap.)  With the Method no dye/no fragrance detergent, he got better almost immediately.

Until tomorrow...

Sunday, July 30, 2017


At what age is it okay for kids to be on social media?  There are so many things to be worried about.  Who are the contacting?  What are the finding out?  It is all so scary. It is even more scary when some older kids teach them about Facebook and they are suddenly asking you how they can get on Facebook.  Yikes.

I had a neighbor put some parental controls on my computer.  If you try to search for things it says something like "go ask your parents".  We searched for heroin.  No go.  We searched for porn.  No go.  I am sure a child will figure out how to get around it eventually but it made me feel safe for now.

Until tomorrow...

Saturday, July 29, 2017


It is amazing how we forget how to play kids games once we get older.  Today I was supposed to play Chutes and Ladders.  I know I probably played this game when I was a child.  It was invented originally as Snakes and Ladders in England.  Then in 1943 it was brought to America as Chutes and Ladders.  I am sure I played it as a child but while I was trying to figure out the rules, I had no recollection at all of playing this game.

Until tomorrow...

Friday, July 28, 2017


I had no idea how much some kids like to play the match game.  It is the game where there are two of each card or piece.  All the cards or pieces get mixed up and turned over.  Players have to turn over two pieces and remember where those pieces are for their next turn and match the two pieces.  When they do they get those pieces and get another turn.  The person with the most matches wins.  I must have played the Angry Birds version of this game 100 times.  I made up names for the pieces; Pirate Pig, Pink Bird, etc.  I would win it at first but then I would start to lose as my opponent got better.

Until tomorrow...

Thursday, July 27, 2017


Have you ever watched kids on a playground?  Some kids love to get on the rides that go around and around. My niece loves those rides. She can stay on them forever.

Then there are the rides that bounce up and down.  I get seasick.  All that bouncing.

Some kids like the climbing things.

If I were a kid, I am not sure what I would like but I know it would not be the bouncing thing or the round and round thing.  They make me sick.

I like climbing things now but I am too big.

Until tomorrow...

Wednesday, July 26, 2017


Today was a day of lunch of veggie burgers with a friend and a protest march.  That is a good day.  I was so full after that veggie burger I needed a good long march to work it off.

Until tomorrow...

Tuesday, July 25, 2017


Some days are so chaotic that you can't remember what sequence everything occurred.  The whole day was a big mashup.  When the day finally ends, you just fall in bed and go to sleep in a minute.  The next morning you wake up and for one minute, you think, was that a dream.  Then you remember it was the real thing.

That was today.

Until tomorrow...

Monday, July 24, 2017


I had my first experience buying kids shoes.  I had no idea that there are toddler shoes and kids shoes and bigger kids shoes.  They start at size 1, then start over at size 1, then who knows at what size.  It is rather confusing.

I needed size 1 kids shoes.  Then after trying them on we decided that size 2 would fit better.  They fit so well that we got a pair of sneakers and a pair of "good" shoes.  The good shoes are for church or picture day or some other fancy event.  They are awful cute.

There is just a learning curve in buying kids shoes.

Until tomorrow...

Sunday, July 23, 2017


"Why are you making me walk?"  That is what I heard today.  It is sad that I am in better shape than X. We were only walking about 7 blocks and he could not make it without sitting down.  I have to get him in better shape.

Until tomorrow...

Saturday, July 22, 2017


Tonight X and I went out for dinner for the first time just the two of us. I thought we would give it a try.  I found a place with a kids menu that had something X liked.  We got our food after earlier arguing about what X was allowed to drink.  The rule is no soda and no iced tea.  X doesn't need sugar or caffeine for dinner.  Lemonade and pizza were decided upon.  We ate our meal and X ate just a small bit because he ate and drank his drink very quickly.  He did eat all the pepperonis off the remaining pizza.

At the end of the meal, I got a take home box and X asked me what I was doing.  I said we are taking home the leftovers.  He said "I don't want to take home the leftovers."  He said we can just leave them here and they will throw them away.  I explained that when we pay for a meal and only eat a small portion of it at a restaurant, we take the rest of it home and eat it for lunch the next day.  We have pepperoni at home and can put it on the remaining pizza.  He was not happy and told me he would not eat it.

