Tuesday, May 31, 2016


Day 274.  I am super excited.  My packet containing the paperwork for being a foster/adoptive parent arrived today.  Lots of pages to fill out and lots of things to do.  One step closer.

Taking a step like this makes me think about the Happiness Project a lot.  Of course it makes me think about what makes me happy and if this next step is making me happy.

But taking this step also makes me think about the people in my life.  I know some folks are concerned about me adopting and what will happen if I get sick. But I guess all single parents have the same concern.  This process makes me think about my friendships.  Do I have friendships that can support me having a child?  Will my friends want to help out and be there for me or is that friendship not strong enough to withstand this change?  Will my family want to assist me or is that asking too much?  They do live far away.

Sometimes help just means listening.  Sometimes it means answering questions like "is this normal for a 6 year to do?"  or "how do you get this darn car seat in the car?"  Sometimes it means watching the child for an hour while I take a break.

I need to know who will help me and support me when this happens.

Good news: I got a $20 refund from an old mail pharmacy.  They did an audit and found I overpaid.  Woo hoo!  

Until tomorrow...

Monday, May 30, 2016


Day 273.  Happy Memorial Day.  I wanted to make some good food for my day off.  So I made barbecue tofu and Roasted Sweet Potato and Black Bean Salad.  It was a really good meal.

It made for a really good meal.

Oh, and the Warriors won.  Yippee!!!  On to the Finals.

Until tomorrow...

Sunday, May 29, 2016


Day 272.  I can't help feeling tired.  I don't know if it is decreasing the prednisone or that I am flaring.  All I know is that I get this overwhelming exhaustion.  I literally can not keep my eyes open unless I get up and walk around.  If I do walk around I am in a fog.

I spent some time sitting outside reading a book and went food shopping   I want to make something fun for Memorial Day.  

Saturday, May 28, 2016


Day 271. Today my new electric toothbrush arrived in the mail.  I am so excited.  Now I have to wait 22 hours for it to charge then I can brush my teeth.  I am going to call Braun and see if the other toothbrush charger can be returned.  I have only had it for about 5 months. It should be under warranty.

I ran all sorts of errands.  I went to the pet store to get stuff for the fish tank.  I went to Target and got some stuff for the house.  I also got some secret stuff for a cute little niece and nephew for the summer.  I bought a cute pair of red shoes to wear with my blue pants and grey capris.

I can't wait for them arrive.  The store had to order them and have them delivered.  But I really like them.  And they were on sale!

Until tomorrow...

Friday, May 27, 2016


Day 270.  I made a pizza today.  I have been thinking of making a pizza for days.  I bought the dough, the mushrooms and spinach.  I already had the cheese and sauce in the freezer.  I was so excited tonight when I made it.

There is nothing like a homemade pizza.  Well, there is a pizza parlor pizza but being a vegan it is hard to get one of those.  I like my homemade pizza better.  I learned to saute the spinach and mushrooms first and then it doesn't get soggy.

I also make enough to have it for a few days.  I just heat it up in the toaster oven.  Lunch or dinner for a day or two.

My neighbor came to look at the pond.  He has volunteered to help me with a type of cover to keep out raccoons, small animals and people.  That way I can put those poor fish back in.  I am slowly torturing them in this fish tank.  They wish I would put them back in the buckets!

Until tomorrow...

Thursday, May 26, 2016


Day 269.  The Golden State Warriors won tonight.  I was riveted watching the game.  I am not a huge basketball fan but I have been having fun watching the playoffs this year.  For those of you not basketball fans, the Golden State Warriors were on a streak during the regular season and won game after game. The GSW have not been a winning team for many, many year, if forever.  Now that they are in the playoffs, they are not doing as well as during the regular season.  But Thursday night they won and the next game will decide their fate.  It is quite exciting.  I love a good sports story when the underdog wins the trophy.

Until tomorrow...

Wednesday, May 25, 2016


Day 268.  Today I went to the breast cancer doc to see what is going on with the sharp pain I am having in my breast.  The pain comes and goes and feels like something is hitting a nerve.  I don't think it is cancer but I think it may be a cyst.

