Sunday, January 20, 2013


Today was a day of football, cooking and working on my puzzle.

First, I went to the supermarket. That was an experience. Last week when I went shopping, I noticed that some of the tofu packages were very expired. Like very expired. One had an expiration date of Nov. 24, 2012. Another Dec. 22, 2012. I gave them to an employee and told them they were expired and told her someone needed to go through the packages. Today I went to buy tofu again and I found more tofu packages expired and the same two packages that expired in Nov. and Dec. This time I found a manager and told her about the expired tofu. I explained to her that this could make an unsuspecting person quite ill. She immediately summoned the employees in that section and spoke to them. I received an apology and they said they would fix it. I will see next time.

I bought the ingredients I needed to make an awesome soup. Chard, lentil & potato slow cooker soup. It is really good and super easy. I cut up the ingredients sautéed them for short time and then threw them in the slow cooker with the lentils and potatoes. At the end of 8 hours throw in the chard. It is really hearty.

While cooking I was watching the playoff football games. It looks like a West Coast/East Coast playoff. I am rooting for the West Coast. Go Niners!

I also worked on my puzzle. I have to have it finished by Saturday because Saturday is movie night! I will need the space. Looks like a bunch of folks are coming. This puzzle is complicated not because it is big or 3D but because it has a bunch of little animal type creatures that have similar costumes. The animal faces are difficult. Anyway, I have to work on it during the day light because the light at night is not good enough for me to see the pieces well enough. Tomorrow is another day to work on it.

Until tomorrow...

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