Monday, December 11, 2017


I tried to make shortbread cookies tonight.  The batter is dry and "sandy" but it tastes very good.  I am not sure what to do.  I read somewhere I should put a tablespoon or so of water to the batter until it pulls together.  I will try that tomorrow.  I have the batter in the refrigerator.

I am really excited to make vegan shortbread cookies.  

Until tomorrow...

Sunday, December 10, 2017


Today was the neighborhood potluck.  I brought the chocolate bark that I made yesterday.

It was a hit.  Everyone said it was good.  It is always fun to go to these neighborhood events and meet up with folks I usually just say hi to on the street.

Update on Happi:  I seem to see a change in Happi that is good.  I took Happi in a walk for the first time since she had her dental work.  She did great.  Her back legs did not tremor at all.  She wanted to sniff everything.  She drank a bunch of water.  I am really hopeful that she is recovering from the past weeks and months of tremors, stuffy breathing, teeth chattering, chills, sleeplessness and listlessness. 

Until tomorrow...

Saturday, December 9, 2017


I spent the day with my friend's foster son.  First we went for burritos and bird food.  Then we got the ingredients to make Chocolate Bark.  I am going to a potluck tomorrow and need to take something with me and I decided to take Bark.  I thought it would be a fun activity for us to do together.  We each made our own flavor.  E was in charge of melting the chocolate and we each prepared our ingredients.  I was in charge of getting the parchment paper ready on the baking sheets.

E's bark is a peppermint candy cane bark.  I had a taste and it was good.

My bark is a craisin and pistachio bark.  It tastes AWESOME!  It should be a hit tomorrow.

Until tomorrow...

Friday, December 8, 2017


My new dog walker did the nicest thing today.  I came home and he cleaned all the dog poop from my backyard.  The other day I noticed that there didn't seem to be the same amount of poop in the backyard but I thought I was hallucinating.  Then today all the poop was gone. I felt bad because I was supposed to clean up the poop last night since it was trash night but I was at the protest pretty late and it was dark. 

I texted him to ask him if he did it and he said he has a magic spray to make the poop disappear.  He is very funny.

He needs a special holiday present!

Until tomorrow...

Thursday, December 7, 2017


I took Happi to another veterinary appointment.  I am very worried that this teeth chattering is getting better but it is not going away.  I have done some research but I can't figure it out.  The other symptoms she had (shivering, tremors) went away.  She is still licking but not like she was.  Her mouth seems dry but her nose is wet.  She is yawning and teeth chattering periodically.  This new doctor thinks her stomach is bothering her.  We now have her on Flagyl and something to calm her stomach that I have to give her 1/2 hour before she eats.  I said I would give this a try and see if it does any thing.  He says those symptoms can be a sign of pain and he is thinking that the drugs upset her stomach.  She has been having strong (run you out of the room) gas for weeks.

I went to a Net Neutrality protest today.  In case you have not heard, Net Neutrality is the thing that keeps the internet free.  Everyone has access.  No Internet Service Provider can slow it down.  Keep the internet free.

Until tomorrow...

Wednesday, December 6, 2017


I visited my new eye doctor today.  I stopped going to my old eye doctor of many years because he was not covered by my insurance.  Because I take Plaquinel, I have to see an eye doctor every six months.  This was getting expensive.  After paying $800 in six months, I decided I could not see my old eye doctor anymore. They were not willing to work a deal with me.  I had to go.

I found an eye doctor in my insurance who was very nice.  They did all the same tests.  The only thing that they found was that I have baby cataracts.  Ugh.  He said that was good, I would not have to wear glasses anymore.  Looking on the bright side?

Other than that my eyes looked good.

Happi slept with me and ground/chattered her teeth twice. I decided that I was calling the vet in the morning and see if I can get a cancellation appointment first thing in the morning.

Until tomorrow...

Tuesday, December 5, 2017


Happi is looking so much better.  Her legs are no longer trembling.  She is walking better.  No chills.  The only part that keeps happening is the teeth chattering at night and the licking her lips.

I did some research about opioids and dogs.  Although some doctors say dogs do not get addicted to opioids, there are some doctors who believe animals do get addicted to opioids.  After this experience, I believe dogs do get addicted.  She is certainly acting like she is coming down off some kind of drug.  Not being able to sleep, licking her lips, chattering teeth, having a hard time walking.

I just want my baby back.

I went to the Jonathan Richman concert tonight.  It was great.  He used to be my neighbor and I miss seeing him and his wife and their dog Dexter around the hood.  They are such fun people.  He will be coming out with a new album soon.  

Until tomorrow...

Monday, December 4, 2017


For quite some time now Happi has been trembling. Her back legs will tremble when we go for a walk. Then during her dental problems, she has been having neck/head trembling and her teeth have been chattering. 

Yesterday I did some research on all her medications and the side effects. I found out Tramadol has tremors as a side effect. When I asked the doctors no one told me this could be a problem.
Yesterday I stopped giving Happi the Tramadol. I gave her another pain killer instead. She slept like a baby for the first time in weeks maybe more than a month.

Today I did not give her the Tramadol and gave her the other pain killer. Still no tremors. No teeth chattering. She is laying there snoring.

I started my new gig today.  It is going to be good.

Until tomorrow...

Sunday, December 3, 2017


At 5 am this morning I had to take Happi to the emergency room. She was licking her lips, shaking her head and nashing her teeth all night. She could not sleep and neither could I.

I tried to stick my finger in her mouth and she cried.  That was when I put my clothes on and jumped in the car.  At the ER the doctor was stymied.  He thinks the stitches from her tooth extraction is rubbing against her cheek and has irritated her. The doc spent a lot of time sitting on the floor thinking out loud trying to figure it all out.  There does not seem to be anything that answers why she is acting this way.  I am supposed to take Happi to her regular vet on Monday. At least I know she is okay. 

I got home and went back to bed. My mind was still thinking about what the doc told me. It had to be something else. When I got up I started googling things. I started to Google side effects for her medications. She has been taking a medication called Tramadol.  When she started taking it I asked if there were any side effects and I was told it is really safe and she can take it for a long time with no issues. Since I have heard this before, I should not have believed it. But I did. She has not only been taking it, I have been increasing her dosage due to this dental procedure.

At multiple doctor appointments I have mentioned that Happi has developed these tremors. They just started a few months ago. She has had them in her legs. I was told older dogs get them.  I have been suspect since they just appeared one day. Usually these things gradually appear. 

One of the side effects of Tramadol is tremors. Here I have been increasing Happis dosage. She is trembling in her legs, face and mouth. I immediately stopped giving her the pain killer. I began giving her another pain killer that knocks her out. Let's see if my instinct is correct. 

Until tomorrow...

Saturday, December 2, 2017


Happi is still doing the chattering thing with her teeth and is licking her lips.  I have to leave her to go to a potluck for the foster/adopt agency.  I am worried about her. I gave her the medicine and she is going to sleep.

This morning there was a giant car accident that caused a back up on the freeway.  I was debating whether to go to the potluck since the freeway was backed up for hours.  I decided to go and had a great time.  My friends J and G were there with their foster some E.  We hung out.  I saw my social worker and we talked about me getting a foster kid.  She said some kids have come across her desk but she declined them for me.  She wants me to get a kid just right for me.

I know you want to know what I brought: Mexican Bean Salad.  It was a hit!

The ride back home was not as bad as I thought it would be.

Until tomorrow...