Tuesday, January 31, 2017


Lucky needed her shots today.  I got the form from the City and County asking me how many years I want to license Lucky for.  Once again I think it is such a funny form.  I can choose 1 - 3 years.  Lucky is around 8 years old.  She acts very young so I guess I will pay the fee for the 3 years.  I just think it is funny that you have to choose how many years you want to license your dog.  Do I want to pay for 1 year?  2 years?  3 years?

To fill out the form I had to take her for her shots.  She needed her bordetella and rabies shot.  She was so good when I took her.  She didn't complain or cry.  They said she was really good.  Compared to how she was years ago, she has come a long way.  Such a good dog.

Until tomorrow...

Monday, January 30, 2017


I was walking today and saw this.  I thought it was funny.  Gnomes looking out a window.  Wonder what they were thinking?  "I want to be in a garden."  "You'll never roam alone."

I say Free The Gnomes!

Until tomorrow...

Sunday, January 29, 2017


I took back the router I bought yesterday.  I got another one and had problems with this one.  Then I was sent an update and BOOM! the router worked.  Who knows what happened?  But it worked and I am happy.

I decided to take two of the Banana Snickerdoodles and add vanilla ice cream in between them.   I made Banana Snickerdoodle ice cream sandwiches. 

Boy are they good. 

Until tomorrow...

Saturday, January 28, 2017


I went to a Photo fair to look at some art.  The photography was not exactly what I thought it would be.  There was a lot of multimedia and funky art that was a little too out there for me.  I thought it would be more pictures taken with a camera not pictures taken and then dots put on the photograph.  Or a photo printed on material and then the material thinned and only strings show the photograph.

I bought a photo album to make a photo book for my foster/adoption.  I need to put together a few photos that show my home, dogs, bird, the child's bedroom that they will help decorate, and a photo of me.  I wish my backyard looked neat because I would put a photo of the backyard too.  It is so overgrown with all the rain, it looks a mess.

I went and bought a new color printer, wifi router and CPU.  I tried to hook up the new wifi.  It is a new system that doesn't use a router and extender.  Unfortunately the second router didn't work so I will have to take it back.  The printer is wonderful.

Until tomorrow...

Friday, January 27, 2017


I baked cookies!  Vegan cookies.  Banana Snickerdoodles.  I have been craving cookies for about a week and it is hard to find vegan cookies that are interesting.  I found this recipe a while ago and have been wanting to make it.  I finally had 2 bananas that were soft and the time to make the batter and refrigerate it for 50 minutes.

The batter was different than I thought it would be so maybe I was not supposed to use my Kitchen Aid.  The cookies are tasty so if I end up liking them enough and I make then again I won't use the kitchen aid.

I think the cookies would be really good with vanilla ice cream.  Maybe I will get some and make ice cream cookie sandwiches.

Until tomorrow...

Thursday, January 26, 2017


The other day I was sitting her on the couch when I heard this tapping.  It was raining and I thought it was the rain.  But it kept tapping.  I finally got up and went to my deck and it was hailing!  It very rarely hails.  Like I can count the number of times it has hailed on three fingers in the past 25 years.

I ran to get my camera and it had petered off.  Here are the photos:

It was all very exciting.  Then a few minutes it was all gone.  Mother Nature.

Until tomorrow...

Wednesday, January 25, 2017


Why are people so afraid of treating other people like human beings?  Tonight a neighbor and I were speaking while I was walking the dogs.  Another neighbor drove by in his car and told the neighbor I was speaking to that a "crazy person" was sitting on her front steps.  She was not going to go home because she was scared.  I told her I would walk her home.  Between me and my two crazy and loud dogs, the person would be nuts to stick around.  Plus, I would not hesitate to call the police if anything happened.  I have them on speed dial.

When we got to her steps, I politely asked the guy to move along. He was just sitting there eating some fruit.  He said sure.  I told him I appreciate it.  The neighbor scurried into her home.  I kept walking along with the dogs.  They didn't even get a weird vibe from him or they would have growled.  But I did notice they didn't go up to him and they go up to everyone.  The guy moved along up the street and later in the walk I saw him and he said hello. 

