Friday, January 25, 2013


I made a great dinner today. It wasn't anything special but it was good. I warmed up the leftover Brussel sprouts I made yesterday, cooked some couscous with pistachios and craisins all with a square of tofu. (See photo below) Doesn't that look good? It was!

Then I made some Zoku pops. This time I tried making them on an angle with two flavors. The flavors are cranberry/cherry juice and apple/orange/pineapple. It looks really vibrant! (See below) I messed up one of the pops so I only have two of the holes to work with so the pops are taking longer and longer to make. But they look cool!

Tomorrow night is movie night and it might just be me and one other person. One person is sick, another in Hawaii (hate her), another has a commitment, another has tickets to an event. I may end up watching the movie by myself! These things happen.

Until tomorrow...

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