Wednesday, October 28, 2015


Day 58. It sprinkled.  I can't call it rain but I can call it a spritz.  I was walking the dogs and it started coming down and I did a happy rain dance.  Then it stopped.  Barely got the whole sidewalk wet.  Still the dogs were hovering up along the side of the buildings like they would melt like brown sugar.

I worked another day on the office/guest room.  Here is what it looks like:

It is almost empty.  There is a bookshelf out of the frame that has some stuff on it that I still have to go through.  One more day and it should be finished.  Bookshelf gone.  Yeah.

I was told the bed frame would come on Dec 2.  Today I got a phone call saying it was arriving on Friday.  Exciting but unexpected.  Now the mattresses and bed frame are arriving at the same time.

I have been watching the World Series and my beloved Mets are down by 2.  I am still hopeful because I remember 1986 when they won.  It was a magical time.  Let's Go Mets!  I Believe!

Until tomorrow...

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