Sunday, November 22, 2015


Day 83.  Today was an interesting day.  I got a frame for the art I am framing.  I moved some pictures around.  I am getting ready for my relatives visiting in a few days.  I did some food shopping, laundry, etc.  Weekend work.

Then I ate some lunch and promptly fell asleep.  I was watching the Lego movie.  Every time I watch the Lego movie I fall asleep.  It is like Ambien for me.  Last time I was on the plane to Vegas and I was 8 minutes in and I dozed off.

I finally got some invoicing done.  I had promised myself I would do some invoicing this weekend.  My clients are starting to be concerned.  I have to get up to date.  This task sucks but I have to do it.

Until tomorrow...

Saturday, November 21, 2015


Day 82.  I have a friend!  R came over for the whole afternoon.  We hung out and had lunch/dinner.  We talked and then we watched a movie.  We had a technical glitch when I could not get the Roku working but we finally settled on watching an HBO movie from the 70's.  Pink Panther Strikes Again with Peter Sellers.  I forgot how funny those movies were.  It was fun to watch an old movie.

I spent the morning moving my TVs around.  I had my bigger TV (of course compared to the TVs other people have it is small) in my back room which is now my office.  I thought I would enjoy watching TV back there.  I realized that I didn't enjoy watching TV in that room and in the chair I have in that room.  So I wanted to move the big TV into the living room and put the smaller TV in the back office.

TV in the Living Room
TV in the back office on a new stand
I managed to lift the big TV on to that shelf by myself.  It was not easy!  I am really happy with the switch.  My friend enjoyed watching the movie on the larger TV.  Now we can sit on the couch and get comfortable.  Now I need a coffee table!!

Here is the photo of the empty pond.  It rained a bit so there is a little bit of water in the bottom.

Until tomorrow...

Friday, November 20, 2015


Day 81.  It is day eighty-one of the Happiness Project.  I am thinking of more changes in the house.  I am going to move my big TV into the living room.  I want to spend more time in the living room.  Make some fires in the fireplace before it gets outlawed.  Play some Wii.

Make my office more of an office.  I will put the littler TV in there.

I also decided to put the picture I got for my birthday in my bedroom instead of my office.  I think it will look better there.

Today I bought a Food Saver.  I have wanted to get a food saver for a long time.  Today Amazon had it on super sale.  I could not resist.  I am excited. 

I cleaned out my freezer and got rid of old and bad things.  It was a whole shelf of stuff.  It was freeing to get rid of that stuff.

Until tomorrow...

Thursday, November 19, 2015


Day 80.  Tonight a GIANT raccoon made a hole in our lattice fence.  I have been racking my brain trying to figure out what happened.  Raccoons don't usually make holes in fences unless they are trying to get to something.  This lattice fence covers a wire fence that is covered by ivy.  The only thing on the other side of the fence is a giant tree.  I have a theory.  Lucky, the little dog, was upstairs barking like someone was trying to break in.  So I think the raccoon was upstairs on the deck and it was trying to get down and it fell.  When it fell it landed on the fence.  The lattice broke it's fall.  It is old lattice and it would have cracked if a 20 pound animal landed on it from the second floor.  I looked out the window just as the raccoon was running away.  It was massive.  Probably the same size as Happi, the big dog, but with short legs.  Happi weighs 27 pounds.  Once I put the light on it scurried away.

But maybe not.  Maybe it just wanted to tear my fence apart.  Although I can't figure out why.  Maybe the fence was so old it crumbled when that obese raccoon try to climb it.  I don't know.  All I know is that I could not let the dogs out back all night.

I can't wait until it rains and the animals get some water and food and go back to where they came from.  This wilderness thing in my backyard is getting annoying.

Until tomorrow...

Wednesday, November 18, 2015


Day 79. Today I started making my holiday treats.  I am making Chocolate covered Bourbon infused Apricots.  Plus I am making Apricot infused Bourbon.  It takes 3 weeks to make this.

I put bourbon and Reisling and sugar in Mason jars.  I mixed it up.  Then I put the apricots in the jars.  Every day I shake the jars.  In three weeks I am going to strain the liquid.  I put the liquid into jars.  That is the apricot infused bourbon.  I will dry the apricots.  Then I will melt some chocolate and dip the apricots in the chocolate.  A perfect treat!  Chocolate bourbon infused apricots.  Don't they sound awesome!

Until tomorrow...

Tuesday, November 17, 2015


Day 78.  I took out my little camera and plugged it in to download pictures I took.  The pictures were gone.  this is the second time this happened.  Last time I dropped the camera and all the pictures disappeared.  But here is the strange part.  My Vegas pictures were gone but the pictures from when I dropped the camera were there.  Isn't that weird?  All 92 photos were there.  My Vegas photos are no where to be found.  I wonder if they will show up later on? 

