Monday, October 19, 2015


Day 49.  Today I made terrific progress on my office renovation.  First the convertible couch was disassembled.  That was quite a task.  We could not use the drill for various reasons so we had to unscrew about 30 screws with screw drivers while hanging basically upside down to remove the bed part.  Once the bed was removed, we could take the couch out of the room.  This was not easy.  Turns out not all the door frames are the same size in this house.  I guess the house was built before door frames were identical. It took us about 40 minutes to get the couch from the new office to the dining room.  About 20 feet.  Then we moved the bed part.

Then we wanted to move my office lazy boy type chair from my old office to the new office.  We turned it this way and that way.  No luck.  We could not get it through the door frame.  I finally asked the construction guys across the way to help me.  It took them a few minutes and they had to removed two doors but they did it.  It helped that one guy used to work at a moving company. 

Then I scheduled to have the couch removed.  They arrived a few hours later and sure enough they had a hard time getting it out the front door!  They finally broke a part of it and they could slide it out the door.  It is now on it's way to the dump.  Good riddance.  I have been wanting to get rid of that couch for a long time. 

Tomorrow we work on the desk situation.  So exhausting but super!

Until tomorrow...

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