I consult with agencies that work with the homeless, mental health, low income folks and children so I have learned that if you treat people with respect and humanity you will get the same in return. 

Until tomorrow...

Tuesday, January 24, 2017


It has finally stopped raining.  It looks like it may be sunny for a number of days.  It may even get into  the 6o's by this weekend.  I am so happy today with just a few hours of sun.  This constant rain has been really hard.  I just don't want to leave the house.  The dogs don't want to go outside.  Happi holds her pee practically all day to avoid going outside.  Lucky will run outside and go under the picnic table to pee.  Actually I will avoid running errands when it is really coming down so I guess like mother like daughters!

Until tomorrow...

Monday, January 23, 2017


I woke up this morning and my hips were so sore.  I have always had a hard time standing or walking slowly.  It makes my hips, legs and feet sore.  Things like tours where I have to stand around in museums or marches that are slow moving are all hard for me.  If the march moved regular speed, I would be perfectly fine.  I may get a small bit sore but nothing like I got today. 

I ate breakfast and took a bath with epsom salts.  That made me feel better.  I had a really slow morning.

Until tomorrow...

Saturday, January 21, 2017


Today was the Women's March in my city. Our march was late in the day. By the time the march came around it started to, what? You guessed it. Rain! Nothing I like better than a march in the rain.
I thought all day about the sign I would carry. It had to be thought provoking and meaningful. I used a quote. A lot of people took photos of it and commented on it.
So I marched with 100,000 of my neighbors. I was dressed in layers of shirts and jackets and my rain coat. I had an umbrella in my bag but I found out you can't hold an umbrella and a sign.
I was in the front of the march so I finished and got home in time to see the march finish on the news.
Until tomorrow...

Friday, January 20, 2017


The skies opened up with torrential rain and wind. There was thunder and lightening like we have not seen in many years.  Mother Earth was warning us that she is dying. 
She was crying about the change of power happening today. She hears of the environment policy rollbacks planned. It makes her sad and very angry.  She was giving us a very loud warning letting us know she is the ultimate ruler.  If we kill Mother Earth, we kill ourselves.

Later this afternoon I was driving and I saw the most beautiful double rainbow. I could not get a photo of it while I was on the freeway but as soon as I got off I took a picture. Mother Earth sent a nice surprise. 

Until tomorrow...

Thursday, January 19, 2017


Today I received a postcard from the NCAA.  It was informing me that I am part of a class action lawsuit for concussions while participating in college sports. The whole thing is rather funny because the only sports I participated in in college was swimming.  I was on the swim team for a short time.  Then I got pneumonia and had to drop out.  I am not sure a person can get a concussion on the swim team.  I guess if I accidentally swam into the wall or something I could get a concussion.  Swimming is a pretty safe sport.  Swimmers would have more ear infections I would think.

Anyway, it was a funny postcard to get although I realize they probably got a list of all students participating in sports in college and everyone got a postcard.  I don't think I will be part of the lawsuit and I won't be getting any of the money.

Until tomorrow...

Wednesday, January 18, 2017


It is raining again.  Ugh.  I feel like we are going to float away.  Flood warnings everywhere.  Interrupting my TV shows every 1/2 hour.  My internet wonky all the time.  It is cold and damp. 

Today I made soup again.  I bought this bean mix a while ago and yesterday I found it in my cabinet.  You know what I mean, shopping in your cabinets.  It is one of my favorite things to do.  I go through my cabinet and I find something that I bought sometime ago and I get all excited to make it. 

Today I just happen to have the ingredients to make the soup.  It needed carrots, celery and red pepper.  Perfect!  I have crushed tomatoes and veggie broth in my pantry all the time for these reasons.  I soaked the beans overnight and today I made the soup.  It came out delicious! 

I have enough to last a few days.  I just wish I had a good loaf of bread.  That would make a great meal.

Until tomorrow...

