Wednesday, October 22, 2014


I enjoy a greeting card. I like to get them in the mail. I love witty greeting cards.  I know some folks have moved on to e-greetings, emails or texts but I like going to the mailbox and seeing a brightly colored envelope. Then opening the card and reading the greeting. 

Today I made a Target run and bought a bunch of cards. I needed four cards for upcoming birthdays. Then I bought a bunch of cards with no one in mind. A few generic happy birthdays and a couple of funny happy birthdays.  For the wee ones I got some sticker cards. 

I know the practice of sending greeting cards seems to be dying out but that makes me sad. Nothing brightens someone's days like getting a card in the mail saying get well soon, I miss you, happy birthday or congratulations.  An email, YouTube video, text or e-greeting is just not the same.  

Until tomorrow...

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