Tuesday, September 30, 2014


The coughing has not gotten better. It is worse when I lie down. I feel like I am drowning.  I called the doc today and he started to say I have whooping cough. Then he said it seemed like I have an asthmatic reaction from the cold.  It is called viral induced asthma.  Basically the cold induces the asthma. When faced with a viral infection, the body triggers an inflammatory response to attack and defend.  The asthma can continue for up to 8 weeks.  I have to use an inhaler for a month or so.  I can pick up the meds tomorrow.

Good news: Lucky woke up and ate some food. Then she ate her entire dinner. This is very good news!  Her blood work came back normal.

Until tomorrow...

Monday, September 29, 2014


Lucky is still not eating. This is making me very worried. So worried hat I took her to the emergency vet. They wanted to run a bunch of tests for a total of $700.  I told them it was fine to do a blood panel but that was it. When we got home Lucky peed, pooped and ate some food. It was an expensive way to get her to do those things.  Those emergency vets really rake you.

I am feeling a bit better. I stayed in bed all day until I took Lucky. It is weird, I am coughing so much more at night and when I lie down.

Until tomorrow...

Sunday, September 28, 2014


I have the flu or a bad cold.

I feel horrible.

I need to go back to sleep.

Until tomorrow...

Saturday, September 27, 2014


Well, Lucky got worse instead of better. She began vomiting.  I don't know if it was the anesthesia or the medication but the poor baby was in a bad way.  Another sleepless night.  We called the vet and they said bring her over for an anti-nausea shot.

The shot seems to have worked. She stopped getting sick and she has been sleeping. She didn't eat much and it was REAL chicken and rice. I think her system is so messed up she has lost her appetite. Maybe tomorrow she will feel better.

Meanwhile, I am not feeling worse. My plan was to stay in bed but that didn't happen. Tomorrow us Brenda's (and my brothers) birthday. I don't think we will be doing anything.  I have to be ready for Monday morning and my new gig.

Until tomorrow...

Friday, September 26, 2014


Lucky woke me up at 4 am to go outside. I won't go into the gory details but she is not well. I think either the meds or the anesthesia are not agreeing with her.  We curled up on the couch to not wake up the whole house with her whining and my coughing.

At 10:30 I took Lucky to the vet. They checked her to make sure she was okay. No infection. They think she is still coming off the anesthesia or the meds are making her sick. I also got a great tip to get her to take meds she does want to take: salmon flavored cream cheese! First give some to Happi then give some to Lucky without the meds. Then more to Happi. Then put the pill in and give to Lucky. Worked like a charm. I tried everything the other night to get her to swallow that pain med. It is bitter and smells so she can tell it is in everything. The salmon covers the smell.

I called my doc and got some antibiotics and cough meds to nip this in the bud.

Until tomorrow...

Thursday, September 25, 2014


Darn. Brenda got over her cold and now I have it. I am not sure why I am surprised. I seem to get everything that goes around. Every cold, flu, puppy cough. I have to see how I feel tomorrow and if I will call the doc for meds.

Lucky Update: she is having a really rough time. I could not give her the pain med so she is whimpering and pacing. I could give her the anti inflammatory. She has had a few accidents in the house. She wants to be held and then she doesn't want to be held.

Until tomorrow...

Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Little Lucky went to the dentist today. I know in the long run she will be happier but it is hard to see that right now. She is in pain and I can't get her to take the painkiller. I tried to put it in her food, in peanut butter, in those pill pockets and in chicken baby food.  Nothing works. I also tried to put it in her mouth but she tried to bite me. I guess she will have to white knuckle it.

The dentist cleaned her teeth and had to extract two teeth. Last time she had to have four teeth extracted.  At this rate she will be toothless in a few years, poor thing. Unfortunately she has genetically bad teeth.

Good she finally fell asleep. She has been pacing and staring at me and climbing in my lap. 

I am sure she will feel better tomorrow. 

Until tomorrow...

Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Last week I scheduled an appointment to have a technician come out this morning from 8am - 12pm. I was up and showered by 8am.  I hung around all morning and no tech showed up.  At 12:05 I called to find out where the technician was. They informed me that in their computer my appointment was for next Tuesday.  There is no way I would have scheduled the appointment for next Tuesday when I start a new job on Monday.

I finally got a supervisor on the phone and was told the earliest appointment was next Tuesday.  She told me she would put me on the cancellation list too.if someone cancels I would get their appointment.

I was happy that I didn't blow up like I would have normally. Instead I tried to keep my cool (even when they disconnected me).  Another step from the Happiness Project book. I am trying to not unload on others who have no control over the situation. Bees to honey.

Until tomorrow...

Monday, September 22, 2014


Today I had lunch with a friend I had not seen in about two years. It was fun to catch up. We  started our relationship as a business one. She was one of my clients.  Then she left the place that was my client and we started meeting for lunch.  We connected again and I asked her to lunch. We went to a nice Thai place. We just talked and talked.

