Monday, October 12, 2015


Day 42.  Something is digging up my backyard.  At first I thought it was birds.  I saw dove type birds digging between my slates but last night something more aggressive dug between my slates.  Tonight I am going to get whatever it is.  I have the Scarecrow set up to shoot water at whatever it is.  I have heard raccoon will dig looking for bugs.  Let them dig tonight and they will be shot with a stream of water.  A Scarecrow is a device that you hook up to a hose and it has a sensor that goes off when something goes in it's view.  When something sets it off a steady stream of water shoots out.  It is the best device ever!  I just have to be careful that the dogs steer clear. 

The phone guy comes tomorrow so today I learned how to cut a hole in dry wall.  I went to the hardware store and they explained to me what to buy and what to do.  I came home and scored the square I needed to cut, then put together the sharp saw thing and cut a hole in the wall.  I was real proud of myself that I did it myself.  I found the wires I needed to find but not the old phone box the man told me I would find.  Hopefully it is good enough so now I can get my phone jack moved finally!

Just to move my office would make me happy.  It is taking so long and has been so much more complicated than it should be.

Until tomorrow...

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