Saturday, October 31, 2015


Day 61.  Happy Halloween.  Today is a busy day getting ready for the trick-or-treaters.  I have the vegan candy all ready.  I have my costume all ready.  The house is all decorated. 

After giving out candy I am going to a party.  I want to see as much of the Mets game as I can.  Maybe they will win!

Have a safe time tonight!

Until tomorrow...

Friday, October 30, 2015


Day 60.  Today was the big delivery!  They delivered my new mattress that I am currently reclined on.  They also brought me this fancy pillow.  I can't wait to try it out.

They also delivered the guest room mattress and box spring.  Then the other company came and delivered and set up my new guest bed.  It is really beautiful. 

Tomorrow I want to go buy the nightstands and lamps.  Next week I need to buy a mattress cover and sheets.  Then the room will be done.  I just have to move stuff around and clean it up. 

Happy Day!!  Until tomorrow...

Thursday, October 29, 2015


Day 59.  My bed and mattresses are arriving tomorrow.  I got my delivery windows. 

The mattress for my bed is so comfortable and I am so looking forward to getting it.  No more divots in my side of the bed.  Not only do I sleep and sit on my side, so do the dogs.  Maybe the new mattress will help me with my sleep issue.

The mattress and box spring for the guest room is really nice.  Nothing special, no pillow top or extras.  It will just be a comfortable mattress and box spring.

Then the bed will be delivered.  I am really excited about this.  I can't wait to see how the whole room will look. 

The best part is the free pillow I got.  It is the most comfortable pillow I have ever put my head on. 

I got my car back today.  The ball bearings in the tire are fixed.  Let's hope this is it for a w while.  The rental car place employees are starting to call me by name. 

Until tomorrow...

Wednesday, October 28, 2015


Day 58. It sprinkled.  I can't call it rain but I can call it a spritz.  I was walking the dogs and it started coming down and I did a happy rain dance.  Then it stopped.  Barely got the whole sidewalk wet.  Still the dogs were hovering up along the side of the buildings like they would melt like brown sugar.

I worked another day on the office/guest room.  Here is what it looks like:

It is almost empty.  There is a bookshelf out of the frame that has some stuff on it that I still have to go through.  One more day and it should be finished.  Bookshelf gone.  Yeah.

I was told the bed frame would come on Dec 2.  Today I got a phone call saying it was arriving on Friday.  Exciting but unexpected.  Now the mattresses and bed frame are arriving at the same time.

I have been watching the World Series and my beloved Mets are down by 2.  I am still hopeful because I remember 1986 when they won.  It was a magical time.  Let's Go Mets!  I Believe!

Until tomorrow...

Tuesday, October 27, 2015


Day 57.  Well, no rain.  It is never going to rain.  I don't know everyone keeps panicking about the supposed rain.  It never comes.

I was able to hang my third picture today.  It was hung in the kitchen.  I am so happy with how it turned out.

It really makes the room pop.  After 7 years it is nice to have something hanging on the wall.

The work to move my office to my old guest room is moving along.  I still have some stuff left to do.  I had too much crap in that room.  My recycle bin is already full and trash collection is not until Friday.

My happiness factor is really high!

Until tomorrow...

Monday, October 26, 2015


Day 56.  Today I had the handyman stop by and put down plastic to cover the area that has been leaking.  Over the years there has been water coming in the concrete floor in the bedroom.  I asked a few contractors and they all said it was because the water table is coming downhill and settling in that area.  I thought this was a bogus thought. 

This guy took a portion of the deck off and we found out that the previous contractor didn't put flashing along the bottom of the siding.  This caused a space that is filling in with water.  The water rises and bottom.  Then my floor gets wet. 

So now I have a tarp covering the area just in case it rains.  Keep your fingers crossed!

Until tomorrow...

Sunday, October 25, 2015


Day 55.  Yesterday I forgot to write about getting three of my art pieces back from the framer.  I hung two of them.  Here is one of them.  This is a map of the world that they stuck on a foam board and put in a frame with no glass.  I have push pins to mark the places I want to visit. 

Today was another day of  running errands.

