Thursday, July 31, 2014


Today I went to see my breast cancer doc. I don't have breast cancer but I have breast cancer in my family. So I have to be checked constantly.  For some reason I fell off the docs radar.  Suddenly last week I realized I had not been for a mammogram or MRI for at least a year.  Today I went to see what was going on.  With the new ACA healthcare, the appointment was only a co-pay and I don't need any approval for a mammogram.

I walked away with an appointment for a mammogram tomorrow morning.  Then I will be having a MRI once it gets approved by The-Insurance-Company-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.   This will get me back in track.

When I had my breast cancer scare a few years ago my friend bought me a tiara. I wear it everytime I go for a breast test.  It keeps me safe. The Power of the Tiara.

My dinner was very filling tonight. Delicious!

Tofu with tomato sauce, salad, sautéed spinach, roll, and grapes.

I rode the stationary bike for 10 miles on level 3 in one hour.

Until tomorrow...

Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Last week I went to see my RA doc and she sent me to get a blood test. The test ran a bunch of different tests: CBC, B12, thyroid, blood glucose, etc.  Friday the doc called to give me the results. The first thing she told me was that my blood glucose level was quite high.  Normal is between 70-99.  I had a 103.  Between 100-124 is pre-diabeties.  Over 125 is diabeties.

In order to officially come to a diagnosis of pre-diabeties, there would be more testing involved.   The doc told me although she is concerned, my levels have never been this high before, in fact my levels are usually around 80.  My doc told me that she would retest me in September and in the meanwhile I should exercise, lose weight and change my eating habits.

That was all I needed to hear. I spent the weekend  researching meal plans for vegans with pre-diabeties.  No problem.  Food-check.

Exercise-I have been riding the stationary bike 10 miles 3-4 times per week. I will step that up.  Exercise-check.

Lose weight. It is Wednesday and I have already lost almost 2 pounds. Losing weight-check.

I got this!

Here is a photo of my dinner.

There is a whole method to eating vegan with diabeties. "They" say it is the best way to bring down  blood glucose levels.  The method is all about exchanges: starch, fruit, milk, vegetable, protein, and fat. Each meal has a certain amount of calories and grams of carbohydrates.  I will eat 60 grams for both breakfast and dinner and 45 grams for lunch. Each of the three snacks have 15-30 grams. To get ready for this new method of eating, I had to make a large trip to the supermarket.  So far the food has been good. Tonight I had one grilled portobello mushroom, 1/2 sweet potato (although I used a yam) that I grilled,  1/2 cup wilted chard, 5 chunks of pineapple in juice (not syrup), 1/2 cup of tofu, and I threw in a few baby tomatoes from a neighbors garden.  Tonight I get 5 Nilla wafers and 1/4 cup grapes for a snack.  For lunch I had a wrap with lettuce, radishes, cabbage, Musturd, and fake chicken. Musturd is a free condiment.  Yippee!

I know this will be a shock for some of you as it was for me. But I am fine. I have figured it out and if it doesn't straighten itself out, well, that is the way it is. As they say, it is what it is.

I rode the stationary bike for 10 miles today on level 3 for 1 hour.

Until tomorrow...

Tuesday, July 29, 2014


I have been going to physical therapy and that is going well. She tortures me for 45 minutes but it feels better afterward.  I saw the doc and she gave me a two thumbs up on my progress. I have the option of going to see a pain doctor if I want.

I have been riding the stationary bike about three times a week and walking about two times a week.

I have graduated from two crutches to one crutch to a cane. Sometimes I don't use the cane. I mostly use it to keep folks away from my foot on mass transit of on long walks.

Overall it is improving. The progress is slow. That is the foot update.

Rode the stationary bike for 10 miles in one hour on level 3.

Until tomorrow...

Monday, July 28, 2014


All I wanted to do tonight was watch some TV.  Not too much to ask, right? The dogs were not cooperating.  At about 9:00 pm I let Lucky out back. She went on a tear. I guess something had been fishing or swimming in the pond. I saw in the wet marks on the edge of the pond. Lucky heard whatever it was run away. It went crashing through the ivy nod bushes with little Lucky in hot pursuit.  I gave her a minute to chase it away and then I tried to get that unruly dog to come inside.  That was futile.  The best I could do was make sure the big dog Happi didn't get outside too. I have a hard time wrangling two of them.  I put my shoes on and grab a flashlight.  After Lucky I go. I chase her to the left, she runs to the right. I go to the right, she darts to the left. She is small, fast and  cunning. But I have treats. After a few minutes I finally catch her with a treat. I hustle her inside and grab both dogs.