Tuesday, January 17, 2017


I went over to my friends apartment to pick up the hazardous waste so I can take it to the hazardous waste site tomorrow.  All the toxic cleaners, paint, oil, etc. has to be taken to hazardous waste.

There is this strange smell in my downstairs.  I can't seem to place it and I don't know where it is coming from.  I asked my neighbors to come over and help me figure it out.  They said they think it is a wet smell.  They said I should put a heater in the area and see if I can dry it out.  I have no idea who to call to figure this out.  Do I call a plumber?  A handyman?  Pest control?  I don't know.

My neighbors do not think it is a dead animal so that is good news.  I just want it to do away.

Until tomorrow...

Monday, January 16, 2017


I helped a friend pack up his apartment today.  He is moving tomorrow and he had a lot of stuff.  I helped with the kitchen and the storage area.  I hope I was helpful.

It reminded me of the multitude of times that I had to pack up and move.  It is not my favorite activity.  It really makes you realize all the stuff you have that is so unnecessary.  Not just the collection of ceramic cows you have but the pack of 100 paper plates and the 5 opened bottles of Resolve you may have.  What makes us buy these things? 

Until tomorrow...

Sunday, January 15, 2017


I went to a friend's party today.  The party was supposed to be last Sunday but last Sunday was "The Storm" so it was postponed.  The party was fun.  Just people talking and catching up with food and drink.  C and K gave me a very nice stone.  It was a rectangle amethyst and citrine gemstone.  It is a light purple/yellow color.  I found out that amethyst and citrine are sister stones.   Last year C gave me a round pink stone that is probably a tourmaline.  It is really pretty. 

Now I need to find a jeweler to make some jewelry from these marvelous stones.

Until tomorrow...

Saturday, January 14, 2017


Well, I finally think I found a handyman.  The handyman came today to check out my list of things I need done and he said he can do them all.  He said he would schedule me soon.  I am so excited to get some of things done.  I may have more things if it works out.  Yay!

I finished taking down the Christmas decorations.  I took down my outdoor Christmas lights by myself today.  I didn't think my ladder (the ladder my contractor left at my house) would be tall enough to take down the lights but it was.  The only thing I need help with is the screen latch at the top would not latch because I could not reach it.

I met my friend S for dinner and a movie.  We went to see 20th Century Women.
What a good movie.  It is a movie about an extended "family" in 1979.  A mother who asks for help raising her son.

Until tomorrow...

Friday, January 13, 2017


I spent most of the day taking down Christmas decorations and trying to get my wifi working again.  My wifi has been working but my wifi extender has not been working which means many of the items in my home are not working.  After hours of working on it, I got most of the stuff working.

I got almost all my decorations boxed up and ready to be put away until next year.  I need my house back to normal.

Until tomorrow... 

Thursday, January 12, 2017


Last month I hit 100,000 pageviews of my blog.  I keep forgetting to write about it.  What a milestone!  100,000 pageviews.  An average of approximately 1,500 pageviews per month.  I never thought I would ever see 100,000 pageviews.

Two years ago I found out the city had made a mistake on my house taxes.  I wrote an appeal a year ago and finally got a date to go in front of the appeals board.  Today I got a phone call from the City Attorney stating that the statue of limitations has passed and my appeal will be turned down if I show up.  I can still show up and pay the $50 but they wanted to let me know that they had discussed it with the City Attorney and there was nothing they could do.  Not to mention if I did show up, I may end up with more fees.  I have decided to withdraw my appeal.  Leave things the way they are.  Leave laying dogs lie.  Isn't that the saying?

I bought my Green Day tickets tonight.  I have always wanted to go see Green Day and I could never find anyone to go with me.  Now I am older and wiser and I am going by myself.  I am going to see Sting in a few weeks by myself.

Until tomorrow...

Wednesday, January 11, 2017


The rain subsided today for a little bit.  The sun actually came out a bit. The dogs were happy to go out back and not get wet. 

Then it started up again.  It is supposed to start raining again tonight and all day tomorrow.  Ugh!