  1. I took the bird to get checked.  He had blood on his wing so I wanted to get it checked out.  I was told to keep an eye on it.  He injured a feather but it is not falling out yet so they don't want to pull it out yet.
  2. I bought a bed for the guest room.  It is a really nice bed.  I like it alot. 
  3. Then I went to return the phone I bought last week and didn't need.  I found security cameras that seemed like they would work better than the other ones.
  4. I went to the office supply store and found supplies I needed.
It was another busy day.   I am just happy I am making such good and fast progress. 

Until tomorrow...

Saturday, October 24, 2015


Day 54.  Today was a day of running errands. 

  1. Halloween candy shopping.  I needed to buy candy.  I wanted to buy candy that aligned with my values.  There is lots of candy that is vegan and people don't even know it.  Sweet Tarts, Sour Patch Kids, bottle caps, air heads, dots, dum dums, fire balls, hubba bubba bubble gum, jolly ranchers, Pixy stix, blow pops, jujyfruits, smarties, nerds, gobstoppers, swedish fish, and now and after.  Isn't that amazing?  I bought sweet tarts, smarties, nerds, hubba bubba, bottle caps, air heads, and sour patch kids.  What kid wouldn't want any of those?  I love sweet tarts and smarties.  Yum!  
  2.  Halloween shopping.  I needed to get the rest of my costume.  I got shoes but I am not sure they will work.  The heel is really high and I am not sure I can walk in them and stand for hours at a party.  I have to figure it out soon.  I bought two pairs and will take at least one pair back.  I also bought a long green wig and sparkly makeup.  Then I bought some spooky lights and a spider web for the house.  
  3. Mattress.  I bought a mattress for myself.  I can't wait for it to arrive.  Then I bought a mattress and boxspring for the new guest room.  I got a free super, super comfy pillow.  He also threw in a bed frame.
  4. I stopped at Sprouts to buy Moroccan tofu.  It is a flavor they don't carry at the stores near me.  it is really good.  They also had the ingredients I need to make vegan brownies.  I ate lunch at Pieology and had a fantastic vegan pizza pie.  
Until tomorrow...

Friday, October 23, 2015


Day 53.  I worked on the office move again today.  It is really amazing how much stuff one person can accumulate.  Since I moved in, this room has never been decluttered.  During my home construction, this room was the only room not touched so it became the room to drop things in.  I don't think it ever stopped being that room.  Now that I have to clear it out, I am finding things I have not seen in a long time.  My new office has more floor space but it has less wall space so I have to decide what I want to keep and what I want to get rid of.   Probably one more day and the job will be complete.

This just makes me so happy.  I know I keep saying it but changing things around really lifts me and makes me smile.

I got my car back but there is still one part that has to be installed next week.  It didn't cost as much as it did in my head so that is always a good surprise.  I am so happy to get my car back.

Until tomorrow...

Thursday, October 22, 2015


Day 52.  Now that my office is almost complete and my medical stuff is done, I can now focus on one of my favorite holidays: Halloween!  The unofficial gay holiday. 

I am going as the Queen of the Fairies.  I have my whole costume except my shoes.  I need blingy shoes.  This weekend I am on a mission to get sparkly shoes and a bra that can convert to a halter top so my bits aren't shaking all over.

Tonight I started decorating my house.  I need to make the house scary.  I want to have trick-r-treaters.  I have a big spider and a cobweb.  I opened up two boxes from my mom that she gave me over the years.  They both said Halloween on them.  Turns out the contents are the exact same item.  A Halloween figurine. It is so funny. 

When I went out to get the Halloween items, I found mouse droppings.  I guess I have a mouse in the garage.  This is new since I moved a bunch of boxes and there wee no droppings.  I will be getting a mouse trap or two.  Eek.  Mice.

Until tomorrow...

Wednesday, October 21, 2015


Day 51.  This week has been a challenge.  Moving my office, Happi having back problems but I thought she was ill and now my car broke down.  It didn't just break down, it began to smell funny and then when I was 11 miles from home, it started idling funny.  I pulled over and called my car husband. He told me I could not drive it and to get it towed.  I called AAA and they came right over.  $78 later my car was back at the shop.  Who knows what is wrong with it but it would not start when the tow truck dropped it off.  They had to push it into the shop.  Ugh.  Now I have a lovely Nissan rental car that I have to grease up to get it in my garage.

