Thursday, May 31, 2012

Respect My Wishes

Have you ever asked someone not to do something and they do it anyway?  Like you ask someone not to move your plate of food and they do and the dogs eat it.  Or you ask someone not to give you a birthday party and they do anyway. Or if someone says they want to send you a present and you ask them not to.  Then they send the present anyway.  Or you ask someone to stop sending you Christmas ornaments each year and still they send you ornaments each Christmastime.

I think if you ask someone not to do something, they should respect your wishes.  If I don't want something sent to me, don't send it to me. 

Have you had someone who ignored your wishes?  What happened?

Until tomorrow...

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Dance In The Car

Okay, I dance in the car.  I admit it.  I crank up the music and I dance.  Maybe it is my way to keep from getting road rage.  Maybe it just plain fun!  Today I was in the rental car and a really good headbanging song came on and I turned the music up.  I was in terrible traffic and it makes me so happy to be in my own little universe with a good song on.  I can't help it.  I dance in my seat.  I play the drums on the steering wheel.  I sing at the top of my lungs. 

People may stare, I don't care.  They may laugh but I am in my cocoon.  My own music and dance cocoon.

Until tomorrow...

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Drove a Car Today

Woke up early.
Rented a car.
Drove to a clients office.
That was my day.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy Memorial Day!

I spent my time decorating my cast! Isn't it beautiful?

Memorial Day Weekend

Happy Memorial Weekend everyone!  Did you see those fireworks on the Golden Gate Bridge?  I saw them on the news.   What a performance! They were great!  I downloaded the historical society's app on the Golden Gate Bridge. It is quite interesting.

I watched my annual Indianapolis 500 race.  It was good.  Another caution flag ending. For those of you who don't watch racing, that means that something happened on the race track and all the racers have to slow down and no one can pass another car until the caution is lifted.  In this case, a race car got into an accident in the final lap which meant whatever place the racers where in was the place they were going to stay when they crossed the finish line.  Dario Franchitti won (he is Ashley Judd's husband) for the third time.  Funny, it is his third time winning Indy under a caution flag. 

Until tomorrow...

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Running Errands

Today I went out to run errands! At first it was exciting, then it was exhausting, and then it it was just plain hard work. I took the bus to the pharmacy, then walked across the street to the hardware store, then walked back to the pharmacy (I thought Brenda was meeting me there.) Then I walked up the street to the bank (Brenda was waiting for me there). At that point we were supposed to take another bus to the supermarket. Brenda took one look at me and decided we needed to go to the little local market and take their shuttle van home. That is what we did. We walked back down the block and went to the market and bought three bags of stuff to hold us over for a few days. We took the shuttle home and I took a nap.

Brenda was right, I couldn't have gone any further. I would have gone on to the supermarket and pushed myself too far. Brenda always knows when I have had enough even when I don't know. I think we all need someone to tell us when we are going to far. Like a warning light! A blinking light that comes on when we are overheating or pushing ourselves too hard. Wouldn't that be great?!

I am getting a rental car on Tuesday and Wednesday for work and we can go to the supermarket then. That way I don't have to take buses, walk blocks, and take a taxi home. I can also plan the shopping.

Until tomorrow...

Friday, May 25, 2012

I Just Can't Find...

The other day we lost the back panel to the remote control to the TV in the bedroom.  Don't ask how, we don't know.  One day it was there, the next it was gone.  Now we have a piece of cardboard taped to the back to keep the batteries inside.  It looks like a refugee remote.

We searched everywhere for the back.  Well, everywhere a person with a cast up to their knee can search.  I can't really get down on my hands and knees. But I looked all around where it fell.  See, the remote fell off the bed and onto the floor.  You know what I mean.  Everyone has done it.  You put the remote on the bed and you pull the covers or adjust the bed or your dog jumps up and the remote control takes a dive onto the floor.  The remote crashes on the carpet/hardwood/tile and the back goes one way and the batteries go the other.  I found the batteries but never found the back.  It has to be somewhere and I will keep looking!

It got me thinking about all the stuff that goes missing.  Like the second set of car keys I know is somewhere in this house.  Like the Melissa Etheridge CD that I have the CD cover but can't find the CD.  Like those socks.  I obsessively look for them.  I know they are here.  That CD must just be in another CD case or I set it down somewhere like the garage when I emptied out my CD cartridge from the car.  I just can't find it NOW.  Those car keys must be in a coat or sweater pocket.  I had to drive the car home, right?  Keys don't just walk away.  This is different than when I lost my house keys at a concert. Those slipped out of my fleece pocket. Note to self: don't keep your house or car keys in a fleece side pocket that doesn't have a sipper.  They slip out when you get up and down to dance at a concert!

