Thursday, July 31, 2014


Today I went to see my breast cancer doc. I don't have breast cancer but I have breast cancer in my family. So I have to be checked constantly.  For some reason I fell off the docs radar.  Suddenly last week I realized I had not been for a mammogram or MRI for at least a year.  Today I went to see what was going on.  With the new ACA healthcare, the appointment was only a co-pay and I don't need any approval for a mammogram.

I walked away with an appointment for a mammogram tomorrow morning.  Then I will be having a MRI once it gets approved by The-Insurance-Company-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.   This will get me back in track.

When I had my breast cancer scare a few years ago my friend bought me a tiara. I wear it everytime I go for a breast test.  It keeps me safe. The Power of the Tiara.

My dinner was very filling tonight. Delicious!

Tofu with tomato sauce, salad, sautéed spinach, roll, and grapes.

I rode the stationary bike for 10 miles on level 3 in one hour.

Until tomorrow...

Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Last week I went to see my RA doc and she sent me to get a blood test. The test ran a bunch of different tests: CBC, B12, thyroid, blood glucose, etc.  Friday the doc called to give me the results. The first thing she told me was that my blood glucose level was quite high.  Normal is between 70-99.  I had a 103.  Between 100-124 is pre-diabeties.  Over 125 is diabeties.

In order to officially come to a diagnosis of pre-diabeties, there would be more testing involved.   The doc told me although she is concerned, my levels have never been this high before, in fact my levels are usually around 80.  My doc told me that she would retest me in September and in the meanwhile I should exercise, lose weight and change my eating habits.

That was all I needed to hear. I spent the weekend  researching meal plans for vegans with pre-diabeties.  No problem.  Food-check.

Exercise-I have been riding the stationary bike 10 miles 3-4 times per week. I will step that up.  Exercise-check.

Lose weight. It is Wednesday and I have already lost almost 2 pounds. Losing weight-check.

I got this!

Here is a photo of my dinner.

There is a whole method to eating vegan with diabeties. "They" say it is the best way to bring down  blood glucose levels.  The method is all about exchanges: starch, fruit, milk, vegetable, protein, and fat. Each meal has a certain amount of calories and grams of carbohydrates.  I will eat 60 grams for both breakfast and dinner and 45 grams for lunch. Each of the three snacks have 15-30 grams. To get ready for this new method of eating, I had to make a large trip to the supermarket.  So far the food has been good. Tonight I had one grilled portobello mushroom, 1/2 sweet potato (although I used a yam) that I grilled,  1/2 cup wilted chard, 5 chunks of pineapple in juice (not syrup), 1/2 cup of tofu, and I threw in a few baby tomatoes from a neighbors garden.  Tonight I get 5 Nilla wafers and 1/4 cup grapes for a snack.  For lunch I had a wrap with lettuce, radishes, cabbage, Musturd, and fake chicken. Musturd is a free condiment.  Yippee!

I know this will be a shock for some of you as it was for me. But I am fine. I have figured it out and if it doesn't straighten itself out, well, that is the way it is. As they say, it is what it is.

I rode the stationary bike for 10 miles today on level 3 for 1 hour.

Until tomorrow...

Tuesday, July 29, 2014


I have been going to physical therapy and that is going well. She tortures me for 45 minutes but it feels better afterward.  I saw the doc and she gave me a two thumbs up on my progress. I have the option of going to see a pain doctor if I want.

I have been riding the stationary bike about three times a week and walking about two times a week.

I have graduated from two crutches to one crutch to a cane. Sometimes I don't use the cane. I mostly use it to keep folks away from my foot on mass transit of on long walks.

Overall it is improving. The progress is slow. That is the foot update.

Rode the stationary bike for 10 miles in one hour on level 3.

Until tomorrow...

Monday, July 28, 2014


All I wanted to do tonight was watch some TV.  Not too much to ask, right? The dogs were not cooperating.  At about 9:00 pm I let Lucky out back. She went on a tear. I guess something had been fishing or swimming in the pond. I saw in the wet marks on the edge of the pond. Lucky heard whatever it was run away. It went crashing through the ivy nod bushes with little Lucky in hot pursuit.  I gave her a minute to chase it away and then I tried to get that unruly dog to come inside.  That was futile.  The best I could do was make sure the big dog Happi didn't get outside too. I have a hard time wrangling two of them.  I put my shoes on and grab a flashlight.  After Lucky I go. I chase her to the left, she runs to the right. I go to the right, she darts to the left. She is small, fast and  cunning. But I have treats. After a few minutes I finally catch her with a treat. I hustle her inside and grab both dogs.

Time to leash them and take them out front.  This means a more involved situation. When we had our construction project, Happi was trained to walk out front and pee in the street at night. She knew there was no walk at late at night.  Now both dogs only have to go out front at night on special occasions.  They are really good about it.

I will probably never know what critter was in the backyard. I just hope it moves along.

Until tomorrow...

Sunday, July 27, 2014


Today I spent the afternoon working on the pond. First I cut back the plant life. The plants have been growing like crazy.  Then I cleaned out the pond filter. I took about a pint of goop out of the pond filter. To tell the truth the goop is the best fertilizer ever.  The goop from the bottom of a pond is like gold.  I put it under all my plants. My lemon tree LOVES it.  Then I put my new filters and charcoalilter.  It has been ages since I changed my filter.  The fish will be so happy.  Then a quick check of the pump to make sure that is clear and we are good to fill it up.  The water level was so low due to water restrictions, I haven't filled it up in awhile.   Ten minutes later the pond looks great. I feed the fish and sit down to enjoy my work.  

My neighbor stopped by to tell me how much he is enjoying the cleared out backyard. He is also willing to have a tree guy come and discuss the tree branch that leans over into my yard. I know I can legally cut it down but I wanted to discuss it with him first. Since it is a whole 1/3 of his tree, I wanted him to feel comfortable. We have to live together for a long time. 

Until tomorrow...


Today I took Lucky and walked to the post office.  It was a beautiful day.  The bottom piece for Roomba came in the post.  I was excited to get Roomba working again. Enough of this hanging around!

I took off the old piece and put on the new piece. Wait.  It didn't fit.  The screws didn't screw in.  Well, that won't work.  I was horribly disappointed.  I miss Roomba.  Monday I will have to call customer service again.

Until tomorrow...

Friday, July 25, 2014


Today it was hot I was unable to do much. It was the kind of hot it rarely gets in this area.  Everyone was miserable.

Until tomorrow...