Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Today my neck felt better. It still hurt but it was much less. I think the heating circular thing I am using is really working. I also did my Enbrel shot which probably helped. I don't have another PT appointment until next week so by then my neck will calm down.

The news has been so much these past 3 days. One thing after another. Hard to concentrate on other things. My thoughts are with all the people involved in these tragedies.

Happi got her rabbies shot. She was so good. Running right into the back room of the vet's office to get her shot.

I got a phone call with a new work opportunity. Yay!

It is strawberry season and I got a big basket of strawberries. I got to use my new strawberry huller! It takes the hull (or top) off the strawberry easily. I love it! No more cutting the hulls off with a knife. Just clip and twist. I cut up strawberries for a snack and made a smoothie. Delicious and good for me!

Until tomorrow...

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