Where does the stuff go?  Do we just misplace things?  Do we not put things back where they belong? Do our dogs eat them?  Do our partners move them when we aren't looking?  I sometimes think my partner moves my things around to confuse me. Okay, maybe not intentionally but she moves my stuff and then I can't find what I am looking for.   It drives me crazy.

So, the search will continue for the back to the remote control.  I will let you know when we find it.  It will be a momentous occasion.  

Until tomorrow...

Yeast infection

Okay you may say a yeast infection is nothing to write about. Nothing to share with my friends. I say pee-shaw! Who can't share about a little ole yeast infection?

Turns out that I got the yeast infection from taking the antibiotics. I started getting uncomfortable yesterday and today I am really in pain. I began taking medicine yesterday. No relief yet but I know it is coming.

So why do antibiotics make us get yeast infections?
Antibiotics work to kill bacteria and they don't discriminate. The antibiotics will kill good and bad bacteria. The bad bacteria is the reason you are taking the antibiotics. The good bacteria can be in your digestive tract and other places. Once the good bacteria is gone the yeast takes over. And boy does it take over!

Hopefully in a day or so I will not have all this yeast.

Until tomorrow...

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Love My IPad

When I bought my IPad I had so much angst about spending so much money. I don't take spending $500 easily. That is one month of health insurance. So buying a toy for $500 was a real luxury for me.

As it turns out it was a good purchase. During this time being laid up, I used my IPad every day. I had downloaded some TV shows and movies to watch. This kept me entertained when I could not sleep, when I came home from surgery and when I was bored lying in bed with my ankle propped up. My recovery would have been very different without my IPad. I read magazines, watched TV, got the news and played games all on one machine. Instead of lugging around a book, DVDs, magazines, etc. I had this one little machine.

To think I almost didn't buy it.

Until tomorrow...

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Infection or Not

I haven't written in a few days because I have not felt very well.  Yes, I know, I went through surgery.  But I was feeling really good.  I thought this was a breeze.  It hurt sure but overall I felt really good. 

Then I went to see the doctor and had my cast replaced.  Well, that was not a happy day.  I got woozy when the doctor moved my foot around.  A few hours after seeing the doctor I was in a bunch of pain.  Then Friday came and I was not feeling much better.  It hurt to walk on my ankle.

I started feeling ill over the weekend.  Such a lethargic feeling.  Sunday I laid on the couch all day.  Then the fever started.  Sunday night I had a fever, Monday morning I had a fever, Monday afternoon I had a fever.  I called the doctor Monday morning and got a phone call back at 4 pm.  My surgeon is on vacation.  My primary is on vacation.  My rheumatologist took my call.  She suggested I call the surgeon's on-call doctor.  I called him and he immediately put me on antibiotics and told me to call him at 7 am (and gave me his cellphone number!). 

Sometime in the night my fever went down and at 7 am I no longer had a temperature.  My high temperature didn't return until around dinner time.  I am waiting to see how it goes.  The on-call guy wants me to call him on Friday (or before) to give him an update. 

So, now I am back to taking it easy and taking antibiotics.  Not that I was out disco dancing or anything!  I am staying inside and keeping my foot elevated.  Keeping hydrated.  So, boring!

You can see how I was a bit occupied being ill for the last few days.  I will let you know what happens!

Until tomorrow...

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Post Op Day Nine

Saw the doctor today!  She removed my bedazzled cast.  It was a sad moment UNTIL I got to see my incision!  I have had dreams of what my incision looked like and it looked nothing like my dream.  It was just a Frankenstein stick about 2 inches long.  No blood or redness.  Pretty boring, really. The doctor then took a photo for my scrapbook and then proceeded to put on another cast. I was going to post the photo but my father said "Yuck" when he saw it.  I don't want to gross anyone out.

She told me how the surgery went.  I had a complete tear of my ligament which was worse than expected. She put in one or two metal clips.  The ankle bone and surrounding the ankle was in much better condition than expected considering my RA.  She also told me that my primary doctor called her to check in on me after my surgery.  That was sweet to hear. 

Now I can walk more without the crutches but have to be careful not to go up and down the stairs yet without them.  Progressing along swimmingly!

Until tomorrow...

