Wednesday, January 23, 2019


This morning I looked out and another car was blocking not just my driveway but it was parked into my neighbor's driveway.  I asked my next door neighbor if it was her friend but she didn't know the car.  We agreed it needed to be towed.  I called but the person came back before the tow truck arrived. 

I had to have the car moved because I was going to get an MRI on my wrist.  There was a cancellation at the doctor's office and I jumped on it.  Unfortunately I will not get the results until Tuesday since the doctor is on vacation. 

That MRI should be used for a new form of torture.  Not that I believe in torture.  But if I did...  

First they sit me in a special chair that reclines.  Then they take my arm and with much pain, they make me put it out like a bird wing.  The arm goes in a MRI machine specially made for arms.  Then they put a weight on my hand.  My arm is laying down with my open hand facing up.  It is about 40 degrees in the room and they ran out of ear plugs.  My head is right next to the MRI machine.  It was as uncomfortable as I have been in an MRI machine.  That is saying a lot since I have had about 50 MRIs at least, in various incarnations.  Before this the worst was on my stomach getting a MRI biopsy.  Oh, it took about an hour.  Ugh.  The last film I ruined because I was shivering too much and I moved.  He got me some blankets at that point.

Anyway, it is over and now we wait.  He would not tell me anything.  But he made a noise when I explained my pain.  I took it to mean he had heard this before.

Until tomorrow...

Tuesday, January 22, 2019


Last evening a car parked in my red zone that allows me to enter and exit my driveway.  I put a note on their car that said "You are parked in a red zone.  It makes it very difficult for cars to exit both driveways.  In the future please do not park here or you will be towed.  Thank you."

I watched and a person drove up in another car, read the note and drove off.  It seemed like the owner read the note and decided to leave their car parked in the red zone.  Since I didn't know when they were coming back, I called the city to come tow the car.

Hours later my doorbell rang.  I ignored it.  I rang again.  I answered it and it was a guy confronting me about towing his car.  He said the note was a warning and he felt he could leave his car parked there.  Who was I to tow his car? 

I went inside and closed the door.  Don't worry I have a gate between me and anyone who visits (invited or not) and a very loud dog. 

It turns out he was a neighbor's friend.  The neighbor knew he had parked there.  It was him who came by and read the note and decided to leave his car parked blocking my driveway.  I called my neighbor and said why didn't you let me know and just move the car up a bit?  I wouldn't have towed it.  I didn't know who's car it was. 

My neighbor know's I tow cars that park in my driveway.  I tow about 5 - 10 cars a year.  It is a well known fact in the neighborhood.

Anyway, I don't think we are friendly neighbor's anymore.  She sounded pretty angry on the phone.  

People don't take responsibility for their actions.  He parked illegally.  I was within my rights to tow the car. 


Until tomorrow...

Monday, January 21, 2019


I got up early and got going. I had a lot to do today.

I had to return the broken frames I bought at Michael's. They didn't want to replace them at the same price. Oh, but they did.

Then off to return DVDs at the library.

Then to Pet Food Express or whatever it is called to buy pill pockets. They now make pill pockets for liquid medicines!! I bought some to try to use for the Medicine Battle with Lucky.  I also looked at diapers for Happi.

The vet called me when I got home and said I could stop giving Lucky the medicine since she seems better. I will have to try the pill pockets another time .

Until tomorrow...

Sunday, January 20, 2019


It is a nice day but I decided I wanted to stay inside and do a lot of nothing inside. I did laundry and some other stuff but I did it in my pajamas. I watched the new season of Grace & Frankie.

Until tomorrow...

Saturday, January 19, 2019


Today was the Women's March in my area.  I got myself ready and met some friends. We walked together.

One of the best signs:

I came home and took a bath and put on my pajamas.

Until tomorrow...

Friday, January 18, 2019


The rain has been falling for days. It can get depressing after a while of days and days of continuous rain. Today it finally stopped. The sun came out. It is supposed to be sunny all weekend. That will pick up my spirits and get me out of the house.

