Wednesday, October 7, 2015


Day 37.  I am working very hard to make my home my space.  Moving my office and creating a real guest room.  Framing pictures/art and hanging it.  Today I made the final decision on the frame for the picture in my kitchen and I dropped off the map and frame so the girl can adhere the map to the foam board and put it in the frame.  I am excited to hang the map on the wall.   I need to buy fancy push pins.

I got the test results back and Happi is A-Okay.  Her blood work came back fine.  Her urine did have a few crystals in it but the doc says he is not worried unless she shows problems peeing or if she has more accidents and then she could develop kidney stones.  She has no urinary tract infection so that is a good sign.  We just have to watch her. 

Today I bought my first piece of quasi-spanx.  I really can't figure out how people get spanx off.  It took me 5 min to get my spanx-type top off.  I had to inch it over my head.  It is like a vice.  Do people really wear these every day?  I give them props if they do.  Wearing it under a dress for one wedding will be enough for me!

Until tomorrow...

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