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Post Op Day Eight

Okay, so I made a tactical error yesterday.  I stopped taking the painkillers. That was a huge error.  I ended up not being able to sleep all night.  My ankle hurt, my leg hurt, it throbbed.  Every movement was like a sharp pain.  I ended up listening to my Ipod most of the night. Dozing off and waking up over and over again.  Since I didn't want to wake the house up to get something to eat, I didn't take a painkiller.

First thing in the morning I ate and took a painkiller.  I continued to take them through the day.  No more trying some stupid experiment. 

To celebrate I decorated my cast!  I am just this short of bedazzling it.  Yes, those are ice cream cones: one strawberry and one mint chocolate chip.  I guess I am dreaming of ice cream!  There is also a sun and star.  I made a vine to go through the whole thing.  If only I was artistic...

So, tonight I take the pill and hopefully sleep like a baby. 

Until tomorrow...

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Post Op Day Seven - Pain is a Pain!

Today I made a decision to stop taking the painkillers.  Why you ask?   Are you crazy?

First, I wanted to see if the painkillers were doing anything.  Since I haven't been getting "loopy" or tired, I am just not sure the pills are doing anything for me.

Second, if the pills are doing something how will I know if the pain stops if I am taking mind numbing pills.  I decided that I would stop the pills to see how bad the pain is.  Can I tolerate it?

Well, I lasted through the day.  The pain is bearable but I may take a pill later tonight.  The cast is rubbing against the incision.  At least I think that is what is happening but since I can't see it, I have to visualize what I think is going on.  Pain means it is healing, right?  Isn't that what THEY say?

So enough about pain!  Pain is a pain!  I am upright and walking with the aid of crutches.  Two days until I see the doctor.  I am able to work.  Life is good!  I look over at my three-legged dog and she puts it all in perspective!  She is missing a leg and she never complains!  Sometimes she falls over on her face but she just gets right back up and continues to play as if it never happened.  Never a cry or a moan.  Here I am talking about a little pain!  Snap out of it!

Until tomorrow...

Monday, May 14, 2012

Post Op Day Six + Vacation Photos

I started back working today. Not a full day but part of a day.  I did the best I could.  I took a small nap in the morning.  I got a call from the hospital to check up on me.  She seemed surprised that I was still having pain but she said everyone heals at their own speed.  I have gone back to using a bit of ice.  I have Raynaud's so I have to be careful not to use to too much.  I think I walked too much today.  It was my first day getting out of the house.  Not sure I would have done it if I had not had an emergency.  But I got out and got some fresh air and saw real people!!  Yeah! 

In the middle of the day I took the little dog to the vets.  My dear neighbor and her husband drove me.  The little dog was so entertained that she didn't even have time to vomit in the car!  I should always take people with me!  The vet gave her some drops and some oral antibiotics.  She took the oral meds at dinner time but no dice with the eye drops.  She growls and bares her teeth when I try to put them in.  I will try again tomorrow morning when she is the "nice" dog.  The vet gave her some medicine that makes her tear fluorescent green tears.  The fluorescent green stuff also came out of her nose.  It was so science fiction.  First bloody eyes and now green tears.  She is a scrappy dog and a little fighter!

Overall, this process has been SO much better than I envisioned.  I thought I would be bedridden for days and in so much pain, just like when I had my knee surgery.  I am also not dopey from the painkillers.  Although I keep joking maybe they are some of those black market pills that are counterfeit and that is why I don't feel like I am taking painkillers!  Maybe that is why I still have pain!    I have been able to go up and down the stairs on crutches and have been watching TV and movies.  I have caught up on all the shows in time for the finale episodes.  Desperate Housewives, Gray's Anatomy, Once Upon a Time, you get the picture.  Finale time is a good time to be laid up.  Lots of long TV shows.  I have been watching them on TV or on my Ipad. 

Here are some photos from Palm Desert:
Salton Sea CA

Dos Palmas Spring

We drove by this sign.  Thought it was funny!

Mane Street, Pioneertown, CA

Bath House at Pioneertown.  One of the western movie sets.
Funny sign hanging on Mane Street, Pioneertown

Irving the Fastest Gun in the West, Pioneertown

OK Corral seen in many old Western Movies, Pioneertown

Sign hanging in Pioneertown.  Too Funny!!
 Until tomorrow...

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Post Op Day Five + Moods

Happy Mother's Day to all you mothers of two, three and four legged creatures! Yes, three! I have a three-legged dog!

