Saturday, August 31, 2013


Today I decided to carry out my plan of emptying the pond in the backyard. Since we have not seen a fish for at least a month (we think the heron got them), we thought this would be a good time to empty the water and clean off the bottom.

I got into old clothes and got all my supplies. The best thing I bought this year is the second pump. I put the pump in and sat back. I cleaned out the filter so it would be sparkly clean when the new water was put in. Then I saw it. A fish! A white and orange fish.  He poked his little head out from under a cylinder block.  Then another fish!  A white, orange and black one.  It took me about 10 minutes to catch them. They are fast.  I put them in a bucket of water.

When the water was low enough I put on my Wellies and began scooping muck off the bottom. Muck consists of dead things and decomposing leaves, branches, fish food, and other stuff.  I pulled about one quart of muck out of the pond. Hopefully that will help with keeping the pond clean.  Then out of the corner of my eye I see it.  Another fish!  An orange fish! He moved very fast. Too fast for me to catch.  

A few more inches of water came out and then it was time to refill. Gallons and gallons of water later the fish went back in. The water looks clearer but the fish are nowhere to be seen. Hopefully they are happier with their cleaner home. 

Are there three fish, or more? Who knows? At least we know we still have fish in the pond!  

Until tomorrow...


Today I helped out a friend. We have a famous musician in our neighborhood. I helped ask him to perform at a celebration service. It was really only an introduction. After the introduction, the musician performed a short impromptu concert for us. He was so sweet. He played about five songs for us out on the sidewalk. Our own private concert.

Then my neighbor, who lost her husband recently, invited me over to her home. I stayed for a few hours looking at photos, reminiscing about old times in her life and talking with her sister.   It is heart wrenching that she lost her husband so unexpectantly and at such a young age.  I am glad I can be there for her.

Until tomorrow...

Thursday, August 29, 2013


Occasionally I get hooked on a show.  Usually it is a crime show like CSI or a funny show like Mike and Molly.  This time I am hooked on a game show.  I am hooked on Hollywood Game Night.  It is on NBC Thursday nights and it is hosted by Jane Lynch.  It has some famous and some not so famous actors doing funny things.  

My favorite game is when they have young children's artwork of famous people and the actor's have to guess who it is.  I look at that art work by 8 years olds and I swear I can't figure out who they are supposed to be.  That picture is supposed to be Justin Timberlake??  

Then they a game they call DooDoo where they have to sing song lyrics using only the word Doo.  The rest of the team has to guess the song.  It gets funny.  Let me tell you it isn't easy.  You try it.  Doo Doo.

Then they have a game where they have photos of a celebrity at different stages of their career (such as Oprah) and someone has to put the photos in order of time in the shortest amount of time.   The team is yelling and sometimes the other team is trying to trick them.  

I just find it interesting since it isn't the same old game show.  Since there are new celebrities each time, it keeps it fresh.  There are always just enough comedians to keep it funny.  And Jane Lynch is a riot as a host.  I didn't mention that there is a "regular" person on each team and if their team wins the regular person could win $25,000 and the celebrity could win $10,000 for their charity.  

Anyway, I like to have a laugh every now and then.  THEY say it will make me live longer!  

Until tomorrow...


I read an interesting article today about the benefits of eating BROCCOLI. It was on Broccoli Could Help Prevent Arthritis.   The point of the article is that broccoli has some things in it the could possibly fight inflammation in people with osteoarthritis.  I figure if it can help those with OA why can't it help those of us with RA??

When my brother was a kid he called broccoli "trees". It kinda stuck. In my house we still call broccoli trees.

I am going to eat my broccoli!!

Until tomorrow...

Monday, August 26, 2013


Today I got a new client. I am really excited and a little nervous. It is a subject matter that I have not worked on before. I like a challenge!  This new client is on reason I am happy that my knee is okay. 

Tonight I have to finish a huge project. I have been working on this project since the end of July.  Tonight is the finale!

Gotta go finish it.

Until tomorrow...

