Wednesday, January 16, 2013


The technician showed up today to fix the leak from the hot tub. Turns out it was not a hose. It was so many things. First he found a cap that had a bad washer. But that was not the leak. Then he checked the spa light. The bulb was fine but the switch was bad. Need to order a new switch. Then he filled the spa with water and the leak was in full force. A plastic ring was cracked that went to the pump or motor. That was leaking on wires and that was why the spa was shutting off. Need to order a new plastic ring. I told him to check everything before he left because I didn't want him to come back next week and find three more things wrong. So he checked the thermostat and it was not working. Need to order a thermostat. Then he looked at some thing that was leading to the bad washer and that piece screwed down. It needed a washer or a new piece to keep it tight. Need to order that. Four things to order. At least a week.

Then the guys came back to install the top lifter and the door. Of course the vermin had made another smaller home in the motor. So the guy made another big deal about it. He asked me how to install the door. I said, you are the installer. I could have installed it myself. The cover lifter is so great.

No, I didn't get an apology.

So, we wait again and watch more water drip out.

Meanwhile, I downloaded (we actually upload but everyone calls it download, don't know why) two books from the library today. Last week with my old DSL it would have taken me almost an hour. Today it took less than 10 minutes. Loving my new ISP.

Until tomorrow...

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