Sunday, November 11, 2012


Yesterday we took the dogs to a dog event and dog show. It was a local event for a middle school. Our neighbor children go to the school and we try to support the kids/school as much as we can.

We were only going to take Lucky (the small dog) since she easier to handle in crowds. She is only 10 pounds and I can pick her up and easily carry her. Our neighbor told us to bring Happi (the big dog) too. So we did.

We loaded up the dogs in the car and drove over to the school. The dogs were on high alert as soon as we pulled into the parking lot.  We got them out of the car and walking down to the event. There were tons of dogs of all sizes.  There were booths with vendors. We started to walk around and check everything out. We skipped the auction. We heard there was a category for dogs who were adopted and were mixed breeds. Both of our dogs fit in that category! We had to choose one to enter. First, we scoped out the competition. we looked around; no other three legged dogs! We thought Happi's story could win her the prize. So, we entered her. There were a bunch of small cute dogs so Lucky would have to wait until next year. She could enter the small dog category next year when we more prepared.  She is cute but there were ALOT of small cute dogs.

Then we had to wait around. And wait. And wait. Finally, the time came for Happi to do the cat walk with Brenda.  Happi worked it. The other dogs were good to.

Then we sat and waited.  Five minutes later they announced "The Winner is Happi!!!"  Brenda and I ran down the carpet yelling Yay Happi!

Happi's prizes were a water bubbler, a gift certificate, new collar, new leash, professional photo of all of us, and free nail trim. Oh, yeah, and a 1st Place Medal.

What a great day! Next year will be Lucky's turn.

Until tomorrow...

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