Wednesday, April 23, 2014


I went to see my gut doc today. I wanted to review my most recent hospital visit with her. Since it was determined that I didn't have a burst cyst, then what was it?  She said we may never know if it never happens again. It may have been a virus if some sort. Or bacteria.

We we kept talking and she decided I should get a celiac test. I had one years ago but she could not find the test results. Then she said it has been 5 years since my colonoscopy. It is time for another one. Yippee! 

So in one week I will be drinking the goop and having a colonoscopy. The fun never ends!

Until tomorrow...

Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Today I tried making Coconut Bacon. I had read about it on a vegan website and I wanted to try it.  I couldn't find flaked coconut so mine looks funky. I like to think it looks like bacon bits.

The website for the recipe is Coconut Bacon.

It doesn't taste exactly like bacon (from what remember) but it tastes like something smokey. The consistency of the coconut was not right because I didn't get the right kind.  I put the "bacon bits" on a baked potato and it tasted pretty good.  I need to make it with the right kind of coconut and then see.

Until tomorrow...

Sunday, April 20, 2014


I hope you had a very happy Easter. We decided to do something different this year. We went to the beach to watch surfers. It was a bit cool but we bundled up and brought a picnic lunch. We sat in our chairs and watched crazy people going in the water with and without wetsuits. 

It was a mostly sunny day but it was NOT swimming weather. It was nice to be outdoors and out of the house.

Until tomorrow...


Today I had my first contractor come by and look at the bathroom. He didn't even flinch when he saw the project. He even came up with a creative solution for one portion. Seems that this renovation will take about two weeks so we will soon be back in construction mode. Lovely.

I really liked this guy. He showed up on time, sent a proposal in less than 1 hour, was really clear about the work and good at finding solutions.

This project could get going really fast and we could have our bathroom back in two weeks.

Happy Easter!

Until tomorrow...

Friday, April 18, 2014


No this is not a planned renovation. The other day I noticed the floor in our shower stall was bulging. Our shower is one of these modern designs. The base of the stall is fancy cement.  It is a lovely dark brown color. Then about three feet up it has tile for about six feet. There is also a cement bench that is off-white.

Okay this is not the best photo. It looks like there is a clock in the shower, there isn't. It is the reflection of the glass door. But you get the idea.

The bulging floor means there is a leak and water has gotten underneath. This is not good.  Hopefully the shower pan has done its job and no water has leaked.

I spent the morning calling contractors to figure out what to do. Obviously, fix it. But how?  Finally I got a really nice green builder who helped me problem solve the whole thing. He made me see what I had already figured out: I had to give up the cement floor in the shower. The fancy cement is so specialized I couldn't find anyone else to do it. I needed to go with tile. It would be cheaper and easier to find someone to fix it. I called a about three places to have them come and give me quotes. One guy is coming tomorrow.

Just in case you are wondering, my original contractor (we can call him Jabba the Hutt) and I had a difference of opinion when he started making decisions during my remodel that I didn't approve.  Then when confronted he said I hurt his feelings, loaded up my supplies (tile, etc) and left.  Never to be seen again.  

Then I called to check on the tile. It is no longer being made. Why? Because the quarry has run out of this rock, so there is no more of this type of tile rock pattern.  There is only a small bit of the tile left at the company. WHAT?!  I asked if they had the amount that I needed. YES!  Brenda and I went straight down to buy it.  Now I have the tile to fix the shower on order. Whew!  Now I just need someone to do the work and tear up my beautiful shower. Sob!

Today I also went to the museum with my friend C. It was fun to see a great exhibit and catch up.  A little culture.

Until tomorrow...

Thursday, April 17, 2014


When did it become acceptable for cars not to pull over when an ambulance drives down the road?  I have noticed lately that when an emergency vehicle comes down the road with the siren blaring and light flashing, cars on the opposite side of the road continue driving as if there were no emergency vehicle on the road. I was taught that when an emergency vehicle is on the same road as you and there is nothing separating you such as a median, you must pull over to give the emergency vehicle plenty of room to pass.  Once the emergency vehicle has safely passed, you may continue on your way.

I just hope this trend doesn't continue. I worry that sometime I will be in an ambulance and some car will not pull over. Those precious minutes can mean the difference between life and not life.

Today I took back the coushions for the bench on the deck. The color on the cushions was not right and it clashed with the color of the house and trim. These new pillows match better.  I got the pillows because I enjoy sitting on the deck bench but sometimes it is too hot and hard the bench.  The pillows will make it much nicer to sit or lay down to read or eat lunch. 

Until tomorrow...

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Since I am taking some time off from work to get myself in order, I have been getting things accomplished. Today I bought a new shower curtain, fixed the Rumba, and bought cushions for the bench on our deck. Although I think I am bringing back the cushions. The color is not quite right.  Tomorrow I am going to look at backyard furniture.  

I have also scheduled a few things to do. Like going to the museum, volunteering for bike to work day, going to a community meeting and having a friend over.  I need to keep busy.  I really need to organize my office. 

My foot has been killing me so I have been trying to stay off it for a few hours a day. It hurt more last night than it had for the last week.  I need to keep it up for more hours per day.

Until tomorrow...