Saturday, January 21, 2017

Women's March

Today was the Women's March in my city. Our march was late in the day. By the time the march came around it started to, what? You guessed it. Rain! Nothing I like better than a march in the rain.
I thought all day about the sign I would carry. It had to be thought provoking and meaningful. I used a quote. A lot of people took photos of it and commented on it.
So I marched with 100,000 of my neighbors. I was dressed in layers of shirts and jackets and my rain coat. I had an umbrella in my bag but I found out you can't hold an umbrella and a sign.
I was in the front of the march so I finished and got home in time to see the march finish on the news.
Until tomorrow...

Friday, January 20, 2017


The skies opened up with torrential rain and wind. There was thunder and lightening like we have not seen in many years.  Mother Earth was warning us that she is dying. 
She was crying about the change of power happening today. She hears of the environment policy rollbacks planned. It makes her sad and very angry.  She was giving us a very loud warning letting us know she is the ultimate ruler.  If we kill Mother Earth, we kill ourselves.

Later this afternoon I was driving and I saw the most beautiful double rainbow. I could not get a photo of it while I was on the freeway but as soon as I got off I took a picture. Mother Earth sent a nice surprise. 

Until tomorrow...

Thursday, January 19, 2017


Today I received a postcard from the NCAA.  It was informing me that I am part of a class action lawsuit for concussions while participating in college sports. The whole thing is rather funny because the only sports I participated in in college was swimming.  I was on the swim team for a short time.  Then I got pneumonia and had to drop out.  I am not sure a person can get a concussion on the swim team.  I guess if I accidentally swam into the wall or something I could get a concussion.  Swimming is a pretty safe sport.  Swimmers would have more ear infections I would think.

Anyway, it was a funny postcard to get although I realize they probably got a list of all students participating in sports in college and everyone got a postcard.  I don't think I will be part of the lawsuit and I won't be getting any of the money.

Until tomorrow...

Wednesday, January 18, 2017


It is raining again.  Ugh.  I feel like we are going to float away.  Flood warnings everywhere.  Interrupting my TV shows every 1/2 hour.  My internet wonky all the time.  It is cold and damp. 

Today I made soup again.  I bought this bean mix a while ago and yesterday I found it in my cabinet.  You know what I mean, shopping in your cabinets.  It is one of my favorite things to do.  I go through my cabinet and I find something that I bought sometime ago and I get all excited to make it. 

Today I just happen to have the ingredients to make the soup.  It needed carrots, celery and red pepper.  Perfect!  I have crushed tomatoes and veggie broth in my pantry all the time for these reasons.  I soaked the beans overnight and today I made the soup.  It came out delicious! 

I have enough to last a few days.  I just wish I had a good loaf of bread.  That would make a great meal.

Until tomorrow...

Tuesday, January 17, 2017


I went over to my friends apartment to pick up the hazardous waste so I can take it to the hazardous waste site tomorrow.  All the toxic cleaners, paint, oil, etc. has to be taken to hazardous waste.

There is this strange smell in my downstairs.  I can't seem to place it and I don't know where it is coming from.  I asked my neighbors to come over and help me figure it out.  They said they think it is a wet smell.  They said I should put a heater in the area and see if I can dry it out.  I have no idea who to call to figure this out.  Do I call a plumber?  A handyman?  Pest control?  I don't know.

My neighbors do not think it is a dead animal so that is good news.  I just want it to do away.

Until tomorrow...

Monday, January 16, 2017


I helped a friend pack up his apartment today.  He is moving tomorrow and he had a lot of stuff.  I helped with the kitchen and the storage area.  I hope I was helpful.

It reminded me of the multitude of times that I had to pack up and move.  It is not my favorite activity.  It really makes you realize all the stuff you have that is so unnecessary.  Not just the collection of ceramic cows you have but the pack of 100 paper plates and the 5 opened bottles of Resolve you may have.  What makes us buy these things? 

Until tomorrow...

Sunday, January 15, 2017


I went to a friend's party today.  The party was supposed to be last Sunday but last Sunday was "The Storm" so it was postponed.  The party was fun.  Just people talking and catching up with food and drink.  C and K gave me a very nice stone.  It was a rectangle amethyst and citrine gemstone.  It is a light purple/yellow color.  I found out that amethyst and citrine are sister stones.   Last year C gave me a round pink stone that is probably a tourmaline.  It is really pretty. 

Now I need to find a jeweler to make some jewelry from these marvelous stones.

Until tomorrow...

Saturday, January 14, 2017


Well, I finally think I found a handyman.  The handyman came today to check out my list of things I need done and he said he can do them all.  He said he would schedule me soon.  I am so excited to get some of things done.  I may have more things if it works out.  Yay!

I finished taking down the Christmas decorations.  I took down my outdoor Christmas lights by myself today.  I didn't think my ladder (the ladder my contractor left at my house) would be tall enough to take down the lights but it was.  The only thing I need help with is the screen latch at the top would not latch because I could not reach it.

I met my friend S for dinner and a movie.  We went to see 20th Century Women.
What a good movie.  It is a movie about an extended "family" in 1979.  A mother who asks for help raising her son.

Until tomorrow...

Friday, January 13, 2017


I spent most of the day taking down Christmas decorations and trying to get my wifi working again.  My wifi has been working but my wifi extender has not been working which means many of the items in my home are not working.  After hours of working on it, I got most of the stuff working.

I got almost all my decorations boxed up and ready to be put away until next year.  I need my house back to normal.

Until tomorrow... 

Thursday, January 12, 2017


Last month I hit 100,000 pageviews of my blog.  I keep forgetting to write about it.  What a milestone!  100,000 pageviews.  An average of approximately 1,500 pageviews per month.  I never thought I would ever see 100,000 pageviews.

Two years ago I found out the city had made a mistake on my house taxes.  I wrote an appeal a year ago and finally got a date to go in front of the appeals board.  Today I got a phone call from the City Attorney stating that the statue of limitations has passed and my appeal will be turned down if I show up.  I can still show up and pay the $50 but they wanted to let me know that they had discussed it with the City Attorney and there was nothing they could do.  Not to mention if I did show up, I may end up with more fees.  I have decided to withdraw my appeal.  Leave things the way they are.  Leave laying dogs lie.  Isn't that the saying?

I bought my Green Day tickets tonight.  I have always wanted to go see Green Day and I could never find anyone to go with me.  Now I am older and wiser and I am going by myself.  I am going to see Sting in a few weeks by myself.

Until tomorrow...