Monday, April 29, 2013


I found out today I passed my second exam on animal rescue. It was really hard. Well it isn't really on animal rescue but on Incident Command Systems. Basically what that is is the method of setting up the command centers when there is an emergency. Remember the last emergency? Sandy or Katrina (why are they always named after women?) You see the white tents and all the people in the vests? Those are the people who are running the incident command center. I am studying how to set that up, who is in charge, and what forms get filled out. It is quite complicated.

I have one more test to go. It is quite taxing and SO much to remember. All this on top of the drill we will be running in a week and a half.

On another note: I went to see my crohn's doc today and we discussed my health. My gut is sore right in the area where crohn's acts up. I am hoping this doesn't mean a flare is coming soon. We discussed how to manage during stressful times. We got off on a tangent and I have been forbidden to eat at buffets. I am not a buffet eater to begin with but with bacteria running rampant and e-coli, salmonella, etc. buffets are out. She is worried I will end up with something I can't fight.

Until tomorrow...

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