I don't really understand this because last week we had pizza at the house and there was enough leftover for X to eat pizza for two days for lunch.  He ate it willingly.  Maybe someone can explain to me the difference between leftovers from takeout food and leftovers from food from a restaurant.  Pizza leftovers are pizza leftovers. 

I am looking forward to MY leftover salad tomorrow.  The trick is to hold off putting on the salad dressing on the half you are taking home.  Now I have a salad for lunch tomorrow.

Until tomorrow...

Friday, July 21, 2017


Today X was out in the backyard with a contraption he made doing who knows what.  He calls it his "work".  He took a jump rope, some mardi gras beads and another string and tied them together.  He is attempting to hang or string them somewhere.  When that failed, he decided to use some toy to beat up the ivy on my fence to cut it down. When I asked him about it, he said the ivy needed to be trimmed.  I guess he was listening in on a conversation I had with someone.  So he beat up the ivy for a good 30 minutes.

When he was done I told him he had to clean up the leaves.  He looked at me like I was an alien.  I said you cut down all the leaves and branches, you have to put them in the compost bin.  He asked if I have one of those blowy things.  I asked him where he would blow the leaves and such.  He thought about it and said that would not work.  After a short negotiation, we did it together.  Then I told him the walkway needed to be swept where he dropped all the leaves going to the bin.  He acted like I was asking him to do pre-calculus.  We did it together.

Now if I could channel that energy and get him to do the whole yard of all the ivy, I would not need a gardener!

I never did find out what he was doing with that string.  He said it was a secret.  

Until tomorrow...

Thursday, July 20, 2017


We went to see another neighbor's cat.  I also got to see their grandson.  I had fun hanging with the child and everyone else hung with the cat.  It was a fun afternoon.  Why do cats always want to hang with the person who is allergic to them?

Until tomorrow...

Wednesday, July 19, 2017


Why do people feel they can say goodbye when they are done talking to you?  You may still be talking and the other person says goodbye.  Sometimes with a head shake but always with attitude.  It is so rude.  It is so much more polite to say: excuse me. I do not want to speak about this anymore.  Can we stop this conversation?  Or something equally polite.  Whatever happened to manners?

Until tomorrow...

Tuesday, July 18, 2017


Today was Lucky's pre-dental vet appointment.  She had to go in to get checked out to see how bad her teeth would be and how much it would cost me.  There are three levels.  The lowest level costs the least.  She is usually a level 3 and that costs the most.  This time she is a level 2.  That is great.  Of course it may change once they get in there and see how bad her teeth are.  This is like a car estimate.

Her appointment is the first week in September.

Until tomorrow...

Monday, July 17, 2017


I know someone who is cat crazy.  He is so cat crazy that he wants me to get a cat.  Unfortunately I am allergic to cats.  Also I have two dogs, a bird and two fish.  Not a good mix with a cat.

Today we went to a friend's home who has two cats.

Those cats were so much fun to play with.  Even for me, not-a-cat-person.

Until tomorrow...

Sunday, July 16, 2017


We decided to go on a ferry to see a ship. We got to the ship and it was closed for a special event.  I got on the internet and found another thing to do.  We went to a restaurant that had an arcade.  I am not sure the arcade was loved by all but the restaurant was wonderful.  When we were done we took the ferry back.  It was a fun day.

Until tomorrow...

Saturday, July 15, 2017


Today is a picnic.  We are going and taking my parents.  My mom made a wonderful pasta salad and in the rush to get everyone in the car, I forgot to put the salad in the trunk.  I remembered it half way to picking up my parents from their hotel.  We were so late, I could not go back.

We then got lost going to the picnic.  Four people in my little car.  Ugh.

The picnic was lots of fun.  I met up with some friends.  I met some new friends.  My parents talked to a lot of people.  I think everyone had a good time.

Until tomorrow...

Friday, July 14, 2017


It is so interesting having new people meet your parents.  Seeing your parents through other people's eyes.  My parents are here for the weekend and they are meeting all sorts of people, friends, associates, neighbors.  I think you worry how they will be and sometimes you are pleasantly surprised that they get along with folks.

Until tomorrow...