The doctor did an ultrasound and although I have a very small cyst, there is nothing there.  She thinks it is my rheumatoid arthritis.  There is a bone that rubs up against your rib cage and that causes friction and people with RA sometimes get pain there and it radiates into the fat part of their breast making their breast feel like it hurts.  So it is the RA.  She was all apologetic.  I was happy.  RA!  Piece of cake.  At least it is not breast cancer.  Funny how you would rather have one thing over another.  So I will be fine.  Crisis avoided.

My brother came to visit for lunch today.  He lives on the East Coast but he was meeting someone nearby and stopped in to visit for a few hours.  It was nice to see him and have lunch.  Then he was off to see his boyfriend at his convention.

Until tomorrow...

Tuesday, May 24, 2016


Day 267.  I woke up this morning and in the shower I felt this sharp pain in my left breast.  It was like a sharp sting on the inside of my breast.  I really felt like the marker in my breast moved near a nerve.  I don't think that can happen but that is what it feels like.

I called my doctor and she gave me an emergency appointment tomorrow to check it out and see what is up.  I am sure it is nothing but I want to make sure.  Maybe I just need a new bra?!  I am wearing the tiara just in case.

Until tomorrow...

Monday, May 23, 2016


Day 266.  I have been trying very hard to use more positive words with my dogs.  I have been trying to not use the word NO so much.  It is hard with dogs to stop using the word NO since with dogs you really only use one word commands.  Come, sit, down.

I am really trying to be more positive.  It has been a tough month to try and be positive but I am trying especially since I think I am having a flare.  I have been off Enbrel for 3 months and taking Plaquinel for about 1.5 months.  I feel the arthritis below the surface.  The stiffness, the pain.  Now I feel the fatigue.  I fell asleep at 2pm and then again at 9:30pm.  I was exhausted from doing nothing.  Yesterday I fell asleep at 3pm.  I also decreased my Prednisone intake to 7.5 mg.  I have been decreasing .5 mg every two weeks.  Maybe that is catching up to me.

Until tomorrow...

Sunday, May 22, 2016


Day 265.  100 days left in the Happiness Project.  Just over 3 months to go.  It has been an interesting year and not what I thought it would be.

Today I made brownies.  Vegan brownies.  They are really good but they could have stayed in the oven about 4 more minutes.  I followed the recipe and maybe that was wrong.  They are really chocolatey.  I gave some of the best ones to my neighbor who had a bike accident a few days ago.  I am hoping he will like them.

They are made with avocado, cocoa, cane sugar, and vegan chocolate chips.  Of course some other ingredients too.  Yum!

Until tomorrow...

Saturday, May 21, 2016


Day 264.  I got a call from my dentist today. He is retiring.  Boo hoo.  When I moved to the West Coast, I had a dentist for a short time, he got in a bike accident and had to sell his practice.  That is when I got my current dentist.  I call him Dr. Puppy.  I can't remember why but I have been calling him that for at least 10 years.  He has been my dentist for 22 years.  I am sad he is retiring but happy he is moving on with his life.  He wrote me a special note and called to tell me ahead of receiving the note.  He said I am one of his most special patients.  I thought that was very nice.

The Preakness was so exciting to watch.  Nyquist didn't win but what an ending.  I can't wait for the Belmont Stakes.  

I finished my friends book.  If you like a good read and especially if you like fantasy adventure, read The Miyran Heir: Journey of the Marked by Rebecca P McCray.  It is a fabulous read and I could not put it down.  Fantasy Adventure is not really my thing but I found I was lost in the story. It was quite an adventure.

Until tomorrow...

Friday, May 20, 2016


Day 263.  Today I went to the eye doctor's office.  I went back on Plaquinel when I had to go off Enbrel.  I had to go off Enbrel because I go meningitis most likely caused by taking Enbrel.  It is a side effect.  Once I get meningitis, I can not take Enbrel anymore.  Hence the Plaquinel.

When taking Plaquinel I have to go to the eye doctor every six months to get an eye check to make sure I am not going blind.  That is part of the reason I went off it a few years ago.  I was feeling really good on Enbrel so I went off Plaquinel.  Why take a drug that might make me blind when I can take a drug that can give me a life threatening illness like meningitis!  Haha.

