Monday, January 21, 2013


I finally finished the Christmas puzzle! It took a few weeks, probably longer than it should have, but I took my time. It had 550 pieces and it was harder than I thought.

But it was a good way to keep my mind active. I have memory problems stemming from my medication so I try to do things to help me keep what little memory I have. Doing puzzles is one ways the doctors have suggested to stretch my mind. Remembering the sizes and shapes of those littles pieces is hard. But I really worked at it.

It was a great accomplishment when I finished. I looked at it, took a photo and tore it up and put it back in the box. Yay! (See photo below)

I have the next puzzle already picked out. It is the skyline of New York City. I have to measure and make sure it fits on the table. It is wide and narrow.

Not sure I have mentioned that I have been consistently riding the stationary bike daily for 30 minutes after walking the dogs. As long as I have something to watch that is interesting I am good to go. I have been taping shows at night so I have something to watch while I cycle. Today I watched a PBS show about the Abolitionists. I know it doesn't sound gripping but it is surprisingly good. Very interesting.

Until tomorrow...

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