Monday, November 13, 2017


View from the hotel
View from the hotel
I got up at the crack of dawn, ate some food, finished packing and got in the car.  I had an hour drive to get to the airport.  I also needed to get gasoline for the rental car.  I got to the airport and there was not one gas station along the way.  I had to go on a search for gasoline.  I finally found a station and filled up.  Then back to the airport and turned in the rental car.  I lugged my luggage to check in.  That is where the waiting began.  It is such a small airport that only one airline flies to it and it closes until the first flight takes off.  So I waited. And waited.  And waited.  I also found out the only bathroom is outside the TSA checkpoint so be sure you pee before you go through TSA.  The dilemma is how do you pee when you can’t leave your luggage alone or leave it with a stranger.  We asked the TSA agent what to do and he said “leave it with someone to watch.”  I am sure the TSA Director would love to hear that piece of information.  Finally they opened the desk and checked people in and took their luggage.  I could go pee and then go through TSA.  Both of my carry-on bags were pulled aside for further examination.  Turns out that protein bars show up on the x-ray machine as something that could possibly be an explosive.

View from the sky
Both flights we fine and I got home.  The dogs were happy to see me.  It was raining.  I was so happy to be home.  

Until tomorrow...

Sunday, November 12, 2017


Today was hiking day.  I booked a 2 hour hike with a guide.  I was most looking forward to this.  No talking about anything.  The guide took me to a valley and we walked and looked up to the red rocks.  The strangest thing is that there is no wildlife (come to my house!)  He says at night there is tons of wildlife because they are nocturnal.  We talked about the fauna, geology, history, life and other stuff. After an hour hike in the valley, we hiked up to a lookout point and saw the whole rim of the red rocks (we call them mountains) around Sedona.  


 I went to Uptown to finish my shopping.  I went back to the hotel and walked to Whole Foods and got a sandwich.  That Whole Foods deli is awesome.  

My reiki guide ended up being my medicine wheel guide in the afternoon because the other guy quit.  So we already knew each other.  A medicine wheel is how they close out the whole weekend.  It is where you set your intentions for moving forward.  A medicine wheel is an Indian tradition.  The rocks symbolize the different time of a life.  You think about your intentions while you walk around the wheel.   I also walked the labyrinth that was there.  

Medicine Wheel
 I treated myself to a dinner at another restaurant that had good vegan food in another part of town called Tlaquepaque then I went home to pack.

Until tomorrow...

Saturday, November 11, 2017


Today there is no hiking.  Today was all about my head.  The morning session was using Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy. (The treatment is focused on supporting the health of the whole being, especially the nervous system.)  I lay on a table and the healer held my ankles.  I was supposed to relax.  One of the running themes this whole weekend was that I am unable to relax.  I need to find a way to relax.  I am aging myself by not being able to relax.  It is also not healthy being "on" all the time.  I found the therapy quite interesting.

Then I had another break and I went in search of food and shopping.  I had made a plan to buy certain items while I was there.  Unfortunately, Uptown has a lack of vegan food so I had to settle for a salad and French fries.  Not too nutritious.  

Snoopy Rock Uptown Sedona
The afternoon session was a bit of a bust.  The lady was a hypnotherapist.  I found out I cannot be hypnotized.  She had set the scene and was doing her thing.  I was feeling nothing and about 25 minutes in I interrupted her and said I am not feeling anything.  I thought she would be, maybe not happy I said something but interested.  But no, she had an annoyed/mad tone in her voice that I stopped her.  She said "now I have to start over".  I said just start where you left off.  She started up again.  She went for 15 minutes more and said “you see the tree right?”  I said NO.  She said What?  I said this is doing nothing for me.  She seemed annoyed again but recovered quickly.  She started doing another thing and it ended nicely.  So much for that.

I went to a great restaurant that had a ton of vegan food.  I got three items and the waitress said “are you sure you can eat that much?”  I said don’t worry about me.  I went back to my room and went to bed.

Until tomorrow...

Friday, November 10, 2017


Okay, you may think I am crazy but a mountain lion was captured less than a mile from my home on Thursday night.  I know what I heard.  That growl was fierce.  I think he was after my neighbor’s chickens.  Yes, you heard right coyotes, mountain lions, chickens.  A regular zoo.  Thank goodness Happi is okay.  

I woke up early here in Sedona to go to the continental breakfast.  I didn’t eat it but I used their facility.  I brought my food.  At 8 am the retreat guide came to pick me up.  My first two sessions were explaining the vortex experience and teaching me about my chakras up in the red rocks.  It was a short hike up Cathedral rock. The guide asked me why I was there and what I wanted to accomplish.  He talked about my soul and spirituality.  Then we began to open up my chakras.  At first I was unable but then I figured it out and voila!  

Joy getting her Chakras read
I had a break and I went to Uptown and did a little shopping and ate a burger and then to the room to take a short nap.  I was still pretty tired.  After my nap, I had my next session which was another short hike up the red rocks where I had reiki.  I had originally cancelled this session but then called back and rescheduled it.  Reiki is where a reiki master or healer, puts their hands on you and transfers their energy.  It was interesting and I am glad I did it.  

Joy getting Reiki
  When I got back from Reiki I took a bath in the hotel bathtub and put on my pajamas and fell asleep after watching some TV.  The time is all messed up in Arizona.  Each county is on a different time zone and CBS and NBC start night time TV at 7pm but ABC and other channels start at 8pm so it is impossible to figure out what to watch on the TV.  

Until tomorrow…

Thursday, November 9, 2017


At 2:15 am I let Happi out to pee before I caught my flight to Arizona.  While she was peeing, I heard a deep growl somewhere high like up in a tree or on a fence.  I grabbed my supersoaker and started spraying the area with water.  I rushed her inside.  The growl was like the type you hear in the big cat section in the zoo.  We have coyotes but it didn’t sound like a coyote.  We have raccoons but it didn’t sound like a raccoon.  

I filed it away and finished packing and went to the airport.  I discussed it with my taxi driver.  There had been a mountain lion sighting a ways away but that would have been a far way to travel.  I warned my dog sitter and that was that. 

I arrived in Flagstaff, Arizona after a quick change of planes in Phoenix.  I am in Sedona for a vortex healing retreat.  When I got to Flagstaff, I decided that since my hotel room was not available until 4pm I would drive to The Grand Canyon.  I had been there 25 years ago when I drove across the country by myself. 

Well, the Grand Canyon has not changed.  It looks exactly the same.  The only difference is that it costs $30 now to see it.  I hear come January 1, it will cost $70 so I guess I got a bargain! After walking around the south rim and Mather point, I got back in my car and drove to Sedona.  

I got to my hotel at exactly 4pm for check in.  It was a lovely Best Western.  I was now starving.  One of the best attributes of this hotel was the shuttle.  Their shuttle would drive you anywhere on the half hour.  Sedona is broken up into four sections: Uptown (which should be called downtown), West Sedona, Tlaquepaque and another I can’t remember.  I went to Uptown to get some food.  Uptown has a bunch of shops that sell t-shirts and tchotchke ( you know do-dads, key rings, crystals, jewelry, etc.).  It also has some restaurants.  I found a pizza place that had vegan pizza.  It was the flat crust kind.  I ate the whole pie.  I had not eaten a meal in 14 hours.  I was starving.  I went back to the hotel and went to sleep.  It has been a long day.

The view from my hotel
 Until tomorrow…