Thursday, October 22, 2015


Day 52.  Now that my office is almost complete and my medical stuff is done, I can now focus on one of my favorite holidays: Halloween!  The unofficial gay holiday. 

I am going as the Queen of the Fairies.  I have my whole costume except my shoes.  I need blingy shoes.  This weekend I am on a mission to get sparkly shoes and a bra that can convert to a halter top so my bits aren't shaking all over.

Tonight I started decorating my house.  I need to make the house scary.  I want to have trick-r-treaters.  I have a big spider and a cobweb.  I opened up two boxes from my mom that she gave me over the years.  They both said Halloween on them.  Turns out the contents are the exact same item.  A Halloween figurine. It is so funny. 

When I went out to get the Halloween items, I found mouse droppings.  I guess I have a mouse in the garage.  This is new since I moved a bunch of boxes and there wee no droppings.  I will be getting a mouse trap or two.  Eek.  Mice.

Until tomorrow...

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