Sunday, August 25, 2013


I just found out that a friends husband passed away.  She is not a close friend, like we talk every day but she lives in my neighborhood and is in my book club.  I found out by email.  It is weird to find these things out by email.  Mostly because it is uncomfortable to respond asking questions.  Not that it is really any of my business but when I hear that someone passes away unexpectedly my first response is "did something happen?"  and then "What can I do to help?"  It feels so cold to send an email condolence note. 

Hearing this was so shocking.  It makes me wonder if our neighborhood grapevine is not working as it should be. 

Until tomorrow...


Today I went to The Container Store to buy containers to begin clearing out the garage. I got six containers.  I also went to REI and looked at ways to hang a bike on the wall. 

Once I got the containers (and some PF Chang's) I drove home to begin the project. I cleared out SIX boxes of Brenda's stuff. Mostly sweaters and hats. They are all now in clear plastic boxes on her shelf in the closet.  Now all her clothes are put away. I have about 10 boxes of crap to go through. It is all Brenda's stuff. Things like jewelry, letters, photos, and other crap.  Oh, I also found a box with an old computer that I thought I had already given away.  That will be another thing to get rid of. 

This makes me so happy. Clearing out the clutter.

Until tomorrow...

Friday, August 23, 2013


Have you ever had someone question your integrity?  Think you did something that you didn't?

Today I had a client send me an email accusing me of doing something I had not done. I was so shocked, I did not know what to do. People have called me a lot of things but no one has ever questioned my integrity. I wrote a response to the email and before I hit send, I called a friend and read her my email. She talked me off the edge. Then she helped me rewrite the email. 

I received a very nice apology in return. I was told it was a mistake in how the email was written. Okay.?! 

It is business so I will continue on as before.  But I am not sure if I will be able to trust this person again.  Like The Donald says "it's not personal, it's business".

Until tomorrow...

Thursday, August 22, 2013


This morning Happi and Lucky got into a squabble.  I don't know how it happened. It took a second.

See, little Lucky was not feeling well. She had curled up on my towel. Happi was laying on the bed also. All of a sudden a look was exchanged and chaos ensued. Teeth were bared, growls, and bodies were thrown against each other.  I can pick up the little dog, so grab Lucky.  Somewhere in the middle someone's teeth dig into my finger. Not deep just enough to draw blood. Probably not hard enough to even do anything to each other with their thick fur but I jumped in with my soft human skin.  Now I have a throbbing finger.

Until tomorrow...


Now that I know that my knee is "okay", I walked the dogs for the first time since my accident. They were beyond excited. They could barely contain themselves. They ran down the stairs and started barking at the new puppy across the street.  They sniffed everything on our walk around the block.

Now I am contemplating buying the bike. I have been given the okay to ride a stationary bike so it is not a stretch to ride a real bike.  I need to clean out the garage to make room to put a bike. One step at a time. This weekend may be a trip to the container store to buy some containers to put some of Brenda's sweaters away in her closet. Then I will put away the tons of shoes she has and that will clean out about four boxes from the garage. 

Until tomorrow...

Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Today is the day I got the news on my MRI.  It was good news.  In a sense.  They found nothing.  Well, almost nothing.  But nothing that had to do with the fall.  I was flabbergasted.  How could that be? 

To give you the blow-by-blow, Dr. Personality walked in the room and gave me the news in three sentences.  Then he looked like he was going to duck out.  Gave you the good news so I am done here!  Then he saw the look on my face and sat down and explained the MRI report to me.  So he actually spent 7 minutes with me! 

So the report said I have 1) a small tear in my meniscus in the back left side of my knee.  Not from the fall.  So small that he would not recommend surgery.  2) The underneath of my knee cap is all torn up.  The result of arthritis.  Wow! What a shock!  3) Then the report said I had inflammation in my knee.  (now tell me something I don't know)  This was the result of the fall. 