Turns out we have more in common than I thought.  She rides a bike also. She has invited me to ride with her once I feel up to it. She also has a passion for photography.  We both also like to read.  I told her about The Happiness Project and she said she was going to check it out.  She is recently retired and has a lot of time on her hands.

On my list of activities I want to do, I wrote entertain. I should include spend time with friends.

Until tomorrow...

Sunday, September 21, 2014


Since I have been reading the book, The Happiness Project, I have been spending a great deal of time thinking about what makes me happy.  I don't think I will do a whole project (although I have not completely ruled it out)  but I can do parts of it. Or I can do a mini happiness project.

I thought I would write down activities that make me happy

  • Riding my bike
  • Walking my dogs
  • Taking photos
  • Reading good books
  • Watching movies
  • Scrapbooking
  • Sitting in my backyard
  • Taking a bath
  • Stress free vacations
  • Watching TV
  • Blogging
  • Working on my computer
  • Organizing groups (neighborhood watch, etc.)
  • Entertaining, having friends over
  • I would probably like to go for a short hike
  • Going to new things (art shows, museums, fairs, operas, etc.) 
  • Road trips
  • Being spontaneous (not really an activity)
The idea is to figure out how to maximize your time doing the activities you enjoy and that make you happy.  Sort of what Oprah called "me time". Schedule in time for things that will increase your happiness quotient.  Some of the things on this list I already do so I won't have to find time to do them all. I also think I need to rank them. Not all of them make me as happy as the others.  Road trips make me happy but taking photos probably make me happier.  

I still have to read the last few chapters of the book. 

Until tomorrow...

Saturday, September 20, 2014


Yesterday I took Happi for a short walk. Today I took both days for separate walks. Things seem to be looking up. The costocondritis feels like it is subsiding. The asthma meds seem to be working so I can breathe better. My cracked rib still hurts but that will take a few weeks to heal.  My foot is healed.  My eye looks kinda icky but it doesn't hurt like it did.

So overall things are better. This is good news!

Until tomorrow...

Friday, September 19, 2014


I started reading a book titled The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin.  The book was not what I thought it was but it is better.  The Happiness Project is about the author spending one year learning to be more happy. She breaks the year into 12 months and each month she works on a different issue such as friendship, work, vitality, parenthood, and marriage. How each of these items will add to her happiness. The idea is that if you choose to do your own happiness project you will choose your own topics.

Since I have been cleaning out my office I have had a feeling of happiness each time I get a little closer to a clean and organized office.

I am not sure I will do a happiness project but so far it is an interesting read.  I do see ways I can improve my level of happiness.

Until tomorrow...

Thursday, September 18, 2014


This morning I woke up and my eye was not looking good.  I won't go into gory details but it was clear my eye was not well.  I have been assuming that I had a blocked tear duct. I had it before so I was not concerned.  This morning my eye was not looking like it had in the past.

I called the eye doc and they squeezed me in.  The doc looked at my eye and told me it was not a blocked tear duct it was an obstructed drainage duct of the oil gland in my lower eye lid.  This is called chalazion.   It causes a cyst to appear when the duct is blocked.  It gets painful to blink.

To fix it the doc first scrapped the eye lid. Now, if you think this was not painful, you must be kidding.  When that didn't do the trick, the doc told me I could continue with the hot compresses for about two weeks or he could give me an injection of steroids.

The doc said he would get the steroids for a speedier response. I chose the steroid shot. To give me a shot in the eye lid, I needed to freeze my eye lid. Then he took a needle and stuck it three times in my eye lid.  That was not pleasant. I do not see a change in my eye but he said it would happen.  If it doesn't get better, there is a surgery that can be done to cut out the cyst.  Yeah, no.

At least this is something curable. It doesn't seem to hurt as much tonight.

Until tomorrow..

Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Do you ever feel like you are falling a part? Piece by piece?

Today I went for my check up with the doc. My costocondritis seems to be subsiding.  Good news.

I have had this pain I my side for about a week or so that I attributed to the costocondritis.  Turns out I have a cracked rib.  Not sure how I got it. Maybe from the coughing, maybe from when the doc pushed on my ribs, who knows.  I am a delicate flower.

I also was told my asthma has kicked up which is why I am coughing so much.  I have some medicine to take.

I asked about a flu shot. I guess this year the CDC is advising that those folks who are immune compromised should get s special flu shot that is extra strong. My doc is not getting it so I will have to get two flu shots. One in October and one in December.

Until tomorrow...

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Now I have a sty in my eye. I keep putting hot compresses on my eye but it doesn't seem to be helping. It isn't that painful until the end of the day when my eye is tired.  I have to go rest my eye.

