Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Okay, did I say my neck was sore yesterday? Oh, that was nothing compared to today. I woke up today and my neck was horribly sore and stiff. My morning shower helped a little bit. All day I was in terrible pain.

I think my first therapy session was a little too much. I have to remember that I don't heal very quickly. I tried to concentrate on work today but it was hard. Every way I held my neck I was in pain. When I got home I put this great circular heating pad on my neck for about 45 minutes. That really helped. It took the edge off. I was able to sit and do some work without being in constant pain.

I need to speak to the therapist and let her know I am a delicate flower (as my father says) and she needs to be more gentle with me. The therapy doesn't hurt when she does it, I think I just don't rejuvenate afterward. Where most people hurt for a short time after therapy, I don't rejuvenate and end up hurting for a long time afterward. My pain sensors are so out of whack.

I am sure I will feel much better tomorrow.

Until tomorrow...

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