Saturday, October 24, 2015


Day 54.  Today was a day of running errands. 

  1. Halloween candy shopping.  I needed to buy candy.  I wanted to buy candy that aligned with my values.  There is lots of candy that is vegan and people don't even know it.  Sweet Tarts, Sour Patch Kids, bottle caps, air heads, dots, dum dums, fire balls, hubba bubba bubble gum, jolly ranchers, Pixy stix, blow pops, jujyfruits, smarties, nerds, gobstoppers, swedish fish, and now and after.  Isn't that amazing?  I bought sweet tarts, smarties, nerds, hubba bubba, bottle caps, air heads, and sour patch kids.  What kid wouldn't want any of those?  I love sweet tarts and smarties.  Yum!  
  2.  Halloween shopping.  I needed to get the rest of my costume.  I got shoes but I am not sure they will work.  The heel is really high and I am not sure I can walk in them and stand for hours at a party.  I have to figure it out soon.  I bought two pairs and will take at least one pair back.  I also bought a long green wig and sparkly makeup.  Then I bought some spooky lights and a spider web for the house.  
  3. Mattress.  I bought a mattress for myself.  I can't wait for it to arrive.  Then I bought a mattress and boxspring for the new guest room.  I got a free super, super comfy pillow.  He also threw in a bed frame.
  4. I stopped at Sprouts to buy Moroccan tofu.  It is a flavor they don't carry at the stores near me.  it is really good.  They also had the ingredients I need to make vegan brownies.  I ate lunch at Pieology and had a fantastic vegan pizza pie.  
Until tomorrow...

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