Saturday, January 12, 2013


I got this book for Christmas called F My Life. It has all this little stories about things that happened to people where something went wrong. Here is an example:

After spending over $2,000 and two half days off work to get the hot tub to work, on the day it gets filled it begins to leak. They can't fix it until Wednesday and now all the water has leaked out. FML.

Have you had any F My Life situations you would like to share?

I went on a long walk today. I would love to say it was only because I wanted to be healthy but I wanted to get my Netflix. The post office is about 5 blocks away so I took the little dog for a walk to go get it. Exercise and a movie. So far no pain. If it nice tomorrow I will go for another walk.

I bought a bunch of groceries. I am going back to cooking some big dishes for the week. I am making scalloped sweet and regular potatoes and kale and butternut squash thing. Should be a few meals.

Until tomorrow...

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  1. We use the term FML to mean F Me Line. As in, we picked the wrong line at checkout, but I don't want to directly say to the person I'm with that the cashier is new and slow, or the person who can't find her coupons, or the lady takes two minutes to write a check is giving us time to watch all the other lines we should have picked move at regular pace. I look over and tell my husband instead, "FML." He looks back, nods, and says, "yep."


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