Today was a more painful ankle day and I am not sure why. Maybe because the stress of the dog situation yesterday but I don't know. Update: the doggies eye must have gotten rubbed overnight and it bled a little bit. I put a cone on her head to keep her from doing it tonight. If it isn't better I will get her to the vet tomorrow.

While taking a bath I read an article in Arthritis Today, titled Positive Results. It was about how your mood can affect your symptoms and treatment. The report sited how a patients mood can sometimes determine the course of treatment by how the patient reports symptoms to their doctor. A person who feels depressed may recall more aches and physical symptoms; while a person who is anxious may report more present symptoms.

To give your doctor an accurate report start by doing three things:
1. Keep a daily diary. Record symptom severity, time and activities.
2. Take a deep breath. Before a doctors appointment take a breath.
3. Distract yourself. If you feel you are stuck thinking about your symptoms, call a friend or relative to focus on something else.

There are also tools to track your mood:
* Arthritis Today's Track + React

I really feel that moods play a large part in my treatment. When I was nervous and anxious about my surgery date in April, I knew it was not right for me. I knew the May 9th date was the right time to have this surgery done. I am in a much better mental place now. I know I will heal better and have an overall better outcome.

Until tomorrow...

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Post Op Day 4

Dry Pro Cast Cover
Thank you for all the nice comments and thoughts sent my way.  Today was a better day pain-wise.  I actually got up and took a shower and that made me feel a bit more like myself.  I use this cool thing called a Dry Pro.  It is the best product I have seen to keep a cast dry.  I am not being paid to endorse them, I just think they have a great product. If you ever need a cast cover I would check them out.  Plus you can use it over and over again.

Today was going to be such a nice relaxing day.  It started out that way.  Then around dinner time the dogs got into a scuffle and the little dog got a scrape on her eye lid.  There was blood in her eye, dripping down her face.  Of course she would not let me near it because she gets scared and won't let anyone help her.  I get anxious.  Of course this would happen four days post surgery!  I can't walk without crutches, I haven't even been out of the house yet.  I have no car to drive.  How in the world am going to get my little fairly aggressive, car sick dog to the veterinarians?  I call a few neighbors but they aren't home.  I sit and hold my little baby and she keeps licking my face.  I calm her down and get some Q-tips and warm water and once the bleeding stops I wipe the blood away with the Q-tips and some doggie treats.  She doesn't look too bad now (she looked horrible with the blood in her eye! Like something out of a horror movie.) and I think the little scrape will heal quickly.  I don't think a vet visit is necessary.  Meanwhile one of my neighbors called me back and offered to take me.  I told him I think I am going to wait and see what happens.  The dog seems fine right now.

It was just a helpless feeling to not be able too do much.  I have a problem with that.  I am used to being the one that does everything for myself.  When I originally got ill I had a terrible time giving up control.  But I worked real hard to let it go and realize that I no longer have any control over my life.  I think I have done really well with accepting and living my life that way.  But not in this instance.  I was not a happy person when I could not take my dog to the vet right away.  I could not hop in the car.  I called at least six neighbors to see if they could drive me but no one was answering their telephones.  Then I was wondering how I would get home.  A lot of taxis don't like to take dogs in their cabs.  I am sure a dog that gets car sick will not be welcomed.

Feeling so helpless getting the dog to the emergency room was not a good feeling.  I am sure it will not be the first or last time in these six weeks.  I need to go back to my place of knowing that people will help me out and that I can only do what I can do.  The rest will have to wait until I can do it. 

Have you ever felt helpless like this?  What did you do about it?

Tomorrow I will post the photos from vacation.

Until tomorrow...

Post Op Day 3

Not too much to report. Slept a lot today. Still in more pain than I want or need. Tried to work a little. Watched two movies. Have this strange desire to watch Pinocchio.

Until tomorrow...

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Day Two Post Op

Okay, I take back everythinging I said yesterday about pain. At about 4 am I woke up with some pain in my ankle. It was still dark out and the whole house was asleep. As you can imagine I am not very quiet right now. I have crutches that make noise and drives the dogs crazy. I can't take the medicine on an empty stomache so I went back to sleep. At 8 am I woke up to even more pain. I ate and took the Vicodin. It seemed like the painkiller didn't do a thing. All day I was in horrible pain. Every step, every movement was worse than a knife through my ankle. I flexed my ankle once and the pain was unbearable. Won't be doing that again!

