Friday, February 17, 2017


I love shredding.  I don't like the action of shredding mostly because the shredder jams all the time.  I have to reverse the shredding action and then empty the shredder.  Because of our recycling rules, the shredding has to be in a paper bag and not loose in the recycling bin.  The problem is who has paper bags anymore?  So I have to find a paper bag and then empty the shredder so I can shred some more papers.

Today was the day I went to the shredding company.  I had 5 boxes of shredding.  Old bank statements, checks, taxes, work papers, etc.  All needed to be shredded.  I also had a hard drive from an old computer.  They are all in little pieces.  The guy at the shredding company is starting to recognize me since I have been there three times in the last three years.  We are both from the East Coast and currently live in the same area.  He is a very nice guy.  I have referred his company many times.

It feels great to get those boxes out of the house.  More things gone.  The next thing to get rid of is the e-waste.  I am glad I didn't get rid of it already since my new cordless keyboard is not working and I had to hook up my old keyboard.  Sometimes it is good to keep some of that old stuff around just in case.

Until tomorrow...

Thursday, February 16, 2017


I went to look at more profiles of children today.  We were told that foster/adopt profiles show up each week and we can go over and look at them.  I was in the area and I stopped by.  That is when I found out they meant I needed to call first and make an appointment and then stop by.  Not everyone understands the words "stop by" the same.

There were no new children that were right for me this time.  It is will just take patience.

Until tomorrow...

Wednesday, February 15, 2017


What a day!  I spent almost all day getting my computer up and running.  It is almost there.  I still can't figure out the keyboard but let's call this a victory!

At noon today there was a coyote walking down the street.  At noon.  I thought they were nocturnal animals.  So scary. 

I got a new door today.  It looks awesome! 

Until tomorrow...

Tuesday, February 14, 2017


Well, I finally turned on my new desktop computer. I was waiting for the right time. Today was it.

The first thing I wanted to do was install antivirus software.  That is when I realized my cordless keyboard is not working. I could not get the password to type in the box. Then it would type but it kept saying it was the wrong password. Ergh.

I finally went and got my old keyboard and plugged it in and voila!

I got a text from my neighbor asking if I wanted to come over for Chinese food for Valentine's Day.  I heated up some vegan food and headed over. It was a single persons Valentine's day. They had a bunch of food and desserts. There was great conversation and laughs. Considering I woke up and forgot it was Valentine's Day, I had a nice day.

Until tomorrow...

Monday, February 13, 2017


Do you have a sense of dread when  you wake up?  I don't mean about my RA but about what is happening in the news.  Last night 200,000 people were evacuated due to a dam cracking and potentially flooding the whole area.  Missiles being launched by North Korea.  Mudslides. Floods. Something everyday.

Just one day I would like to wake up and find no news alerts telling me something has happened.  Wouldn't that be nice??

Until tomorrow... 

Sunday, February 12, 2017


I finally got my heater installed downstairs.

Backstory: My bathroom was supposed to have radiant heat in the floor when it was constructed.  Due to a mistake by my contractor, the radiant heat doesn't work.  The bedroom is next to the bathroom and the bedroom has heat so the bathroom is not freezing.  The whole downstairs is about 10 degrees cooler than the rest of the house because it is basically underground.

Currently: On really cold and rainy days I use a radiator type space heater to make the downstairs warm.  Problem is I can't sleep with it on because they get very hot and they aren't safe.  I bought this new type of wall heater called an Envi.  It is safe because it never gets hot.  I don't have to worry about dogs or anything else burning themselves on it.

Today my neighbor came and installed it for me.  I turned it on and by the time I went to sleep it was toasty downstairs.  Not super hot but just enough to cut the freeze.  I could leave it on all night and it was cozy in my bathroom and bedroom.

Can't wait to go to bed tonight.

Until tomorrow...

Saturday, February 11, 2017


I participated in an event today where 5,000 people stood on a beach spelling out the word RESIST!  It was a lot of fun.  I had to get to the beach early to stand inside the outline of a letter.  I was in the base of the letter T.  There was a helicopter that came and took pictures.

Most of the time it was easy and fun.  The hardest part was when we had to kneel for about 15-20 minutes.  It felt like an hour.  My knees are not meant for kneeling.  My ankles and knees were in so much pain.  We were packed in so close that there was no where for me to go.  I just closed me eyes and thought of happy thoughts. When I stood up, it took a few moments for the blood to flow back to my feet.

I met some very nice women and we hung out the whole time.

In the evening I went to dinner with my friend S.  Thai food was just what I needed.  Yum!

Until tomorrow...

Friday, February 10, 2017


Today I got the results of my blood tests. My potassium has gone up. It is still low but not as low.  My Vitamin D is no existent. It is so low it doesn't register. I need to start taking Vitamin D. My Vitamin B is a bit low too.
I need to start taking vitamin B and vitamin D.
Until tomorrow...

Thursday, February 9, 2017


Don't you just love Drag Queen Bingo?!  What you haven't gone to Drag Queen Bingo?  Too Bad.  You are missing a fun time.  It is bingo with Drag Queens.  There are Drag Queen MCs.  There are Drag Queen Offs, where they dress two folks up as drag queens and have them lip sync (a la Rue Paul's show Rue Paul's Drag Race) for their life.  There are prizes given out and a silent auction. 

I had a super good time.  I had my sparkly daubber and I had 9 bingo sheets.  I tried to win a trip on a fire boat.  I ended up running into a woman from my Foster/adoption class.  We had a good time catching up.

Can't wait for the next Drag Queen Bingo!

Until tomorrow...

Wednesday, February 8, 2017


I went to see my primary doctor today.  But first I had a handyman come to do some work on my house.  He put in security lights on the front and back of the house.  He helped me fix the garbage disposal that had some weird odor.   He also made my doors so I could open them since they were bloated from the rain.  I am so happy.  I want to get so many things fixed.  You know how you get to a certain point that you can't take it anymore?  I was at that point.  I can handle one thing that doesn't work, or two things that don't work but when it gets to 10 things that don't work, I start to have a melt down.

Then I went to my primary doctor.  First I was told I have tennis elbow. Funny I don't play tennis!  He heard what happened when I had the heart palpitations and then in the ER.  Then I told him my opinion that I was not dehydrated and that there was something else wrong.  He looked at the medical records from the ER and low and behold, the tests showed I was not dehydrated.  Ha!  I was low on potassium.

The doctor sent me out for some blood tests to see what else is going on.  He thinks there is something else going on.  I think he will get to the bottom of it.  He did give me some good advice: If the heart racing happens again, lay down.  I don't want to fall and get a concussion or knock out my teeth.

Until tomorrow...