Monday, August 31, 2015


I have needed a new phone for about 9 months.  I have watched my phone die a little bit each day.  The battery now only lasts until 3:30pm and that is only getting emails, texts and an occasional phone call. 

Nine days ago I decided to buy a new phone a Droid Turbo.  I called up my cellphone carrier and purchased one over the phone.  Since it was Friday it was to be delivered on Monday.  I have a PO Box so I had it sent to the box.  Fed Ex delivers to PO Boxes.  I thought it was weird that I didn't get a message saying that I got a package on Monday.  Tuesday I went to the Post Office to pick up my package because Fed Ex said it was delivered and Howard signed for it.  The PO said there was no Howard that worked there.  There was also no package.

I went home and called Fed Ex.  They said they would track down the driver and ask who he delivered it to.  I waited another day to hear back.  Wednesday Fed Ex said they couldn't track down the driver so I needed to call my cellphone company and report it missing.  I called and gave a long report.  They said it would take 48 hours for the report to go through before I could order a new cellphone.  WHAT?!  Ugh. 

Thursday I got home late from work and there was a message from the PO saying they found the package.  Howard was a temporary employee's last name.  She worked there on Monday and took the package and put it somewhere no one could find it.  She worked on Thursday and she gave it to her supervisor.  They called me.

Friday I went down to the PO and picked up the package.  I came home and called my cellphone company.  They said they had already contacted Fed Ex and I have already received the refund to my account.  He said I may not have to pay for the cellphone.  I am sure this is not true but it was fun to think about for a few minutes. 

Saturday I called to activate my new fancy cellphone and after being on the phone for one hour, it was a bust.  The back up took forever and I am not sure everything backed up. Then the activation failed.  What?  Ugh.  I have to call back in 24 hours.

Sunday.  I called exactly 24 hours from the last phone call.  The guy seemed not to sure of himself and made me nervous.  But after one hour of various "Can you hold please?" and "I have to consult with someone."  He finally got it to work.  Part of the backup was a fail.  But I am trying it again. 

I am 75% happy with the transfer, which for me is pretty good.  Last time I switched phones it was miserable and I was probably 20% happy.  So we are moving in the right direction. 

I want to buy a shield protector and case so I will protect it.  I seem to have good experiences with them.  Also a car charger.  Good thing to have in a earthquake!  As long as you have gasoline you can charge your phone.

Until tomorrow...

Sunday, August 30, 2015


Today I was out back with Happi and I looked at my white birch tree.  It looked different.  What was different?  I couldn't tell at first but then I noticed a little round of birch tree on the ground.  I went down and looked around the tree.  There was a fresh cut where a branch had been.  Someone cut a branch off!  It was a big branch too.  (Birch trees do not have thick branches)  It was about 3" in diameter.  It was cut off right at the trunk of the tree. 

I was really mad.  It is fine to cut the branch where it is going over into your yard but you can't cut the branch all the way into my yard.  I marched over to the neighbor's house.  They are renters and rang their door bell.  They explained it was the owner who hired the landscaper and I needed to contact him. 

I sent the owner an email.  He has been my neighbor for 10 years until he moved away and rented his place. 

I am still pretty mad.  I will look tomorrow and see if any more damage was done. 

Until tomorrow...

Saturday, August 29, 2015


Today is the letter Z for my Travel Blogging Challenge.  Today is the last day of the Travel Blogging Challenge.  I have reached the letter Z.  The countries that begin with the letter Z are:


Both counties have wonderful things to see.  

Zimbabwe has Victoria Falls, the largest waterfall in the world and Zambezi National Park.  Zimbabwe is also where Cecil the Lion was shot and killed.

Zambia also has Victoria Falls, since it is on the boarder of the two countries and South Luangwa National Park.

I would love to visit either of these countries.  Seeing animals in the wilderness.

Well, back to writing about other things!  

Until tomorrow...

Friday, August 28, 2015


Today is the letter Y for my Travel Blogging Challenge.  Well, the only country with the letter Y is Yemen.  Yemen.  What do I know about Yemen?  Not much.  I think it is in the Middle East.  It is a desert country.  It has oil.  It is democratic.  It is small.  It is on the water.  That is it.

Here are the actual facts: Yemen is an Arab country in Southwest Asia.  It is bordered by Saudi Arabia to the north, the Red Sea to the west, the Gulf of Aden and Arabian Sea to the south, and Oman to the east.  Sorghum is the most common crop.  They have large oil production.

So I know very little about Yemen.  I am not anxious to visit there any time soon. 

Until tomorrow...

Thursday, August 27, 2015


Today is the letter X for my Travel Blogging Challenge.  Okay, I give.  There is no country with the letter X.  

Since there is no country with the letter X, I will write about a place I want to visit that I have not already.


I want to visit Germany.  My family background is German and I would like to visit Germany to see it.  I remember when the wall came down between East and West.  There are many places to see like the Rhine, Cologne, Dresden, Neuschwanstein Castle, Munich, and Berlin.  