Now I am back on Plaquinel and today was my eye doctor appointment.  They tested my ability to see dots in a machine.  I had to look into a machine and click a clicker each time I see a dot.  I call it Pac Man because I end up clicking so many times it is like the noise of Pac Man.  Then they calibrated my eyes.  Not sure what that means but I know they wanted to get a baseline since I just started taking the drug again.

While I was at the office I spoke to the billing person.  Back in March I went to the eye doctor when I had meningitis and my insurance company paid nothing.  I would have thought they would have paid something since it was a medical issue.  I asked them to check the billing code and it turns out they used the wrong billing code.  They are going to resubmit and I may get some money back.  Whoo hoo!!

Until tomorrow...

Thursday, May 19, 2016


Day 262.  Woke up today with a urinary tract infection.  I was supposed to go to a meeting and have lunch with a friend but that was not going to happen.  Not when I have to pee every five seconds.  The UTI kept me up all night.  Poor Happi was annoyed that kept waking her up when I had to keep getting up.  She kept looking at me "What again?"

I called the doctor and he very nicely called in the medicine pretty quickly.  Then I called the pharmacist and she asked me if I needed the medicine now.  I said I have been in pain since 2 am, what is a little longer.  She said she would have it ready in 20 minutes!  They are very nice at my Walgreens.  I get enough prescriptions filled there.

That was pretty much all I did today.

Until tomorrow...

Wednesday, May 18, 2016


Day 261.  Today I found a bag on the street.  It was a carry-on type of bag with clothes and items in it.  It had a luggage tag on it with a person's name on it.  I called the person and low and behold, his car was broken into and his bag was stolen.  He could not believe it was found about 4 blocks from his home days later.  He also could not believe I called him to tell him I found his bag. He was a cardiologist who lived in the area.  He was very pleasant on the phone and quite grateful.

It was a good day.  Giving someone back their belongings when they thought their items were gone for good.

Until tomorrow...

Tuesday, May 17, 2016


Day 260.

Okay, I am happy. I feel joy. Today was my intake interview for my foster/adoption.  I looked up questions. I wrote out answers. I discussed the answers with friends. I practiced my answers. I looked at it like a job interview.  I interview people all the time so I put myself on the other side.

The hour interview took 30 minutes. Okay the lady's computer battery died 10 minutes in so she had to do the interview from memory and take handwritten notes. I also think my answers were so succinct that the interview went fast.  She said my being a vegan should not be a problem.

I should be getting a packet in about two weeks. But last time they said I should get a phone call in two weeks and it took 4 weeks so I will not expect something for at least a month.  I also found out my training classes are in September so I can think about going away this summer to visit family or friends.

I celebrated with my friend D by going out to dinner.

Until tomorrow...

Monday, May 16, 2016


Day 259.  Finished cleaning the house.  I put the yellow umbrella outside on the picnic table.  The house looks good for my interview. 

I practiced my answers (thanks S and A.)  I hope I am ready.  I am nervous.  I am afraid they are going to reject me for so many reasons.  I am vegan, I have RA, I have a crazy dog.  Then I tell myself that vegans have kids.  People with RA have kids.  Families all over the world have crazy dogs.  It will be okay.  These things should not disqualify me.

I want to get my questions answered.  I want to take a trip and I don't know the dates of the training so I can't buy a plane ticket.  Once I know some information I can move forward with buying a plane ticket and going to see family or go on a vacation by myself.

All will be revealed tomorrow.

Until tomorrow...

Sunday, May 15, 2016


Day 258.  Today was clean the house day. I have to get ready for my intake interview on Tuesday.  I cleaned and changed the fish water and did laundry.  Then I took a bath.

I began practicing answering some questions that may come up on Tuesday at my intake interview for the foster/adoption.  I want to be prepared and relaxed.

Until tomorrow...

Saturday, May 14, 2016


Day 257.  Today was a happy day. Lucky's lab results came back and she is fine.