Time to leash them and take them out front.  This means a more involved situation. When we had our construction project, Happi was trained to walk out front and pee in the street at night. She knew there was no walk at late at night.  Now both dogs only have to go out front at night on special occasions.  They are really good about it.

I will probably never know what critter was in the backyard. I just hope it moves along.

Until tomorrow...

Sunday, July 27, 2014


Today I spent the afternoon working on the pond. First I cut back the plant life. The plants have been growing like crazy.  Then I cleaned out the pond filter. I took about a pint of goop out of the pond filter. To tell the truth the goop is the best fertilizer ever.  The goop from the bottom of a pond is like gold.  I put it under all my plants. My lemon tree LOVES it.  Then I put my new filters and charcoalilter.  It has been ages since I changed my filter.  The fish will be so happy.  Then a quick check of the pump to make sure that is clear and we are good to fill it up.  The water level was so low due to water restrictions, I haven't filled it up in awhile.   Ten minutes later the pond looks great. I feed the fish and sit down to enjoy my work.  

My neighbor stopped by to tell me how much he is enjoying the cleared out backyard. He is also willing to have a tree guy come and discuss the tree branch that leans over into my yard. I know I can legally cut it down but I wanted to discuss it with him first. Since it is a whole 1/3 of his tree, I wanted him to feel comfortable. We have to live together for a long time. 

Until tomorrow...


Today I took Lucky and walked to the post office.  It was a beautiful day.  The bottom piece for Roomba came in the post.  I was excited to get Roomba working again. Enough of this hanging around!

I took off the old piece and put on the new piece. Wait.  It didn't fit.  The screws didn't screw in.  Well, that won't work.  I was horribly disappointed.  I miss Roomba.  Monday I will have to call customer service again.

Until tomorrow...

Friday, July 25, 2014


Today it was hot I was unable to do much. It was the kind of hot it rarely gets in this area.  Everyone was miserable.

Until tomorrow...

Thursday, July 24, 2014


Today I had a certified technician come and look at my on-demand water heater. The first thing he said was that my previous contractor did not put a valve for cleaning. He would have to cut pipes and put in new valves. Then he looked around and had a moment of crisis where he thought the whole system had been installed incorrectly.  He talked about return pipes not being installed. Putting in copper pipes. I saw the dollar signs. Then he called his boss and took a photo and emailed it to him. Problem solved. No return pipes needed. Yay!

I was given a tutorial on how to clean the screen. That needs to be done every 6 months. Then I left him to his cutting and cleaning. When he was done, the hot water flowed faster and better. 

This morning I had to do a fast before I gave blood. I woke up SO early.  Then I saw the foot doc. She said I was progressing. I told her my other foot sometimes burned. Turns out there is something called sympathetic RSD.  She wants me to go see a guy who is an osteopath in neurology.  His yelp reviews are not so good.  I will think about it.  I am going to try Tiger Balm first.  More physical therapy...

Until tomorrow...

Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Saw my RA doc today. Once again we discussed her impending retirement. I am fairly stressed out about switching docs. I have been seeing Dr C for about12 years.  It is hard to think of starting over with another doc. We spent most of the time talking about my RSD and my case in general because she had a resident with her.  She was explaining to the resident that my case ends up being complicated not because of the RA but because of the things I get because of the autoimmune diseases. The infections, broken bones, torn ligaments, IBS, etc.  As they say I am a complicated case. 

This us the first time in a long time PT hurt my foot and the pain lasted pretty much all day. Not a searing pain but more of a burning pain that came and went all day long.  With lovely zingers of nerve pain at random times. The Therapist is getting more aggressive so this may happen she said.  Wonderful! Healing!

Until tomorrow...

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


I have the nicest contractor.  I found a leak in the sealant around the base of my glass wall of my shower.  It is the one wall that they didn't remove when the did the renovation of the shower.  I am not sure why I didn't have them remove that wall along with the others but no point in going back.  What is done is done.

