Sunday, January 27, 2013


Tonight was movie night! Originally there were five people coming. Then one got sick, another realized she had tickets to a play, and two had last minute guests. It was down to one person and me. But that one person brought her girlfriend. So the three of us watched "Hot Tub Time Machine". How ironic!

We ate Zoku pops and I made chocolate chip cookies. The movie was funny. I know I watched it years ago but I really didn't remember it. I must have fallen asleep or it was that memorable. It was like watching a new movie. Only one little glitch: half way through the movie the audio and video came unsynched. It was a little annoying. I tried pausing but that didn't fix it. It was a little Japanese movie-ish. Mostly I didn't notice it because a lot of the movie is shot from far away and I didn't see the persons lips move.

Anyway it was a fun night. I ran my idea of making movie night a regular thing on the third Saturday of the month and they seemed to like the idea.

Another successful movie night. Tomorrow I will be cooking!

Until tomorrow...

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