Thursday, July 13, 2017


Today was a first haircut.  He was a trooper.  He got the haircut he wanted.  The stylist was patient and cut it just how he directed.  He looked so cute when it was done.

Until tomorrow...

Wednesday, July 12, 2017


My foster/adopt son came home with me today.  It was interesting watching his face when we drove from a rural area to the city. Coming over bridges and seeing hills.  There was fog.  There was traffic.  It was all so exciting.

Happi and Lucky were thrilled to meet him.  They were jumping all over.

Until tomorrow...

Tuesday, July 11, 2017


Today I told my potential foster/adopt son he would be coming home with me tomorrow.  He was super excited when I told him.  We have a plan to pack all his stuff tomorrow then in the car we go.

Until tomorrow..

Monday, July 10, 2017


I went to my new RA doctor's appointment today.  I have been waiting for months for this appointment.  The first RA doctor had a medical emergency and I think he retired.  So I moved to this doctor.  I showed up for the appointment and they said I was late.  I even got a reminder phone call and I clarified the time and she said yes that was the time.  I am confused.  Now I have to make another appointment in about a month and a half. 

Until tomorrow...

Sunday, July 9, 2017


I spent another day visiting my potential foster son.  I could spend many hours with him again.  I have been bringing art projects like cutting out things from magazines and gluing them on a piece of cardboard, coloring in coloring books, and playing games.

Until tomorrow...

Saturday, July 8, 2017


I have been going to see my potential foster son X almost every day.  It is a long drive up and back to see him.  Today I hired the dog walker and I stayed for many hours.  We played games and did art projects.  It was fun.

Until tomorrow...

Friday, July 7, 2017


The gardener came today and cleaned up the backyard.  The ivy in the backyard grows like a weed.  I cut it back and two weeks later it looks like I never trimmed it.  I call it a weed.  Plus animals live in ivy.  I can't stand ivy.  I wish I could eradicate it. 

Until tomorrow...

Thursday, July 6, 2017


Poor little Lucky is not feeling well.  She is very growly and acting not well.  I took her to the vet.  They checked out her teeth and determined that she is fine but it is probably time to get her teeth done soon.  They drew some blood just to be on the safe side.

Until tomorrow...

Wednesday, July 5, 2017


Yesterday was Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest.  It is a tradition in my home.  I find it both disgusting and fascinating.  Being a vegan it truly disgusts me.  But the fact that people would eat that much food fascinates me too. 

Joey Chestnut from Northern California won again.  Maybe it is West Coast pride.  Maybe it is his story.  Last year his fiance and he broke up and he didn't win.  This year he got his life together and he won again.

It is a fun few minutes!

Until tomorrow...

Tuesday, July 4, 2017


I spent the day with my potential foster child X.  We hung out and worked on art projects.  Not the most traditional July 4th but a good time.

Until tomorrow...

Monday, July 3, 2017


Spent the day cleaning my house today.  My foster child will be coming to my home shortly and I needed to get the house ready.  The room is already and all the security measures are in place.

Until tomorrow...

Sunday, July 2, 2017


Went to see my foster child X again today.  We did art projects and hung out.

Until tomorrow...

Saturday, July 1, 2017


Yesterday I went to see both my regular doctor and my new gastrointestinal doctor.  Both had good reports.  That is always good news.

I went to see my my potential foster child X again today.

Until tomorrow...

Friday, June 30, 2017


Today I was able to make my second visit to a potential foster child.  I am unable to say anything but this is good news.  Moving forward in this blog I will be unable to write any identifying comments about the child except that it is a boy and will use the name X when referring to him.  I will be writing from my viewpoint and how I will be dealing with my illness, my life and having a child in it at this point in my life.

Until tomorrow...

Thursday, June 29, 2017


There is good news coming my way but I can't go into it right now.  But there is more to come in the near future.

Until tomorrow...

Wednesday, June 28, 2017


I went to see Despicable Me 3 tonight.  I thought it was good.  If you are a fan of the Despicable Me series, you will probably like it.  It was the next story for the family.

I recommend it.

Until tomorrow...

Tuesday, June 27, 2017


I took the dogs all the way across town to get their nails clipped and the place was closed.  What businesses are closed in the middle of the day on a Tuesday??  I was very frustrated and the dogs were wired getting in the car and out of the car and back in the car.  We went for a long walk to burn off the energy.  Once they were calmed down we went home.  We will have to get a mani pedi another day.