The doc said to use anti-inflammatory drugs and ice.  I told him I already take anti-inflammatory drugs.  He asked me why.  Why?  Did you not read my chart?  I have RA.  Then he told me to ice it.  I have Raynaud's Disease.  Ice won't work.  He then explained to me what a meniscus tear is.  Once again, did you read my chart?  I have had two knee surgeries.  I know my way around a meniscus.  At this point I wanted him to leave.  He was not giving me any helpful ideas.  He was just pacifying me and I can't stand that.

I got home and called my primary doc.  He explained to me that physical therapy wouldn't help at this point.  Neither would steroid shots.  The best thing is to elevate it and wait.  The swelling may take 3 months to recede.  Then for about a year, I will have to be careful when I kneel.  I am to call if it doesn't get better.

Overall good news given to me by a man with poor communication skills.  Yay!  No surgery! 

Until tomorrow...

Monday, August 19, 2013


Tomorrow is the day I hear the results of my knee MRI.  Usually this type of thing doesn't make me this nervous.  I don't know if it was this doctor and his lack of information or what but I am really nervous.  I feel like I can't plan anything, I can't do any work at night.  I am kind of frozen.  I have this big project and all my invoicing to do but I find myself sitting here watching Under the Dome and The Glades.  And eating cookies. 

I can't figure out why I am so nervous.  This isn't any worse than the torn ligament in my ankle or the things in my breasts.  But I am just so crazy.  Maybe it is because if it requires surgery, I will have to plan it all out because I will not be able to drive for many weeks.  I will have to do a Costco run, food shopping, take the dogs to get their nails clipped, trim the birds wings, etc.  It will take some coordination. 

Well, tomorrow at 2pm I will know the answer. 

Until tomorrow...

Sunday, August 18, 2013


About a week ago the fish in our pond disappeared.  When we came back from vacation they were there.  All six of them.  Then the pump stopped working and I fixed it and they were all there.  Then I went down one day to feed them and no fish.  It isn't unusual for me not to see them on an overcast day so I didn't think much.  Then the next day, no fish.  And the next.

For about a week and half I have gone down every day and no fish.  I poked around in the pond and no fish.  We have the most amount of water plants that we have ever had (this photo is old and we have more plants now) and they are taking up 2/3 of the pond.  I am still holding out hope that some of the fish are hiding in the plants.  Years ago we had a fish hid for months and we thought it died or was eaten.  Then all of a sudden, it came up for air. 

The guy at the pet store thinks it was the heron or crane.  He says they will sit and pick them out of the water.  We have had that mean heron come before and take our fish out of the pond.  I just have never had one take all the fish out at once.  It is also weird because we usually see him lurking around.  The dogs bark at him.  That gives us enough time to set up our Scarecrow.  It is a machine that shoots water at the bird.  Since they are federally protected we can not harm them (not that I would anyway) but has a motion sensor and when the bird lands it sends a spray of water in the direction of the bird. Just enough to scare it away and save my fish. 

Over Labor Day weekend I am thinking of draining the pond most of the way and cleaning it out.  If there are some fish, I will find out then.  If they are gone, it will be a good time to clean it out.  Then I can get some more fish.  As much of a pain the pond is, I really enjoy seeing the fish swim around.

RIP the fish.

Until tomorrow...

Saturday, August 17, 2013


Today we went to a kite festival. It was a lot if fun. It was really for kids of all ages but mostly for those of short stature. They were everywhere. We packed a lunch plus they had some food vendors. We got kettle corn. It always tastes the best when it is warm.

The kites were so much fun to watch. Some folks were good at getting their kites up and keeping them up. Others not so much. We saw some kites dive bomb some innocent folks.

There were all sorts of kites; animals, geometric shapes, gnomes.

This is a kite doing a candy drop. The kite flies over some kids and drops candy on them. The kids love it!

We had a great time and look forward to going again next year. I will remember to bring MY kite!

Until tomorrow...

Friday, August 16, 2013


Today was my long awaited appointment with the orthopedic surgeon. I thought this would bring me answers or at least a step toward answers. I got none of that.

First, the doc was late to my appointment. I mean really late. My appointment was at 10:00 am and I didn't see him until at least 10:30. He came in and listened to me for about 3 minutes, took my x-rays to look at and returned for a few more minutes. Then he told me I can't possibly have a tendon rupture and sent me to get a MRI.  I was less than impressed. 