Until tomorrow...

Thursday, January 17, 2019


I took Lucky to the vet today. She acted perfectly fine. They checked her out. The doctor looked at the pictures of her bloody stool. They took a stool sample. They are testing her for Giardia and parasites. I will get the results tomorrow.

Meanwhile I have liquid Flagyl to give her twice a day. They wanted me to give her pills but I nixed that idea. She does not take pills well so liquid it is.

That started battle number 1. Getting her to take the medicine. I mixed it with her food and she would not eat the food. So I had to go to plan B. I got her cone and put it on. I held her cone and collar and when she growled I stuck her medicine in her mouth. It only took 20 min. Then she proceeded to spit it out all over the kitchen .

Oh goodness, 7 days of this!?

Until tomorrow...

Wednesday, January 16, 2019


Okay, I 'll be honest.  I don't like the new apparatus.  It is bulky and kind of hurts.  I can't type with it on.  It feels too big.  I wear it when I leave the house but at home, I am careful with my hand. 

I am just so happy to be able to do things again.  I can type and zipper.  I can wear real clothes.

I won't say my arm/elbow/wrist feels perfect.  It doesn't.  But it doesn't hurt enough to do anything about.  It is hard to tell if the pain in my arm is from wearing the cast or from the accident.  I guess time will tell. 

I went to pick up Happi's medicine and ran into her doctor.  He told me her blood and urine tests all were great!  He thinks she is peeing because her stomach/intestines are bothering her.  He says she has a form of IBS and it is bothering her so much that she is drinking a lot of water and peeing.  I know she is drinking a lot of water again because I hear/see it.  So it makes sense she would be peeing a lot.  The question is why and what can be done about it.  He gave me a new medicine to put in her food.  It is bitter and he said she may not like it. 

I fed her and she tried to eat around it but then she would have no food.  So she ate almost all of her food.  She left some.  Almost immediately she began having the most horrible gas.  I walked in the room and thought something died.  It was bad.  Plus her stomach was all upset, I could hear it rumbling and tumbling.  Poor thing.  I think we need to talk to the doctor tomorrow.  I hear her right now having a dream where she is running and her legs are moving.  So cute.

Well, it can't be a day in my house without another pet having problems.  Lucky didn't want to eat breakfast and then ate dinner.  Then she had bloody stools all over the house.  I called the vet and they said it was fine to bring her in tomorrow as long as she was not lethargic.  She is not lethargic.  I don't think we need to go to the ER tonight.  I am not sure what is wrong with her. 

Until tomorrow...

Tuesday, January 15, 2019


I went to the orthopedic surgeon today. He said he doesn't look like anything is broken. He took off that lovely cast. He said it looked okay. Then he touched the spot the ER doctor touched. I jumped. He touched it again. I jumped again.

The doctor said the is scaphoid bone and it could be fractured. It is hard to see that fracture on an x-ray. He put the thumb brace on my hand and said if it still hurts in a week I am to go back and get an MRI.

In the afternoon, we met with a new dog sitter. She is a friend of my friend S. She is super nice and we have tons in common. Lucky loved her, of course.  She said she would even take care of Sunny the bird.

Until tomorrow...

Monday, January 14, 2019


I am taking another day to recover.  I still feel a little tired and my arm hurts.  With this cast I can't do very much.  Here's a list of things I can't do:
  • tie my shoes
  • blow my nose
  • zip zippers
  • button my jeans
  • wear a coat
  • wear long sleeves
  • hold anything in my left hand
  • drive with two hands (I have a manual transmission)
  • sweep the floor
  • type with two hands on a computer
  • of course, take a shower
I know there is more but that is a short list. So I have to wear sweat pants, slip on shoes and short sleeves.  I have to wrestle to get my bra on.

Anyway, that is why I am staying inside.  Tomorrow is the doctor's appointment and hopefully he will give me good news and take this cast off.

Until tomorrow...