Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Today I renewed Happi's dog license. It is a strange form. The main question it asks s whether you want to renew the dogs license for one, two or three years. Now, if you read my blog you know I have a strange, dark sense of humor. When I read a form that asks me if I want to renew my dog's license for one, two or three years I immediately go to a funny place.

Now I have a decision to make do I pay for one year, two years or three years? How healthy is Happi? She is seven years old. It s almost like a morbid gamble. I don't want to over pay. i check off three years and years later I get a renewal in the mail. Then I would get all sad if Happi is no longer with us.

On the other hand, I don't want to under pay and have to renew each year. Seems like a waste of time. What a dilemma. And what if your dog was ill. Would you only get the license renewed for one year? Would that be a bad omen?

After all this I sent in a check for three years. I took a gamble that our lovable and faithful Happi will be around for at least three more years.

Now before I get nasty posts, this mostly all tongue in cheek. Of course I would always get my dogs license for as long as I could. I want my dogs to be around as long as I can.

Until tomorrow...

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