Wednesday, January 30, 2013


It is a very sad day on our block. The dog across the street passed away. The same day that Happi won 1st place in the dog show, we found out our neighbor's dog, "B", had lymphoma. B was given 6 weeks to live. We were happy that B lived longer than 6 weeks because that would have been Christmas. We watched B move slower and slower. I saw B just two days ago and he was unable to get into the car anymore. He just stood across the street and looked a tree.

I was walking Happi and Lucky two days ago and Lucky began barking when she saw B. Lucky barks at everything these days! Happi, on the other hand, laid down, with her head in her paws and just looked at him. This was quite unusual behavior. Usually when Happi sees this dog, she jumps and runs across the street. She loved playing with B. They would wrestle together. Although they are the same age, Happi seems much younger. But who knows how long B has been ill.

Brenda's nickname for the dog was Madonna. Why? You ask. Because he was such a diva. He was so standoff-ish. He always seem to size you up and then make you come to him. He would not come to you like other dogs. My dogs run to people and jump on them to get a treat or get a pet. Not Madonna. He would look at you through his bangs and then stand there until you came to pet him. He was funny.

So, it is a sad day for their family and friends. B will be missed. RIP B.

Until tomorrow...

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