Friday, April 5, 2013


Last night my little dog Lucky was laying on the pillow next me sound asleep. I was on the couch working on my computer and watching TV when I noticed some movement. It was a little movement at first but then it was larger. Her nose was moving, twitching actually. Like she was sniffing something. Then her tail began moving. Wagging. Like she was getting a treat. It was moving so fast. I was mesmerized. What was she dreaming about? What wonderful thing was happening to her?

After a few moments I thought this would make a great video! I reached for my phone to record this hysterical moment. I turned on the phone and got it to the video feature. She was still wagging her tail and twitching her nose. Then I made the fatal error. I hit Record and the phone let out a loud BEEP. Lucky woke up and looked at me. The twitching and wagging ceased.

After changing the settings on my phone so the feature would not beep anymore, I waited all night to see if she would slip back into that dream but to no avail. The dream had come and gone. My opportunity to make her famous for her tail wagging dream slipped out of my fingers.

At least Lucky got a good nap in doggy nap land.

Until tomorrow...

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