My MRI was set for 6:15 pm but later that day I got a call to see if I could go in earlier. I had my MRI at around 1 pm. I should get the results at my appointment on Tuesday. If the doc is the same way, I will get a second opinion. 

I don't like docs who dismiss me. It pisses me off. I am different than other people and doctors need to know that. The last doc who dismissed me missed the fact that I torn a ligament in my ankle. So if you can't spend time with me, another doc will.

Until tomorrow...

Thursday, August 15, 2013


Happy news! I do not have a cavity or need a root canal!  I have dentine hypersensitivity.  According to Wikipedia, "dentine hypersensitivity is a sensation felt when the nerves inside the dentin of the teeth are exposed to the environment. The sensation can range from irritation all the way to intense, shooting pain. This sensitivity can be caused by several factors, including wear, decaying teeth or exposed tooth roots."

It seems I may be gritting or grinding my teeth during the day.  The gritting or grinding is irritating the roots of the tooth.  I need to reduce stress (uh, okay), be more aware of gritting and grinding during the day and use the Sensodyne toothpaste.  I consistently wear my night guard at night. If I didn't, my grinding wakes me up at night! 

This is a relief. I have my knee doctor appointment tomorrow and I was not happy with the thought of tooth surgery too.  I think the stress is from this knee situation.

Until tomorrow...

Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Okay, I think it is official.  I have a toothache.  I thought it was something different but it is clear now that I have a toothache.  I have exposed nerves and sometimes my tooth aches for a few days if I brush too hard in that area.  But tonight it is clear that that is not the case.  I begins hurting earlier and earlier in the evening. 

So of course I did what all normal people do.  I looked it up on the internet.  I looked it up on the Google; as my partner would say.  It is now crystal clear that I might have a cavity or something worse and I need to see a dentist.  Tomorrow am I will call and make an appointment.  It just messes up the rest of my week. 

Until tomorrow...

Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Tonight I decided to make a stir fry. I had some veggies lying around and I threw them in a frying pan and cooked them up. I used sweet potato, red pepper, broccoli, mushrooms,  bok choy and some soy sauce. I cooked some rice and voila! Dinner.

Until tomorrow...

Monday, August 12, 2013


Yesterday, I whacked my knuckle.  I am not sure where or when but I think it was when I was bringing in the groceries.  All of a sudden my knuckle was red and swollen and a little bit purple.  It began to swell and turned more and more purple.

I don't know about you but this happens to me frequently.  Not like every day or every other day.  Probably two or three times a month.  All of a sudden a knuckle or knee is red and swollen and turning purple and I can't remember where or when I whacked it.  I am sure I didn't hit it hard, I am sure I would remember that.  I think with RA I don't have to hit it hard, just in the right place or the right way and BAM, it is red and swollen. 

I have even stopped trying to figure it out.  Why?  Because I feel I have wasted too much time trying to figure out how I bruised myself.  I figure if it wasn't something that I can remember, it probably wasn't something that important.  Okay, I have another bruise.  Whoopee!  At any time I can have 10 or more bruises on my body.  What is one more?

The knuckle feels better today and looks better.  Have you had this problem?

Until tomorrow...


We went to an outdoor concert tonight. It isn't important who we saw or where. Just that it was freezing. The left coast has not been summer-like recently. It has been more rainy and cold. More like autumn. 

It was fine at 5:00 pm but at 7:00 pm it was cold and windy. By the time the headliner came on at 9:00 pm the wind had died down but it was still freezing. 

I was prepared. I had read a review that said bring a blanket and lots of layers. I wore two t-shirts (one long and on short) and my lined ski jacket. Some lady asked me where I was going. I guess I looked weird walking around in a ski jacket in August.  I brought a fleece, two pair of gloves, scarf, hat, and a blanket. Brenda used the scarf and one pair of gloves. I used a pair of gloves. We sat on the blanket. Never used the fleece and hat. I was not that cold. There were people there in windbreakers. I know they had to be cold! 