Tonight I went to another movie.  I took my friend J.  The movie was Jem and the Holograms.  It was cute.  It had a good message for the young kids.  The message is be yourself.  Don't let anyone tell you how to be or what to be.  You are unique.  Some of you who are young or who have children may remember Jem the animated TV show.  The movie is a takeoff of the TV show. 

"Jem Movie Teaser Poster" by Source (WP:NFCC#4). Licensed under Fair use via Wikipedia -

To top off the day, I missed it but the Mets won the National League pendant.  Yeah!!  I am so excited about this World Series.  This is a Mets household all the way. 

Until tomorrow...

Tuesday, October 20, 2015


Day 50!!  Today is day 50 of the Happiness Project and I finally have a functioning work space in my new office.  I am so excited.  It isn't completely finished, I still have a lot of stuff to go through and sort but I can use my new space.

I was going to put the desk in front of the window but it blocked too much light because the desk is too high.  Some day if I get a new desk, I may change things around.  The chair is not the chair I plan to use.  I want to buy a new chair that is more comfortable.  I want to move this chair downstairs.  For now I am using what I have.

I feel like it is a new start.  A new place to work.  It is so breezy and bright.  It is somewhere I want to be.  I am really happy.

I have plenty to clear out to make the guest room a functioning guest room.  It will take a number of hours to clear it out.  I am getting there!

I also got my phone situation fixed.  Friday the email app that came with the phone suddenly stopped working for no reason.  I spent countless time on the phone with the cellphone company trying to fix this.  Of course each person gave me another answer.  I was finally sent to upper tech and they told me that the cell company wanted me to use gmail as my app from now on.  I didn't understand that so I started looking for another app.  Today after having no email for days, I called my email host and the cell company again and voila!  It is fixed.  I am a happy camper. 

Happi update: I got worried today because Happi didn't want to go out to pee in the morning.  Then she didn't want to go for a walk.  Then on the walk she didn't pee.  She dragged me back to the house before we walked 1/2 block.  She was very clingy all day but she gets that way when furniture and boxes get moved.  I called the vet and he thinks it is not her kidneys but her back.  I gave her a painkiller and another tonight.  Hopefully it will solve this current situation.  Poor Happi.  Sucks to have a bad back.  I wish I could put her in a Jacuzzi bath.  It would make her feel better.

Until tomorrow...

Monday, October 19, 2015


Day 49.  Today I made terrific progress on my office renovation.  First the convertible couch was disassembled.  That was quite a task.  We could not use the drill for various reasons so we had to unscrew about 30 screws with screw drivers while hanging basically upside down to remove the bed part.  Once the bed was removed, we could take the couch out of the room.  This was not easy.  Turns out not all the door frames are the same size in this house.  I guess the house was built before door frames were identical. It took us about 40 minutes to get the couch from the new office to the dining room.  About 20 feet.  Then we moved the bed part.

Then we wanted to move my office lazy boy type chair from my old office to the new office.  We turned it this way and that way.  No luck.  We could not get it through the door frame.  I finally asked the construction guys across the way to help me.  It took them a few minutes and they had to removed two doors but they did it.  It helped that one guy used to work at a moving company. 

Then I scheduled to have the couch removed.  They arrived a few hours later and sure enough they had a hard time getting it out the front door!  They finally broke a part of it and they could slide it out the door.  It is now on it's way to the dump.  Good riddance.  I have been wanting to get rid of that couch for a long time. 

Tomorrow we work on the desk situation.  So exhausting but super!

Until tomorrow...


Day 48.  Another uneventful day. 

I went to the supermarket.  I bought good food.  No more malnutrition for me!  I bought bananas, ice cream, tofu, and the ingredients to make soup.  I made a really good bean soup. 

Then I went to a street fair.  I went for a walk and then had lunch and bought a book.  I am reading Season of the Witch.  It is good so far.

Until tomorrow...

Saturday, October 17, 2015


Day 47.  Today was a day of running around.  I had to buy toner for my printer, a new phone for my office, dog food, a new collar for Happi, and fairy wings for Halloween.  Those errands take a long time to do. 

I bought a new phone and it still hums.  I am pretty sure it is the jack and not the phone.  The phone company is coming on Monday to check it out.

I am excited for Halloween.  I am going to be the Queen of the Fairies.  I have a flowing yellow dress, tiara, wand, gorgeous wings, blingy earrings and necklace and long white gloves.   

Until tomorrow...