I got the best package in the mail. My parents sent me a waterproof cover for my cast so I could take a bath. That bath felt SO good. I washed all the sticky antibacterial cleanser off.

I spent the day resting, checking emails, and catching up on TV shows I have missed. I was much more tired today. I am taking 20 mg of Prednisone for a couple of days.

I went upstairs today for a minute. I accidentally erased my business phone outgoing message. When I erased it I also said sh*t. So the outgoing message said sh*t. Not exactly what I want my clients to hear when they call. So I had to go upstairs to rerecord the message. Going upstairs took awhile and was quite painful.

Let's hope tomorrow is a better day! Until tomorrow...

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

More Post Op

I am at home with my foot up. Sitting here watching TV and the movie "Cowboys and Aliens". Quite honestly this has been my best surgery so far. By that I mean, I woke up with very little pain, I was not ill at all from the anesthesia, and I got out of the hospital fairly quickly. There were a few hiccups:

It was planned that I would get two stress doses of prednisone. One during the surgery and after. This is because I have adrenal insufficiency. I got the dose during the surgery but after the surgery I was told the were no orders for the second dose. We tried to get ahold of my primary doctor to no avail. Finally my surgeon put in the order but that wasted the time that I could have been discharged.

In recovery some women came to give me a boot for my cast. I didn't know I was getting a boot and the nurse told them it was not ordered, so they left. While in the second recovery (where your family members come to stay with you) the women came back with the boot and said the surgeon ordered it. That boot didn't fit over the cast so they had to get another boot. That all took time again.

In all I was pretty happy, if you can be happy about surgery. At home I am taking the Vicodine at regular intervals so I don't have much pain. I am walking on the crutches as instructed. I am keeping my foot elevated. I am hoping this keeps all problems to a minimum. Also, I am off the Enbrel until instructed.

So, I will be catching up on my movies and TV for a couple of days. Laying low, so to speak!

I want to thank everyone for their kind words and emails. I got the cutest email attachment photos from my niece and nephew. They were holding up signs that said "Aunt Adrienne Get Well" "Aunt Adrienne Speedy recovery" too cute for words! They are 7 months and 1 yr. 5 mo. old.

Until tomorrow...

Post Op

Surgery went well! Got a cast and crutches. The pain has not set in yet. YET! 

Will write more later.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tomorrow's The Day

I started the morning with a surgical wash of Hiboclens.  Boy, wasn't that fun!  I opened the liter bottle and immediately dropped it.  Orange stuff all over the place.  After I cleaned that up, I got in the shower and washed myself all over with it, including my hair.  It was so much fun, I get to repeat the procedure tomorrow morning!

Then I ran some errands.  Got some cash since I will be unable to drive for many weeks.  Picked up some prescriptions, got my mail.  Then I went to the medical supply store to see if they have the type of waterproof cast cover that I want.  I am so silly that I want to be able to take a bath and shower in the next six weeks.  They didn't so my parents are going to mail me the pump-up type their doctor sells.  Pump up the volume! 

Then my clients went crazy!  Everyone started calling and emailing.  Some to wish me the best and others to get in their last minute items.  "Can you do this before your surgery?"  So I was working until 7 pm.  Then I ate and watched the last bit of Harry's Law.  Now I am working again and I am hungry!  I think it is psychological.  I know I can't eat after midnight so now I am starving.  It is kind of like how I eat when I watch Biggest Loser. 

I plan to get some sleep at some point and wake up at 4:45 am.  I have to take another Hiboclens shower, dress and get to the hospital at 6 am.  I already have my bag packed with some things (book, Ipod, medical papers)  and a small emergency bag just in case I have to stay overnight. Then I will write on my ankles NO on the ankle that gets no surgery.  I don't want any mistakes!!

I was so nervous back in April but my ankle has been hurting so much in the last four days that I am actually looking forward to the surgery.  Every step is like a knife in my ankle. Even driving hurts now. 

Well, tomorrow will fix the problem!  Until tomorrow... 

Monday, May 7, 2012

Two Days To Go

Today I went for my second pre-op doctors appointment. All went well until I gave blood. Now I have been giving blood almost every month for 20 years. I also give myself shots. So, I am not afraid of needles. They don't make me woozy or nervous. Today I was giving blood when I started to see stars and the room got hot and I started to get nauseous. I almost vomited but I didn't. It took me few minutes to gather myself. I figure it was the heat of the day, the stress of the impending surgery and the small vein they were using. My right arm vein was burned with potassium a number of years ago and now I only have one good arm.