I worked in the backyard and cleared out another section of weeds. I also emptied the pond.  The backyard is looking better and better. More like a place I want to spend time.

Then I packed a lunch and went to a Taiwanese Festival. It was okay. It was nice to eat my lunch in a park with interesting music surrounded by interesting people.  There were people playing with Taiwanese toys and doing calligraphy.

Until tomorrow...

Friday, May 13, 2016


Day 256.  I took little Lucy to the doctor's today and they said her teeth looked good.  Her stitches have not dissolved yet but her teeth look good.  They took blood and checked her poop just to make sure she doesn't have a parasite or infection.  They had another bandage on her leg but I told them the problems I had getting the last one off and they said they would take it off in the back.  They said they would also put it in her records for the future that they need to take her pressure bandages off before they let her go home.

She is acting very anxious but she did eat today so I have no idea what is up with her.  I sure wish sometimes that dogs could talk.  She just stands in front of me and stares at me with this pleading stare.  I have no idea what to do for her.  Does she want to go out?  Get on my lap?  Play with a toy?  Eat a treat?  Then I stand up and she runs onto her bed.  I have no idea.

I get the results tomorrow morning and maybe that will tell me something.

Until tomorrow...

Thursday, May 12, 2016


Day 255.  Today was a day with good news.

1) I got the results from my breast MRI.  I am all clear!  Good for another 6 months!  Yay!  The Power of the Tiara worked again.  That Tiara is a wonderful thing.

2) I got the call from the foster/adoption agency.  I have an appointment for my intake meeting next week.  I am really excited and happy.

The only concerning thing is that Lucky didn't want to eat this morning.  I called and made her an appointment at the doctor's office for tomorrow morning.  I just want to make sure her stitches in her mouth are healing well.  She seems fine other than not eating.  She has to feel really bad not to eat.

So basically a good day!

Until tomorrow...

Wednesday, May 11, 2016


Day 254.  This morning (at the crack of dawn!) I went to get my yearly breast MRI.  I like to go early or late so I am a bit tired and will doze off in the MRI machine.  Well, not today.  I was all tucked in the machine and the tech walked out.  I told him I don't like the announcements "this one will take 1 minute."  "This one will take 2 minutes."  I like it to be quite and just hear the sounds of the machine.  I go into a Zen state and fall asleep.

Today the tech forgot to put in my earplugs.  I yelled and waved my hands but it became clear he was not in the booth or not paying attention in the booth.  He also didn't have the microphone on because he didn't hear me yelling.  I had to put up with 2/3 of the MRI test with no earplugs.  My goodness that machine is loud!  It feels like it is going through your skull through your eardrums.  Like I was in the front row of a Metallica concert with no ear plugs.  He seemed quite sorry and volunteered to report himself to the hospital when I explained to him who dangerous that was.  What if I had a stroke or heart attack or anxiety attack?  It was bad enough what I went through.  My ears still hurt hours later.

I will get the results in a few days.  And yes, I wore my tiara.  It always brings me such good luck.  The Power of the Tiara.

Until tomorrow...

Tuesday, May 10, 2016


Day 253.  Went to get my bone density test today.  I am really happy that yesterday I decreased my Prednisone again.  I am now down to 8 mg.  It took longer to register for the test than the length of the bone density test.  I will get the results in 3-4 days.  Let's hope I have the bones of a 20 year old and not an 80 year old.

I went to the Public Library this evening to a free presentation.  There were some folks talking about the use of music and singing in nightclub scenes in movies.  Nightclub scenes are a way to insert music in a movie.  It was very interesting to hear them speak.

Until tomorrow...

Monday, May 9, 2016


Day 252.  My family members are still in town.  Today we went to the baseball game.  I was stoked to find the vegan hot dogs at the park.  I also wanted french fries.  I have been craving french fries.  Unfortunately the french fries had too much salt on them for any of us to eat.  I searched the whole level we were on and found the vegan hot dog.  It was good.  A little mustard and relish and I was good to go.

We also got free hats because we bought certain tickets that supported my Alma mater. Luckily we went to get the hats first thing because they ran out.