Friday, October 16, 2015


Day 46.  The internet connection was moved from my old office to my new office.  I am so excited and Happy!  Now that the phone line and the internet have been moved, I can start to move furniture.  Here is my temporary office.

Next week I will move furniture and have a regular office again.  Yeah!!

This morning I woke up and I realized why people say the second day after an accident you really feel it.  I really felt my fall down the stairs.  I have a second large bruise on my back that was not there yesterday. 

The doctor called with my test results.  My x-rays showed that I had not broken or cracked anything.   Good news!  He said there was a lot of blood showing so I should expect much more bruising.  My blood work and urine showed that I am malnourished.  I guess my lack of eating well over the past 6 months has finally come back to bite me in the butt.  A trauma can do this to a person.  Malnutrition could explain the vertigo feeling I have been having.  It most definitely explains the fatigue.  My potassium, calcium and albumin are all really low.  My B12 is in the low 300s which is fine but on the low side.  I am better when it is in the 700s. 

I am tasked to be on a strict regimen of banana coconut milk shakes with protein powder (even with coconut ice cream or yogurt if I want), weekly B12 shots, lots of protein and well rounded meals.  No more eating like crap.   No more skipping meals or eating popcorn for dinner. 

I check in with the doc in December.  I will be better by then. 

Until tomorrow...

Thursday, October 15, 2015


Day 45.  Good News!  I was at my primary doc's office and he told me the news. I don't have to wait all weekend... I don't have cancer!  I have another Fibroadenoma.  I had a core needle biopsy yesterday.  The doctor took pictures, marked the spot with a cute little ribbon shaped marker and took a small piece to test.  I was able to watch the whole thing.  I find it fascinating.  The power of the tiara worked again!  Yeah!

I didn't mention yesterday that I slipped on the stairs when I was distracted with my boob.  It was a nasty fall and I have a horrible hematoma on my upper back according to my primary doc.  I landed on my shoulder blades and spine.   Today when I went to see my doc he sent me for x-rays to make sure didn't break or crack anything.  He is also checking my blood and urine to see why I am so tired all the time.  Is it Adrienne's disease?  Is it that I have problems sleeping?  Am I sick?  Who knows.

I got my car back and I got about 6 blocks and the check engine light came on again.  I called the service guy (my car husband) and he is frustrated.  He thought it was fixed.  I will have to take it in again.  It is something wrong with the fuel pump.  I guess that is necessary since it needs fuel to run!  Why is it never the air conditioning that I never use?  Ha ha.  I was happy to get rid of that huge Jeep Cherokee.  I could barely fit it in my garage.  I had to pull the mirrors in to fit it.

Until tomorrow...

Wednesday, October 14, 2015


Day 44.  Today was the day of my breast ultrasound biopsy.  But first I had to take my car over to the shop to get fixed while I was getting my biopsy done.  I needed a rental car and they gave me a Jeep Cherokee.  It barely fit in my garage.  I have a very small car so driving an SUV is like driving a school bus.  My car will not be fixed until tomorrow.

The ultrasound showed a spot in my breast that needed to be biopsied.  I got moved to the biopsy room and the doctor came to see me.  You know you spend too much time at the Women's Breast Center when the doctor recognizes your name!  He was very nice and the nurse (are they nurse's?  maybe technicians?) called me your highness because I was wearing my tiara.  We call it the Power of the Tiara

They found the spot and marked it with a cut little ribbon shaped marker.  Then they took a little piece of it to biopsy.  I watched the whole thing on the screen.  I find it fascinating.  I know most people don't like watching these things but I find it interesting.  It doesn't hurt hardly at all while they do it.  The Novocaine hurts the most.  Then they took me in and did another mammogram to make sure they got it in the correct place.  Then I was done.

I had a few errands to run before the Novocaine off.  Once that Novocaine wears off, boy, it doesn't feel real good.  Mostly because your boobs flop around and a bra feels uncomfortable.  I have a bruise that looks like it will get bigger.  I had to stay stationary the rest of today, no house work and no exercise.  I was really tired too.  I took a nap and watched TV.  The dogs were not happy that they didn't get a walk but they will survive. 

I get to take a shower tomorrow and I can't wait.  I get the results by Monday.  This is the absolute worse part.  Even though I know it will be fine, the waiting is the hardest part. 