Until tomorrow...

Monday, June 26, 2017


I took the dogs to the park today.  Poor Lucky kept searching for her dog walker.  She thought for sure the dog walker would be there but she was not. Lucky was so pitiful looking.  She finally got over it and had a good time.  She rubbed her back on the grass (one of my favorite things she does) and followed me everywhere.

Both dogs had a good time.

Until tomorrow...

Sunday, June 25, 2017


I decided to skip the gay pride festivities this year.  Instead I went to my favorite burrito place and brought a burrito home and ate it with my babies in the backyard.  We hung out in the quiet backyard while everyone in the neighborhood was down at the party.  It was so quiet.

Until tomorrow...

Saturday, June 24, 2017


Today is Pink Saturday.  Pink Saturday is the party that occurs the day before Gay Pride.  The party actually starts on Friday but for me it started on Saturday.  I dressed in my one pink shirt and put on some pink beads and headed to the party.

I ran into some friends and saw a drag queen perform.  It was fun.  Then I came home.  I was not in a mood to party too much.

Until tomorrow...

Friday, June 23, 2017


To round out the week, I went to my 5th movie: Wonder Woman!  My friend S missed going with us when we went a few weeks ago.  I told her I would go with her to see Wonder Woman!  It was just as good the second time around.

I do have to say I think I have movie fatigue.  I need a break from movie theaters for a week or so.

Until tomorrow...

Thursday, June 22, 2017


I went to see a documentary about Whitney Houston tonight "Whitney Can I Be Me".  It was very good.  I thought I would be bored but I was not.  I am not a huge Whitney fan and growing up in the general area where she lived, I feel I heard all that I needed to know about her.

It was a very informative and interesting documentary.  My 4th movie of the week.

Until tomorrow...

Wednesday, June 21, 2017


I went to see a movie tonight called Beards.  It was a bit weird.  It was about 5 vignettes played by the same couple in different scenarios.  A few of the scenarios were funny.  Overall it was interesting.

Until tomorrow...

Tuesday, June 20, 2017


Today is Sunshine "Sunny" the bird's birthday.  Sunny is 8 years old.  Isn't it funny how you will think someone or something is 5 or 6 years old and when it is their birthday you figure out they are actually 8 years old?  I have been telling folks that Sunny is 5 years old.  I guess I was wrong.

Happy Birthday Sunny!!

Until tomorrow...

Monday, June 19, 2017


I got my grill today.  It is really nice. My neighbor took me down to Lowe's bright and early this morning. I bought the grill that was all ready put together instead of the grill in the box. We then slid it into his van. Now I don't have to spend a day putting it together.

Now the planning of the first barbecue can begin!! I can't wait.

Until tomorrow...

Sunday, June 18, 2017


I went to buy a grill today.  I found the grill I want and it is on sale for Father's Day.  I bought it and the sales guy helped me out to my car.  Only it would not fit.  No way was that box getting in my loaner car.  Back to the store we went.

My friend is going to bring me back in the morning with his van.

My old grill is going to grill heaven tomorrow morning.

I let Lucky out to play ball and I saw it.  Ew... A dead rat.  It was a big rat too.  I had to dispose of it quickly in this heat.  Oh, did I mention today it got up to 103 degrees on my thermostat on the side of my home.  It was probably more like 96 degrees in my backyard.  Still awful hot.

Until tomorrow...

Saturday, June 17, 2017


Today I went looking for a grill.  I went to a couple of stores but nothing looked good or was a reasonable price.  I just want a grill that is good enough to barbecue for holidays and parties.  No bells and whistles.

I went to see a few movies today.  First I saw some shorts.  Some of them were good.  Then I went to see God's Own Country.  It was fabulous.  It has been a long time since I spent a day seeing so many movies.

It is getting hot so I went for ice cream too.

Until tomorrow...

Friday, June 16, 2017


The car place called to say it was not good news about my car.  It is a ball bearing.  They are going to order the part because my car is so old and it should be in on Monday or Tuesday.  I get to keep the Jetta until my car is fixed.

Until tomorrow...