This weekend I cleaned the shower and when i rinsed the wall I noticed the sealant was leaking.  Dripping right down the wall.  I texted my contractor and asked him if he could come over.  Sure he said!  I did what all folks do at that point, I stuffed a washcloth in the leaking spot and continued on with my day.

My contractor came today and fixed the sealant and told me the sealant only lasts about 3-5 years if you are lucky.  Another bit of good news. 

There needs to be a homeowners book that tells you these things.  A check of list.  A list that says Year 1 these things can wear out and go wrong.  Year 2 these things.  Etc.  That would be really helpful.  You know check your roof after 5 years, it will probably need to be replaced at 7-10 years depending on the weather, type of roof, etc.  With a place to mark down the year you replaced it, checked it, etc.  What year you bought your washer, when you replaced the hoses.  Who can remember these things?  Who knows all these things?  I just found out that I was supposed to have my on-demand water heater cleaned out periodically.  Well, no one told me!  First time homeowners don't know these things.  Especially when they have no family around to help them with this stuff.  I think I just gave away my million dollar idea!

Back to my shower, my wonderful contractor fixed the shower and would not even take payment.  I tried to pay him!  He wanted me to give him a good review.  I wrote him a good review this evening.

Rode the stationary bike for 1 hour and 10 miles.  Level 3.

Until tomorrow...

Monday, July 21, 2014


As you may have been reading in recent blogs, I am on a mission to clean up my office. To recap, my office has not really been touched since our renovation. During the renovation my office was the "clean room"; the place where things got dumped to keep free from construction dust.  Over the years I have moved some stuff out but I have not done much to go through the junk that has piled up in there along with all my work junk.

One of the things I have a lot of is stuff that needs to be shredded. You know bank statements, old credit card statements, ATM receipts. That kind of stuff. Stuff I am uncomfortable throwing five years worth in the recycle bin.  So today I researched shredding companies. I found out there is a shredding company about six blocks away that will come to my house, set up a chair, take my stuff and shred it right in front of my eyes.  No more sitting in front of a silly little shredder and trying to figure out where to put the shredding. (The shredding has to go in a paper bag in the recycle bin but on the west coast no one uses paper bags anymore because you have to pay for them.  So this becomes a conundrum.)

I am waiting to gather up all my stuff to be shredded and then I am going to have them come and shred it all.  My aching back and swollen fingers will be so happy!

I rode 10 miles in 1 hour today on the stationary bike.  Level 3.

Until tomorrow...

Sunday, July 20, 2014


Some of you may enjoy my postings. Some of you may think that I write about boring day-to-day things in my blog. To me the day-to-day is important. My dogs, my bathroom renovation, backyard, exercise. Each of those postings means something to my life with RA.

Today I had a migraine and my bathroom renovation made it possible for me to take a lovely and relaxing bath this afternoon.

My dogs. They are a wonderful source of comfort.  Today Lucky curled up with me while I took a nap.

The backyard is an oasis in which to escape and read a book or watch the fish in the pond while eating lunch. Relaxation is good therapy for RA. 

The exercises to help with my physical therapy, strength training and weight loss. This will help with my RA. 

The everyday seems mundane but everything ties into RA in one way or another.

Until tomorrow...

Saturday, July 19, 2014


Today I took a long walk. Probably 8 blocks each way.  Lucky was a great walker.  When I got back I needed to sit down for a bit.  Then I decided to redesign the backyard.  I repotted a plant, moved the table and chairs and moved the grill. I think it looks better now.  More open.

Until tomorrow...

Friday, July 18, 2014


Years ago we visited my brother and his family and I learned about the greatest appliance in the world: Roomba. Roomba is a vacuum made by iRobot that runs around your house on a schedule you set up. For folks like us with two dogs it is the greatest thing ever. Without it we are sweeping and swiffering and vacuuming all the time. 

A few months ago Roomba stopped working. We couldn't figure out why.  I thought the battery died so I ordered a new battery from iRobot.  I installed it and charged it.  Roomba had new life for about 10 feet. Then it died again.  Ugh!  I called iRobot and got a very helpful customer service rep who helped troubleshoot the problem. At the end of the call she mailed me a new battery because she thought the problem was the battery. She also sent me this gizmo that updates the software in the Roomba.  After updating I sent the gizmo back in a pre-paid envelope. 

