Thursday, January 3, 2013


Okay so I made the decision to change internet providers. It was a hard decision and it has required a lot of work. I got a domain name and new email addresses. That required at least 30 minutes with tech support. For some reason my new email will not send emails to any gmail account. Since so many of my friends have gmail accounts I find this disturbing. I have no idea what is happening. The new email will send emails to other email addresses but not to gmails. I see many hours on the phone with tech support in my future.

I now have spent about 1.5 hours setting up my iPad and phone to collect my emails. I am really excited about this transition.


We took the Christmas ornaments off the tree this evening. It is always a sad time. The tree recyclers come on Saturday morning so we have to have the tree on the curb and ready to be turned into compost or wood chips. In some ways I am ready to move on with this year. We have our ski trip to plan for and maybe a trip to see my Aunt in Yosemite. Plus the hot tub is being fixed/moved/cleaned next week! That will make everything all better!


We have had a death. It is sad. I think a raccoon or an egret caught a fish in our pond. I went out back today and the pond looked like someone had fallen in. The plants were all torn up and a rock was disturbed. There were fish scales on the slate. Someone was a snack. So sad. The fish were hiding so I could not count them. When it is cold they hide to keep warm.

Until tomorrow...

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