Thursday, September 18, 2014


This morning I woke up and my eye was not looking good.  I won't go into gory details but it was clear my eye was not well.  I have been assuming that I had a blocked tear duct. I had it before so I was not concerned.  This morning my eye was not looking like it had in the past.

I called the eye doc and they squeezed me in.  The doc looked at my eye and told me it was not a blocked tear duct it was an obstructed drainage duct of the oil gland in my lower eye lid.  This is called chalazion.   It causes a cyst to appear when the duct is blocked.  It gets painful to blink.

To fix it the doc first scrapped the eye lid. Now, if you think this was not painful, you must be kidding.  When that didn't do the trick, the doc told me I could continue with the hot compresses for about two weeks or he could give me an injection of steroids.

The doc said he would get the steroids for a speedier response. I chose the steroid shot. To give me a shot in the eye lid, I needed to freeze my eye lid. Then he took a needle and stuck it three times in my eye lid.  That was not pleasant. I do not see a change in my eye but he said it would happen.  If it doesn't get better, there is a surgery that can be done to cut out the cyst.  Yeah, no.

At least this is something curable. It doesn't seem to hurt as much tonight.

Until tomorrow..

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