Tuesday, October 6, 2015


Day 36.  Today was a day of getting things done.  I took Happi to the vet.  The doctor gave her a good preliminary report.  She has good weight, good teeth, good heart, and good attitude.  He looked at the area around her collar and he said it is nothing to be concerned about.  It looks like her collar has been on her for 10 years and it just rubbed her neck. Probably from scratching or something.  He said to keep it off her in the house and probably buy her a new and different collar.  It is not infected or anything so he is not too concerned.

The doctor did some blood work and took some pee to test.  I call tomorrow for the results.  We are checking for urinary infection or any kidney problems.  He is also checking for anemia.

Then I went to the pharmacy to switch out my rubber gloves.  I bought the wrong size.  Then the bank and back to the frame shop.  I am not sure I chose the correct shade for the frame in the kitchen  The let me bring home the frame samples to see which one looks the best.

Then I went to Target to get a frame for my map.  I can't wait to see it hanging on the wall.  I have to get push pins.

A busy day!

Until tomorrow...

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  1. You're doing so well with the Happiness Project, Adrienne! I'm happy for you! I'm glad Happi is OK. Now, let's get a clean bill of health (at least, as clean as one can be with autoimmune diseases) for you, too. I haven't commented lately (please forgive?) but I am reading your posts each day. You're on my mind. Wishing you the best: peace, heart-warmth, comfort, and beauty today and every day. :o)


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