Friday, January 18, 2013


Today I went to pick up my prescriptions. I took out my credit card and the guy handed me my purchase. It was free. WHAT?! How could it be free? My insurance deductible reset on January 1. I should have paid a couple of hundred dollars.

So I am sure you asked what I did. I said thank you and got the heck out of there quick. Before they realized it was a mistake!

Once again this year the plan is for my Enbrel costs to pay for my deductible. Two Enbrel payments will almost be the whole $4,000 deductible. My Enbrel payments are paid for by Enbrel Assist. I get a certain amount each year and I have not used my allotment for the year. Last year this didn't work out since I had all sorts of MRIs, emergency room visits and spinal taps. $4,000 was a drop in the bucket with all that.

Until tomorrow...

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