Sunday, April 14, 2013


Today was the second day of Animal Rescue Training. We learned about animal behavior.

First we learned about dogs. It was a mini training of our first year with little Lucky! How to tell if a dog was scared or shy. How to tell if a dog is aggressive. Then we learned what to do if we encounter a dog who is scared or shy or aggressive.

Second we learned about cats. If you know me you know I am not thrilled with cats. I don't really get cats, I am slightly allergic and no matter how much I put out the vibe I don't like them, they always climb all over me! We learned all about cat behavior.

Then we learned a quick lesson in exotic animals. How to catch rats (as if I would want to) domestic type, guinea pigs, rabbits, snakes, birds, raccoons, etc. the guy teaching the course was like an uncomfortable professor with a quirky sense of humor that I am not sure was intentional!

I really need to get on the ball with taking the tests. I only have three weeks.

After the training I decided the pond water was too murky so I took 1/2 of the water out and refilled it with fresh water. Usually in the winter nature does this for me with days and days of continuous rain. We usually have to drain the pond so it doesn't overflow. I was so excited this year that I bought the extra pump to pump out water in he rainy months. We used to bucket out buckets of water. That mostly created backaches! Now I just drop the pump in and plug it in. The lack of rain this year means I only needed to use it once. I will see tomorrow if it did much to the murkiness of the water.

Until tomorrow...

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