Tuesday, October 20, 2015


Day 50!!  Today is day 50 of the Happiness Project and I finally have a functioning work space in my new office.  I am so excited.  It isn't completely finished, I still have a lot of stuff to go through and sort but I can use my new space.

I was going to put the desk in front of the window but it blocked too much light because the desk is too high.  Some day if I get a new desk, I may change things around.  The chair is not the chair I plan to use.  I want to buy a new chair that is more comfortable.  I want to move this chair downstairs.  For now I am using what I have.

I feel like it is a new start.  A new place to work.  It is so breezy and bright.  It is somewhere I want to be.  I am really happy.

I have plenty to clear out to make the guest room a functioning guest room.  It will take a number of hours to clear it out.  I am getting there!

I also got my phone situation fixed.  Friday the email app that came with the phone suddenly stopped working for no reason.  I spent countless time on the phone with the cellphone company trying to fix this.  Of course each person gave me another answer.  I was finally sent to upper tech and they told me that the cell company wanted me to use gmail as my app from now on.  I didn't understand that so I started looking for another app.  Today after having no email for days, I called my email host and the cell company again and voila!  It is fixed.  I am a happy camper. 

Happi update: I got worried today because Happi didn't want to go out to pee in the morning.  Then she didn't want to go for a walk.  Then on the walk she didn't pee.  She dragged me back to the house before we walked 1/2 block.  She was very clingy all day but she gets that way when furniture and boxes get moved.  I called the vet and he thinks it is not her kidneys but her back.  I gave her a painkiller and another tonight.  Hopefully it will solve this current situation.  Poor Happi.  Sucks to have a bad back.  I wish I could put her in a Jacuzzi bath.  It would make her feel better.

Until tomorrow...

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  1. It looks great! Isn't it nice to have a dedicated space for yourself? You've worked hard on this, Adrienne. Enjoy it! :o)


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