Thursday, January 10, 2013


The man came to clean the hot tub. I wish I had taken a before photo. It would have made the after photo look so great. Just imagine a REALLY dirty hot tub. One that looked like it could never get cleaned. It had dirty water and decomposing leaves in the bottom. It had black stuff on all the walls, bottom, and cover.

The man came and used some special stuff and now it sparkles. He flushed it and filled it with water. Then he gave me a quick tutorial on how to maintain it. Then we found the leak...

It looks like a hose is leaking. Ergh... I have a hot tub full of water that is slowly leaking out and because of the leak, the hot tub keeps shutting off. So we can't use it yet.

So we wait. Until Wednesday.

I asked my neighbor to assist me in putting rat bait under the hot tub platform where the rat family was found.

Meanwhile my car is fixed. It cost about $300 less than expected. Yay! But I was told my tires need to be replaced like NOW.

Until tomorrow...

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