Either there is something wrong with the camera or the SD card.  I think I will put in a new SD card and see what happens.

Luckily I took 50% of my photos between my phone and really good camera.  So I still have photos.

Until tomorrow...

Monday, November 16, 2015


Day 77.  Today is the day I go home.  Can't say I am upset.  This was a fun trip but I was happy to go home.

I had my last morning of vegan french toast.  I just love that french toast.  Yum!  Then I walked back from the Encore to Paris (another 1.5 miles) and met up with my family.  We did a family photo so we could save this moment for posterity.

Then I went shopping with one of my brothers and his wife.  I needed to buy my niece a birthday present.  I got her a very trendy present.  I would never have know to get her this if I had been shopping on my own.

Then it was time to go.  My flight was a little bumpy with all the wind.

My pups were so happy to see me.  Puppy kisses all around.

Until tomorrow...

Sunday, November 15, 2015


Day 76. Today was the day of the Rock-n-Roll Marathon.  No I am not running.  Turns out I didn't even watch.  But more about that later.

We went to the Wynn for breakfast and I had a vegan Huevos Rancheros.  Instead of eggs they use tofu.  It was really good.  I was starving after dancing for three hours the night before.  By the time we were done, they had started to close off the Strip.  They only close the Strip two times a year: New Year's Eve and for this Marathon.  We ended up having to walk from the Wynn to Paris.  About 1.5 miles.  We stopped to window shop and check out the Venician.  I bought a t-shirt. 

We got back and had a sorbet and it was the best sorbet I had in a long time.  Freshly made.  Then we rested.  We had been given two tickets to go to the top of the Eiffel Tower but the wind kicked up and they closed it. 

Do you see a trend here?  Closed attractions, missed opportunities, missed getting reservations, we were convinced that was the theme for the weekend!  Almost everything we wanted to do we could not do. We became giddy about it.  It made the weekend funny.

Then we started to get a funky odor in our room.  We had an odor over the weekend but now it was horrible!  It smelled like raw sewage.  I called and they said they would move our room.  Ugh!  We had 15 min to pack up all our stuff.  They sent someone to move us.  We were supposed to be watching my sister-in-law finish the marathon but now we had to throw our stuff in a suitcase and move up seven floors. 

We got a great room with an incredible view.  Our first room had a view of the neighboring hotels and the air conditioning unit.  Now we had a view of the pool, Paris bubble, Eiffel Tower, Bellagio fountains, the Strip.  Gorgeous!   We even slept with the curtains open to see the lights.

We went to dinner where I had one of the best dinners of the trip.  A vegetable tagine.  I wanted to pick up the tagine pot and lick the bowl.  I didn't. 

Then we went to our room to relax while we waited to go out again. The weather turned ugly; windy and sandy and cold.   We were going clubbing again.  My friend fell asleep.  I didn't want to go out alone.  I watched a movie for a while and then went to sleep.  So much for an exciting night! 

Until tomorrow...

Saturday, November 14, 2015


Day 75.  I ate vegan French Toast!  It tasted fantastic!

Yesterday was the French terrorist attack.  It was quite devastating.  The Vegas Eiffel Tower went dark in solidarity.  It happened while we were at dinner staring at the Eiffel tower.

We took a cab out to the Vegas Sign Graveyard but found out there were tickets and times you need to reserve.  It was an hour long tour.  We had somewhere to be so we could not stay.

Then we went to the Mandalay Bay Casino to see the Shark Tank and the line was crazy long.  Another $20 to see the sharks.  We decided to skip that too.  We had to meet the family for pizza (vegan for me) and family time.

Late on Saturday night we went to a club.  It was really cool.  The dance floor was on the roof under the Eiffel Tower.  We had a ton of fun.  I danced until the wee hours.

Until tomorrow...

Friday, November 13, 2015


Day 74. Today I flew to Las Vegas!  My siblings and I met up in Vegas to watch my sister-in-law run the Rock-n-Roll Marathon.  So far it has been a bit of a challenge to find vegan food.  I thought it would be much easier but I made a bit of an error by staying at the Paris Casino.  French food is nothing but cream and butter.  I found one vegan meal in all the restaurants in the casino.  I will have to get food elsewhere.

Tonight we went to see Zakara, a Cirque du Soleil.  It was good.  It is funny to see the performance on a little stage and not the touring production under the big top.  It is very different and smaller.

It was a long day since mine started at 4 am.  Night!

Until tomorrow...