Friday, October 16, 2015


Day 46.  The internet connection was moved from my old office to my new office.  I am so excited and Happy!  Now that the phone line and the internet have been moved, I can start to move furniture.  Here is my temporary office.

Next week I will move furniture and have a regular office again.  Yeah!!

This morning I woke up and I realized why people say the second day after an accident you really feel it.  I really felt my fall down the stairs.  I have a second large bruise on my back that was not there yesterday. 

The doctor called with my test results.  My x-rays showed that I had not broken or cracked anything.   Good news!  He said there was a lot of blood showing so I should expect much more bruising.  My blood work and urine showed that I am malnourished.  I guess my lack of eating well over the past 6 months has finally come back to bite me in the butt.  A trauma can do this to a person.  Malnutrition could explain the vertigo feeling I have been having.  It most definitely explains the fatigue.  My potassium, calcium and albumin are all really low.  My B12 is in the low 300s which is fine but on the low side.  I am better when it is in the 700s. 

I am tasked to be on a strict regimen of banana coconut milk shakes with protein powder (even with coconut ice cream or yogurt if I want), weekly B12 shots, lots of protein and well rounded meals.  No more eating like crap.   No more skipping meals or eating popcorn for dinner. 

I check in with the doc in December.  I will be better by then. 

Until tomorrow...

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