Thursday, January 24, 2013


One of my clients is having to make one of the hardest decisions ever. Her 91 year old mom is in the hospital and is extremely frail and has denentia. Her mother has a medical issue that, if left alone will cause her to pass away. The only medical option is to perform surgery. Due to her age, she is unlikely to make it through the surgery. What a horrible decision.

My client was clear on her decision at lunch time and then her siblings called her. They changed her mind. It must be such a difficult decision when there are other people involved. She had her mind all made up and she was emotionally ready and then her family decided that surgery was the way to go.

I know when it comes to my decisions I have made it clear to everyone what I want. I have a medical directive and someone to make the decisions.

I don't look forward to the day when I have to make those decisions for someone. My heart goes out to her.

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