It was a terribly cold night.  I mean windy and cold.  I was wearing two long sleeved shirts, a bike jacket, a fleece coat, scarf, gloves, hat and a blanket and I was shivering.  I had more clothes but I was pacing myself.  We ended up leaving at the bottom of the seventh.  Because we couldn't take it anymore.

We went inside and watched the end of the game and then the end of the exciting Warriors game.

Until tomorrow...

Sunday, May 8, 2016


Day 251.  Happy Anniversary!  Today is my 5th blog anniversary. 

As of this moment I have had 88,422 views.  That is 1,270 views per month.  Pretty exciting.

I have family visiting.  We have plans to go to dinner.  Thai food I hope.

Until tomorrow...

Saturday, May 7, 2016


Day 250.  Today I did something that make me happy.  I went to a tie dye class. It was loads of fun.  They don't tie dye like the used to.  Maybe it was because we were tie dying silk instead of cotton shirts but we used string and a microwave.  No rubber bands and soaking the garment.  Here is my silk:

Then I went shopping to return a pair of capris that I bought last week.  At the store I found a few pairs of slacks.  The slacks are size 8!  I haven't worn a size 8 in 15 years!   I am so happy.  I got rid of 16 pairs of shorts, pants, jeans, capris.  I needed some pants for work.

Until tomorrow...

Friday, May 6, 2016


Day 249.  Today was a positive day.  I had my assistant come to work and we spent hours organizing my work paperwork and some leftover tax stuff.  It feels really good getting the paperwork organized and in files or recycled.  I have a lot of paperwork in my work.  Sometimes it is overwhelming, especially when I have been ill for weeks.  Then the piles become high and overwhelming.  It is such a good feeling not having all that stuff all around my office and living room.

My Echo Alexa remote control arrived today.  I bought my Echo awhile ago and I love it.  I listen to music, make a shopping list and a to do list.  I have also listened to the news.  The only problem I have had is that my house is old and the walls are thick.  Once Alexa is on, she can't hear me when I ask her to turn off or turn down.  She is really made for open floor plans.  I do not have an open floor plan.  The remote will be helpful because Alexa will be able to hear me through the remote and I can use the remote to control the volume.  I will be able to use my Echo more now.

Overall it was a good day!

Until tomorrow...

Thursday, May 5, 2016


Day 248.   Happy Birthday Happi!!  She is 11-1/2 years old!  And going strong.  Pretty baby! 

Last night I let the dogs out in the backyard and I got a shock!  Happi went running after something right away.  I ran to get the flashlight.  The little dog went running outside after Happi.  Happi would not come back inside because she was stalking the thing she ran off.  The little dog came back inside.  I used the flashlight to look around.  What do you think I found?  A giant raccoon in our neighbors tree on the property line right at the bottom of my deck stairs.  I kept yelling at it to make it go away.  Those raccoons are vicious!  Plus they will attack dogs.  The little one was sequestered inside but Happi would not come inside but she still had not realized there was a raccoon in the tree.  I grabbed a watering can and threw it at the raccoon to get it to move.  It just stayed in the tree clicking and hissing at me.  I threw another thing at it and it climbed higher still clicking and hissing.  I was afraid it would jump down on my side of the fence.  (I know now how my wood fence got broken. The raccoon probably fell out of the tree and landed on the fence!)  Finally the raccoon got down out of the tree and was on the other side of the fence and I ran over to Happi and chased her in the house.

The dogs still needed to pee and I didn't want to have them want to go out in an hour and have to contend with raccoons again, so I took them out for a walk through the front door.  We went a block and when we were coming back, there they were, two raccoons.  Just walking across the street.  They just act like they belong walking in the street.  Just not scared at all.  We had to wait until the animals scampered away to enter the house.  What an ordeal!  I don't like raccoons. 

Let's hope tonight is raccoon free.

Until tomorrow...

Wednesday, May 4, 2016


Day 247.  Today I worked at a clients and we planned out the work for the summer.  I tried very hard to come up with positive comments.  I also offered up positive recognition ideas.  The client seemed to like the ideas and said he was going to use them. 

