Wednesday, October 14, 2015


Day 44.  Today was the day of my breast ultrasound biopsy.  But first I had to take my car over to the shop to get fixed while I was getting my biopsy done.  I needed a rental car and they gave me a Jeep Cherokee.  It barely fit in my garage.  I have a very small car so driving an SUV is like driving a school bus.  My car will not be fixed until tomorrow.

The ultrasound showed a spot in my breast that needed to be biopsied.  I got moved to the biopsy room and the doctor came to see me.  You know you spend too much time at the Women's Breast Center when the doctor recognizes your name!  He was very nice and the nurse (are they nurse's?  maybe technicians?) called me your highness because I was wearing my tiara.  We call it the Power of the Tiara

They found the spot and marked it with a cut little ribbon shaped marker.  Then they took a little piece of it to biopsy.  I watched the whole thing on the screen.  I find it fascinating.  I know most people don't like watching these things but I find it interesting.  It doesn't hurt hardly at all while they do it.  The Novocaine hurts the most.  Then they took me in and did another mammogram to make sure they got it in the correct place.  Then I was done.

I had a few errands to run before the Novocaine off.  Once that Novocaine wears off, boy, it doesn't feel real good.  Mostly because your boobs flop around and a bra feels uncomfortable.  I have a bruise that looks like it will get bigger.  I had to stay stationary the rest of today, no house work and no exercise.  I was really tired too.  I took a nap and watched TV.  The dogs were not happy that they didn't get a walk but they will survive. 

I get to take a shower tomorrow and I can't wait.  I get the results by Monday.  This is the absolute worse part.  Even though I know it will be fine, the waiting is the hardest part. 

Until tomorrow...

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  1. It's a horrible wait. They say "don't worry," but of course, you do. I went through this several years ago, Adrienne. I understand totally--the anxiety remains an undercurrent in everything you do, even though you try not to worry.

    Sending a big hug, my friend. And in the meantime--YAY new office phone line! Yay new map! Yay all the positive changes, large and small, you're making just for you. Reading about your efforts each day is uplifting. :o)


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