Well, poor Roomba once again ran for 6 feet and stopped. I pressed start and Roomba ran again for another 10 feet than stopped. What was weird this time was that normally when Roomba stops for any reason the robot "talks" to you. It sings a tune or it talks in a robot voice. This time it didn't. It just stopped.  Died.

I called iRobot customer service again. The gentleman I spoke to was very helpful.  He diagnosed the problem. It was probably the original problem. The bottom cover of the Roomba has become loose. This makes the battery loose and each time the robot bangs up against a wall or chair the battery gets knocked loose causing the Roomba to turn off.  Or at least this is the latest theory. IRobot is sending me a new bottom plate for my years-old Roomba.  I will let you know if this works.

I have now decided that iRobot is the company with the best customer service.  I have never had a company send me a free new part for an appliance that is probably five or six years old. I understand replacing the battery since I had just purchased one and they thought it had gone bad. But a new bottom plate?  That is awesome customer service.  I feel they will do anything to get my Roomba working again.

No exercise today. I ran errands (Lucky's nail trim, picked up Happi's meds, food shopping) and now my foot is in pain. 

Thursday, July 17, 2014


I had a busy day. The biggest thing I did was continue working on cleaning my office. Throwing out tons of old stuff. I also have a huge stack of shredding.

Rode the bike 1) for a programmed 30 minute rotation and 2) 30 minute 5miles on level 3.

Until tomorrow...

Wednesday, July 16, 2014


The question is do you live where you have too much water or not enough?

I live where there is not enough. We have laws about what you can't do with water. Can't water your lawn. Can't wash your car. Can't rinse off your driveway. We are supposed to take short showers and there are constant commercials telling us to turn off the water when we brush our teeth. 

Then I watch the news and the rest of the country it seems is under water.  If only there was a way to catch and ship that water to the West Coast. Instead of an oil pipeline they should be building a water pipeline. Have giant aqua furs with pupelines that run out West.  Wouldn't that be cool!?  

My PT went well today. I was told I would be on my bike in a month or two. Yay!

I rode the stationary bike today but I was unmotivated. I rode for 1 hour and went 9.7 miles on level 3.

Until tomorrow...

Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Today the landscapers came and cleared out the backyard. They removed three plants and chopped off a truck load of ivy.

Here is the before photo:

Here is the after photo:

The backyard no longer looks like a jungle. I can't wait until tomorrow when I can sit at my table and SEE the pond and the fish.

Until tomorrow...

Monday, July 14, 2014


Okay I know I talk about my dogs a lot. Lately my dogs (especially Hapoi) have been on my mind. My dogs are my babies.

Today I called the vet about Happi and her licking. The vet agreed that maybe she is having allergies. So we are putting her on steroids to see if that helps. Anything that will make her more comfortable.

I rode the stationary bike for 1hour today for 10 miles.

Until tomorrow...

Sunday, July 13, 2014


Today I decided to take a bus to a street fair. I walked about 8-10 blocks. At the street fair I ran into some I haven't seen for 10 years. He recognized me. I don't know why I am always shocked when people recognize me. You know, folks I haven't seen in years. I saw him and was just starting to get the glimmer of "I know him but I can't place him" and he comes over and says Hi Adrienne!

Then I came home and after a rest, I walked Happi around our LONG block. I got back and tried to watch Black Box but I fell asleep.  Sound asleep.  Maybe I overdid it.  I guess I will find out tomorrow.

Until tomorrow....

Saturday, July 12, 2014


Today I wanted to go to the park. Then it turned out to be not such a sunny day.  So then I decided to take the little dog for a short walk to our neighborhood garden and take some pictures.  Then Brenda decided that she would take the little dog for a long strenuous walk and I should take Happi for a short walk.  Sounds great but Happi is a very excitable dog on walks. She thinks the whole block is her home and treats all dogs like they are trespassing.  She also got more upset than I thought she would that we were separating the dogs. 

Happi and I walked to the garden and she did not want to sit still for me to take photos.  She wanted to go! So our short walk to the garden became a long walk around our very long double block.  

I was a little worried that I pushed it too far but so far I feel fine. Tomorrow will be the proof in the pudding.  Oh, Happi seems fine after a pain killer and a nap. 

Until tomorrow...

Friday, July 11, 2014


Spoke to the doc today and he is mildly concerned about Happi's "wattle". The slight swelling on Happi's chest. He said that if it is still there on Monday I should call and have it aspirated. Maybe it is an infection. It is shrinking but slowly. 

