Monday, April 15, 2013


Today I went to see the physical therapist. She was nice although a bit disorganized. She did a pretty thorough assessment. Turn this way, turn that way, how far can you bend? Then she put pressure on the sore spots. I felt better while I was there but hours later I was in real pain. Then I got nauseous. I guess it was too much on the first day. She did say my neck was in a bad way and asked why I waited so long to do something about it. I have exercises to do until the next appointment.

Right before my appointment there was an emergency breakthrough. The Boston Marathon was bombed. So many people were hurt or died. So sad. Because the cameras were already at the marathon, it was weird to see film coverage from the minute the bomb exploded. As my brother reminded me, I was at the Boston marathon 26 years ago to watch my brother run the race. It will never be the same.

Until tomorrow...

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