Friday, October 2, 2015


Day 32.  Today I sat around all morning waiting for the phone company rep to show up and move my phone jack.  When he finally showed up he gave me various ideas on how to move the jack.  Since the phone jack will be moved two rooms away, he could not just run a cord.  Also the phone box is downstairs and the phone jack is upstairs.  He was explaining how he was going to run cords outside.  Drill through the wall of the house.

Then I told him there is a phone jack for the other phone line in the room and he said he could pull a line from that jack.  Unfortunately that jack is behind a large bookshelf.  I was unable to move the bookshelf while he was here so I had to call and reschedule for another appointment.  One more week and I can start to move my office.

I also got my phone call about my breast MRI.  It is not horrible news but not great news.  They saw something.  They think it is nothing important but it means I will have a Ultrasound biopsy again.  Probably more markers in my breasts.  Pretty soon my breasts will just be full of metal!

I was supposed to go see Duran Duran tonight but the three people I was supposed to go with waited too long to buy their tickets and the concert sold out.  I went to the venue to see the concert but it was crazy.  There must also be some other event going on in the city because there were so many cars and not enough parking spaces.  I drove around for 45 minutes looking for parking and I gave up.  I would have had to park 2 miles away and that would not be safe at 11 pm when I got out.   Oh, well.

Until tomorrow...

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