Until tomorrow...

Tuesday, October 13, 2015


Day 43. For month two I am supposed to be working on my office.  The main part was to be moving my office from it's current location to what I call the green room.  This move has been hampered by the phone company's inability to move my office phone jack to the green room.  If I didn't have a landline, I could not have an office.  My cellphone is not good enough for an office since I have long phone calls and do interviews.  It is hard to do an interview with a cellphone. 

This is my third appointment with the phone company.  The first time they needed me to move a large bookshelf.  The second time the tech said it was impossible since he could not find the correct wire.  He said maybe if I cut a hole in the dry wall and found the wiring behind the phone box.  He then disconnected a wire to my alarm system, thereby disarming my alarm.  

I made a large hole in the wall before the tech showed up today.  I had to go out and buy a little saw thing to cut through dry wall and it took me about 30 minutes to saw through to make a hole.

Today I got the first tech back again and he made it all right.  He fixed the wiring to my alarm system and made it work again.  Then he worked to make the green room jack work.  My hole in the wall was not big enough and tech began making holes to find the area he needed.  I asked the construction guys across the street to come and saw a bigger hole.  It took him less than 5 minutes to make a very neat hole so the wires were exposed. 

 He found the right wire and boom! the jack worked.  I now have a jack and I can use a 2 line phone if I want.  Next I have the internet folks coming to move the wifi.  Then I can start moving furniture.  Yeah!

This makes me so happy.  I was beginning to think it was never going to happen.  I am not sure how I want to set things up but I know I want to make the change.  It will also make me get organized in my new space.  Yeah!

Until tomorrow...

Monday, October 12, 2015


Day 42.  Something is digging up my backyard.  At first I thought it was birds.  I saw dove type birds digging between my slates but last night something more aggressive dug between my slates.  Tonight I am going to get whatever it is.  I have the Scarecrow set up to shoot water at whatever it is.  I have heard raccoon will dig looking for bugs.  Let them dig tonight and they will be shot with a stream of water.  A Scarecrow is a device that you hook up to a hose and it has a sensor that goes off when something goes in it's view.  When something sets it off a steady stream of water shoots out.  It is the best device ever!  I just have to be careful that the dogs steer clear. 

The phone guy comes tomorrow so today I learned how to cut a hole in dry wall.  I went to the hardware store and they explained to me what to buy and what to do.  I came home and scored the square I needed to cut, then put together the sharp saw thing and cut a hole in the wall.  I was real proud of myself that I did it myself.  I found the wires I needed to find but not the old phone box the man told me I would find.  Hopefully it is good enough so now I can get my phone jack moved finally!

Just to move my office would make me happy.  It is taking so long and has been so much more complicated than it should be.

Until tomorrow...

Sunday, October 11, 2015


Day 41.  Boy, did I feel it this morning!  Not from staying up late but sore muscles from dancing so much.  I really enjoy dancing and last night I danced!  I had a slow morning that included sleeping late, hot tea and laying around.

Finally around 11:30 am I got it together and went out to work on the pond disaster.  Here is a before photo:

After 2 hours of pulling out muck, plants and roots, here is what it looked like:

I think it is going to take many two hour afternoons in order to get this job completed.  It is icky and smelly and dirty.

I took a long bath to end the day.  

Until tomorrow...

Saturday, October 10, 2015


Day 40.  Today I went to a wedding.  Two neighbors got married.  I have been deciding what to wear for weeks.  I finally settled on a dress that a friend gave me years ago.  I never fit in that dress but I tried it on and it now fits.  Only a person who loses a ton of weight knows what that feels like.  To be able to fit in clothes you have no been able to fit in for 15 years or maybe never.  It is weird and exciting at the same time.  I had to try it on many times to convince myself I could wear a dress and that I could wear that dress.  I had to get over my insecurities.

The wedding was a lot of fun.  It was a moving ceremony with a lot of personal touches.  Harry Potter, Star Wars, castle cake, specially made suits/uniforms for the grooms, and funny and sentimental readings.   I had a special vegan meal and cake.  Since I was "The Vegan" I got the entire cake to take home.  It is really good and no one would have known it was vegan.  A bunch of guys wanted to dance with me and that was fun.  I finally took my high heeled shoes off and put my sneakers on.  Then I could dance!

The castle cake

Until tomorrow...