The concert was good. Lets see if I have a voice tomorrow. 

Until tomorrow...

Saturday, August 10, 2013


I have been trying to get out and do things.  If my knee is as bad as I think it is I am looking at many weeks in bed and on the couch so I want to get outside as much as I can while I can. Today we went to the park. There was supposed to be a kite flying exhibit. Only I could not find it. Maybe it was cancelled. Who knows?

Instead we went went on a walk to see these art sculptures. I found them fascinating but Brenda didn't like them.  They don't huge in these photos but they were made out of steel beams and as tall as a building.  I took photos of two of the sculptures.

It was a very nice day. After the walk we went for toasted subs. In college in Massachusetts, we called them grinders. They were so tasty and reminded me of my college days. Late nights. 30 pounds gained. Those were the good old days.

Until tomorrow... 

Friday, August 9, 2013


Hemorrhoids. If you want to stop right now, I understand. I get it. Before I was diagnosed with Crohn's I would have skipped this post too. Talking about hemorrhoids is not all rainbows and butterflies.

When I was younger all I knew about hemorrhoids were those commercials. You know those commercials that just made you cringe when you were younger. Like tampon commercials or Viagra commercials. Especially when you were watching TV on a date. 

Well those commercials came in handy when i needed to buy hemorrhoid cream! I went straight for the Preparation H. Quite frankly, is there another brand? Who would compete against Preparation H?  What would that advertising look like? "We can cure your hemorrhoids better and faster."  

After having Crohn's, 13 days of Clydamyacin antibiotic, and possibly C-dif, I got hemorrhoids. I was not a happy camper. But luckily the Preparation H worked like a charm!  I could do a commercial for Preparation H!  

Okay, I am done talking about hemorrhoids.  If you choose to drink every time I wrote hemorrhoids. You drank 9 times. You should not drive or, really, walk at this time. Stay seated and enjoy your day!

Until tomorrow...

Thursday, August 8, 2013


My knee is really uncomfortable. It doesn't particularly hurt but it feels uncomfortable.  Especially when I am lounging. I can't keep it straight and I can't keep it bent.  I can't cross my legs with the bad knee on the bottom.  It makes watching TV uncomfortable. I just can't sit still. My knee is just so annoying.

One week until my appointment. Yay!

Until tomorrow...

Wednesday, August 7, 2013


The last three days I have had a pain in my back tooth.  It is weird though because the pain is only in the evenings.  All day long the tooth does not hurt.  I don't even know the tooth is there.  But as soon as the sun goes down, the pain starts.  Then it hurts all evening.

Okay it might have something to do with the cookies I ate.  I am debating whether to call the dentist or not. 

I also have exposed roots on that tooth.  Once or twice before I had pain for a couple of days because the roots were exposed so I switched to Sensodyne and it felt much better.  This time the Sensodyne doesn't seem to be working.  Maybe I have used up that trick. 

I guess I will see how it feels in the morning and maybe call the dentist.  I hate going into a weekend with a possible medical/dental weekend.  Do I call or not?  Can it wait until Monday?  Decisions...

Until tomorrow...

Tuesday, August 6, 2013


I have been going to physical therapy for months now for my degenerative neck problems.  I have been given exercises to do. Okay, I admit I don't do them regularly. I don't have much time to sit down and do neck exercises. Of course I know that means I probably won't get better.  I have been trying to put a heat pack on my neck often. 

Each time I go to physical therapy I get more exercises. I can hardly remember the previous ones.  

I was feeling much better after my fall on the cruise. Funny thing is when I fell on the cruise, my neck felt better for a few weeks. Almost like I knocked it into place.  Lately it is feeling worse again.  So we have increased the exercises.  I may have to go back to taking the muscle relaxers at night. 

As I sit here with a heating circle on my neck, I wish you a good night.

Until tomorrow...

Monday, August 5, 2013


I have been getting these checks from The-Insurance-Company-Who-Will-Not-Be-Named. Just little checks. One for $0.45. Another for $10.41.  So today I called to find out why I am getting these checks. I know most people would say, just go cash them and be quiet. But I was concerned because at the same time they were not paying a doctor bill. So I was concerned. 