When I got back home I called the assessors office to find out what I needed to do for my appeal.  Some time in the near future I have to go in front of the board of appeals to plead my case.  I have been unsure of what is expected of me.  I spoke to a very nice woman at the appeals office and she explained the whole process to me.  Now I am less nervous. 

Until tomorrow...

Tuesday, May 3, 2016


Day 246.  Today I paid almost all my medical bills from the hospital stay from meningitis and the emergency room visit from the flu.  Easily $3,000 just in co-pays.  At least I will meet my deductible very quick.

I have been invited to some family functions.  My nephew's graduation.  My cousin's daughters Bat Mitzvah..  My brother's house to visit.  Lots of choices of places to visit.  Exciting!

The doggy Advil seems to be working on Lucky.  She is back to eating cottage cheese.  Her mouth must not be so inflamed and swollen.

I have been in this house for so long that I spent an hour today looking up things to do in my area.  There are some free concerts in a park coming up that look fun.  Music from other countries and cultures.  What fun to sit in a park on a sunny day and listen to good music.  Bring a picnic!  Nice.

I finished a big project late last night.  It feels good to get that project done.  Sometimes having a big project hanging over my head is daunting until I get it completed.  Then I feel free and have all this free time.  Then I feel like I have nothing to do and have ALL this free time. 

Until tomorrow...

Monday, May 2, 2016


Day 245.  Today is the first day of May.  May Day.

It is also the first day of May's Resolution: Try Mindfulness.

"Your mind is a powerful thing.  When you fill it with positive thoughts your life will start to change."

  • Remember what Matters to You
  • Turn Complaints into Thankfulness
  • Smile More!
  • Learn and Do Mindfulness Meditation
  • Use Positive Not Negative Words
  •  Be Kind to Yourself
  • Put a Positive Word on My Cup Each Day
  • Be Positive!
A month of positive and kindness!  I could use a bit of joy and happiness.  Positive thoughts and life change are what I need.  Let May begin.

Wrap up of April:

 April - All in the Family

“I've always loved the idea of not being what people expect me to be.”

  • Be the one to call or email
  • Reach out more to family members
  • Schedule Skype calls with Reese and Greyson
  • Call Mrs. Hebert more often
  • Reestablish healthy bonds
  • Plan visits with friends and family
  • Post photos
  • Be Adrienne
I have been better about some things but not too good about other things.  Since I was ill for 2.5 months, I spent a lot of time catching up on work.  A lot of work.  This left little time for family and friends.  I am waiting for some news and until I hear about that, I can't plan any trips out of the area. I try to be available when friends call or want to spend time together but I need to work on my long distance family members.  I have been invited to family gatherings that I am not sure I would have been invited to previously.  It is nice to know that my bonds are stronger now.

Lucky Update: Poor baby.  She didn't want to eat this morning again. I called the vet and we decided that her mouth (from her tooth surgery) is probably sore and since the painkillers were making her sick, it was time to give her doggy Advil.  It is liver flavored so she would be sure to eat it if I crushed it up.  Maybe then she would want to eat some cottage cheese.  She is just so miserable.  

Until tomorrow...

Sunday, May 1, 2016


Day 244.  I woke up and decided to do more work on the backyard.  I spent an hour and a half weeding.  When I first started it looked like such a daunting project.  Now that I have been breaking it down into sections, it doesn't seem so huge.  I have already spent two one hour/hour and half segments working in the backyard and look at the progress:

Look at Happi sunning herself.  She loves to lounge in the sun!

I figure 10 more hours and I will have the whole backyard done!  Just in time to start over when the weeds start growing again!  Then I will have the backyard that will bring me happiness.

Then I went to vote for a delegate.  I had no idea that I could vote for a delegate.  I thought delegate were appointed.  Ha!  I went down and voted for the delegates in my precinct.  It was such chaos.  What a messed up system.  You enter, you sign in, they give you a piece of paper with all the delegates names on them.  You then vote for 5 women and 4 men.  Then you leave once they put a mark on your hand.  That is how the delegates are elected  They are who will decide if Hillary or Donald or Bernie or Ted or John win the primary.  Really interesting!   It was an education.

Until tomorrow...