Friday, April 12, 2013


I have been asked to write an article for a newsletter! A local safety organization hear about my experience with the car driving into the garage across them street and they asked me to write a short article for their newsletter. Isn't that exciting?! I was asked a week ago but no one told me the deadline until today when they said the deadline was today. Oops! So they gave me the weekend to write it.

I feel a little over committed these days. My work is booming (I am not complaining about THAT), I have my pet disaster training course, neighborhood watch co-organizer, mom to two needy dogs, emergency disaster responder, movie night host, friend and partner. Too much?

I think I am going to bed early again tonight. I think this medicine is making me tired.

Until tomorrow...


  1. I think that's just great, Adrienne! Not the tired-making medicine, but that you're writing an article about such an important subject even as you keep all those other dishes spinning on the end of their sticks! As whupped as you get, being busy is SO good!

    Good grrl for getting to bed a little early and taking care of yourself, too. Have a grand weekend. ;o)

    1. Thanks Wren! I appreciate the encouragement you give me!


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