We are going to wait on her pain since the painkillers seem to be dealing with it. I still worry that she is in pain and we don't know why.  I wish dogs had the collars like in the movie Up. The dog collars made the dogs sound like they were talking. If Happi had that she could tell me why and where she had pain. She would probably tell me some other things too.  "Why don't you take me for more walks?" " why don't you take me to the park more often?"  "Why don't you feed me more food?"  Just a plethora of things.

So we wait awhile longer to see how she feels.

Today I rode the stationary bike for 10 miles on level 3 in one hour! Yay!

Until tomorrow...

Thursday, July 10, 2014


Today I went to an event. I took one bus and a train. I walked three blocks uphill. When I got there I found out the event was postponed to a future date yet to be determined. Nice!  So I schlepped back down the hill, back on the train and then the bus. I did not ride the bike today. All that walking and traveling was enough for me.

Until tomorrow...

Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Today at PT I got some good news. I can get off the crutch and use a cane. This is progress! I still have to use the crutch in crowds to make sure I don't get stepped on or knocked over.  I don't have a cane so I emailed my neighbors to ask them if any of them have one laying around.  No sense buying one to use for a few weeks if one of my neighbors has one in

My PT got more aggressive today. My foot is bothering me a bit.

I rode the stationary bike for one hour at level three today. 9.6 miles.

Until tomorrow...

Tuesday, July 8, 2014


Today I went to see my gut doc. I have not seen her since my colonoscopy when she told me I do not have Crohn's.  I have been waiting to talk with her.  I told her my concerns about the fact that she told me I don't have Crohn's after five years of taking Crohn's medicine. I told her I am happy I don't have Crohn's but I still don't know what I have.  She thinks I IBS. Hurrah.  I have decided to stop taking meds for now but I have some on standby and will begin taking them if I begin feeling like I need them. Overall I feel much better after speaking to her. She said I should have called her right away.

Before I went for my appointment I made a super Mediterranean Pasta Salad. 

It tastes really good.  I used the fresh herbs from my garden.   Something is eating my mint and basil. I need to figure what it is and how to stop it.  Oh, I went to the store to buy a lemon. The lemons were so pitiful.  I decided to use the tiny lemons in my backyard instead.  I picked four of them and used their zest and juice. I had to supplement with "Real lem"

Until tomorrow...

Monday, July 7, 2014


Saturday I went to Target to buy some sundries. I was in line at the checkout and the person in front of me turned around and said my name.  I was completely thrown.  The Target was in the next town so who would expect that I would run into someone I know.  She hugged me. I could not remember her name or where I knew her from. We spoke for a few minutes while she checked out. Then she left. Her parting words were "see you at the hospital."

For the last few days I have wracked my brains trying to figure out where I know her from. Never mind trying to remember her name. I can't place her at all. I went through all my doctors office personnel, hospital personnel and nothing. Then tonight I was texting a friend about this story and it occurred to me that she may not work at my hospital or doctors office. She works at Happi's vet hospital!  She just looks different out of her scrubs and not surrounded by dogs. I still can't remember her name.

Rode the stationary bike for one hour on level 3.

Until tomorrow...

Sunday, July 6, 2014


Today I did a bunch of tasks.  I did the food shopping on one crutch.  Before you think Brenda left me to do it alone, I asked her to stay home.  I can get the shopping done faster alone.  Well, not today.  It is still hard to steer a shopping cart with one hand on the cart and one on a crutch.  Unfortunately I got Brenda the wrong kind of chips.  Oops!  You know how folks are about their chips.

I cleaned out our bird's cage.  The cage had not been cleaned in too long to mention.  I finally felt pity for Sunny and cleaned his cage despite the fact that Brenda had said she would do it.  Sunny was so shocked he didn't make a peep for hours.

I also cleaned the dogs beds, put the registration sticker on the car, fixed the filter on the pond, and hung some wind chimes that we got years ago.

I think I did too much.  My feet are killing me.  Not the RSD.  That seems to not be bothering me at all today.  It is the RA in my feet.  I am hoping it is not a flare coming on.

Until tomorrow...

Saturday, July 5, 2014


Today I had to repot my tomato plant. I bought the plant when it was very little. I nurtured it and watered it. Now it us so huge it has outgrown the pot I planted it in.  Today I put it in a giant pot. In fact the pot was so big I ran out of dirt and need to buy more. The tomato plant looks much happier. 

