Friday, April 19, 2013


I don't know how you feel but I am exhausted this week. I worked at home on Monday so I saw the whole bombing unfold on CNN. Then it was one thing after another with explosions, murders, carjackings. Then I worked (or tried to work) at home today. But who could get any work done today?! I was stuck to the TV. Last night I could not go to sleep because the police were in a shoot out with the accused bombers and one was arrested. Then I wake up this morning and one of them is dead. How did that happen?!

All this destruction and tension and devastation is tiring. Every time I turned on the TV to relax there was some sort of emergency breakthrough. Every time something happened there were hours of reporting and recapping the reports and recapping the recaps. But it was hard to turn it off, what if I missed something important?

My heart goes out to all those injured, killed and their family and friends. This has been such a devastating week in America. From Massachusetts to Texas. Lets hope for a calmer and safer week next week.

Until tomorrow...

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