Thursday, November 20, 2014


Today I renewed my insurance.  Since I get a subsidy I had to go through this whole rigamarole to sign up.  I found out my subsidy increased but my cost also increased.  I stuck with the same plan.  Especially now that I know I will be having surgery, I will probably hit that $4,000 copay faster next year.

I like my plan but I liked it better when it had a  deductible not a copay.  I can hit a deductible pretty fast.  Especially with Enbrel.  Two to three prescriptions of Enbrel and I would hit that $4,000 deductible.  Then the rest of everything was free.

Until tomorrow...


  1. Glad you were able to renew without TOO much trouble, Adrienne--and sorry the cost went up. That's disappointing, but even without the ACA, insurance premiums rose frequently (and mainly because the companies could raise them whenever they wanted, given they had a captive customer base). At least now they can't dump you because you have chronic, serious illness and need surgery. Phew!

    That said, I wondered what surgery you'll be having? Have you mentioned it here and I missed it? Please feel free to email me anytime if I'm not being too snoopy and you'd rather keep it private.

    Hope you're enjoying the rain. I went outside yesterday and just walked around in it for awhile. I got wet, but it felt SO good! I sure hope these three little storms are just the first of many, many more this season.

    1. Hi Wren, I need to get surgery on my ankle again. The ligament has gotten loose or the clip got loose. the doc needs to go in and tighten it up. 6 weeks in a cast and then weeks of PT. It isn't an emergency so I can plan it which is good.


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