Tuesday, April 9, 2013


My tooth is fixed. I have a sparkling, shiny, new gold crown. Any more metal teeth and I will have a gold grill! It didn't hurt at all which was nice.

Then the dentist drilled out an old filling and filled it with a white filling. It feels funny and I may have to go back. It feels like some of the filling or concrete is sticking out. It bothers my tongue. I learned a few years ago that things that bother your tongue feel huge but are usually so small and miniscule. I am going to call him tomorrow and see if he can smooth it out later this week.

I am happy it was essentially painless. I was so relaxed I just about fell asleep. He said I was dozing off and had to nudge me to wake me up.

I called my primary doc today and made an appointment. This staph infection is not going away. It looks better one day and then it looks worse another. It is also showing up on my back. The creepy crawlies!

This pain in my neck is concerning. I know I haven't written about it in months but it is really bothering me. Yesterday some good music came on in the car and started to bop my head and the pain was unbearable. I think there is something wrong, more wrong than soft tissue damage. This has been going on for too long. I have been having this pain for months, since October or November. If it were stress, well, at what point does the stress go away and the pain stop? I am on enough anti-inflammatories to stop any swelling. The hot tub didn't work, a bath didn't work, the massage didn't work. I even lightened my bag to see if that would help, no luck. It isn't my shoulder, it is my neck. So off to the doctor I go.

At least my deductible for the year has been met already. I will give you an update tomorrow.

Until tomorrow...

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