Until tomorrow...

Monday, September 15, 2014


I have this really pretty, fancy scale. It is a glass and chrome scale from Weight Watchers.  I have always liked it because the numbers are really clear and large.  I have never been able to make the other functions like BMI work but I am sure I could with the manual.

About a month ago I noticed that the scale weighed me different amounts. Not just different amounts different days or different times of the day. I weighed myself and then I weighed myself 2 minutes later and the scale weighed me a different amount.  It became apparent that the scale was having issues. If I moved the scale from one location to another my weight changed. Sometimes 2.5 pounds. It also sometimes said I gained 3 pounds in one day.  Or lost 2.3 pounds.  It is getting screwy.

I changed the battery thinking that was the problem. No change. I think it is time to purchase a new scale.

Until tomorrow...

Sunday, September 14, 2014


I woke up this morning with a blocked tear duct in my eye. It is a bit painful and swollen.  I am going to make this short cause my eye hurts.

Until tomorrow...

Saturday, September 13, 2014


At the beginning of this week I was feeling a bit better. Then I think I pushed myself too hard and now I feel horrible again.  I spent the day in bed again today. Yesterday I was on the couch most of the day.  I am trying to get it together but it is hard when I can't breathe. I will be honest, I am frustrated and find it hard to blog.  I want to be positive and this is dragging on too long making it so I can't be active.  I am self conscience because I can't wear a bra.

Okay, enough. I am sure if I rest for a few more days I will be fine in a few days. It has only been two weeks. My body just needs to rest.

Until tomorrow...

Friday, September 12, 2014


I think Lucky is grumpy because her teeth are bothering her. As much as it will be a huge cost, I need to get her teeth done. I think she will be a happier puppy on her teeth are cleaned. She just has the worst teeth.  Poor baby. Only 1.5 weeks until she has her dental appointment.

Until tomorrow...

Thursday, September 11, 2014


Tonight we went to dinner with my parents. They are in town and took us out.  I was stoked to eat Organic Garden Noodles with Tofu and Vegetables.  I got about 1/3 of the way through the dish and I took a bite.  The bite seemed weird.  It was not tofu.  It was CHICKEN!  I almost vomited.  I could not believe there was chicken in my mouth and I almost swallowed it.  I spit it out.  I stayed calm because we were with my parents but inside I furious.

I calmly took the bowl over the waiter and told me that my VEGAN meal had chicken in it.  As a VEGAN I am very upset to find CHICKEN in my meal.  The waiter took it back to the chef and then came out to apologize to me. They made me another Organic Garden Noodles with Tofu and Vegetables.  A lady I assume was the manager came over to apologize and tell me that this dish was made under close supervision.  No chicken.  Once again we apologize.  The apologies continued through out the visit.  The dish was taken off the bill.

I am trying to not make a big deal about this. 

Until tomorrow...

Wednesday, September 10, 2014


We are getting ready for visitors.  This means the deep clean.  Not just the quick dust and run the Rumba.  This is the wash behind the toilet, vacuum under the couch, and clear off the dinning room table.  This took a day and a half because I am not feeling 100%.  I had to do a task and take a break to rest.  Then do another task and take another break.  I have to get it all done before the visitors arrived and that is all that matters.

Now with a sparkling house, we are ready for our visitors.  I am sure I will need a long rest once this is all over.

Until tomorrow...

Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Months ago I planted a small tomato plant.  As time went by it turned into a bigger tomato plant and needed to be repotted. Then with water and sun it became a giant tomato plant that needed larger stakes. We have been getting tomatoes. Not an overwhelming amount but more than we can comfortably eat.

If anyone has a vegan tomato recipe I can have, I would sure appreciate it.

Until tomorrow...

Monday, September 8, 2014


Isn't it amazing how fast emails can stack up in your in-box?  I am one of those folks who has many email addresses and they all go into one email software program.  That means I get MANY emails.  I have a hard time keeping up with them so my in-box is a mess.  It says I have thousands of unread emails.  That really isn't true because I read most of my emails on my phone.  I have yet to figure a good system for dealing with all these thousands of emails: read and unread.

Do I sort them by work, family, friends?  Do I sort by year?  I have no idea.  If anyone has any ideas, I would love to hear them.

Until tomorrow...

Sunday, September 7, 2014


Today I tried to take it easy. At least that was the plan. After lunch I decided to follow this recipe for a Grilled Summer Vegetable Salad. I thought how hard could it be; throw some veggies on the grill, right?

I didn't account for the prep time and the time waiting for the veggies to char. Then there was the time  making the vinigrette and chopping up all the stuff that doesn't get grilled. Well, it was way more time consuming than I planned.