Friday, October 9, 2015


Day 39.  The phone company rep came today and the first word that came to mind was incompetence.  Not only could he not move the phone line but he managed to mess up my other phone line.  Now I have to have them come back again a third time on Tuesday.  I swear I should just have them live at my house and maybe this phone line transition would go faster.

The reason this rep said it could not work is that the guys that did my construction dry walled over an old phone box when they made the new box.  I need to open up the wall and find the old box.  I asked the construction guys across the street what I need to open up dry wall and the guy said he would do it on Monday for me.  I offered to pay but he said no.  I will find out what he likes and buy him something.  I will go along with a stereotype and since he is Irish I will find out if he likes beer or ale or whiskey.

A few weeks ago I put pond muck on all my plants and trees.  It is the best fertilizer.  I went out to my lemon tree today and there are lemons on it.  They are small but there are lemons.  Since the drought I have had very few lemons but today I picked three small beautiful lemons.

Yum!!!  There is nothing like fresh Meyer Lemons. 

Until tomorrow...

Thursday, October 8, 2015


Day 38.  The plans for my office are moving along.  Today I empty the bookshelves so the phone company rep can get to the phone jack.  The hope is that my business phone will be able to go through that jack and my business phone can be used in my new office space.  Moving this phone line from one room to another has become a pain in the butt. This will be my second phone company visit.

I went to Ikea and bought new chairs for the kitchen.  This is something I have dreamed about doing for years.  About 10 years ago I bought a table for the kitchen at Ikea.  It is a great table that folds down on both sides and is white.  The matching chairs were constructed badly and over the years they fell apart.  I even had someone sit on one and it collapsed.  The new chairs seem very stable and look like they will last a long time.  Plus they are really comfortable.

Until tomorrow...

Wednesday, October 7, 2015


Day 37.  I am working very hard to make my home my space.  Moving my office and creating a real guest room.  Framing pictures/art and hanging it.  Today I made the final decision on the frame for the picture in my kitchen and I dropped off the map and frame so the girl can adhere the map to the foam board and put it in the frame.  I am excited to hang the map on the wall.   I need to buy fancy push pins.

I got the test results back and Happi is A-Okay.  Her blood work came back fine.  Her urine did have a few crystals in it but the doc says he is not worried unless she shows problems peeing or if she has more accidents and then she could develop kidney stones.  She has no urinary tract infection so that is a good sign.  We just have to watch her. 

Today I bought my first piece of quasi-spanx.  I really can't figure out how people get spanx off.  It took me 5 min to get my spanx-type top off.  I had to inch it over my head.  It is like a vice.  Do people really wear these every day?  I give them props if they do.  Wearing it under a dress for one wedding will be enough for me!

Until tomorrow...

Tuesday, October 6, 2015


Day 36.  Today was a day of getting things done.  I took Happi to the vet.  The doctor gave her a good preliminary report.  She has good weight, good teeth, good heart, and good attitude.  He looked at the area around her collar and he said it is nothing to be concerned about.  It looks like her collar has been on her for 10 years and it just rubbed her neck. Probably from scratching or something.  He said to keep it off her in the house and probably buy her a new and different collar.  It is not infected or anything so he is not too concerned.

The doctor did some blood work and took some pee to test.  I call tomorrow for the results.  We are checking for urinary infection or any kidney problems.  He is also checking for anemia.

Then I went to the pharmacy to switch out my rubber gloves.  I bought the wrong size.  Then the bank and back to the frame shop.  I am not sure I chose the correct shade for the frame in the kitchen  The let me bring home the frame samples to see which one looks the best.

Then I went to Target to get a frame for my map.  I can't wait to see it hanging on the wall.  I have to get push pins.

A busy day!

Until tomorrow...

Monday, October 5, 2015


Day 35.  Today was less about working on my work clutter and more about getting things done.  I made an appointment for Happi to go to the vet.  Poor baby is losing fur around her collar.  I now take her collar off in the house. I want a doctor to look at it.

I called to make my appointment for my breast ultrasound biopsy.  Changed the water in fish buckets.

I was a busy girl.  Oh, and I worked most of the day.

I am excited that my map showed up today.  Now I have to buy a frame.  The girl at the frame shop said she would adhere the map to foam board and put it in the frame for me.  I can't wait. It will look great on my wall.

