Sunday, January 25, 2015


I finally decided to return the sheets I bought from Amazon.  The color of one set was a weird lime green and both sets were not very soft.  I decided that buying sheets online is probably not a good idea.  I think there are some items that can't be bought online.  Sheets are one of them.  You need to feel the softness of the sheets and see the actual color.  Plus, online sheets don't always sell extra pillow cases and I have four pillows.

I am very happy with my new sheets so far.  They are environmentally friendly and made out of Tencel.  I tried to buy bamboo sheets but I had a hard time finding some.  We had bamboo sheets before and loved them.  They are so soft.  I hope the tencel sheets are just as soft.

I can't wait to put them on the bed!

Until tomorrow...

Friday, January 23, 2015


Today I went to Target and Kohl's and bought some clothes that fit.  I am tired of having all my clothes fall off my body and having to use a belt to cinch my pants around my waist.  I know it is a good problem to have!  I just don't want to buy very many clothes because I don't plan to stay this weight and I don't want to buy clothes that I grow out of in a few months.

I bought three pairs of pajamas.  I won't be growing out of those.  Even if I lose more weight, I can't possibly fit in a smaller size because the pants will be too small.  My current pajamas are so huge that if I don't tie the waist, they fall right off my body.  The top looks like I could fit another person in with me.

I also bought one pair of jeans, a cute shirt, and a shirt to replace a Christmas present that someone gave me that was way too big. 

Until tomorrow...

Thursday, January 22, 2015


I met with my nutritionist today and he was so happy to see that I lost 24 pounds.  We talked about the possibility of me losing 8 more pounds in the next  three months.  It took me six months to lose the 24 pounds and he thinks I could possibly lose the 8 pounds by the end of April if I exercise more.  He said the more I lose, the harder it will be to lose more because I will have less to lose.  Less fat to burn so it makes it harder to lose weight.

I still feel like I have weight to lose so I am staying positive.  Each pound is like a weight coming off.  I now know how they feel on Biggest Loser!

Until tomorrow...

Wednesday, January 21, 2015


This is an update post:

I have taken her off all medication and she seems better.  The behavior doc wants to put her back on the meds but I don't think this is a good idea.  I wish the meds had worked but they made her worse.  All the shaking made me stressed out.

My stitches are out and the incision is almost healed all the way.  Some of you are nervous that the incision was still bleeding.  The Doc wanted me to keep it covered in order to keep the cut from scabbing over.  A scab could mean cracking and infection.  That was the thing we didn't want.  By keeping it covered at all times the incision would not scab up. It has finally stopped bleeding. 

I have been feeling very good.  I am nervous saying this.  It has been two months since an accident or illness.  I am waiting for something to happen. Is that bad?  It is that time of the year and with this crazy weather and everyone being sick or just getting over being sick or about to be sick, I guess I am due.

I get my second flu shot this week.  I know it isn't very effective this year but I don't take any chances.  I think any think is better than nothing. 

Until tomorrow...

Tuesday, January 20, 2015


I was with a group of people today that could not come to a decision.  It was frustrating to see it happen but at the same time I could understand.  It was just hard to see it all take place.  Adults acting like school children.  "Do what I say or I am taking my toys and going home!"

Underneath it all, we are all children at heart and some times act like it.  It is just sad that others get caught in the crossfire.

Until tomorrow...

Monday, January 19, 2015


I can not believe I paid $2.36 for a gallon of gasoline today.  To fill my little car it took $20.27.  I filled my car for less than $30.00.  Can you believe a gallon of gas costs less than a Starbucks coffee?  Has the world gone mad?  Has the world balance been tilted?  Next thing you know you will be telling me that climate change is just a figment of my imagination.  I feel like I am in a fairy tale. 

I wish I could stock up on gasoline.  If only it wasn't  flammable.  Two things I would like to stock up on: rain water and gasoline.  Does that say something?  I feel like that says something.  A need for natural resources. 

I wonder how long cheap gasoline will be around? 

Until tomorrow...

Sunday, January 18, 2015


I have been wearing bandages for almost two months.  I hurt my leg the day before Thanksgiving when I banged it on the ottoman.  I required 8 stitches.  I have had to use one to two bandages every day.  If you can do the math, you will see I went through quite a few bandages.

It is shocking to me how much a box like this costs. Five rolls of gauze costs $7.99 at the pharmacy. At the supermarket it costs $11.99.  I'll bet this box of gauze costs $1.00 to make. This is what I call an emergency purchase. They know you are over a barrel and have to buy the bandages so they can charge whatever they want.  

I finally switched to large band aids because I couldn't see spending the money anymore for such a small cut. My cut is still bleeding (yes, almost two months later) so I have to keep it covered.

Until tomorrow...