I am a bit nervous but a few days ago my ankle began hurting again ALOT! That helps me feel I am doing the right thing.

I still have some vacation photos to post. I am just so tired...

Until tomorrow...

Sunday, May 6, 2012

A Death in the House

Yes, there has been a death.  It was sudden and unexpected.  We had just come home from our vacation and didn't expect it.  We barely got to say farewell.

Who died you ask?  Our media room television.  I just watched a show on it when we returned home on Saturday and Sunday morning we had sound but no picture.  Then no sound or picture.  It was a sad moment.

That TV was really big and very heavy.  It was given to us by my step-grandmother when she moved out of her home.  It took two of us to lift it off the stand and put it on the floor.  We then used the dog pillow to drag it into the dining room.  We have no clue how we are going to get it down the stairs and in the car to take it to the recycling center.

Since I have surgery in two days, I decided I better go out and get another TV really fast.  I did some research and got in the car and drove to Best Buy.  I bought a really big LCD 42".  (Okay for me it is big!) It is only a few inches bigger than the other TV but it just seems so much bigger without the tubes and such.  It didn't take much time to set up and make everything work.  It doesn't have enough plugs for all of our old stuff that takes the old plugs so we will have to unplug the DVD player to plug in the Wii.  Oh, well.  They don't make it easy, do they?

Then I spent the day shopping for food so we will have food for the first week while I am laid up.  I got all my favorites just in case I don't feel well.  Potatoes, rice, tater tots, etc.  I even bought vegan jello just in case.  I got soy ice cream and ice pops.  I still need to get ginger ale.  I have frozen food like some soup in the freezer.

I will post some vacation photos soon.  Everything is happening so fast these days!

Until tomorrow...

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Vacation part two

Since we have been on vacation in Palm Desert, we have done a few things. Since I can't walk too far some of the activities we normally participated in we have had to skip. Such as the street fair in Palm Springs. We went to the Salton Sea where we walked around a bit. It was an interesting place to visit. If only it smelled better. It smelled like a sulphur bath mixed with dead fish. Yum!

We also visited Pioneertown! Pioneertown is a town built out of the old Hollywood sets. This is where they shot many of the old time western movies. Some of the sets have been turned into real houses and folks live in them. The little post office is the most photographed in America. Then tonight we went on a Art Walk. I think I over did it with the walking.

Tomorrow is our final full day. So sad! There is talk of coming back here and other family trips next year. We will have to see how busy we are.

Until tomorrow...

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Vacation Week

The vacation is half over, it is sad. Today was massage day. My massage was fine. I have had better. I had a hot stone massage which is my favorite. Last time I had this massage, the masseuse put the stones up and down my legs and arms. This guy just used the stones to massage my legs and arms. It was nice but not as effective.

We have been hot tubbing every day. It is nice and relaxing. We have been eating too much! Tonight was Mexican food. I had a burrito. It was fine.

I have to do my Enbrel shot tonight. It is one week until my surgery. I tried to get a water proof cover for my cast but the medical supply company didn't have one.

Not sure what we are doing tomorrow, it depends on the weather. It is supposed to be windy.

Until tomorrow...

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Recap HAWMC - #HAWMC Day 31

Recap HAWMC. You did it! 30 posts in 30 days. Which was your favorite prompt?  Which was the most difficult? Which ideas will you reuse? Who was your favorite fellow blogger? 

Okay, it is finally done!  I think this will be my last blogger challenge for a long time.  I am tired of coming up with things for each topic.  I find it tedious to write about things that I just don't care about like my health mascot.  I enjoyed writing about the lyrics to "Somebody I used to know".  Most of the posts just seemed tedious.  Some of the posts I had written before when I did the other challenge.  I am just happy I finished the challenge and it is done.

Now I can write about real stuff.  We are on vacation.  Originally I was supposed to get the surgery in April and then if I was able, I would go on the vacation we planned nine months ago.  Then the surgery date was screwed up and now I am on vacation pre-surgery.  Yes, it is probably better that I am not on crutches but I am still sort of limping around and not able to walk far or without pain.  So there are not too many things I can do in the tourist department.  Oh, we are in Palm Desert and it is hot. So far we have had lunch with a friend, gone to the Salton Sea, and went to see The Hunger Games.  Tomorrow we are going for massages!  I am getting a hot stone massage.  Of course we are sitting by the pool and in the hot tub.  The pool is a bit too cold for me but others are swimming.

Until tomorrow...