Until tomorrow...

Sunday, October 4, 2015


Day 34.  Today I went to another street fair with J.  I had a good time at this one but not as good a time as the last one.  There was really no dancing and it was laid out funny.  I did run into an old friend who invited me to a party and that was nice.  This is my second party invite in a week.  Fun times!

I also had to have another car towed out of my driveway.  I really have to send in the money to get the red zone painted again.  They are just waiting for me to send the money.  I wanted to go to the supermarket when I got home from the fair but I had to wait for the tow truck to show up.  It was fast but not fast enough for me to go shopping.

I was supposed to clean out the pond but I didn't feel like it once the car got towed.  It was late to start a big project like that.

Until tomorrow...

Saturday, October 3, 2015


Day 33.  Today I took three pictures down to be framed.  I have some wall space that is empty and I thought I would finally take some pictures that I have and get them professionally framed.  One picture is a photo that my brother and sister-in-law gave me for my birthday last year.  It is of the Unisphere in Flushing Meadows, NY from the 1964-5 World's Fair.

Another picture is of a historical drawing of San Francisco.  I am not sure where I got it but it is pretty neat.  I have had it forever.  I am getting it framed for my kitchen.  My kitchen currently has no pictures in it.  I think it will look pretty neat.  Since I have a huge skylight I had to get the special non-glare glass that costs a fortune.  Either that or it would be faded in a year.  All my cookbooks are so faded on the spine.

Another picture is not a picture but a cool idea I saw at a friends house.  I found the listing of my house from two sellers ago.  I also have my listing.  I am putting them both in a frame together.  My house has only been owned by four people so it is really interesting to see the cost from the first owner to now.

I also bought a map that I am going to put in a frame.  I spoke to the woman and she said if I bought a cheaper frame, she would adhere it to foam board for me and put it in my cheaper frame.  I am excited about this.

I have to dig out my friend Galen's art and maybe I will frame another piece.  He was so talented.  It still saddens me that he died so young.  AIDS wiped out a generation of artists and such talented people.

Although getting pictures framed is not particularly working on my office, it is working on the overall aesthetic of the house which includes the office.

Until tomorrow...

Friday, October 2, 2015


Day 32.  Today I sat around all morning waiting for the phone company rep to show up and move my phone jack.  When he finally showed up he gave me various ideas on how to move the jack.  Since the phone jack will be moved two rooms away, he could not just run a cord.  Also the phone box is downstairs and the phone jack is upstairs.  He was explaining how he was going to run cords outside.  Drill through the wall of the house.

Then I told him there is a phone jack for the other phone line in the room and he said he could pull a line from that jack.  Unfortunately that jack is behind a large bookshelf.  I was unable to move the bookshelf while he was here so I had to call and reschedule for another appointment.  One more week and I can start to move my office.

I also got my phone call about my breast MRI.  It is not horrible news but not great news.  They saw something.  They think it is nothing important but it means I will have a Ultrasound biopsy again.  Probably more markers in my breasts.  Pretty soon my breasts will just be full of metal!

I was supposed to go see Duran Duran tonight but the three people I was supposed to go with waited too long to buy their tickets and the concert sold out.  I went to the venue to see the concert but it was crazy.  There must also be some other event going on in the city because there were so many cars and not enough parking spaces.  I drove around for 45 minutes looking for parking and I gave up.  I would have had to park 2 miles away and that would not be safe at 11 pm when I got out.   Oh, well.

Until tomorrow...

Thursday, October 1, 2015


Day One of Month Two.

My second month is all about Work.  Clearing out work clutter, getting my work house in order, making my work work.  My title is: Get Work House in Order.  Sub title: “I want to work and be happy.”  

My Categories are:

  • Organize office
  • Avoid time wasters
  • Invoice in a timely fashion
  • Keep time tracked
  • Create systems
  • Update website, keep work house in order
  • Move office
  • Do it Now!
 I am raring to go.  I have the phone company coming tomorrow to move the phone line.  In two weeks I have the internet company coming to move the internet.  I have a plan of where to move the furniture.  I have to get rid of the couch.  I need to buy a chair/love seat.  

Then I am going to buy a bed frame, matching lamps, nightstands.  I am going to buy a mattress for the guest room and for my bed.  Then a Roku for the guest room.   

Until tomorrow...