Thursday, June 15, 2017


I went to pick up my car finally.  I got in the car and drove a couple of blocks when I ran over a couple of bumps.  The noise I heard was not good.  I made a U-turn and went right back to the dealer.  I told them I hope you didn't give away my loaner car.  They drove it and it made the same noise.  They took it in the back and could not figure out what it was.  They gave me the loaner and said they would call me in the morning.

Until tomorrow...

Wednesday, June 14, 2017


My car is still not ready.  He said it will be ready tomorrow.  I have been moving that Jetta in and out of my garage by putting butter on it!  Ha ha.  It is a tight squeeze.  I am terrified I am going to scratch the side of the car.

What a day today was!  I woke up to the DC shooting.  Then there was the SF UPS shooting and then the Travis Military Base shooting.  What is going on today?  I checked the calendar to see if it was a full moon.  Things are just going nuts.  It is so sad, all those people involved in those shootings.  So much pain and hurt. 

I can't wait to get my car back and have a good day!

Until tomorrow...

Tuesday, June 13, 2017


My MRI came back and it is good news.  Nothing abnormal.  Yay!

Today I took my car in to be fixed.  Unfortunately they didn't finish it today.  They gave me a loaner car so I could get around tomorrow.  A Volkswagon Jetta.  It barely fits in my garage.

Until tomorrow...

Monday, June 12, 2017


I went for my breast MRI today.  Each six months I go for my breast MRI or my mammogram.  Today was my MRI day.  The MRI is not like a regular MRI where you lay down and go in the machine.  With a breast MRI you are on your tummy and get put in the machine.  Half way through they shoot you up with dye. 

Last time the guy forgot to give me both earplugs and the ball that calls them if there is an emergency.  It was the most unpleasant experience and hurt my ears.  Today they gave me both earplugs and the emergency ball.   It went fast.

I wore my tiara to keep me safe.  I am used to the funny looks when I wear it from the car to the office.  The tech at the MRI office remembered me since I go so often. 

I will get the results shortly.

The Warriors won the championship.  Someone is setting off cherry bombs in the neighborhood.  It is so annoying.  The dogs are going crazy.   I am happy the Warriors won again!!

Until tomorrow...

Sunday, June 11, 2017


What a lazy weekend!  I finally went food shopping.  I have not gone food shopping, I mean really food shopping not just stopping by to grab something, in three weeks.  The week before I was sick.  I was out of soup, all vegetables, fruit, ice cream and pretzels.  I was in dire need of going to the store.  I stocked up.  I still have to go to Whole Foods and stock up there too.

I sat out in the backyard with Happi and had lunch.  I have been enjoying my backyard so much.

Until tomorrow...

Saturday, June 10, 2017


After running errands, I got myself ready to watch the Belmont Stakes.  I sat down and ate my lunch. Then I promptly fell asleep.  I woke up as soon as the race was over.  I missed the whole thing.  My horse didn't win.

I watched Jack Reacher 2.  I heard it wasn't very good.  I disagree.  I thought it was good.  In some ways better than Jack Reacher.

Until tomorrow...

Friday, June 9, 2017


I got an email from the Foster/Adopt folks.  No news yet. I just feel like I am still recovering from being sick.  Sounds weird I know.  I get so tired. 

I watched The Accountant tonight.  I heard it got a bad review.  I thought it was good.  I liked it.

Until tomorrow...

Thursday, June 8, 2017


Well, I must be feeling better today!  I went to a new clients office today and did some work.  Then I left there and rushed home to take a call from another client about an emergency.  Then I got a call from the Foster/Adopt folks and took that call.  Then I rushed out to a doctor appointment.  I got home and took care of the dogs and saw an elderly neighbor trying to lug a heavy bag up the hill.  I ran out to help her. Then I took out the trash and ate dinner.  Whew. 

What is it with folks these days that they can walk past an elderly woman carrying a heavy bag and not offer to help her.  This poor woman it turns out had spent 4 hours in the dentist chair. She was in pain and had to lug this heavy bag of items she bought before the dentist appointment home.  I just offered to help her and she said no thank you and I insisted.  She said thank you.  I was not sure she would have made it up the hill she was so exhausted.  I took her bag right in the front door.  She was very thankful.  She knows who I am she just doesn't remember me.  I don't have a name that people remember.  We need to return to the world that helps the elderly lady with the heavy bag.