I see a few days of sun in the weather report after tomorrow.  I could sure use a few rain-free days.  The dogs are going stir crazy.  Lucky just sits on her bed in the evenings and whines.  Then she walks around the house.  She needs some exercise. 

Fish Update: Chowder is looking much better.  I think I caught the ick in time.

Until tomorrow...

Tuesday, January 10, 2017


If you are a frequent reader, you know that two days ago I made a delicious Black Bean soup with avocado, orange and cucumber.  Today I made another soup Wild Rice, Butternut Squash and Cannellini Stew. 

It has been raining, I mean storming, on the left coast.  Flooding, mud slides, trees falling, electricity going out, no internet and more.  I thought it would be a good time to make soup.  Lots of soup.  The Black Bean is a bit spicy to clear out a stuffed up head.  The Stew is hearty with all the ingredients above and some chard.

So far my home is holding up.  There is some water leakage but considering what others are going through, I feel lucky.  So many people are being evacuated due to flooding, even if they don't live near a river.  Others have had trees fall on their cars and houses.  I just feel incredibly lucky that nothing major has happened so far.  Just an inconvenience of no internet for the weekend but that ended up being a good thing.  I got some other things completed.  Like binge watching that weird HBO series Westworld.

Okay, Westworld.  Maybe I needed some sort of subtitles.  Or a running monologue.  I thought I was getting it in Episode 7 but then I got lost again by the season finale.  Is it just me?  Are there others out there that do not get Westworld (or WW)?  Okay, I get the premise Adult Disneyland where anything goes.  But the rest I don't get.  Maybe I am thinking too much into it.  I don't know.

Until tomorrow... 

Monday, January 9, 2017


I don't think I mentioned that my fish Clam (of Clam & Chowder) passed away.  He died really fast and I don't know what happened. 

Two days ago Chowder looked sick.  I rushed to the pet store and they told me to put salt in the water.  I did that for two days and this morning I woke up and she was covered in salty looking things.  I rushed back to the pet store and they tested the water.  It was a little low on Ph but they said it sounded like ick.  Now we are on a regiment of ick medicine, salt, and changing water.  Hopefully Chowder will live through this.  She has been through so much. 

This afternoon I took Happi to see her orthopedist.  I have had concerns that the brace on her wrist has been causing her stress.  One day her wrist was swollen after wearing it.  Three times she laid down during the walk and got a bit woozy.  I had to carry her home.  I wanted to get her checked out. 

The problem we always have is is it her back, her hips or her wrist?  I wish she could talk and tell us.  When I take her in to the vet she is so hyped up they can't tell anything.  She seems fine.   The final analysis is that I need to walk her more often but only for 10 minutes.  Then after about 3 weeks increase to 12 minutes.  Also I am to keep the brace off unless I feel it will help.  I should use the pain killers as needed.  Checking in in three weeks.  Happi has gained weight and she needs to work it off.  The doctor and I had a disagreement about Happi's weight.  I have always measured her food since she can't really gain weight.  I rarely give treats instead I give her her kibble for treats.  I tried to explain to the doctor that Happi's lack of exercise is the problem, not the amount of food.  She is getting the same amount of food she has always had.  If I give her less food, she will sit in the kitchen and cry.  Happi just needs to walk.  All her muscle mass is gone after 6 months of laying around.

Overall it was a good visit with the doctor.  

Until tomorrow...

Sunday, January 8, 2017


We survived the storm of the year!  There is no damage to the house but one little branch came down in the backyard.  I was without the internet almost all day due to power outages around town.  It was a tough day with no wifi except on my phone.

I finally braved the rain to go to the supermarket to buy ingredients to make soup.  I wanted soup so badly.  I made some black bean soup that was so good.  It is a bit spicy and cleared out my stuffy nose.

I had to time letting the dogs out when the rain subsided.  The dogs hate going out when it is raining and they get wet.

It is supposed to rain for at least two more days.  Ugh.

Until tomorrow...

