Tuesday, November 18, 2014


I just spoke to the pharmacy about Enbrel.  Since my doctor is retiring I wanted to know if this would mess up my Enbrel delivery.  Those of you who don't take Enbrel or any injectable medication, you don't understand how the slightest thing can mess up the delivery of your medication.

Luckily I asked.  Turns out that I will have to be re-authorized for Enbrel with the new doctor and that can take weeks.  Meanwhile the new doctor will not be able to re-fill the old prescription.  So I will have to time this very carefully.  I need to make sure my current doctor fills a prescription then my new doctor sends over the new authorization so that my new prescription is ready a month later.  Hopefully it all gets timed out perfectly. 

The hardest thing is to have the prescription authorization screwed up.  If you don't have enough medication, it can set you back.  Once I had to miss 3 doses because my authorization got messed up when I changed insurance plans.

This time I plan to have it go smoothly so I don't have to miss any doses.

Until tomorrow...

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  1. Fingers crossed that you don't have any trouble with your Enbrel prescription as you switch to your new doctor, Adrienne. What a shame it is that something as simple as changing physicians can cause such a potentially serious problem!

    I hope this finds you feeling well and enjoying the cooler (finally!) and rainy (sorta) weather! ;o)


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