Until tomorrow...

Wednesday, June 7, 2017


I am actually feeling better today.  I am still tired but my brain actually functioned today.  My stomach is still messed up but that is from the antibiotics and I have about 2 days of them left.

I worked today to finish my business website.  It is all done and I am happy with it. 

I also spoke to a new client and got another gig.  I may get busier now.  I got sick at just the right time.  It was all meant to be.

Until tomorrow...

Tuesday, June 6, 2017


Another day of taking it easy.  I am able to eat solid food.  I ate three meals for the first time in twelve days today.  They weren't big meals but I ate something at normal meal times.  I have two more days of these antibiotics and then maybe my stomach will calm down.

I started updating my business website. Something that has been on my To Do List for a long time.  I finally felt well enough to start working on it.

Until tomorrow...

Monday, June 5, 2017


My neighbor and I went downtown to try and get a stay away order to keep the squatter away from our homes.  It looks like a dead end but we thought we would try.  We need to do something to keep this guy away from our homes.

Then I came home to sleep.  I feel like I am slogging through water.  It is hard to breathe and it makes me so tired to do anything.  I guess I am still recovering.

Until tomorrow...

Sunday, June 4, 2017


Today I tried to rest again.  I need to get over this cold /flu.  I am tired of being sick.  I spent the day binge watching a Netflix show.

Until tomorrow...

Saturday, June 3, 2017


I rallied today and went to see Wonder Woman today!  It was great!!  If you like empowered women or action movies or super hero movies you will love this movie.  It is all action.  It is not for young children due to violence.  It is not like the TV show.

I can't wait for the next movie!!

We also had a resurfacing of the squatter from across the street.  First he tried to break into my next door neighbor's home as well as ringing my doorbell and another neighbor's doorbell. The police were called and came and took him away.  Hours later he came back again and I called the police.  He came and went and tried to enter the house across the street again.  The police arrived and told him to never come back again.  The police told us to go get a stay away order.  Another neighbor and I are going to do it.  We are so tired of him.

Until tomorrow...

Friday, June 2, 2017


I spent the day in bed.  The gardener came to work on the backyard again.  It looks so great.  This time she cut back this huge "tree" or "bush" that is between my deck and my neighbors deck.  It really isn't a tree or bush it is a plant that has grown huge.  I used to have one of these plants on my desk at work.  It is a plant you can't kill and lives through anything.  Someone planted one outside and now it is HUGE.  It has these leafs with about 10 leafs on them.  I don't know what they are called.

Anyway she took down so much she filled the bin and three bags of compost.  She was using a saw and clippers.  She had a ladder and climbed up in the thing.  Then she tried to pull down the vines that have climbed up my house.  She was sort of successful.  The vines are stuck behind a pipe.  She cut the vines so they will die and fall.  Problem solved.

I slept all day and binge watched TV.

Until tomorrow...

Thursday, June 1, 2017


I got up this morning and got ready to go to my Foster/Adoption event.  I went back and forth about whether I should go.  I was still feeling horrible and sort of weak.  I finally decided to go and only stay for 1.5 hours and then come straight back home.  It also helped that I got part way there and realized that I forgot to do something so the dog walker could get into the house.  I would have to get home to let her in to take Lucky to the park.  Last night Lucky drove me crazy crying for 30 minutes because she is so wound up and has not been on a walk for days with me being sick.

At the event I spoke to a number of folks about kids but I felt weak.  I had to sit down a few times. I drove straight home and laid down.

Lucky went to the park for a few hours and Happi and I had a few hours of peace.  We cuddled up on the bed and took a nap.

Until tomorrow...

Wednesday, May 31, 2017


I am taking the antibiotics and getting a bit better.  I am still coughing and sneezing and feverish and head coldish.  Blowing my nose every few minutes.  I have barely any appetite.

I am hoping by tomorrow I am feeling much better.

Today I called and got a cardiologist appointment. I also called to get the new RA doc appointment.  The receptionist said the doc needed to review my records before she could make me an appointment.  How weird. 

I need to get these dogs outside soon.  They are getting stir crazy!

Until tomorrow...