Friday, October 9, 2015


Day 39.  The phone company rep came today and the first word that came to mind was incompetence.  Not only could he not move the phone line but he managed to mess up my other phone line.  Now I have to have them come back again a third time on Tuesday.  I swear I should just have them live at my house and maybe this phone line transition would go faster.

The reason this rep said it could not work is that the guys that did my construction dry walled over an old phone box when they made the new box.  I need to open up the wall and find the old box.  I asked the construction guys across the street what I need to open up dry wall and the guy said he would do it on Monday for me.  I offered to pay but he said no.  I will find out what he likes and buy him something.  I will go along with a stereotype and since he is Irish I will find out if he likes beer or ale or whiskey.

A few weeks ago I put pond muck on all my plants and trees.  It is the best fertilizer.  I went out to my lemon tree today and there are lemons on it.  They are small but there are lemons.  Since the drought I have had very few lemons but today I picked three small beautiful lemons.

Yum!!!  There is nothing like fresh Meyer Lemons. 

Until tomorrow...

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