We have all sorts of tomatoes showing up. I can't wait to have fresh tomatoes.  I am already thinking about next year and what I will plant. My herb garden is doing fine. The thyme is still so small. Something is eating my mint. Other then that it is doing okay. 

I would love to have a little garden area next year.  Even if it is all in containers. One tomato, green bean, zucchini. That would be enough.

Happi update: Happi slept through the night. 

Today I rode 10 miles in one hour on level 2.

Until tomorrow...


Hope you all had a great Independence Day.  I watched my favorite tradition "Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest".  Of course Joey "Jaws" Chestnut won again. Although this year he had some stiff competition from Stonie.  I find the contest equally disgusting and fascinating.  I just can't eat a hot dog on the Fourth of July anymore. Go figure.

I got a full nights sleep. Oh, and so did Happi. I guess the painkiller idea worked. Tonight will be the real test.  If she can sleep two nights in a row we may have the cause and solution. Her wattle is shrinking slowly it seems. 

I didn't write about it yesterday but I bought a new camera. I took my old 35mm camera in to be cleaned.  I had been thinking of buying a digital camera and there were some to look at at the store. I am not sure looking at cameras on the day I was utterly sleep deprived and waiting for Happi's test results was the best idea.  Or the best time for an impulse buy. But I bought a really nice camera.  I got home and almost immediately wanted to take it back.  I don't do expensive impulse buys.  I research. I look at reviews. I check prices. I Google. I don't walk into a store and purchase.  I got home and did those things and found out I got a good camera for a decent price.  It didn't have all the bells I wanted but I was not willing to pay for those whistles.  So I am keeping the camera.

Instead of riding the bike today Brenda and I took a short walk.  I am down to one crutch now so it is easier to get around. 

Until tomorrow...

Thursday, July 3, 2014


Last night I noticed Happi had a flap of fur, kind of like a turkey's wattle (the red thing that hangs under its beak) hanging from her chest. It got bigger and smaller through the day. When I touched it it seemed to bother her. At 1am she woke up and became uncomfortable. Then at 2:15 am she wanted to go outside. I then could not fall back asleep because now I had horrible scenarios going through my head. 

First thing in the morning I called for her test results.  The doc was in surgery.  By the early afternoon she was breathing fast again and the wattle was still there. I decided to take Happi over to the hospital.  When we saw the doc he was happy we came over. At first he thought Happi had an edema where the wattle was.  Then after inspection he found she was bruised where she had blood taken yesterday. He thinks they hit a blood vessel and the blood pooled. It will dissipate. Her special three legged harness was probably rubbing the area.  He told me her blood/urine labs were all fine. Just to be sure he wasn't missing anything he did a chest x-ray to check for tumors but she was clear. 

Now the current theory is that her back is giving her pain and sometimes when you are uncomfortable you have to pee. So I am giving her pain killers before she goes to bed. It is a theory.  The next step will be to ultrasound her abdominal area if she continues having problems. He doesn't think he will find anything. 

So we try this and see what happens.  Maybe we can all get some sleep tonight. 

Until tomorrow...

Wednesday, July 2, 2014


I had to take Happi to the vet today.  She has had some concerning things happen. Nothing that was an emergency. But after her last liver issue, I am not taking any chances and waiting when something seems concerning.

Last Friday her breathing seemed weird. Kind of fast and awkward. Not enough to take her to the ER since I could calm her.  Then Sunday she vomited. Monday morning at 2:45 she woke me to go outside to pee. Very odd since she is frightened to go outside late at night due to raccoons. Tuesday she didn't want to take her medicine. Normally she gulps it right down. Wednesday she woke me up at 2:45 am again to pee.  I called the doc.

The doc ran a blood and urine panel to check her out. I assume he is also checking her liver from the price of the test.  I will find out the results in the morning.

I rode the stationary bike 10 miles on level 2 today.

Until tomorrow...


Our Roomba has been ill for a while. We thought it was the battery so we bought it a new battery. The new battery didn't fix the problem. The Roomba is still ill. Today we called the Roomba doctor and she thinks the problem is the new battery. The Roomba doctor is sending us a new new battery. We will then see if it is the battery that is causing the problem.  If not, we have to call the Roomba doctor back.

Until tomorrow...