Saturday, January 7, 2017


We are preparing for the storm of the year.  For two days that is all everyone is talking about.  There is a storm scale 1-5.  The storm tonight and tomorrow is supposed to be a 4.  Everyone is buying bread and milk.  They actually sent out an alert  reminding everyone to charge their cellphones.  I plugged in my iPad, kindle and computer as well to charge them up.  If I am going to be without electricity for hours I need something to do in the dark.

It is now 10:20 pm.  The storm was supposed to arrive at 9 pm.  It is currently not raining at all.

Earlier today I filled four sandbags and put them in front of my garage just in case.  I also put some sand (left over from filling the pond) on my slate in the backyard where the moss slime is getting slippery.  Happi slipped last night on the slime.

I think we are ready to be stuck inside tomorrow.  I have food and water.  I have extra batteries.

Cross your fingers we don't float away.

Until tomorrow...

Friday, January 6, 2017


I helped my friend T pack up some of his stuff tonight.  First we went to dinner and caught up.  Then I helped him by taking CDs out of the cases and put them in a CD book.  It is more time consuming then you think.  I had to take the CD cover out, pop out the CD and then take the back cover out and put all the pieces in the CD book sleeve.  Part of me thought this was a good idea.  It certainly took up less space.

I also spent some time taking down my own Christmas decorations.  We are expecting a huge storm this weekend and I wanted to get as many decorations down as I could.  Unfortunately my out door lights will have to wait.  I don't have a ladder and a second person to help me get them down.

Until tomorrow...

Thursday, January 5, 2017


Still no jury duty.  I have been lucky so far.  I have to call each day to see if I have to appear the next day.  Today I called at 4:30 and, Yay!, I don't have to appear tomorrow.  I am free.  I went the whole week without having to appear for jury duty.

Until tomorrow...

Wednesday, January 4, 2017


I have a problem with my ear.  Inside my ear.  It has been about a week.  At first I just thought I scratched the inside of my ear and it hurt.  But it has not gotten better and now it seems to hurt worse.  Last night it really hurt when I laid on that side.  It hurts when I touch it.

I called my doctor and he is home sick.  I told him to get the flu shot.  Every year I give him hell for not getting the flu shot and this year he is home sick for a week.  Maybe next year he will listen to me.

Anyway he thinks I have an infection in my ear. Not an ear infection.  Like I scratched the inside of my ear and it got infected.  Or I ruptured my ear drum.  Either way I am back on antibiotics.  I have to see if that helps in a few days and if it doesn't I will need to call a ENT doctor to get my ear checked out.  Fingers crossed.

It is funny.  I had a talk with someone recently who was so sad that I had RA.  I said that I appreciate that but for me the RA is a pain (no pun intended)  but the infections and other things I get from having RA are more challenging for me.  So far nothing I can't manage.

Until tomorrow...

Tuesday, January 3, 2017


I am in a good mood today.  I had a work thing today and I stood up to a tough client.  I wanted to run away last week but I stood tall and today I did.  I am so happy.

Then I bought Chinese take out to celebrate!

Until tomorrow...

Monday, January 2, 2017


I decided that on this day off I would go to the movies.  I went to see LaLaLand.  I think I am the only person that didn't really like it.

My review of LaLaLand. Some people call it a romance. Others call it a musical.  I called it annoying.  I am not a fan of heavy romance movies.  Movies where the lead actors are all about how much they love each other are not my thing.  I don't mind movies that musicals but this movie bothered me because there were inconsistencies.  It bothered me.

So, I didn't like LaLaLand.  Not my type of movie.  I am sure it will win all sorts of awards.

Until tomorrow...

Sunday, January 1, 2017


Happy New Years Day!

I had a great time at the party.  I ended up going later since I was not feeling well.  A few friends and neighbors were there so I did some catching up.  Not much dancing this year.  The music was intermittently okay.  At least there was no live Kumbaya music.  I took my resolutions and burned them in the fire to make the wish.

Today I pretty much binge watched the rest of The Crown.

Until tomorrow...