But, it is mighty tasty!!  I had to nix the asparagus because it didn't look good at the store. I don't like onions so they had to go.  I am vegan so the cheese was excluded.  I used some pre-made herb infused oil that I had been given as a gift a long time ago. It was yellow chili infused oil. Wow was it hot. I had to mix it with regular oil to make it palatable. I also used lemons from my lemon tree and tomatoes from my tomato plant.  The lemons are so tiny this year because of the drought.

After making this salad I needed to take a bath. I was to achy and tired. I probabaly should have taken a nap instead of cooking.

Until tomorrow...

Saturday, September 6, 2014


A couple of people have asked me how it feels to have costocondritis. Here is how it feels to me:

At first it felt like a giant rubber band was around the top of my rib cage. It felt more and more uncomfortable. To the point where I had to remove my bra by the end of the day. It started to feel like the area at the top of my rib cage was full and too full for my skin.  It also felt a little like the fullness of heartburn but without the burn. 

Then the the tightness in my breast bone set in.  Then it became hard to breathe. It felt like a heaviness was in my chest which sounds funny when I am sitting up or standing. Some times the pain would be a dull ache and other times a piercing sharp pain. Those sharp pains would just take my breathe away.  There was stiffness radiating out to my shoulders. 

Before I went to the ER, I began to get sharp pains up and down my back mostly on the left side.  It was impossible to get comfortable. Then on the way to the ER, I began getting pain in my neck. 

Today the pain has decreased. The pain in my neck has gone away. The back pain is almost gone. The tightness in my breast bone is still there as well as the rubber band feeling around my rib cage. I have been told that will take some time, maybe weeks, to subside.  I have been told I still look sick but I am sure that will subside too.  

Today I finally went food shopping. I am so happy. We were scrapping the cupboards for food. Since I am sticking with my plant-based meal plan, I had to get some food or starve!  Tomorrow I am planning to make a grilled vegetable salad. I am going to try grilling eggplant for the first time. 

Oh, before I forget, Lucky's blood tests came out normal. She must have had some virus or something. She ate like a champ today. 

Until tomorrow...

Friday, September 5, 2014


Poor little Lucky has not been feeling well. She has not been wanting to eat and for a dog who was obviously deprived of food before she came to live with us, that is a big deal. She always wants to eat!  So today I took her to the vet.  Of course she acted completely fine.  The vet could find nothing wrong with her. There are two things that are concerning: her teeth and the possibility of kennel cough. I told him that she had a cough last night and he thought that maybe she had the beginning of kennel cough.  I don't think that is what she has. He also said her teeth are bad but not bad enough to cause her problems.  I had them do blood work so we can make sure the little pup is okay.

Tonight she ate like a champ.  Maybe she is feeling better.  We get her results tomorrow.

The trip to the vet tired me out. I came home and slept for two hours with no pain pills.

Until tomorrow...

Thursday, September 4, 2014


I went to see my primary doc today. He did some painful tests to confirm I have costocondritis. He thought I may have had peritonitis which is inflammation of the lining of the abdomen.  Turns out I do not have peritonitis so that is good. 

My doc was a bit upset that my RA doc got so wound up about me having a blood glucose of 103. He felt that me losing 10 pounds in the last 6 weeks may have not been very good for my health and may have contributed to the costocondritis.  He said he should have made the decision about my blood glucose.

He was also upset to hear that his staff didn't give me an appointment for four months.  We now have an agreement that if I call again and I am told there are no appointments for a long time, I take the appointment and then have him call me and let him decide if he wants to see me sooner.  Sometimes my stuff can't wait four months.

He wants to keep me out of the ER.   He said he was impressed that I lost 10 pounds while being on 9 mg prednisone. But he was concerned that some of my blood work was wonky when I was in the ER.  

So I stay the course of taking the pain meds if I need them and just be careful. I can start walking and biking when I feel up to it. No more Zumba. Maybe some light yoga. 

Until tomorrow...

Wednesday, September 3, 2014


Today someone sent me a lead for a consulting gig. I am pretty stoked. Turns out a friend knows the person who is doing the hiring so hopefully I have an in.  I am also excited because they are not doing interviews for about two weeks. This will allow me to get better.

Two people called today and the first words out if their mouths were "are you feeling okay? You don't sound well."   This worries me because that means I am sicker than I think I am.  Hopefully the doc can give me some answers.

Until tomorrow..

Tuesday, September 2, 2014


I spoke to my primary doc today. He is not sure I have costocondritis. He is not sure what I have so he wants me to come in and get checked out. I see him on Thursday morning. I just have to hang on one more day.

Until tomorrow...

Monday, September 1, 2014


I am trying to think of something profound to say today but honestly I vegged on the couch, then I sat outside in the shade, then I laid in bed and then I watched TV. That was my whole day of healing. I slept through most of The Muppets movie. I decided I wanted to watch the first Muppets movie before I see the second one.  That was my whole Labor Day. 

Until tomorrow..