I called The-Insurance-Company-Who-Will-Not-Be-Named and spoke to Liz. She couldn't tell me exactly why I was getting the refunds without me prodding her with the answer. But she cleared up what the refunds were for and that The-Insurance-Company-Who-Will-Not-Be-Named made a mistake and would, of course, pay the doctor bill in full. 

Amazingly I was off the phone call in less than 30 minutes.  Now I have $12.00 to spend. Plus I have our yearly refund which comes to another $300. Unfortunately Brenda's monthly payment increases by $171 in October. Ugh!  It sucks getting old. 

Until tomorrow...

Sunday, August 4, 2013


Today I went bike shopping with my friends K and N. They were great. They took me to four or five bike shops to check out different bikes. They knew the exact type of bike I need for the area we live in. I got to test drive them. K came with me. Only pedaling up and down in a parking lot to get the feel for the bike. At first I was not very good but it is true what they say "easy as riding a bike", it all came right back. 

I found two bikes I like: Raleigh Detour 3.5 

Trek Verve 1 WSD

The Raleigh comes in light blue which I like. The Trek comes in eggplant which is cool.  Most of these bikes only come in black which is boring. 

I am surprised how expensive bikes are. Even little kids bikes!  I saw a kid bike for a six year old the was $150. It was cute and pink. But a kid would grow out of it in a year.  Even the used bikes were expensive. 

My plan is to wait until I go to the ortho and find out about my knee. No point in getting a bike if I am having knee surgery. 

Until tomorrow...

Saturday, August 3, 2013


Today we went to a street fair . It was a Japanese street fair. It was interesting in some ways but the same in others. What was interesting was some of the booths. There were some cute Japanese art kids clothes and some Harajuku items.  But then there were the same pottery, jewelry and other vendors I see at all the street fairs.

Brenda had some Korean barbecue but she said it was too chewy and too sweet. She likes her barbecue not so sweet.  I had the best grilled corn-on-the-cob. It was SO sweet. I almost wanted to get another one.  We sat and listen to live music while we ate. It was a nice way to spend the afternoon. Usually I don't want to g to the types of events because they are a pain to get to but the weather has not been so great so attendance has been down, I have been taking public transportation and it has been quite easy. 

Then I came home and for dinner I made my tofu mushroom fried rice.  Yum!  Brenda begs me to make it.

Tomorrow is bike day!

Until tomorrow...

Friday, August 2, 2013


I saw my primary doc today and got the news I thought I would get with a twist.  I thought I broke or chipped something in my knee.  I can feel the hole more each day as the swelling recedes.  He looked at the photos, heard the story.  Checked to see if the infection was gone.  The infection is gone thank goodness.

Then he touched my knee and it is hot.  It is swollen still.  He said it is filled with fluid. He pushed it this way and that way.  Poked it and prodded it.  Then I told him to feel the knee cap and below.  He looked shocked. 

In this diagram, see the kneecap?  It is swollen on me.  See the Patellar Tendon?  That is the Inferior Patella Tendon and what he was touching.

See how the Patellar Tendon Tear is on this diagram?  That is what my primary doc thinks I have.  He touched my knee and got a ghostly look on his face and said you have no inferior patellar tendon.  It is gone. Torn in half.
I said I knew something was wrong.  There is a big hole where there used to be something.  I can feel bone where on the other knee I don't. 

My doc immediately sent me down to an orthopedic surgeon to make an appointment.  I have an appointment in two weeks.  I guess the tendon gets shorter the longer I wait to get it fixed, so time is of the essence.  So if this is what it is, surgery is imminent.  Sooner than I will want it. 

I guess my dreams of jumping out of an airplane, bungee jumping, and running a marathon are on hold for now!  Darn!

Until tomorrow...

Thursday, August 1, 2013


Looks like I have a bike shopping date this weekend. Yay!  

Tomorrow I see the doc about my knee.

Until tomorrow...