Okay, Germany goes on the places to visit list.

Until tomorrow...

Wednesday, August 26, 2015


Today is the letter W for my Travel Blogging Challenge.  It is very interesting.  There are differing lists for Countries starting with the letter W.  

West Bank
Western Sahara
Wallis and Futuna
Western Samoa
Wake Island
White Russia (Belarus)
West Papua

Some of these are not even countries!  The rest I don't want to visit.  Western Sahara?  It is a in a war.  Not interested.  Wallis and Futuna?  Not even sure there is a hotel on the island.  Wa?  Isn't even a country.  Wales?  Isn't a country in its own right, it is part of the UK.  

So I give.  On some sites, there are no countries starting with the letter W.  I give.  I will not be visiting a country with the letter W.  I just can't do it.  

Until tomorrow...

Tuesday, August 25, 2015


Today is the letter V for my Travel Blogging Challenge.  I would like to visit Vietnam.  I have always had a fascination with Vietnam since I was a child.  I grew up during the Vietnam war.  Like many of you my family would watch the evening news with Walter Cronkite and see the stories about the Vietnam War and the protests.  That is how I grew up.  Yes, with my TV Dinners! 

Then my community sponsored Vietnamese refugees.  My family became very close with many of the refugees.  I was a pre-teen so I spent a lot of time with them teaching them English, culture, and finding out about Vietnam.  I was enthralled with their stories.  How they escaped.  That they were in the military.  Where they lived.  It was all so interesting.  People who were different from me and lived in a far away country.  I lived in a community where we had a family from India next door, a family who escaped the Shah in Iran, a family who escaped Czechoslovakia.  It was a multi-ethnic community. I loved it.  I was such a curious kid.

I still have the Vietnamese currency given to me by the Vietnamese refugees.  It is worthless but a great keepsake.  Their money is so pretty.  Colorful with great designs.  Not boring green and with President heads like ours.

I also love Vietnamese food.  I hear the country is beautiful.  I want to see the War Remnants Museum, Paradise Cave, Hanoi , Ho Chi Minh City, Cu Chi tunnels, and Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park.  So much to see in Vietnam. 

I think this country should go on my list of countries to visit.

Until tomorrow...

Monday, August 24, 2015


Today is the letter U for my Travel Blogging Challenge. I have been to the United Kingdom.  I lived in the UK for 6 months in college, I went to the UK when I was 16, and I went to the UK when my mother got married.  

The first time I went to the UK I was 16 and I went with my Dad and his wife.  It was a fun trip.  I went to fancy dinners, plays, and stayed at a fancy apartment in a hotel.  It was all so glamorous.  

The second time was when my mother got married while I was in college.  She wanted my father to take the kids away for her honeymoon.  So my dad and his wife took us to England for two weeks.  We were on a houseboat on the River Thames for a week.  It was great fun.  I was in a bikini on the roof with a book the whole time.  My brother and I colored our hair purple for our trip home.

The third time was when I went to college for a semester in London.  Living there was such fun.  I originally lived with a family. It was supposed to be the "British experience" but it was not for me.  The couple was American and Sri Lankin.  It was not a British experience.  It was a weird experience.  I moved in with a business associate of my father's who owned a townhouse she rarely used.  I basically had a whole townhouse to myself.  The floor I had was not completely finished but what did I care?  I was living in Sloane Square in London.  I was living large on my student stipend.  

I got to travel many places: Belgium, Italy, France, Netherlands, Wales, and Scotland.  I was very lucky.  

Until tomorrow...

Sunday, August 23, 2015


Today is the letter T for my Travel Blogging Challenge. I would like to visit Turks and Caicos Islands.  I saw a program once and the people went to Turks and Caicos and it looked like a tropical paradise.  It is about 600 miles east-southeast of Miami. 

Sitting on a beach, hearing the waves come in, with the soft breeze blowing.  Sand between my toes, a book in my hands and an umbrella drink sitting on the table.  That is my idea of a vacation.  This is how I think Turks and Caicos will be.  

This is what I need.  Maybe I will go visit Turks and Caicos.  It sounds wonderful.

Until tomorrow...


Saturday, August 22, 2015


Today is the letter S for my Travel Blogging Challenge.  I want to visit Sweden. Why Sweden? For a few reasons. 

1. I am 1/4 Swedish. My grandfather's family on my mothers side is from Sweden. That makes me want to visit and see Sweden. My mother has been there a few times and done some family tree research. 

2. When I went to school in London, the home stay family I lived with had a Swedish au pair. The au pair and I have kept in touch for 30 years.  Wow has it been 30 years!!  I would love to see her again. I would like to meet her family too. 

3. Sweden is supposed to be a lovely country.  The Vasa Museum in Stockholm, Gothenburg, the ABBA museum, castles, bridges, canals.  So much to see. 

Maybe some day I will get to see Sweden. 

Until tomorrow...